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Hey, I'm a massive Twilight Fan, and thanks to my friends being fed up with having to listern to my non-stop chattering about Twilight, i decided to create a blog for myself to just vent and document my twilight obsession!! I'm current studying journalism and have aspiration to become one, so why not write about something as awesome as the Twilight Saga!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

M Night Shyamalan

It's possible that M Night Shyamalan could be directing Breaking Dawn! That could be really awesome. If you don't know any of his work, he has directed The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs, The Village, Lady in the Water, The Happening, and Jackson Rathbone's new film, The Last Airbender. All of those films are very dark, sci-fi films which are heavy on special effects. So, i think that he would be an awesome director. Plus, he is really cute. :)

Also, M Night Shyamalan has worked with Bryce Dallas Howard (twice) and Jackson Rathbone, so that connection is there. Although, Bryce Dallas Howard isnt going to be in Breaking Dawn, it's still cool to have a connection to the Saga. MTV, also asked him about Twilight, and he said :
“”I would’ve loved to be– I love the series, and Catherine [Hardwicke's] movie, it was one of my favorite movies of that year,” he said. “Really, I thought tonally, it was a perfect movie. I called her up after I saw ‘Twilight’ and was like ‘That was amazing.’ So I’m a big fan.”

So, apparantly, he is a fan of Twilight. I've seen the trailer for The Last Airbender, and some of the shots are beautiful. The special effects are amazing, i would totally think that some of them are real. That's a main skill for Breaking Dawn because of Renesmee, and the birthing scene. That is going to be graphic, however i'm sure that Summit are going to make it a little more PG-13, because they think that every Twilight fan is a 14 year old girl. 

Anyway, getting a little off track. I'd be over the moon if M Night Shyamalan was directing Breaking Dawn. Whoever Summit land, i know that they are going to be a great director, because they are aiming high. Seriously, the got Alexandre Desplat to compose New Moon and Howard Shore to compose Eclipse, so whatever they are doing, they should keep doing it. I'm just waiting in an official confirmation that Breaking Dawn is going to be made. Everyone know's its going to happen, so hurry up Summit. Please?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kids Choice Awards

I'm so shocked at the result of the Kids’ Choice Awards. Twilight didn’t win best book series!!! What?? Seriously, "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" won, which is bullshit. Well, I suppose I'm probably biast, but still!! Also, the figment "Robstern" didn’t win best couple. LOL, not literally Rob and Kristen, but Edward and Bella didn’t win. Some fans find it difficult to separate the two. Jacob and Bella won best couple, which I'm happy for because I'm a massive Jacob supporter. Speaking of Jacob, Taylor picked up Best Movie Actor, which I think he totally deserves. I live in Australia, so the Kids Choice Awards, Teen Choice Award, or even the MTV Movie Awards NEVER gets played, so I have to hear from the internet. However, Jackson Rathbone and Taylor Lautner were apparently giving really cool interviews. I wish I could watch but watching videos at university is so expensive, and my student loans have me in debt. :( Anyway, I'm glad that Taylor won an award, and that Jacob/Bella relationship get some recognition. Woo!! Random picture of Jackson. Just because i can! :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Retraction from Eclipse teaser trailer

Recently in my Eclipse analysis I commented on how horrible the make-up is. Well, I just saw that the Eclipse teaser trailer was on Itunes, so I downloaded it so that I could put it on my Ipod. I noticed that the make-up was amazing in the teaser, so I'm retracting what I said. Initially, I saw the Eclipse trailer on Youtube, so I must have seen the teaser in really awful quality that made the vampire's skin look horrible. Nevertheless, now their make-up is great! From what we can see, you can't see make-up lines, it isn't blotchy, it doesn't look so unnatural, and you can tell that there is a difference between Edward's skin colour and Bella's skin colour, which i really love. So, I'm just correcting myself because i think that David Slade and the make-up department did a great job, and I don't want to discredit them when they did the make-up well.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Origin of the Team's

Everyone know's the massive battle between the Team Edward fans and the Team Jacob fans. Although, where did these teams come from. Stephenie Meyer specifically said that she didnt intend the fans would choose sides from Edward, Jacob or any other character from Team Emmett, Team Carlisle, Team Paul etc. I just had a brainwave..i know where the teams came from..well sorta. Remember when everyone was little and they used to watch Pokemon?? Well, Team Rocket anyone?? LOL I totally 4got about it untill a friend sent me a facebook group request about it. I thought it was hilarious!! :)

The Twilight Saga Eclipse: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion

Yay!!! Amazon has got a page up about the Eclipse Official Illustrated Movie Companion, which is really cool! I own the Twilight and New Moon ones, so I’m so getting this one! Amazon are reporting that the release date is June 29th 2010. That seems a little late, because Eclipse is released on the 30th of June. Well, is Australia it’s the 1st of July, but you get the idea. I'm pretty sure that the date listed on Amazon is just a rough estimation on when it's going to be released, because that's awfully close to the film. I'm sure Summit want to give the fans some time to buy it, like maybe a week or two before Eclipse is released, so that they have some times to get it, read it and absorb everything before going to see the film. I'm so excited for this, and i hope it's as good as the New Moon one was. :)

Imprint Ep. 34 - It All Begins with a DVD Choice

Right now I’m SO tempted to finish listening to Imprint Ep. 34 - It All Begins with a DVD Choice. But, I can’t :( The rest of the episode is discussing the New Moon DVD and the extras. Since I haven’t got my DVD yet, it will destroy my experience when I actually watch it. I mean, if Matt says this particular scene with Charlie was cut, and it was amazing. I'll start thinking of it as amazing, so when I see it, it might only be good because I expected too much...get it?? I want to listen to it so badly just to know what's on the DVD, but I don't want to destroy my viewing experience when I actually get the DVD!! Arghh, it's going to be AGES before the New Moon DVD comes out in Australia!!! :( I'm sure its going to be worth the wait though.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Moon One-Sheet Release

When I woke up this morning, Summit had released the New moon One-Sheet! It's about time, if you ask me. The poster essentially consists of Edward and Jacob staring front-on expressionless, with Bella in between then also relatively expressionless. I like this, however not as must as the New Moon One-Sheet. The One-Sheet for New Moon was incredibly symbolic, although the Eclipse One-Sheet is symbolic too, it doesn’t have the amount and ambiguity that the New Moon one had.

Anyway, I like that Bella is standing in-between Edward and Jacob because it's a representation of the issues that Bella has to deal with through-out Eclipse; whether she will choose Edward or Jacob as her romantic partner. That is basically the primary conflict in Eclipse, and David Slade has obviously addressed that head on. Also complementing this is the slogan; "It all begins...with a choice", which is surprisingly not cringe worthy, like the Twilight taglines that are still haunting me. The New Moon one's were okay, but i really like the Eclipse tag line. It's actually relevant to the plot, now just something that Summit came up with to try and get a bigger audience by having puzzling tag lines that make no sense.

The darker colours don't surprise me at all because Eclipse is a darker book. What with all of the Volturi, Victoria trying to kill Bella, Jasper's history, Rosalie's history, and then the most exciting of all, the bloodthirsty newborns come to seek revenge on Bella. Obviously if you have read the book, it's probably the darkest out of all four novels. Plus, Bella and Jacob look more grown up. Eclipse is a much more mature film, and Bella and Jacob are still growing, as they are human, so it's nice to see a progression within the physical appearance of them. I like that they are all wearing the same sorts of clothing too. Jacob's classic t-shirt, Edward with a t-shirt with a smart jacket, and Bella is her t-shirt, jeans and jacket, like normal. Glad they kept to the fashion sense of New Moon, and didn’t try to go too Hollywood on us now that Twilight is a massive franchise.

However, I do have some issues with their skin colour. Bella is looking seriously white. I mean, seriously. She is paler than Edward is. This doesn’t make sense because Edward doesn’t have any blood, so he is supposed to be this cold, dead, bloodless being. Whereas Bella is human, and she is supposed to have this healthy, vibrant glow. But, you can't see it. Perhaps it was just the lighting, or the make-up. I'm sure Summit would have noticed that because they know how picky the fans are. Oh well, what can you do? Maybe it would have looked weird if they did try to change it to make Edward look paler, so they just left it. Also, they are pretty shiny too, especially Jacob.

I'm overall pretty happy with his One-Sheet, although I would like something more inventive because it kinda of looks like one of the New Moon DVD covers, which was just released in American. Unfortunately not in Australia yet, but we'll get there. I totally LOVE that they only colour on the entire poster is the outline of the "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" and "June 30th" which is the release date. That rocks! I'm so excited for Eclipse right now! I also can't wait until April 12th when the New Moon DVD is released in Australia! I'm going to go mental waiting when everyone else has already got it.

Navy Exchange DVD release..

Last year, when the cast were asked where they wanted to go to sign DVD, everyone knows that Peter Facinelli chose to go to an army base; so that he could do whatever he could to show is appreciation for what they were doing for America. Peter stayed until EVERYONE in line who wanted a autograph from him, got one. He was there for hours, missed his flight and refused to leave until he got to everyone. That was one of the reasons why I love Peter; he does everything he can for other people, and charities, most notably Alex's lemonade. This year, more Twilight stars are going to Navy Exchange, where Peter was last year. For the New Moon DVD release we can expect Nikki Reed, Alex Meraz, Daniel Cudmore, Christian Serratoes and Tyson Houseman on the 24th of March. I just wanted to bring this up because i LOVED that Peter Facinelli did this last year, showed how much of a nice guy he really is, and isn’t affected my Hollywood at all. Although he wasn’t as famous as Brad Pitt, or Johnny Depp before Twilight. Anyway, it's nice to see that Peter has influenced Nikki, Alex, Daniel, Christian and Tyson to go to an Army base, because the soldiers are being put in danger with the war, and it's the least that the stars can do for them. Go Peter for making a positive influence in the world, and not being totally embarrassing like Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan or Miley Cyrus! GO PETER!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Moon DVD release...

A couple of days ago, all Americans got the New Moon DVD!! However, since I live in Australia, we don't get it until April, which sucks! Everyone in the whole United States of America has already got the film, along with the special features, deleted scenes, extended scenes, Eclipse footage the making of documentary, commentary, EVERYTHING!!! I'm so jealous of Americans right now because us Australian have been waiting just as long as the American have, however they get it because sooner because of their geography location. It’s not fair! England, Australia and Canada are practically extentions of the US anyway. Arghh!! It's really not fair. I literally can’t wait until it is released in Australia. I'll probably get so frustrated waiting, that I’ll buy it online and get it imported. LOL I can totally see myself doing that! I want so badly to see all of the extra footage...That's what I’m most excited for. Stuff watching the film, I just want to see all of the amazing extras that I’ve never seen it before. It was so hard knowing that everyone already has their copies in the US, however we haven’t seen it yet. Late last night, about 1:30, I was watching Ellen because I couldn’t sleep, and the reception at the uni was horrible so I only had 2 channels to choose from. To makes things worse, Ellen was talking about the DVD and she had Kellan Lutz on. Man, talk about rubbing it in my face. I know they are just promoting the DVD, but STILL! Summit should have international release dates, so that it fair for international fans, and not just the Americans. Oh well...I hope that it’s really good!! Which I’m sure it is because Chris Weitz made it...and I think he is great!!

Eclipse One-Sheet

Finally, we have some news on the one-sheet, and it’s about time if you ask me. It's going to be released tomorrow! Yay!! Jeez, Summit took their time, didn’t they? I mean, for New Moon, the one-sheet was released while they were still filming, and Eclipse finished filming in November of last year. Now it's the end of March, and we are only just getting it now. Plus, I also think that it's unusual that the teaser trailer was released before the one-sheet. Umm, it doesn’t usually go like but, however I don't really care now, because were getting it tomorrow!

I hope that it's going to emphasise the love triangle, because that it essentially what Eclipse is about, Bella choosing between Jacob and Edward. So, I’m hoping that the one-sheet has Bella standing in between Edward and Jacob! That would be awesome. I'm not sure if there is going to be anyone in the background, but I know that David Slade is going to have that black, grey and dark red background going on...I’m pretty sure. Oh well, I guess I’ll find out tomorrow! I know what's going to be my wallpaper now ;)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Behind the Scenes : New Moon

All of this extra footage from New Moon is being released now. Summit are obviously trying to get everyone hyped up about the DVD release so that they will want to go to midnight release parties, therefore creating a much larger revenue for Summit. Although, I live in Australia and we don’t get the DVD until Mid April (which sucks), I'm still getting really excited. This "behind the scenes" look that ET did looks so cool. You get to see all of the crew, how the set looked, how the actors/actresses interacted with each other off the camera (sort of) and it’s really great to actually be able to see the amount of work that has been put in to New Moon, beyond what everyone sees in the cinema.

I'm glad that Chris Weitz got some airtime, because I love him. He is so smart, and gorgeous, and funny and just a nice guy. I seriously would want to meet him, just as much as Kellan Lutz, Peter Facinelli, Nikki Reed and all of the other cast members. Not only did he make New Moon such a beautiful film, I truly believe that he is an amazing person, with such a great personality from what everyone knows about him. The cast raved about him, too. Even after filming Eclipse, they were still talking about how amazing of a guy Chris is.

Although, some people would argue that they were just saying that because New Moon was coming out. Even if they didn’t like the director, they would still have to say positive things about them. It isn’t like Peter Facinelli can come out promoting Twilight and say that Catherine Hardwicke was a horrible, unorganised, director who has no technical ability. Despite that, I do seriously feel the cast’s sincerity when they talk about Chris positively.

The crew is always great to see behind the scenes. They work so hard, and nobody even gives them any recognition. Its always "Ashley Greene was so good in New Moon", or "Jackson Rathbone's scene where Jasper attacks Bella was my favourite", and all things like that. I mean, people go to the movies to see their favourite actors/actresses and sometimes, favourite directors.

But, the crew, nobody goes to a film because their favourite cinematographer or screenwriter worked on the film. So, i LOVE seeing them being interviewed and being an actual part of the film that the fans and the general public can see. Even though we don't know them, we can still say "thanks so much", the "special effects" or "the lighting" was "amazing".

It was also interesting to see how they solved difficulties on the set, and such. Like the temperature in Jacob and Bella's "break-up" scene. Also during that scene, it was funny when Kristen was trying to talk, but she just kept getting flooded with water. I knew about the trouble Rob had with the mosquitoes during Edward and Bella's break-up scene, but I didn’t know about the planes flying over, LOL. So, little bits of information like that it’s really interesting to me as a fan, though it may seem tedious to other people.

Summit are hyping everyone up for the DVD with all of the extras...deleted scenes, behind the scenes footage, snippets of Chris' commentary with Peter Lambert etc. That because everyone in the US is getting the DVD in like 4 days or something. However, we Aussies don't get it for over a month. That's so unfair that due to our geographical location, we have to wait longer to get it. Come on, we're all fans so shouldn’t equality come into play somewhere? Oh well, I hope Summit changes it and creates worldwide release dates, not ones for every country where people in France or Canada have to wait WAY longer than he US. Anyway that’s another issue. Back on track: I’m SO excited for the DVD!! :)

Bella's engagement ring!! Totally not surprised

Everyone first saw Bella engagement ring, in the Eclipse teaser trailer, but now we have a much closer look. There is a replica online, and it looks really pretty. Obviously, it’s not real. However, if it was, it would be SO expensive! The there are so many diamond...its huge! I can totally see Edward giving this ring to Bella.

In Eclipse pg.458 is the description of Bella's ring. According to her, the ring is a "long oval, set with slanting rows of glittering round stones. The band was gold - delicate and narrow. The gold made a fragile web around the diamonds"

So from Bella's description, it looks pretty good. It is almost the same...the only noticeable difference I can tell is that I don’t think there is any gold on this ring (I may be wrong though). In the book, the "band was gold" and the "gold made a fragile web around the diamonds". I'm really glad that the costume and props designer took it almost exactly from the book...which the fans will really appreciate.

I knew that Bella's ring was going to be made, and sold. It was inevitable. Summit have already released so much merchandise ridiculously so. Twilight fans will be dying to have Bella's ring, so they made it to match the demand. I know I won’t be getting one, but it’s still really pretty to look at and for Bella to own.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Eclipse Sneak Peek

I got up the other day not expecting anything at all to be released from Summit because we had just seen the Eclipse teaser trailer, but boy was I wrong. I figured considering that we just got the Eclipse teaser trailer, Summit would probably release the next set of footage closer to the release date. However, I was surprised to find that a "Behind The Scenes" for Eclipse was online.

Man, it was SO amazing!!! It was EVERYTHING that I wished the teaser trailer had been. Perhaps that’s why the released it. I know that Summit do communicate with the Twilight fan sites and that they read the fan reactions to the things they release and statements they make. Chris Weitz and Peter Lambert (the editor) were watching the fan reaction videos to the New Moon teaser trailer to get feedback from the fans, they said so themselves at ComicCon ‘09. Anyway, maybe they released this to sort of redeem themselves from how mediocre and ordinary the teaser trailer was. Or perhaps, it could be a result of the changing of editors. Art Jones may have done the teaser trailer, and Summit weren’t happy, but it was too late to change it, so they released it anyway.

I LOVE how it starts of with the words "What you're observing will be the beginning of the end". Which is totally true for hardcore Twilight fans, such as myself. The editing is so much better than the teaser trailer. I really like at the beginning how the clips start and then they get faster and faster and faster. It so exciting and dramatic. Just with the editing, everything is that much cooler and so much more exciting than the teaser. Plus, I really love looking behind the scenes to see how things are shot, the crew, all of the equipment that they cameras are using and everything. I find it really interesting to see the production as well, not just seeing the film. I want to know as many people as possible behind the scenes, because they work just as hard as the actors/actresses, and get hardly any recognition. People go to the movies to see their favourite actors/actress, not their favourite Editor, Composer, Director of Photography, or Screenwriter.

In this sneak peek we actually got to see something new. I'm not saying that we didn’t see anything new in the teaser trailer, but everyone already knew everything that we saw. We knew there was going to be cute Edward and Bella moments, we knew that Jacob wants Bella to choose him, and we knew that Bella was going to have to make a choice between her humanity and becoming a vampire. However, in this we saw SO much more. We saw all of the Cullens, we saw Leah and Seth, we saw Riley and Victoria, we saw the Newborns, we saw the humans, and we saw a hell of a lot of action!! It was exciting to see the Cullens fighting and its something I really want to see that on the big screen because, the Cullens have always been very composed and peaceful (apart from Jasper) so to see them actually use their abilities and become violent against the Newborns is going to be awesome.

We got to see allot more of the wigs. I just have to mention that if think Bella's wig looks pretty good. I saw some pictures during production, and it look awful, however it looks ok on film. Summit have also changed Jackson Rathbone and Nikki Reed's wigs. Jackson's wig, I’m not really sure if I like it. It's so funny, that every film, Jasper has a different hairstyle. I wonder what he is going to have for Breaking Dawn? LOL. Just as I got used to the New Moon wig, Eclipse has another one. It's not bad, it's just different. I suppose it will take some time to grow on me, just like the New Moon wig did. However, for Nikki Reed, I LOVE her wig. Her hairstyle is different too. Her blonde curls are pulled back and are platted. I'm unsure if it's going to be like that the whole film, or just the fighting scene, but I’m sure Rosalie will have her hair down most of the time. Also, Bryce Dallas Howards’ wig still looks pretty bad, but at least it’s the right colour for Victoria this time, unlike Twilight.

We got to see SO many new scenes, which was really exciting. I know TONS of people complain that they feel like the have seen the entire film before they even go to see it. Well, if you don't want to see footage before you see the film, then don’t watch it. Stop complaining because it’s your fault that you watched the footage to began with. Some people do want to see everything, and that’s ok. All up, you probably only see about 15 minutes of the ENITRE film anyway, which is such a small percentage. Anyway, we got to see MANY cool scenes. Victoria killing and turning Riley, The La Push Bonfire, The Volturi coming, Victoria doing some cool stunts, Edward and Bella cute moments, Jacob and Bella moments, and MORE Cullens which I’m really excited about.

This sneak peek makes me feel a lot more confident that Eclipse is going to be a great movie. The teaser trailer did not leave me feeling like I was dying of anticipation for Eclipse. Now, this sneak peek made me SO excited. I'm really liking David Slade's work. I know it's a little early to start praising him, but I find his cinematography beautiful. Let's just hope that Eclipse is as great as I hope it will be. It's my favourite book, so I’ve got every high hopes for my favourite scenes, quotes and everything. I'm hoping that we get the one-sheet soon. Or at least, an official promotional pictures for Eclipse, rather than the poster that we have had since last year.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Bella's Engagement Ring...

The Twilight Lexicon posted a still from the Eclipse teaser trailer with a ring on Bella's finger. Everyone is saying that its the engagement ring, however i'm confused. Bella takes off the wedding ring almost right away. Edward lets her because he would never make her wear it if she doesnt feel ready to. So, i think either they must have changed the script, and just made Bella wear it the entire, changed the location of the proposal to the Meadow, or this is the very end scene where they are going to tell Charlie they are engaged, and she slips it on her finger. Its hard to say because they are only such short clips taken randomly from Eclipse, and nobody knows which scene they are taken from. Although, i'm sure that companies are going to be making millions of replica's of that ring and selling them to Twilight fans just before the film comes out, or after the film comes out. Either way, i know people are going to be wearing those things. You can really see much as it's a blurry picture, and not really a close up for Bella's hand, but i'm excited!! I hope they keep the ring close to the description in the book. By the looks of it, they did.

Alex Meraz Humour...

Alex Meraz is such a funny cool guy. He is always tweeting hilarious things, joking about going out in disguise dressed up as a old lady and now about speeding. I just LOVE Alex. Oh course, he is married. With a little kid. Oh well, its still nice to dream. Alex tweeted : "Got a photo radar ticket for speeding earlier today! I probably shouldn’t drive like this anymore huh?" Haha, such a prankster...


I finally got to watch the Eclipse teaser trailer last night, well it was really this morning, but same thing. Except it was about 45 minutes late because of some technical difficulties, which was VERY frustrating because everyone had seen it, and I was still trying to load the video. Anyway, I eventually got it loaded and obviously watched it. I thought that it was good, but I had expected better. The New Moon teaser trailer blew me away with the werewolf transformation. I was in such shock after seeing that, but the Eclipse teaser was just ok. It didn’t have that massive climatic build that the New Moon teaser did.

Anyway, I think it could possibly have to do with the editor being switched. Art Jones probably already had this teaser done, and Summit wasn’t happy with his work, so they replaced him with Nancy. I’m just speculating here that Summit didn’t have enough time to make a new teaser trailer because they had already announced that the Eclipse trailer was going to be in front of Remember Me, and couldn’t back out. So, they just played what they had. I’m positive that the first trailer is going to be a lot better than this. I’m not saying I didn’t like it, because I did, but I just expected more.

I LOVE that there isn’t a coloured filter over this film and that it’s very clear and clean. Although I LOVED the golden tone of New Moon, I like this one too. Sadly, the only colour filter I hated was that blue over Twilight. That was just shockingly awful. Also, in conjunction with that, the cinematography is beautiful. Just the shots, the composition, the lighting, it’s really stunning visually. Plus, the loved that the opening shot of Summits logo, the theme was changed to fit Eclipse. Usually, Summits logo is blue mountains, however for Eclipse they changed it so that it’s grey, black with a little tinge of red. Awesome! Very dangerous...sort of like its foreshadowing the violence and danger that Victoria, Riley and the Newborns are going to show during that fight scene.

There were quite a few quotes from the book, which I was happy about. They may not be direct quotes, but they are very close or just have been paraphrased a little bit. Although, some of the lines that Rob, Kristen and Taylor are delivering are pretty dead pan. Which doesn’t surprise me with Kristen and Rob, because that’s how they act. However, Jacob is supposed to be very cocky, confident and arrogant however, here he seems very emotional, gentle and extremely vulnerable. Jacob was hardly gentle in Eclipse. In New Moon he was, but not so much in Eclipse. I don’t really want to judge too much because these clips are just snippets of film, and I could totally be taking the tone out of context. But that’s just what I got from reading the book and Summit tend to stick pretty close. Otherwise if they don’t, they know they will have a million Twilight fans go ape shit on their assess.

OK, Bryce Dallas Howard. Ummm, I miss Rachelle SO much!! I’m not a big fan of Bryce like I am with the other cast such as Alex Meraz, Anna Kendrick, Michael Welch, Peter Facinelli, Kellan Lutz etc. Perhaps it’s just because I’m used to Rachelle being Victoria and not Bryce. Rachelle really loved the saga BEFORE it was famous or big. Plus she has just a beautiful personality, and a lovely caring heart. Nobody has gotten anything from Bryce Dallas Howard. Anyway, I haven’t looked on Bryce that kindly since she turned down Twilight because it wasn’t big enough. Now that it’s a big thing, she is “honoured” to play Victoria. I don’t like that kind of attitude. Only choosing roles based on popularity. That’s ridiculous. It seems she is only doing Eclipse because Twilight is popular now, resulting in lots of media exposure and recognition. I don’t like her essentially using Twilight as a means to further her career. Twilight is SO much more than just some stupid popular trend that everyone wants to jump n the bandwagon. I find that kind of behaviour disrespectful to the saga.

From what I can see from this trailer the sets are gorgeous and the costumes look pretty good as well. However, the same can’t be said about the make-up. Who was their make-up artist? Seriously! Robert, Dakota and Bryce Dallas Howards’ make-up is awful. It looks uneven, blotchy, and just really really unnatural. In New Moon they did a really good job, but now it’s like they have reverted back to that hideous make-up that Catherine Hardwicke was using. I feel really bad for actors, because they are immortal on film, and that image of them looking like that is going to remain around for a long, long time. Plus, the red lipstick? Seriously, Edward kind of looks like a clown. Although, Bella’s and Charlie’s make-up looks great. Perhaps they just went a little overboard with the pale white make-up for the vampires.

I have to add that I was a little concerned about Bella’s wig, because some pictures that fans took while Kristen was just sitting around waiting to shoot, looked horrible. However, I think I really like the wig. It didn’t stick out as bad or fake or anything of the such, so I like it. I can’t say the same for Bryce Dallas Howard’s wig though. I think that looks so bad!! Just fake, and unnatural and kind of looks like Barbie doll hair, which it probably is. Oh well, you can’t win them all. Of course it’s going to look different, because Rachelle’s hair was real, whereas Byrce’s isn’t. I really hope that it doesn’t distract me from the film when Eclipse comes out.

I was a little disappointed that the Eclipse teaser trailer was anti-climatic. I mean, with New Moon everything just keeps building up; the camera shots get faster, the music gets more dramatic, and then boom, total climax was when Jake phases. With Eclipse, there is nothing like that. It’s just a series of clips one after the other. Although, there is dramatic music, to an extent, it just wasn’t the suspenseful, exciting, on the edge of your seat type of teaser. That’s ok; there is nothing wrong with that. I’m just saying that it wasn’t as exciting as the New Moon teaser trailer. What I’m trying to say was that it was a little bit slow.

Now, Edward’s hair is like a dark brown. Umm, wardrobe, Make-up and Hair, Edwards hair is GOLDEN BRONZE. How hard is it to go down to Safeway and buy 20 dollar hair dye? Not hard. They didn’t put much effort in. I was happy with Rob’s hair that goldenly/brown colour in New Moon. However, this hair colour is just like Rob’s natural hair and they couldn’t be bothered doing it. Perhaps they didn’t think anyone would notice. Umm, if they didn’t know by now, Twilight analyses the hell out of everything, and notice EVERY single little detail, no matter how insignificant it is.

Overall, it’s a good look into Eclipse. I didn’t see some of the scenes I thought they were going to put in there, but it’s just a teaser. I suppose they wanted to keep some of the more popular or better scenes for later trailers closer to when the film comes out to get everyone hyped up and excited. Kristen looked really pretty in the trailer, so why can’t she do that everyday, without the stoned or hung-over look. Oh and I got to add in, how great is Billy Burke. He is in the trailer for like 2 seconds, and he is just great. Billy’s just a great actor, plus he is super hot. Now, I wonder when the trailer is going to be out. Probably not for months now, I’m guessing early or mid May? Oh, well. They need to start releasing promotional pictures soon and some stills. Please Summit??

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I pinned it

Reading back over my old news post, i totally called that the Eclipse trailer was going to be released before Remember Me, here. Also, i called that Summit may release a teaser of the teaser trailer, here. Man, i am good. LOL, i'm just kidding. I'm sure that any passionate Twilight fan would be able to do the same. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what Summit is doing.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

HD New Moon Movie Stills has New Moon screen caps of the entire film. They are really cool!!! I already know what one is going to be a wallpaper ;) LOL. Heres the link : Movie Screencaps - New Moon. Enjoy!! :)

Summit Tweet about Eclipse Trailer

Summit tweeted from their official twitter about the Eclipse teaser trailer. Summit tweeted: "Tomorrow morning be on the lookout for the worldwide 10-second sneak peek of the #EclipseTrailer". Finally! I'm so excited for see anything from Eclipse. I mean, they haven’t even released a one-sheet, and I know I’m probably repeating myself but they finished filming last year. During those four months there were only three released pictures, and a few leaks. Plus, it’s been painful waiting for what seems like forever. It was made 100 times worse because David Slade teased everyone last year that the teaser trailer was going to be a new year’s gift. Now its mid-March and we are only just getting it!!! So, I’m very excited that the 10 second peek of the teaser trailer is coming out in a few hours. Summit obviously released US times, so if my IPod's time converter is correct, then it should be released at 1 tonight, which is in just over 3 hours.

Twilight Source have also revealed that the whole teaser trailer will be available online on the 11th of March at 6am PT and 9 ET, which for Australia will be Friday 13th at 1:00am. The Twilight Source staff are very reliable and always check in with Summit to make sure everything they post is legitimate. I'm going to blog about the whole teaser trailer when it’s released and what I think of it, but not the 10 second peek. I know its HUGE and everything, but I’d rather do it when we get the whole teaser. It would feel incomplete just to do the 10 second peek rather than just wait for the whole teaser to be released. I can’t wait!! :)

Summit Itunes Update

Finally Summit has updated data on their official Itunes site, for the first time since November '09. This time it’s a short look at the production of the score for New Moon. It has clips of the recording, Chris Weitz, Alexandre Desplat and Peter Lambert talking about the score, how it fits into the film etc. It’s really cool, because we haven’t received anything from Summit in a long time. They know how passionate the fans are, and withholding information for a long period of time isn’t going to make the fans particularly happy. So, I suppose in releasing this so close to the New Moon DVD, I assume some more in-depth version of this is going to be included into the DVD extras. Which is really exciting, because I love looking at all of the behind the scenes, production and added extras that Summit has allowed to be included on the DVD. Seeing them in the editing room, and know they worked so hard for us, is really nice to see. The behind the scenes just gives the audience a second dimension to the film, and can more thoroughly appreciate all of the work and effort that goes into a film. Not just the actors, but the crew who really made the film. I'm not saying the actor didn’t make the film, because they did, only that they crew work just as hard with little or no recognition, and its nice to see them have a place on the DVD. Thank you, Summit. The fans really appreciate you sharing information about the films. So, please can we have the Eclipse trailer yet? We're dying over here.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Anna Kendrick's Stylist

Anna Kendrick has the greatest stylist ever!! Well, majority of the time her dresses are amazing, only a small percentage are just hideous, which is very rare. My favourite one was a white dress she wore by Elie Saab, which is gorgeous!! I'm totally in LOVE with it! Ever other dress is nothing in comparison to it. It's now my dream dress. It's very unusual, and if i saw it designed on a piece of paper, I’m sure I wouldn’t like it. But, its one HOT dress. It looks gorgeous on Anna, and suits her figure perfectly. I would be so worried on getting it dirty because its white and knowing me, I’d get it filthy. Either by walking over something, or sitting on something. Anna is SO lucky!! All of these designers are giving her all of these beautiful dress to wear and jewellery to put on. Every girls dream but she has deserves it. I'm so in love with Anna Kendrick at the moment. She is an amazing actress!! One of the best!! Kristen is nothing in comparison to Anna. Kristen can’t act and Anna is a skilled and talented actress. Plus, Anna can dance, sing, act and has performed in Broadway productions before she did film. Wow, talk about a natural actress. She just makes it look so effortless. Anyway, back to her stylist. I really want to see something else that Elie Saab has designed. Just to know if she is a great designer or that dress is just a one-off, one of a kind dress.

Eclipse Teaser Trailer

Summit has said that the Eclipse teaser trailer will be release before Remember Me, but also it will be online before the film comes out. It's the 9th now, and Remember Me is released on the 11th so I would imagine it will be online within 42 hours. If Summit hasn’t released it then, I suppose it doesn’t matter because someone will just film it before Remember Me and put it on YouTube. I'm so dying to see a teaser trailer because Eclipse finished filming in early November of ‘09, and it’s March in 2010. That’s a long time and the only thing that has been officially released are 3 pictures. All of those leaks don’t count, because they weren’t supposed to come out for the fans. I wonder why Summit is delaying all of this footage. I know they released a lot for New Moon, but they were only tiny snippets of scenes. So many people were complaining that they saw too much of New Moon before the film had even been released. Well, if they didn’t want to see too much of New Moon, then why did they watch the teaser, the trailer, the TV spots and the sneak peaks? It’s ridiculous. To be honest, I couldn’t get enough of New Moon footage. Anyway, it’s been so long since Eclipse had finished filming, and nothing has been released. I remember while New Moon was still shooting, Summit had released the one-sheet, and by the time they had finished, they had released the first teaser trailer. I wonder what is taking Summit so long. It might just be because they are trying to keep some distance from the New Moon DVD release, and the Eclipse stuff. Just to extend the sales of New Moon merchandise or something. It might largely have something to do with the changing of the editor, but no one can be 100 percent sure, Anyway, I’m so DYING to see it!! I'm going to watch it a million times!! Literally, I’m not joking either.


I'm devastated that Anna Kendrick didn’t win an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress because she was amazing in Up in the Air, which coincidentally is my favourite film. I suppose it will do wonders for her career just to be nominated, but I would have LOVED to see her win. Oh well, she is so amazing. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was back next year. Anna's dress was SO beautiful!! It was gorgeous! Whoever her stylist is, they did a good job. Anna had also said the dress she wore was a back up from the blue one she was supposed to be wearing. Anyway, it was a stunning dress. Kristen and Taylor were also there to present an Oscar. Which, I’m suspecting that they were only invited so that the entire Twilight fandom would tune it to watch the Oscars. Apparently last year, their ratings weren’t that good, so they invited all of these young Hollywood stars to come (some of them aren’t even good actors/actresses). I mean, they invited Miley Cyrus, Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. Disney stars at the Oscars?? It sort of just brought down the evening. I mean, the Oscars are supposed to be for amazingly talented actresses, actors, directors, cinematographers etc to show gratitude for their skills and their contribution to film. However, I doubt if Miley Cyrus is going to be nominated for an Oscar ever!! Nothing against her personally, but she can’t act. I feel that they were only invited so that younger viewers will tune in to watch. Other than that, I was pretty happy with them, apart from Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin's bad attempts at humour. So not funny guys!! Anyway, Kristen looked ok, and as always, Taylor looked dashing in his D&G suit. Hope Anna gets nominated or wins something next year. I’m sure she will because she is SO brilliant and is now being recognised for her talent. Go Anna!!

Taylor dropped Max Steal

I'm sad to say this, but I’m glad. He was typecasting himself too much with just plain action films which would get VERY monotonous. I hope that he is smart and chooses to diversify some of the roles he is accepting to do. Taylor has got a lot of films lined up, so I’m hoping that he choose wisely. He has pulled out of a few recently, but I’m not sure if its because the schedules are conflicting, he changed his mind or is just trying to play his cards right with the roles he is being offered. Either way, I really hope Taylor gets smart, and starts picking films which will allow longevity to his career and not just be a short-lived stupid action star like Tom Cruse or something. I know that is what Taylor always wanted, but he can do that do, as well as other roles which will subsequently make his career more successful and not just like a “15 minutes of fame” scenario. That would be a bad move.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Eclipse Editor Switched...

I have been dying without the internet for the last week or so. I just moved into University and they haven’t set up the internet for students, so everyone has been going mental. However, I finally got it working late last night and was catching up on all of the news I missed. This is probably one of the biggest stories. Eclipse's editor (Art Jones) has been fired and replaced with the editor from Twilight, Nancy Richardson.

This is shocking because there was no reason to switch them. Summit must have been unhappy with the work he was doing and felt they had no other option than to replace him. I think that is horrible for Art, however if he was a bad editor, then I’m glad they did replace him as awful as that sounds. Eclipse would suffer so much if there wasn’t a top notch and talented editor working as hard as they can to get Eclipse ready by the release date which is pretty soon. The rate the films are being release may have been a contributing factor to Art Jones being replaced. Although I didn’t dig Twilight as much as New Moon, I hope that Nancy is a good editor and that Twilight just didn’t show her skills.

As much as I don’t care about the editors really, this is huge because it makes a direct impact on the films. I mean, I didn’t know anything about Peter lambert until I discovered that he and Chris Weitz are doing the New Moon commentary together. Although, this is just a little worrying because the edit mustn’t be going as smoothly as Summit has initially planned. And if things aren’t going the way they were planned, that is bad news for every fan of the saga. I just hope they have it up to scratch for the release; otherwise the fans will be furious.

David Slade has been known to do very dark films, so perhaps Art and David made Eclipse with too much of a focus on the action and didn't nail the romance aspect of the film. The Twilight Saga is a romance, so if they missed the central conflict and the love triangle and just shoved it with action to try and bring in a male audience, I'm worried. That and also Nancy Richardson just recently finished editing The Last Song with Miley Cyrus. Ew, i can't stand her. Nancy appears to do romantic stories such as Twilight and Nicolas' Sparks screenplay, The Last Song. I don't know any of her other work, apart from Thirteen.

So perhaps her input will help put more of the love story back into a dark film that David has made. I really hope both of them balance each other out and make it great but I'm not a fan of Nancy. Twilight wasn't the greatest film, and I thought that Peter Lambert did an amazing job with New Moon. I just hope it doesn't show Nacy's flaws against a great editor like Peter. I'm a little worried now, because none of the fans had any idea that there were issues with the film. I am just crossing my fingers and hoping for the best because it doesn't look good at the moment.