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Hey, I'm a massive Twilight Fan, and thanks to my friends being fed up with having to listern to my non-stop chattering about Twilight, i decided to create a blog for myself to just vent and document my twilight obsession!! I'm current studying journalism and have aspiration to become one, so why not write about something as awesome as the Twilight Saga!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Maggie Grace cast as Irina!!!

Maggie Grace has been cast as Irina!!!! I know Irina isn’t really a big role, and she does end up dying, but she plays a pivotal component to the plot. Without Irina, the Volturi would have never known about Renesmee and not cause the massive climatic scene at the end of Breaking Dawn.
Maggie is really pretty, so physically i can see her as Irina. However, i've never seen her in anything. The most popular show she appeared in was Lost. So, i'm just hoping she is a good actor. I don't think Summit would employ a bad actor, but they did hire Kristen Stewart. I'm not going to judge her before i see her act, so i guess i'll have to wait until Breaking Dawn Part 1 comes out.

Overall, i'm pretty happy with Maggie. Now, the next question is: Who will be Tanya? I'm dying to know who they are going to get to play the woman interested in Edward. This is going to be interesting. I'd be really upset if they cut Tanya, but i don't think they will. Stephenie Meyer is a producer, and Summit know if they cut fan-favourite characters, they Twilight fan will be upset!!



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