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Hey, I'm a massive Twilight Fan, and thanks to my friends being fed up with having to listern to my non-stop chattering about Twilight, i decided to create a blog for myself to just vent and document my twilight obsession!! I'm current studying journalism and have aspiration to become one, so why not write about something as awesome as the Twilight Saga!!

Monday, October 18, 2010


BREAKING DAWN HAS STARTED PRODUCTION! Im SO excited right now!! :) The cast is in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for production. I know they are not going to be there the entire time but some of the filming is taking place there. The only people who i have are Ashley, Nikki, Kellan, Jackson, Rob, Taylor and Kristen. I'm so excited!! Hopefully we will start getting pictures, interviews and all other press releases from Summit!! I can't believe they are filming the last Twilight film!!'s has gone by quick but i'm still DYING to see it!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Casting for Coverns released by Summit!! :)

Summit release the casting decisions for the amazon coven, the egyptian coven, the irish coven, the romanian coven, the american nomads, and the europeaon nomads!! This is exciting...Breaking Dawn is getting close to beging production, all of this casting information is being released!! :) It's so exciting to be getting news!!

In the Amazon coven:

  • Tracey Heggins is Senna - She is a smaller actress and i havnt seen anything she had been in (even though i recognise Brothers and Sister), she is really beautiful!! I can totally imagine her being part of the amazon coven. Tracey is going to look incredible when her hair and make-up are done, with her costume on and the contacts!! :) I'm happy with Summit's casting of Senna.

  • Judi Shekoni is Zafrina - I was always really excited about Zafrina because i think that she is one of the most interesting, and outstanding of the smaller vampires in Breaking Dawn. Renesmee has a special realtionship with her, so i'd like to see if or how that is portrayed on screen. Along with Tracey, Judi is really beautiful!! Like really...these Twilight films are really bad for my self-esteen because everyone is so beautful!!

  • The Egypitian coven:

  • Omar Metwally is Amun - To be honest, i don't remember who Amun is. LOL What a bad twihard i am!! Anyway, i really like Omar! It's awesome to know that Summit hired Omar because he is egyptian just like Amun is!! I don't know if that played into his advantage or not, but it's just a fun little fact. Once again, i have not seen anything Moar has been in, so i'm assuming that Summit are choosing not very well known actors which is awesome becasue it will launch their carear and will help the audience suspend their disbelief.

  • Andrea Gabriel is Kebi - I can't remeber who Kebi is either...i think i need to read Breaking Dawn again to refresh my memory because these smaller characters were only in it briefly and there were SO many of them in a short period of time. So, it was hard to remember them. Andrea is SO gorgeous!! Seriously, i bet she was a model at one point in her life, or could have been she is THAT gorgeous!! She is most known for LOST. I've never been a big fan of LOST but she is more famous than the others.

  • Rami Malek is Benjamin - When i was reading, i imagined Benjamin a lot younger than Rami. For some reason i can't remember, i thought that Benjamin was supposed to be about 16 or 17. I love Benjamin as a character with a SUPER cool power. He can control the elements which is really awesome power to have. But, Rami is really cute and i'd imagine that he would play a good Benjamin. I have faith in Summit so i must respect their casting decision.

  • Angela Sarafyan is Tia - It's really sad but i can't remember who Tia is :( I really gotta re-read Breaking Dawn. Wow, Angela is really...different looking. She can look beautiful in some pictures, and very strange in others. I'm sure the hair and make-up will make her look super beautiful because vampires are supposed to be. I'm kinda unsure about her but i don't wanna judge her harshy when i havnt even seen her act.

  • The Irish Coven:

  • Marlane Barnes is Maggie - I vaguley remember Maggie in Breaking Dawn and Marlane is super adorable. I don't know how old she is but i would be guessing about 16. She is really adorable and i can see her playing a vampire. :) I'm really happy with her being cast as Maggie. BTW, she would have made an amazing Jessica physically...but i still LOVE Anna Kendrick's performance.

  • Lisa Howard is Siobhan - I can't really remember who Siobhan is but Lisa is pretty so i'm guessing that she fits the description. She has been in a lot of movies, tv series etc but i havnt seen any of them. I think that Siobhan is going to be a mother figure because she looks a lot older than all of the other vampires.

  • Patrick Brennan is Liam - I can't remember who Liam is. I REALLY need to read Breaking Dawn again. Considering Breaking Dawn wasnt my favourite, and i've been so busy with school i have not had time. Patrick is alright...i don't really have a strong opinion on him right now. I suppose he'll do. It's only a small role but i guess Summit released them becasue the fans are so hardcore about Twilight and all of the characters despite how small they are. He's alright.

  • The Romanian Coven:

  • Noel Fisher is Vladimir - OMG i LOVE Vladimir!! He is seriously awesome!!! :) I'm so glad that Melissa Rosenberg didnt cut him from Breaking Dawn. However, considering Stephenie Meyer is a producer on Breaking Dawn, i don't think she'd let that happen. Plus, Vladimir and Stefan are going to be useful tools for comic relief when it's so serious about everyone dying. I like Noel...i think he looks super innocent and youthful that he will be super scary and awesome when he is a vampire.

  • Guri Weinberg is Stefan - I'm so excited for Vladimir and Stefan to be depicted on screen. However, it's going to be two years untill we see them on screen in Breaking Dawn part 2. I think that Guri is a good choice for Stefan and he has actally been in some films i've heard of. Guri was in that awful tv show Burn Notice and he was in You Don't Mess With The Zohan with Adam Sandler, and lastly Munich with Eric Bana, Geoffrey Rush and Daniel Craig. I'm really excited to see him act and just overall the depiction of these two. They kinda remind me of Rosencrantz and Guilderstern from Shakespeare's Hamlet.

  • The American Nomads:

  • Lee Pace is Garrett - I don't know what i think about Lee being Garrett. I hope he had the acting chops to pull it off because Garrett is really uncomfortable and looses it. I'm not familar with Lee's work although he has been in The Good Shepard, and the recent animation Maraduke. I'm excited to see him as Garrett is a really complex and interesting character. I get the feeling that many of these characters won't get much screen time just because of time contraints. That would be a shame but i suppose that these characters are not that important to focus lots of time on.

  • Mary - Toni Trucks is Mary - I just gotta say she is SO beautiful!!! I have not seen anything she has been in but she has been in a few popular movies. She was in the tv series Veronica Mars that i used to watch and she was in Music and Lyrics with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. I'm really happy with Toni's casting even if i don't remember who Mary is. I can't wait to see her portrayal of Mary though.

  • Randall - Bill Tangradi is Randall - I briefly remember Randall. But wow, Bill has been in a lot of tv series. He has been in Law and Order, Without A Trace, Criminal Minds, Medium, Numb3rs, Castle and The Good Wife. He hasnt done a lot of bigger project but he sure has done the tv circuit. I'm excited to see him as Randall because i'm just excited for every character, no matter how small they are.

  • Erik Odom is Peter - I wasnt sure if Peter was going to be included because he wasnt even mentioned in Eclipse when Peter and Charlotte were first introduced in the books. However, it doesnt matter that they were added in late just like Harry, Sue, Leah and Seth Clearwater were. I really like Erik...he is really cute!! I can imagine he'd make a gorgeous vampire. He hasnt been in much, but i don't think Summit would just hire anyone.

  • Valorie Curry is Charlotte - Wow, Valorie is a lot different to what i thought Charlotte was going to be. I thought that Charlotte would have long gorgeous hair and be very femine but fierce at the same time. She hated the vampire wars and ran away with Peter, so i thought she would be very caring as a newborn vampire. However, Valorie is gorgeous, and they may just put a wig on her like they did with some of the other actors such as Edi Gathegi, Taylor Lautner, Michael Sheen and Kristen Stewart. I'm excited to see how she will act :)

  • The European Nomads:

    Alistair - Joe Anderson - Wow...he is really cute and plus, he is British :) He is going to be an awesome Alistair. I don't really remember much about Alistair but i think he was the vampire who freaked out and ran off before the Volturi showed up. I really need to read Breaking Dawn again. Well, at least the last half of it. Joe is really cute, and i'm an really excited about his performance. He had done some theater where he performed Shakespeare. Anything to do with Shakespeare completley wins me i'm happy with Joe being Alistair.

    Overall, i'm pretty happy with the casting decision. I tried not to be too harsh as i don't want to judge them before i even see them in costume and their acting. But, just based on the pictures on IMDB, i'm pretty happy. I'm so excited that Breaking Dawn is really happening :) We only have to wait just over a year for Part One!! I'm super excited!! :) As much as i'm dying to see it...i'm glad it far away because Breaking Dawn is the last book, and when it's over i don't know what i'll do. But anyway, I'm excited :) Thanks Summit for releasing this :) All the fans really appreciate it.

    Sunday, October 3, 2010

    Denali Coven Has Been Cast!!! :)

     The Denali's have been cast!! :) YES!! Finally some Breaking Dawn cast information!! So, Eleazar is Christian Camargo, Tanya is Myanna Buring, Kate is Casey LaBow, Carmen is Mia Maestro, and Irnia is Maggie Grace, which we already knew.

    Christian Camargo - The most well-known films Christian has been in are The Picture of Dorian Gray, Dexter (he probably knows Melissa Rosenberg), and The Hurt Locker!! Wow...even though he hasn’t been in much...The Hurt Locker?? Oscar nominated film last year!!! So, I’m thinking that Christian is going to be a very good actor. I don't remember him in The Hurt Locker...but it's an incredible movie! I have a good feeling about Christian....I just want to find out what his personality is like. Whether he has a personality more like Peter Facinelli or Rob Pattinson. Interesting.

    Myanna Buring - She hasn’t really been in anything, apart from a small role in Midsummer Murders. Since she is Swedish I’m guessing that all of those projects are from Sweden or a just really unknown US films. I'm not too happy about Myanna being cast as Tanya. I picture Tanya will long strawberry blond curls, kinda like Taylor Swift’s hair, and a models body. Of course that's impossible because they need an actress who can act but I imagined someone totally different. She was supposed to be other love interest for Edward, and Bella noticed that she was gorgeous. Myanna is pretty but not gorgeous. However, with the right hair stylist, make-up and wardrobe...I may be totally wrong...but right now I’m not really happy with Summits choice.

    Casey LaBow - Casey has only been in two movies I know, a small role on CSI: New York and she was in a small indie film called Skateland, and I have only heard of that because Ashley Greene was in it. I'm not too sure of her acting capabilities, but I’m guessing that Ashley might have suggested her to Summit for a role. That's just my speculating, but it's possible. I think she would be a good Kate...but I don't want to judge yet, because she may be an awful actress or a really great one. I will wait until I see her performance. Also, she looks a bit like a blonde Rachelle.

    Mia Maestro - The only thing I know of that Mia has done is Alias, which wasn’t a very good show. It wasn’t her fault; I just didn’t enjoy the story line at all. Anyway, I’m not sure about her acting ability, but she is beautiful. I totally imagined Carmen looking like that. Her hair was a little big different, but close enough. I'm really excited to see what she looks like in her costume because I think she is almost perfect for Carmen.

    Overall, I’m pretty happy with the casting by Bill Condon. I'm trying to be objective because the actors are obviously not going to look like they do now during the filming Breaking Dawn. There is going to be hair, make-up, contacts, costumes and then of course, their acting. I'm trying to remain open-minded. I remember when I was upset about some things Summit did, but they turned out to be great; like hiring Chris Weitz and David Slade to direct. I trust Summit know what they are doing, and I’m sure they are not going to do anything to piss of the fans. I'm pretty confident and I can't wait to see their performances next year!!

    Ohhh, hurry up Breaking Dawn!!!