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Hey, I'm a massive Twilight Fan, and thanks to my friends being fed up with having to listern to my non-stop chattering about Twilight, i decided to create a blog for myself to just vent and document my twilight obsession!! I'm current studying journalism and have aspiration to become one, so why not write about something as awesome as the Twilight Saga!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

PFach's Parodies

I love Peter Facinelli. He is soo funny, kind, intelligent, a great father, and just a good all around guy. I personally love his charity work and his sense of humour. PFach is always doing parodies and his latest one is about the birth scene from Breaking Dawn. It's really funny!! I can totally see Peter going on SNL and doing this for an entire show; that would be hilarious. Since, Taylor is going to be on SNL on the 12th of December, it would be great to get Peter on too.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Eclipse Countdown

YAY!!! Only 216 days untill Eclipse!! That is going to drag soooo much!!!

Taylor's Countdown

Seriously, there are countdowns untill Taylor's 18th birthday. Haha, that is very funny because then some of the cougers won't feel so bad when he is actually legal in America!! Hilarious!!!

Taylor on Rolling Stone

Wow, OK, why does Taylor have to look sooooo good??? He is ALWAYS teasing us with something we can't have. All during New Moon while he was strutting his stuff, and now in interviews, and photo shoots. Seriously, he does not look 17, at all!!! Still, he is totally legal in Australia, so it's ok here. He is so f**king sexy!!! Damn, he is HOT!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Moon DVD!!!

People have already started talking about the DVD and what is going to be on it. Apparently, it's going to be released in February; however that is just a rumour. I hope it's true, because my birthday in February, so I know what I want for my birthday. Chris has said that there is going to be a commentary on it!! YES, that is my favourite part!! I'm guessing it's going to consist of Chris, Robert, Kristen and Taylor. I'd love to see their opinions, experiences, thoughts, and insider information about the film. The Twilight commentary was pretty good, so I have high expectations for New moon to blow that out of the water. I'm also hoping that Chris is going to include bloopers. They are seriously funny, when to see Kristen and Taylor having this real intense scene and he just cracks up laughing at something. Oh, and deleted scenes are cool too. Chris has told Larry Carroll at MTV that there is 20 minutes of footage that is going to be on the DVD! I'm so excited for the DVD, but I’ll just have to be content with watching it a million times in cinemas.

New Moon's Worldwide Weekend Gross!!

New Moon has made $258 worldwide in one weekend!! Wow, can you imagine what it's going to be when New Moon has been out in the cinemas for two weeks!! I don't think Twilight fans are going to stop seeing it after seeing it once. Summit better use allot of that money to help make Renesmee in Breaking Dawn, which they ARE going to produce!!!

Breaking Dawn's Split

During the New Moon Premier, Ryan Seacrest let it slip that Breaking Dawn is going to be made into two films. I'm really excited if this is true, because then Twilight last longer than it already is. Twilight and New Moon are already out; that's half the Saga over already. Any film with more Volturi, more Cullens and more Wolf pack is totally fine by me. If having two films means that is going to make a faithful adaptation, then I think Summit should go for it. Also, Summit are going to make allot more money, so I’m hoping they will make an investment, and bring out the big guns for creating Renesmee. If she looks bad, that is just going to destroy the entire film! I'm really supporting the two films, although i will be upset if they are just dragging it out for the sake of making two films. Other than that, I'm sooooo excited!!!

End of Credits

Tonight, i just saw New Moon for the second time. It was so much better than my first experience because the first time i was analysing the heck out of it and trying to identify what had changed, what had been condensed, and what had been added that wasn't in the book. The second time, i just sat and enjoyed it for what it was, rather than picking it apart and being critical. Plus, i thought that it was really cool that after the credits, it comes up with an image that says ""The Twilight Saga : Eclipse", coming June 30th". Basically everyone had left, so it was just me and my friends screaming for Eclipse. I'm soo excited, as it's my favourite book! I just gotta say, i really LOVE Chris Weitz!! Wooo!!

Taylor's performance in New Moon

Overall, i think that Taylor was very good. Just some of the expressions that play out on his face broke my heart. Particularly when Jacob was begging Bella to stay though the car window, and she leaves anyway. Taylor's expression, and the look in his eyes, wow. It was probably the most heartfelt moment in the entire film. Yeah, i even thing it was more emotional than the break-up scene where Edward leaves. Taylor is just so good. However, i do have one criticism. Taylor's voice doesn't sound threatening. Sorry, it just sounds too squeaky, high and cute to be dangerous. If Taylor's voice was more deep and masculine, then he would instantly be a million times better. It's not Taylor, it's just the pitch of his voice. I bet if you watched New Moon without the sound on, Jacob would be so much more scary. Apart from that small detail, he was totally perfect. I mean, hey, Taylor turned Andrew Sims to Team Jacob from Team Edward. Taylor was one of the most outstanding cast members, and generally he always stole the scene from Kristen, apart from the friendship break-up scene, Kristen was pretty good in that and Taylor's voice just ruined the tone of the scene. Sorry, Taylor!! I still love you anyway, and will always be Team Jacob!! Mwah....x0x0x0x

Monday, November 23, 2009

New Moon's Box Office

ET is reporting that New Moon was made $140.7 million domestically for America. Worldwide New Moon has made $258.8 million. Wow, considering New Mono was shot on a budget of only $50 million, that's a profit of $208.8!!! Summit are totally going to have enough money to make Breaking Dawn!! I really hope when it gets green lit eventually that Summit give them enough money because the CG is going to be stepped up again, what with Renesmee and other graphics like Bella giving birth and the other vampires gifts!! Wow, go New Moon!!! Eclipse is going to have a massive box office too!! New Moon has surpassed my expectations. I only estimated $75 million. Jeez, i was only $183.8 million short!!

New Moon Music in Film!!

1- New Moon – Alexandre Desplat. Opening credits
2- Bella Dreams – Alexandre Desplat. Bella, Gran and Edward in the meadow.
3- Monsters – Hurricane Bells. Bella driving to school on birthday and Edward walking through school parking lot.
4- Romeo & Juliet – Alexandre Desplat. Edward and Bella in English class, discussing vampire suicide.
5- Volturi Waltz – Alexandre Desplat. Edward explaining the Volturi to Bella. Aro kills bad vamp.
6- The Violet Hour – Sea Wolf. Bella’s birthday party.
7- Blood Sample – Alexandre Desplat. Paper cut fight between Jasper and Edward.
8- Wandrers Nachitlied II, Op. 96, No. 3, D. 768 – Ulf Bastlein (iTunes bonus). Carlisle is stitching up Bella and talking about vamp souls.
9- Satellite Heart – Anya Marina. Edward taking Bella home after party in her truck.
10-Rosyln – Bon Iver & St. Vincent. Bella at school without Edward and finding Edward in her yard.
11-Edward Leaves – Alexandre Desplat. Edward dumping Bella in the woods.
12-Possibility – Lykke Li. Months passing for Bella.
13-I Belong to You (New Moon Remix) – Muse. Bella and Jessica on Girls Night Out.
14-Friends – Band of Skulls. Bella on Some Random Loser’s motorcycle.
15-All I Believe (iTunes Bonus Track) – The Magic Numbers & Amadou & Mariam. Bella and Jake fixing motorcycles. It is the song playing that
Bella turns off.
16-Shooting the Moon – Ok Go. Bella and Jacob fixing motorcycles with pizza toss.
17-Werewolves – Alexandre Desplat. Sam Uley and gang jumping from cliff.
18-Solar Midnite – Lupe Fiasco (iTunes Bonus Track). The song that is playing in Face Punch the movie.
19-I Need You – Alexandre Desplat. Jacob vies for Bella outside the movie.
20-Break Up -Alexandre Desplat. Bella confronts Jacob at La Push. Jacob dumps her.
21-Memories of Edward – Alexandre Desplat. Bella going to meadow by
herself and finds Laurent.
22-Wolves vs. Vampire Alexandre Desplat. Laurent and wolf pack: Partytime!
23-Victoria -Alexandre Desplat. Bella’s fear of Victoria bubbling up while talking to Charlie.
24-Almost a Kiss – Alexandre Desplat. Jacob in Bella’s bedroom to make amends.
25-Done All Wrong – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Bella at Emily’s house.
26-Hearing Damage – Thom Yorke. Charlie & Harry hunting wolves, wolves chasing Victoria, and Bella getting ready to jump.
27-Adrenaline – Alexandre Desplat. Bella jumping off the cliff.
28-Slow Life (With Victoria Legrand) – Grizzly Bear. Bella drowning.
29-Dreamcatcher – Alexandre Desplat. Hugging Jacob in the car outside house and Bella and Jacob in her kitchen.
30-To Volterra – Alexandre Desplat. Alice and Bella going to Volterra, and Bella running through the town to the clock tower.
31-You’re Alive – Alexandre Desplat. Bella and Edward reunited under the clock tower.
32-The Volturi – Alexandre Desplat. Bella, Edward and Alice see the
Volturi and get their fight on.
33-Die Fledermaus – Duettino : Ach, Ich Darf Nicht Hin Zu Dir – APM Orchestra. (iTunes Bonus track) Elevator music on the way to visit the Volturi (”The Volturi” track continues to play after they get out of the elevator)
34-The Cullens – Alexandre Desplat. Bella asks for a vote from the Cullens to join the family.
35-No Sound But the Wind – Editors. Edward driving Bella home.
36-Marry Me, Bella – Alexandre Desplat. In the woods, talking to Jacob, Edward and Jacob’s fight, and negotiating on time for Bella to turn.
37-Full Moon – Alexandre Desplat. End Credits.
38-A White Demon Love Song – The Killers. End Credits.
39-Meet Me on the Equinox – Death Cab for Cutie. End Credits.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Moon Opening...

New Moon has grossed a total of $72.7 million in one day!!!! Wow, i thought the box office was going to be $75 million, but now i'm sure it's going to trumph that now!! New Moon has even beat the Dark Kinght!! Holly Cow!!! Plus, midnight screenings made $26.3!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


OMG!!!! I just got back from watching NEW MOON!!!! The whole cinema was packed!! There weren't many seats left. The only time i have seen it that packed is... never!! But, man before the film even began, there were like literally 15 minutes of ads!!! I guess that they knew that there would be millions of people watching, so they decided to have their ad's screened with New Moon. Apart from that, the film was pretty good. MUCH better than Twilight could ever be.

I'll start off with the negatives first, then go onto the positives. There weren't many negative things, however the major one was Kristen's acting. It was bad!!! Seriously, she really needs some acting lessons quick. I mean, she was in the film the most, and it just really got on my nerves. For the majority of the time, she didn't seem to have much personality, and she just wined about not becoming a vampire, and being torn apart from Edward leaving her. I understand that, BUT come on. When she was supposed to be depressed, she just looked bored as hell. But i suppose that is just how Kristen acts, and i need to get used to it. Although, i didn't really like her performance, she did improve from Twilight. There was no more fast blinking, with erratic eyesight all the and also, he heavy breathing was gone too. So, i guess i shouldn't complain as much.

There was only one bad visual effect in the ENTIRE film, which was Bella's cliff dive. I mean, when she was under water, that effect just looked so fake and awful. I saw parts of it in the New Moon trailer, but seeing the whole thing, it still looked bad. I mean, i don't understand how everything else can look so good, and just these shots that were about 1 minute 30 seconds long, just look so horrible. I'm not going to be so harsh and hate the film because 1 case of CGI that wasn't good. They didn't have the largest budget, so Chris Weitz did the best with what he was given, and it just sucked that the cliff diving effect was so bad. Oh, and I'm not talking about before she jumps, only the section when she is underwater and is seeing Edward floating there alongside her. Before she jumps looks good, it's just afterward isn't that great.

However, allot of the film was positive. The cinematography for one. Jeez, that was soo good. Just the shots that Chris Weitz was able to capture. I really loved the shot where Bella is just sitting in a chair looking out the window, and the camera pans around her showing the changing seasons!! I love that shot so much. I don't think Catherine Hardwicke would ever be able to capture some of the more technical aspects of shots that Chris has delivered. Another fantastic moment was in Italy, some of those shots were so beautiful, especially the establishment shot, where the camera pans over the city was just gorgeous!! I also love that Chris' camera shots were really long, just like allot of olden day films. Most were 30-40 seconds, and some were more than a minute long, like the changing seasons shot. That had to be at least 1 minute 40 seconds or something. LOVE IT, Chris!!!

Something small, but the decision to get rid of that disgusting blue tone that Twilight has and replace it with those warm, golden tones was perfect. I hated that blue in Twilight, because it made it look so indie, and cheap. Although, it was an indie, it didn't have to look like it because New Moon is indie and it doesn't look like that at all!!! I mean, the golden tones just give it a classical romantic look to the film, which is perfect because the Twilight Saga novels are about romance. I also think that the golden tones accentuated the golden colour of the Cullen's eyes, and the warmness of the wolves. I really, really, really LOVE IT!!! It makes me wonder what tone David Slade is going to use for Eclipse. He has been known to use grey tones, to make red's stand out, so I'm sure he is going with that.

The score and soundtrack were AMAZING when they were in the film. I mean, the score is so beautiful!! Alexandre Desplat is sooooo talented. I mean, i LOVE Edwards theme, i LOVE Jacob's theme. Also, i think that it's seriously cool when Bella is indecisive about getting with Jacob, Alexandre blended the two themes together to portray Bella's struggle between the two guys. THAT'S SO COOL!!!! The soundtrack was amazingly sad, and it was also cool to see where the songs were place in the film. Some of them are Violet Hour is played during Bella's birthday, Possibility is when the months are passing, and Friends is when Bella's on the back of that random guys motorbike. AWESOME!! I'm loving the music which accompanies the film, just makes it that much more beautiful.

The visual effects were BRILLIANT in New Moon. I mean, the wolves anyone?? They were so life like, and realistic. I know this probably doesn't make any sense but i could see Jacob in the CGI wolf of Jacob. I mean, just the look in his eyes, his body movements, his facial expressions were all the same that Jacob has!! THANK YOU, TIPPET STUDIOS!!!!! It was a vast improvement from the cheesy CGI that was in Twilight. Plus, they also got the colours the same. I'm so excited for that because Sam was black, Paul was silver, Jacob was russet etc. All of the wolves were the colours they were in the books. I loved when the wolves were attacking because it was so vicious and violent. Which is awesome because the wolves are very animalistic, compared to the restrained vampires. I'm sure the CGI is going to win awards, well I'm hoping that it does because those are some quality effects for a small budget indie film.

The stunts were so much cooler and more realistic than the stunts that were in Twilight. I mean, they just seemed more like something that would happen in real life with gravity and what not, and the stunts in Twilight seemed more fake. In particular, when Edward is kissing Bella and he jumps backward and slams against the wall. That was SO obvious that he had strings on, it just down right looked horrible. However, the New Moon stunts when juxtaposed with Twilight, look brilliant. I mean, just the whole stunt where Jasper attacks Bella and even the stunt where Jacob jumps in through Bella's window, they look VERY impressive. Thank god, that Summit upgraded in everything from make-up, wardrobe, to the stunt guys. Which, I'm really impressed that Taylor did all of his stunts, and Daniel Cudmore did all of his stunts tot. I mean, those stunts were very technical looking, and i was very impressed at how good they looked. WAY TO GO, WEITZ!!

New Moon was also very funny!! Allot of the audience was laughing out loud though-out the entire film. I mean, it was funny when Jessica was ranting after they watched that bad film, or when Jacob, Mike and Bella were at the film, and all you can hear is these guy saying something like "Imma put down my guns, and imma punch yo face in," and then the other guy is like ," No imma punch YO face in". It was so funny, but most of the humour came from the humans like when they were watching Romeo and Juliet and Eric is crying!! Haha, and Mike just looks soooo bored. The wolves were funny too, even though they were hardly in the film, which is sad. Jacob was pretty funny with his bantering with Bella, that was cute. It's just like their relationship, just light, open and fun. Which is depicted perfectly in the film. LOVE IT!!!

I really liked the slow motion of the vampires. Chris Weitz says that he hates slow motion, but it was the correct way to portray it as when you speed the vampires up, it looks cheesy like it did in Twilight. The interruption of the time continuum, with the vampires being normal speed, the fast, then slow looked awesome. It just made then look so much faster than they were in Twilight. It makes sense to use this, because if they didn't, they vampires would move so quickly that the audience wouldn't be able to understand what actually happened. So my having Bella in slow motion and the vampires constantly transferring from fast to slow, makes the scene more exciting to watch, as it is a good way to represent how fast they move without looking cheesy. Chris Weitz, good on ya, because you achieved that successfully.

The most outstanding performance in New Moon were probably Michael Sheen, Alex Meraz, Dakota Fanning, Anna Kendrick, Michael Welch and Taylor Lautner. Michael Sheen played Aro perfectly!! I have NOTHING negative to say about him!! He was so perfect, he was just as the book described him!! I just think that Michael Sheen is an overall phenomenal actor, and he is going to be epic in any role given to him. LOVE YOU SHEEN!! Now, Dakota was brilliant!!! She was so sweet and innocent yet she commanded allot of attention due to her power. She was adorable, but creepy at the same time when she was hurting Edward with her mind. With Jane, it's all in her eyes, and they very, very bright and alert when hurting Edward, and the blood red colour just made me so afraid of her. I love you Dakota!! I knew she would be great, because she is a really talented young actor who has her head screwed on good and doesn't do anything like Miley Cyrus and other stupid young actors. She is wise, intelligent, articulate, sweet and just adorable. How can you not love her. Anna and Michael i love so much. They are amazing actors who i can't wait to see their future work. So funny when Mike was trying to ask Bella out, haha. Poor guy. Alex, what more do i need to say. Hot, sweet, funny, smart!! He is my favourite pack member, and he made me actually like Paul!! Wow, good job. Loved his performance. Now, Taylor!! I was surprised by how well he acted. I mean, just some of the expression he has makes my heart break. Like when he is begging Bella to stay but she leaves anyway. Awww, the look in his eyes just makes me love him all the more. Go, TAYLOR!!! He is a better actor than i though he would be.

I'm just amazed at how close the film was to the book. I mean, almost EVERYTHING was in the film. Chris' attention to detail and having him include lots of Easter eggs for fans to check out was really cool. I really love that he included Romeo and Juliet in it, because that was so palpable in the book. Just little things that the fans will notice like when Jacob and Mike both have their hands on the armrest, hoping that Bella will hold their hands or when Bella is at the movies with Jessica and she sees the guys at "One Eyed Pete's", which was straight from the book. THANK YOU, CHRIS!! Plus, i thought it was adorable the little bantering that is going on between Jacob and Bella about the formula to predict their ages. Awww, that was straight from the books too!! Chris has the fans at heart, and he knows that they will love anything that is straight from the book. Plus, not to mention the TONS of quotes which are directly from the book. Of course they had to add others in, but they ones that stood out the most as the ones pulled directly from the book. I guess it isn't Melissa Rosenberg fault for the disaster that was Twilight, but it was Catherine Hardwicke and her adding stupid "spider monkey" things in. Ewww. GO CHRIS!!

However, even when Chris added things in, they were great. Obviously, there wasn't much character development between the Cullen's and Bella in Twilight. That is just basically for Bella and Edward's relationship. So, i love it when Chris has added Bella constantly trying to email Alice, because they are best friends. If Chris didn't find a way to show their relationship in such a short period of time, then the audience would be confused when Alice comes back and Bella is just like ,"thank god". That wouldn't make sense for Bella to act that way if there was no relationship between them. I love the constant email that Bella sends, because it shows that the Collen's have cut of all ties, and don't want Bella to contact them. Bella feels like she can open up to Alice, even if her emails are constantly being denied. I really like that, through the film!! It was awesome, and very heartbreakingly sad at the same time.
Seriously, CHRIS WEITZ FOR BREAKING DAWN!!! I would LOVE for him to do it, when it is eventually green lit! WHICH it will, I'm positive. Chris has remained true to the book ,while presenting a good movie, apart from Kristen's acting. But, other than that, i really enjoyed it. I though it stayed closer to the book than Twilight did. Chris didn't add anything unnecessary, like the jumping though the tree's in Twilight, which was so totally random. Anyway, Chris you lived up to my expectations, and i really loved it. I will now watch ANY film affiliated with Chris!! YOU ROCK!!!! Thanks for all you have done for New Moon. All your efforts are being appreciated by the fans!!! LOVE YOU x0x0x0x0x0x

Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon Tomorrow

YAY!! I'm seeing New Moon 2mozz, finally!! It was released on Thursday, and I'm seeing it on Saturday. Anyway, there have been lots of reviews online, however i didn't read them yet. I favourited them, so i can check them after i have seen the film, and formed an opinion on Chris Weitz project.

One of the things which i think if going to stand out are the cinematography and the tonality. Obviously the cinematography is going to be a million times better than Twilight because Chris Weitz doesn't use handheld camera's like Catherine Hardwicke does. The camera angles are more of a classically made film, rather than the grungy, indie look that Catherine used with the handheld camera always up in the casts faces. I really hated that because it made Twilight look like an indie film. New Moon is an indie film, but it just doesn't look like it at all. Also, Chris removed that disgusting blue tone which was in Twilight, and replaced it with gold. The golden tones in New Moon make the film look warm, and inviting rather than that indie looking cheap blue colour. Eww, that was gross.

The performances which i think are going to stand out are Billy Burke, Anna Kendrick, Alex Meraz and Michael Sheen. Billy Burke just made Twilight so much more enjoyable. He played Charlie perfectly, and he was very funny too. His facial expressions, his manly act trying to hide his vulnerability, and his just overall performance was outstanding. Similarly, with Anna Kendrick, she was amazing. Anna was everything i thought Jessica to be; a fake, superficial gossiper who was always trying to be the centre of attention all the time. Anyway, i just think that Anna is an overall talented actress. From the clips we have seen i think that Alex Meraz is a really good actor. His angry, facial expressions, and just his look of trying to repress his anger is very animalistic looking, which is perfect for Paul. I think he is going to be the best out of the wolf pack. Last but not least, Michael Sheen is just a brilliant actor. I feel that any role he takes, he will just make them epic. From what i have seen of Aro, he plays him to a tee. Absolutely perfect. His voice is just exactly what i imagined Aro to be. Feathery with just a hint of subtle creepiness. Amazing!!

Although, i do think that Kristen and Robert's performances are going to be not as great. Well, to begin with , i don't think that Kristen is a good actress. Sorry, but i don't see why everyone is saying she is so talented. To me, it just seems like her emotions are really fake, and that she only has two of them, depressed and fake happy/angry. I really hope that she lifts her game in New Moon, and i will be expecting allot from her, because Twilight wasn't good. Her acting was just bad all through Twilight. Now Rob, although he is really good to look at, just some of his expressions are...wrong. I mean, the constant constipation, and really deep contemplative expression are so bad that they can be humorous. I mean, i really don't want a repeat on the expression when Edward smells Bella for the first time. Argh, that look kills me every time. They are the most famous out of all the cast, however i don't think that they are the greatest actors. I really hope they prove me wrong, because their acting in Twilight sometimes made me cringe.

The score, I'm sure is going to be phenomenal. I mean, Alexandre Desplat i have no doubt will be crazy good. From the previews we have seen already, i love it. So much more than the soundtrack. I can't listen to the soundtrack, because the songs are very slow, indie depressing songs. Which is OK, because i think it's going to be more representative of the film, than the Twilight one was. What I'm trying to say is that the Twilight soundtrack was more marketable, and able to actually play on the radio, where the New Moon soundtrack was picked more to fit the film, rather than the songs ability to play on the radio. Anyway, I'm positive that I'm going to be able to listen to the score whenever. I really love Edwards theme, and although we haven't heard much of Jacob's theme, I'm confident it's going to be great. It really sucks that the score is released after the film is, while the soundtrack is released before. I suppose that if the score is released before New Moon then the audience will be listening more to the music during the film, and not the emotions that the song is trying to represent. Either way, I'm sure I'm going to love it.

I'm hoping and praying that New Moon delivers as the anticipation is killing me. The Twilight film disappointed me so much, whereas i hope New Moon doesn't. That's why I'm not reading any reviews, as i don't want it to tamper with my perception before i even see the film. I would rather make up my own mind about the film, then look at other peoples opinions. Anyway, New Moon isn't targeted at 40 year old males who are movie reviewers. It's directed towards the fans, so why should i read a bad review by someone who is just some old guy who knows nothing about New Moon, and then let that review wreck my viewing experience of the film. So, I'm staying far anyway from anything on the Internet, so i can make up my own mind. Please, New Moon, be amazing!! I'm counting on you to make the saga MUCH better than it originally was.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Chris Weitz's introduction booklet

One of the things which i love about Chris Weitz is his attention to detail. Chris' famous introduction booklet he distributed to the cast the day they turned up on set, is going to be available to the fans for free, permitting Summit's allowance to do so. This booklet contains Chris introducing the cast to who he is, how he is going to direct, what the tone of the film is going to be like, how the visuals are going to look like , and that he is committed to the story, and not just doing it to hop on the popularity train for the ride. He even included maps so the cast doesn't get lost. Awwwww, that is so sweet. I hope that Summit allows Chris to release it. I mean, it's not like they need the information, and it doesn't reveal anything that Chris hasn't tried to portray in the film, so it should be good. In addition, Chris is going to give it out for free. YES!!! Larry Carroll suggested that he should include it in a book, just like Catherine Hardwicke did with the Twilight Directors Notebook, however Chris didn't want the fans to pay for it, as their support has been amazing. I love Chris, he is SUCH a nice, genuine guy. I just really hope the film is going to be good. I have seen reviews online, but i haven't read them as it would distort my reception context, and therefore my enjoyment of the film. YAY, I'm officially 8 minutes, there will be only 1 day until I'm seeing New Moon!! So wish i could go to a midnight release yesterday. However, it was all sold out in EVERY cinema, so next year for Eclipse, I'll book early this time. Anyways, can't wait to see what's in your pamphlet thing, Chris. It's going to be GOLD!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

BIG Interviews

Robert, Kristen and Taylor are all going on the big, famous TV shows now that New Moon is only a couple of days away. One of which is Jimmy Kimmel. Now, he was been releasing small clips of the interview so that people are teased a little bit. Anyway, i thought that this was SOOO funny!! Poor Taylor is soo embarrassed, he is majorly blushing.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

MTV"s reporting of the New Moon Premier

7:07 Swarms of news cameras are walking up and down the carpet pointing their cameras at fans, knowing it'll elicit some lively screams. Over and over and over, one after another, the cameras keep milking it and the fans don't tire. And nothing's happening yet!

7:08 A fan definitely just yelled "I want to have Rob's baby!" to a news camera. And now the cameraman is having her repeat it. Again. And Again.

7:12 It's getting too dark to wear sunglasses. But plenty of media folks still are. You know who isn't? THE FANS. They need to see everything!!

7:16 A list of the funniest (and more creative) sayings on fan posters: "Kellan makes good girls go bad" ; "From Coast To Coast we love the Cullens the most!"; "I wanna be a stupid lamb" ; "traveled from Florida to be dazzled" and OUR FAVORITE: "Jacob Black?I'd hit that. With a Volvo!"

7:23 Larry just introduced the crew to Kaleb Nation from -- he's great!

7:30 Kiss FM "On Air With Ryan Seacrest" has a soundproof booth. Great idea, but aren't the deafening screams of the fans part of what makes tonight so memorable?

7:31 The Kiss FM booth looks like a giant rectangular soundproof Lego. Or a hall of mirrors at a carnival.

7:32 Director Chris Weitz's publicist just asked if we want to talk to him later. Duh!

7:34 The soundtrack is currently cranking on the red carpet (though it's hard to tell which song is playing!) and man, is it cool. Chop Shop has been killing with music supervision ever since "The OC." From "Gossip Girl" to "90210" to the "Twilight" franchise, Alex and her team know how to pick 'em!

7:40 Red carpet placement FYI, we're between E! and MySpace. Where the real party is at.

7:42 It's surprisingly warm out still. Maybe Rob and Taylor will take their shirts off.

7:45 Our handsome production manager is pretending to shoot reporter standups. He's helping one of our camera guys figure out his shot. It doesn't look nearly as weird as it sounds.

7:47 Other than the increasingly sparse screams (seems like every news crew has gotten their requisite "everybody scream!" shots by now), it's the calm before the storm. SO PUMPED! This thing is gonna go off soon.

7:49 We were just told the fire marshall won't let us off our little platform while things are happening. We've worked a lot of carpets and that is a very unusual instruction. This thing is GOING TO BE CRAZY!

7:50 Our own Larry Carroll has been asked to sign a few autographs. Seriously! We all love the fans intense love for Larry. You guys rule!

7:52 The fans just cheered for a celebrity arrival — Ryan Seacrest! He has now disappeared into his giant Lego lookalike booth.

7:54 Reporters are showing up at the E! platform next to us. Once I accidentally called Guiliana Rancic "Guiliani." She smiled warmly and said, "It happens."

8:01 We are taping down marks where the celebs will stand while we interview them. getting closer!

8:04 We can now confirm: Stephenie will be here tonight!!!!

8:07 Also Joan Jett is on the tip sheet!

8:08 A radio station DJ is on a loudspeaker hyping the crowd now. Like we need it!

8:19 Julia Jones — who is in the wolf pack in "Eclipse" — is headed our way!

8:24 Julia is telling Larry all about her character in "Eclipse"!

8:26 Michael Welch and Justin Chon have arrived.

8:30 Julia looks absolutely stunning in a strapless dress by Norwegian designer Leila Hafzi

8:33 Lykke Li is on our platform in "stripper shoes from a store in London" (her words!), a very sheer black dress (vintage Jean Paul Gaultier) and an an Opening Ceremony jacket.

8:35 Lykke Li said she's "independent" — she can't pick Team Edward or Team Jacob.

8:37 Justine Wachsberger, who plays Gianna in "New Moon," is in a very pretty strapless green Issa dress with a Swarovski clutch. She's telling Larry it was fun to play her character because she's Italian (Justine grew up in France). She's only in the movie briefly, but has a big part in the book.

8:39 Justine isn't sure she's in "Breaking Dawn" yet, but she has her fingers crossed she'll be cast.

8:43 Richie Sambora is here. I wonder if he rode a steel horse.

8:48 Mark Salling from "Glee" is headed our way.

8:51 What's Mark wearing? Black v-neck, jeans, sneakers ... and his mohawk. Very red carpet casual cool.

8:54 Another "Glee" cast member, Kevin McHale, is hanging with us now. He's wearing a very shiny Top Man suit. Very friendly guy.

8:55 Kevin just called this premiere "unreal. It's massive." (He should just wait till "Glee" takes off even more!)

8:56 As Kevin points out, "Twilight" isn't just for teenage girls. "It appeals to everybody... The books are romantic and epic, everything."

8:58 Attention "X-Men" fans (like us!): Daniel Cudmore, a.k.a. the mighty metal mutant Colossus, is here!

9:02 Justin Chon is talking to Larry right now! And looking dashing in a "Reservoir Dogs"-looking Dolce & Gabbana suit.

9:03 Security is kicking out some fans who snuck behind our platform. Sorry girls!

9:04 Justin hasn't seen "New Moon" yet. Tonight will be his first time!

9:07 Gil Birmingham just left our platform and now Chris Walla from Death Cab For Cutie is joking about the less than crazy response he got when stepped out of the car.

9:08 Gil, for those of you not sure at home, plays Billy Black (Jacob's papa).

9:09 We love you Chris Walla! And these fans love your music even if they don't recognize you as quickly as they should. Continuing on our music theme (hey, we ARE MTV!), the gentlemen of OK GO are up here now

9:10 "This is nuts, this is incredible!" Damian (from OK GO) is saying. "Twilight is for children of all ages." Right on Damian!

9:11 Two more fans snuck between our platform and E!'s. Security just kicked them out, too. Yikes.

9:13 OK GO were all wearing Italian brand (fitting, eh?) Costume National.

9:14 "New Moon" screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg (pictured above) is telling Larry she tries to shut out the rest of the world when she's writing.

9:15 Melissa doesn't know if she'll be writing the fourth movie yet but she'd be honored to do it.

9:16 Booboo Stewart, who's in "Eclipse," is telling us how amazing and incredible it is that the fans camp out for days.

9:18 Emma Roberts said she's read the books. Good girl!

9:21 Michael Welch, a.k.a. Mike Newton, is wearing a sharp looking Theory suit. Tonight will be the first time he's seen "New Moon, "just like the last premiere was the first time he saw "Twilight." He's talking about how great it was to meet and work with Taylor. "He's a really good guy, man."

9:24 We just asked Colossus (er, Daniel Cudmore) to stand down a step on our platform. Otherwise he'd be too tall for our camera angle while we interview him. For real!

9:28 Alex Meraz is also wearing a D&G suit — popular choice tonight!

9:29 "These films are just getting bigger, better and more exciting," says Alex, while telling us about the "fast-paced" fight scenes.

9:30 Ladies and gentlemen, Cameron Bright is officially wearing the coolest shoes we've seen on a dude tonight

9:31 It turns out they are his own line! "Cameron Bright by Ula" Wow!

9:32 Bronson Pelletier literally came BOUNCING onto our platform, exclaiming, "MTV! Wassup!"

9:33 "There's a lot of cuties out here. I'm a single guy!" insisted Bronson. You heard it here first, ladies.

9:36 Kristen Prout, who's in "Eclipse," says Jackson Rathbone did a great job riding his horse.

9:38 Kristen P is wearing Marciano.

9:39 Our second shiny black suit of the night is being worn by Charlie Bewley (Demetri). The suit is by Jean Paul Gaultier

9:40 Charlie just described shooting Eclipse as "a magical experience."

9:41 "KELLAN! KELLAN! KELLAN!" the chants over yonder are THUNDEROUS!

9:43 Larry just complimented Kiowa Gordon on his Hugo Boss suit. And rightfully so!

9:44 Jennie Garth is here. ("Dun-dun-dun-dun, dun-dun-dun-dun: cha! cha!" - that's our phonic approximation of one of the greatest theme songs ever... from "Beverly Hills, 90210" people!)

9:45 Kiowa's blue tie is matched by his blue cuff links. Now THAT is style, people.

9:46 Word has it 50 Cent was here but may have already left.

9:49 Chaske Spencer says "at the end of the day I'm just some lucky guy." He says various members of the wolf pack are betting "dinner" with each other over box office predictions. And here's 50 Cent! He's still here! And shook hands with Chaske on his way up.

9:50 50's wearing John Varvatos. He's also wearing a very large pinky ring.

9:51 50 is saying "maybe in the future" in regard to contributing to one of the soundtracks.

9:52 Joan Jett is headed up our steps. Holy crap she looks cool.

9:53 Joan decided to see "Twilight" after hearing Kristen was cast as her in "The Runaways" movie. She "really enjoyed it" and found it "entertaining."

9:54 Joan's biker boots would put Billy Idol to shame. And they even have a little sparkle, Edward Cullen style!

9:55 Joan just confirmed that Kristen will "DEFINITELY" be doing her own singing in the Runaways movie!!

9:56 How did Joan react the first time she saw Kristen dressed up a her? "Big smile, man!"

9:57 There is a HUGE CHEER that just passed through EVERYWHERE like a wave!!!

9:57 And it was for Kellan! (We thought maybe Robert was here, it's almost movie time, where is he?!?)

10:00 Peter Facinelli is saying this is easier to enjoy this time because he knew what to expect. It can all be pretty overwhelming!

10:01 Peter's best accessory is the adorable little girl holding his hand — his daughter

10:04 Word is that Taylor is here!

10:05 Chris Weitz just stepped on our platform wearing Tom Ford.

10:07 Chris says he thought about publishing a book, but decided against it because by a month by now he'll be sick of talking about this movie. He may give some stuff like that for free at some point if it's OK with the studio.

10:12 Edi Gathegi and his very cool gray/ black/red Moschino suit just left as Nikki Reed heads our way. She's in a soft comfy looking Burberry with Christian Louboutin heels.

10:13 ROBERT is definitely here and inching closer to where we're at!

10:14 The "ROBERT! ROBERT! ROBERT! ROBERT!" chant just went off. It... Was... Loud!

10:15 Kristen Stewart has arrived!

10:16 Ashley Greene's red, flowing Prabal Gurung dress requires an extra person to help her walk the carpet. It's worth it. She's also wearing Brian Atwood shoes, but we can't see them. Accessories: Loree Radkin jewelry and a Jimmy Choo clutch.

10:18 Ashley said she just got an email saying that "we broke the presale" record. She definitely predicts the opening weekend will be "bigger" than Twilight

10:19 Kellan is on our platform!

10:20 Kellan just called the crowd "amazing," but we think his pocket square is pretty amazing, too. Just sayin'...

10:21 What smell drives Kellan as crazy as the smell of blood drives his character? "The smell of gummy bears."

10:22 I wonder if Armani would make a suit like his small enough for a gummy bear. Speaking of small, Dakota Fanning is growing up but she's still so cute and little. And here she comes! She's only got time for two questions so let's hope Larry makes 'em good. Aw, who are we kidding? He always does.

10:23 Dakota is wearing a black Valentino. She's also wearing a really big ring that looks kind of like the ones that allow vampires to walk in daylight in "The Vampire Diaries." Hmmmmm. Her D&G shoes made her really tall!

10:24 Kevin Smith is walking the carpet with his daughter Harley Quinn as Michael Sheen comes on up to talk to us.

10:25 Let's all pause for a moment to ponder how kickass it is that Kevin named his daughter after the Joker's radical cartoon sidekick.

10:26 Robert is talking to E! right next to us. Next stop... MTV, son!

10:26 Robert is making time for a few smaller outlets before he comes over to us. He hasn't forgotten the little people.

10:27 C'mon dude... We can't wait to see you!

10:28 We are all frozen waiting for Rob. It's pretty funny.

10:29 Our busy platform has ground to a halt in anticipation

10:30 "Two questions. Nothing personal, please." The order has been decreed. We're close. He's here!

10:31 Robert just said he loves how our mics are always "scuffed." Uh, thanks? Haha!

10:32 What's the best part about being Robert Pattinson? He laughs and thinks for a minute. "I couldn't really tell you," he says with his wide smile. What's the worst part? "You've got to work every single day." Which he hasn't gotten used to.

10:33 And he's gone! Dragged away by a publicist as quickly as he arrived.

10:35 Robert is wearing Gucci, by the way. Wherever he is now.

10:39 Adam Shankman is telling Larry about his involvement in the movie version of the "Rock Of Ages" musical, which was just announced in the trades.

10:45 It's quiet at our end of the carpet as we wait for Kristen and Taylor!

10:48 Yup, It looks like Taylor is getting closer.

10:51 We can see Kristen! Gorgeously porcelain.

10:52 Kellan just walked by with his arm around a fan wearing a "Nutz For Lutz" t-shirt. Pretty sure he pulled her out of the crowd!

10:56 An excited and hurried publicist just ran over and asked, "Will you guys be ready for Kristen?" HECK YEAH!!!!!

10:57 She was headed our way but then her folks realized she passed E!. She was almost to our platform then redirected with an about-face to our neighbors.

10:57 Meanwhile, Taylor is taking pictures with three sneaky young fans who somehow have credentials.

10:58 A security guard is checking their credentials... again!

11:00 Here she is! Wait... she's taking pictures with those three sneaky fans!

11:01 Kristen is talking to Larry about how great it is to have Taylor here after all the questions about whether he'd return. "I'm so proud of him ... I think he's the most centered of anybody here."

11:03 Kristen was chattier than usual. What's the best thing about being her? She says she knows she'll never get to experience anything like this (pointing to the fans) no matter what kind of movies she's in. "Definitely this is the coolest thing."

11:04 "We put a lot of hard work into this film, and I'm dying for it to come out!" SO ARE WE TAYLOR!

11:05 Kristen confirmed what Joan told us, by the way, that she is definitely doing her own singing in "The Runaways" movie.

11:06 Taylor is telling Larry he's "sticking to the diet and trying to get into the gym as much as possible," but it's been hard with everything going on lately.

11:07 Taylor is wearing Calvin Klein. Kristen is wearing Oscar de la Renta.

11:08 The crowd is chanting "TAYLOR! TAYLOR! TAYLOR!" as the carpet winds to a close.

11:10 That's a wrap, folks. Thanks for joining us on our journey to the "New Moon"!

My New Moon Guestimation

The stars on the red carpet are betting and predicting how much New Moon will make at the box office. Last year, Twilight made 69.7m when it was only expected to make 40 m, maximum. Ashley thinks it will make 79m, Nikki guesses 69m, Edi bet 92m, Kellan thinks 72m, Danial thinks 88m, and Chaske made a bet with a wolf pack member and whoever loses has to buy the other did, although he didn't specify what amount they bet. I'm not sure how much it will make, but i know it's going to be HUGE!! I don't want to be too cocky and have this really insane high figure, so I'm going to predict 75m. It's not too high, but it larger than Twilight. Obviously, New Moon is going to blow Twilight out of the water, so i tried to make it somewhat realistic. Well, we will all find out soon!! Squeee!!

New Moon Pre-Sale

I have just read that New Moon pre-sale tickets, which have been purchased before the film hits cinemas, has been record-breaking. New Moon's sales on Fandango have beat prior records such as "Star Wars III - Revenge of the Sith", "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince", and "The Dark Knight". WOW!!!! Those are seriously big cult classic movies, and New Moon has beaten their records. All of those three movies have such MASSIVE budgets, and New Moon here, has a very small budget of 50 m, compared to like the 300 + m it takes to make Harry Potter. I just goes to show that don't underestimate the power of the Twihards. And for all of those people saying that Twilight will never be as big as Harry Potter, think again. Relax, Twihards aren't taking over your fandom, and there is enough room for all of us at the top. It just amazing to see what a good director and crew can do for a film. I've been hearing that New Moon is amazing, and it's so much better than Twilight. Anyway, i just think that it's brilliant that all of these fans are out there supporting New Moon. I don't have any doubts about whether they will make Breaking Dawn. If the only prerequisite is having enough money to budget the film, then they won't have anything to worry about. GO NEW MOON!!!! Oh, and just a little bit of trivia, out of Fandango's total ticket sales, New Moon made up 92% this week alone. COOL!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Shut Down

Wow, and i though it was only my cinema was one who was closing other movies for Twilight. Wow, it's literally taking over. Jeez, hahaha. Hilarious!!

Twilight at my cinemas...

So, I'm going to see Twilight on Saturday!! Yay!! However, my friends are organising it, so i can just turn up. Yeah, I'm THAT lazy that Twilight one serious passions, and i CBF buying tickets so i make my friends do it for me. Anyway, I checked out the session times, only to discover that Twilight is playing on Wednesday, one night before New moon is released on Thursday. That's really cool, because they never do that for any other movies. So Twilight is special that they are holding a special screenings, Woo! When i went to click on New Moon, there are like, a million screenings a day. OK, maybe not a million but like 20!! Ive never seen any film more with more sessions than New Moon in my ENTIRE life. The funny thing is, if you click on any other movie, they have a maximum of one screening of that film per day, excluding 2012 of course.Twilight has taken over the cinemas!! I suppose they know that they are going to get millions of fans to see the film!! I'm sooo EXCITED!! I don't think i could be anymore excited!! That's probably not true, because right before i see it, i will be totally fangirling so bad that my friends will be embarrassed!!! But, i don't give a shit is people stare at me. I'll be too excited to care!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Moon on 60 Minutes!!

OK, well the only reason i watched 60 minutes is because they had interviews with Robert, Kristen and Taylor. Pretty sad that 60 Minutes of all people, would score interviews with the cast. Anyways, i gotta say it was a VERY crap segment. I mean, really bad. It just looked like they had taken clips from Twilight, the premier, screaming fans and New moon released footage, that i have on my computer and put it together. I could have done that and created a better story. All they focused on was Robert and his "new found fame". Ummm, what?? Get with the program, last year Rob was dealing with his "new found fame", this is it isn't new. It's just the same of what they experienced last year. Obviously, someone has never heard of Robert, Kristen or Taylor before doing the story. Plus, with an elderly guy reporting, i doubt he knows ANYTHING at all about Twilight. Anyway, he said that the fame would "catapulting it's young English star". Umm, if i didn't know any better, i would think that Robert is the only person in the saga. I mean, essientially though-out the whole story, they just show Robert, and how famous he is, and just boring generic question's that all of the fans already know the answers to. Robert was asked what is his most crazy fan encounter, and obviously Robert told the one about those 3 girls who scratched their necks till they bled. Crap interviewer, just so you know. And, they totally neglected Kristen and Taylor. Ummm, hello?? Bella is the main protagonist for the entirety of the Twilight Saga, and Taylor plays a massive role in New Moon. It has been known to be called "Jacob's Book", by some people. Plus, he kept revering to Jacob as "the other guy". They only focused on Robert, as i'm sure he is the only one they have a slightt familiarity with. They only presented two small clips of Kristen, and one small one of Taylor. Also, they got Taylor's name wrong. Come on!!! They can't even get one of the casts name right!! Seriously?? They could have gone to Wikipedia, even they have their information correct. Jeez, some people need to check their sources!!! They called Taylor, "Jacob Lautner". I mean, that is so insulting. They didn't take the story seriously enough to even check whether they had their names right. Poor Taylor. He hardly got any publicity in the first Twilight film. Now, even after becoming more well known, people still get his name wrong. Apart from being totally ignored along with Kristen, Robert was the only thing that they seemed concerned with. In the introduction, and for the first 7 or 8 minutes of a 10 minute segment, there was no mention of Kristen or Taylor. It was painfully evident that they didn't have much of an idea of what they were actually talking about, and they were just using Twilight's fame, to get ratings. They actually thought that vampires "ate in the cafeteria", but Robert quickly corrected him that they don't eat human food. Umm, 60 minutes!! Piss off, research your information once in a while, then maybe you won't have to make so many public apologies when they are being sued all the time or just annoying many viewers. Spitting image of Today Tonight and ACA . Epic failure of a story. Nice try, but it was just bad!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Romeo and Juliet

Chris Weitz has included Romeo and Juliet in New Moon. Wow, that really surprised me as i thought it would be something that they would cut. It's parallels the plot, but it's not totally essential to it, so i thought that they would remove it. But, I'm just glad to see it is in there. I don't think that it's going to play a massive role, like it did in the books where Bella is contemplating the correlations between herself, Jacob and Edward to Juliet, Paris and Romeo. Apparently, someone from the press says that Bella is just reading Romeo and Juliet, so i think that it just a cute little thing they added for the fans to pick up on. I really hope that there are allot of things that only people who have read the books will be able to pick up. Bring it on Chris!! Only, just over 6 days until New Moon is released!! YES!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Another almost kiss scene

I was reading some interviews with the cast, because there are soo many of them now, and i came across something Taylor had said. He was talking about his wig when he said, "It would get caught in my mouth, and i would be spitting it out in this scene where I'm coming close to kissing Bella. It was annoying." Um, there must be another scene where Jacob tries to kiss Bella because he was spitting hair out of his mouth, meaning he was wearing his wig. There is only one in the books, and it's where Bella and Jacob are in her kitchen and the phone interrupts them. That takes place at the end of the book, where Jacob is a werewolf and has really short hair. Chris Weitz must have added another one. I'm guessing it's when Jacob, Bella and Mike all go to the movies together. I think it's going to occur when Bella and Jacob are sitting in the secluded hallway, while Mike is in the bathroom doing very unpleasant things. So, I'm speculating that is when Jacob tries to kiss her, because in the books, that's when he places his moves on Bella anyway. So i guess to emphasise Jacob's feelings, Chris felt the need to add that in. What probably happens is Jacob is bending his face towards Bella's and Mike interrupts. That makes sense, because in the pictures we have of Bella, Jacob and Mike when they are talking in the hallway; Jacob looks really annoyed at Mike, Bella just looks stunned and out of it while Mike looks like he is yelling at them, or something. Anyway, i don't think i hate this because it fits in with Jacob's personality. He is very pushy towards Bella. That just the way Jacob is so, i can imagine him getting frustrated with Bella because she is in love with someone who hurt her, however she can't see someone who really cares for her in front of her face. Awwww, that's so sweet. That scene is going to be epic, but this is just my own speculation. It may play out differently.


OMG!!! Look at this picture from Entertainment Weekly. I'm SOOOO JEALOUS!!! Kristen Stewart has to be the LUCKIEST girl EVER!!! Seriously, these are the hottest guys EVER!!! I mean, everyone in the Twilight cast is beautiful. So having, the two, sexy, beautiful, gorgeous, attractive, smoking hot male leads kissing your cheeks simultaneously is EVERY Twilight fangirls dream!!! I hate you Kristen. Nah, I'm totally joking, but i sooo want to be you right NOW!!!

Will Summit cast smaller roles?

I've been reading Eclipse again for the millionth time because my friends STILL has my copy of New Moon, and it just finished filming. I was thinking about if they were going to cast some of the other smaller roles, like Levi Uley and Rachelle Black. I'm not sure if they will, as Lauren, Austen, Ben, and lots of the humans were cut out. However, Rachelle does play a role. Paul imprints on her. So, if she isn't in the film, then it won't be as dramatic. This is because everyone around Jacob is supposed to be imprinting, except him. Sam, Quil, Paul, and Jared. So, if they are leaving out some characters like Rachelle, and Jared's imprint (it doesn't say her name in the books), then it's going to make it less dramatic when Jacob is depressed because everyone is imprinting around him won't be as emphatic. Of course, they have to add Claire in, because it would be wrong to leave that out. Quil and Claire sets up the idea that the imprint doesn't have to be romantic, and it can happen at a young age. If that is excluded, then it's going to have be explained in Breaking Dawn when Jacob imprint's on Renesmee. That would take too much time, so I'm almost positive that they are going to keep it in Eclipse. I'm hoping that they add those smaller character, but i don't think they will. I'm sure they will be mentioned, but maybe just not present in the film, because they aren't pivotal to the main plot.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Score Titles Released

Yes!! The score titles were just released!!! I'm so excited for the score, because Alexandre Desplat is an amazing composer. I mean, he worked on "The Queen," "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," "Girl with a Pearl Earring," and "The Golden Compass." Wow, those were all big, epic films. After hearing "The Meadow," on the soundtrack, it just reiterated by confidence within Alexandre to compile a beautiful score for New Moon. The track titles are :

1. New Moon

2. Bella Dreams

3. Romeo and Juliet

4. Volturi Waltz

5. Blood Sample

6. Edward Leaves

7. Werewolves

8. I Need You

9. Break Up

10. Memories of Edward

11. Wolves v. Vampire

12. Victoria

13. Almost a Kiss

14. Adrenalin

15. Dreamcatcher

16. To Volterra

17. You are Alive

18. The Volturi

19. The Cullens

20. Marry me, Bella

21. Full Moon

Press' screening of New Moon

Oh, totally unfair that the press have seen New Moon before the fans. Why? They may not even be interested in the books, and they get to see it before the fans. Umm, last time i checked, the only reason they were even filming New Moon, was because of all the fans supporting Twilight. OK, I'm probably biast, because I'm not press and although i want to be. But, I'm just fuming because I'm sooo jealous. Seriously!! Waiting an entire year, for this to be filmed and go though post, and some people are seeing it before us.

However, New Moon appears to be getting positive comments. Although, the press can't give anything descriptive, they have seemed to enjoy it, which is good. I just hope that the critics like it, because they slammed Twilight bad. OK, i must admit that they had some legitimate points, but I'm going to watch it no matter how bad it is. But, it's seems that Chris Weitz has delivered the goods. And, from what we have seen already, i like to think i agree. Some of the things the press tweeted are this ( thanks TwilightLexicon for posting these ) :

"I was very impressed not only by the visual effects and the movie, but by the acting itself. Chris Weitz is bad ass."

"Just saw New Moon. Better than Twilight and crowd applauded at the end. Leaves on a soap opera sting..."

"I'm not allowed to say anything! But be sure to follow me tomorrow @celebuzz - Big day for RPatz news!"

"I enjoyed it more than Twilight, lot of frenching! RT @mytwitherapy : @jasonKennedy1 was the New Moon press screening?!?!?"

"@shaunssanctuary just came frm seeing NM. I guess it's every girl's dream to have a vampire and werewolf fighting over her!"

"one word : amazing! I was very impressed all around - visuals were stunning. The underwater scene... le sigh. And Summit was fabulous!!"

"@LarryCarroll : "New Moon" was genuinely awesome. A lot of people are going to be very happy."

I hope I'm not having my expectations too high, so that I'm seriously disappointed. But, it's great to see that it's getting positive comments!! I love the saga, and by getting other people liking it (other than the fans) might get people who wouldn't see it, to actually go and watch it. Therefore, giving Summit a bigger profit, and more money to work with when they eventually film Breaking Dawn!! Well, that's what I'm hoping. I don't see them stopping, and not completing the saga. They would loose so much money. So, I'm sure they are going to do it. They better or the fans will be very angry!!

Teaser Trailer before "The Time Travler's Wife"

I just saw "The Time Traveler's Wife," tonight and it was pretty good. But, the thing which caught my attention, is they played the New Moon teaser trailer before it! OMG, it was soooo good. Compared to seeing it on my computer with headphones, it was amazing. The picture was so big and clear, wow. The sound was crazy good. The floor was vibrating, when Jasper tries to attack Bella, and when Jake phases. OMG!! That looked sooo cool!! I'm super pumped for this film!!!I can't believe it's only 12 day until the 19th!!! Well, I'm going on the 21st, but still!! I'm expecting the good, Weitz. But don't worry, I'm pretty confident you can bring it. Only worried about Kristen's acting, and Robert's constipation looks. Other than that, I'm sure were good. Oh, and just a picture of the wolves, because i can.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Slow News

I haven't been posting much, as there hasn't been hardly any important news. I really don't like writing about, "Kristen has lunch with an unidentified friend," or "Kellan goes for a run with his dog." Just random, trivial, useless stuff that is just invading the casts personal space. I don't think that Summit is going to give out anymore than we have already seen because :

A. We have seen TONS already
B. The film is coming out VERY soon and
C. They want to save somethings for the actual film
I just really hope that i can see it ASAP!!! I'm dragging my friends along, guy friends too, and they are going to sit there, shut up and watch it with me. I don't care if they hate it, just as long as they just sit there, grin and bare it. That will be fine with me, probably because i won't be noticing, as I'll be fangirling the entire time!!
My next post will either be news, or my review of the film. I hope it's the film, because then i would have seen it by then!!
PS. No reason for Kellan and Nikki pic i just think their HOT!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

We Got ANOTHER Musican in Twilight

Just discovered that Tyson Houseman can play the guitar!! Wow, is it like a prerequisite to be a musician?? Weird so many of them are musicians, however i don't know if it is a coincidence. Twilight should definitely become a band, and just tour after the saga has finished or something. It would be hilarious in the outtakes, if the cast just breaks out into a musical number, like HSM or Glee! That would be awesome for the DVD!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Robert's popularity overrated!!

Obviously everyone is aware of how famous Robert Pattinson is. If you go to the supermarket, every single magazine has something about Robert on the cover! Seriously, it's true; check it out. I mean, it's getting to the point where it's ridiculous. Robert doesn't have much of a life. He probably spends the majority of his time inside a hotel, or his home because he is afraid of being followed by paparazzi, or being mauled by psychotic fans.

Rob is overshadowing the rest of the cast,too. I mean, there are other actor's in the saga, besides Rob. I mean, great actors, like Peter Facinelli, Kellan Lutz, Jackson Rathbone, Anna Kendrick, Michael Welch, Gil Birminghan, Billy Burke and Alex Meraz. They are amazing accomplished actors, but do you hear anything from them? Not that much, unless you go to a Twilight convention. Even when you do, they are asked about Robert. I mean, he isn't the only actor worth talking about in the saga. That's because Rob's fandom is so big. Most fans would rather see Robert and Kristen together, than the other actors, which i think is sad because they are seriously talented. I'm not saying Rob isn't, but i just think that his popularity is overrated.

Don't get me wrong, i love Rob. His hair, his eyes, his British accent, and when the plays the piano my heart melts. However, i do think it would be nice to give some of that recognition to some of the other cast members. They may only have small roles, but they stood out and shined in the film. Like Anna Kendrick. She was outstanding. She was such a perfect Jessica, played her spot on. She understood Jessica, and she is just...amazing. Definitely look for her in the future. Or Gil Birmingham, he has so much personality. Also Billy Burke; every scene he was in, he stole it. I mean, he was hilarious, when Bella was going to introduce Edward, and Charlie flips his gun up. One of the most hilarious things in the film.

Despite the other cast being totally underrated, Robert's personality is even influencing Edward. I mean, in New Moon, Summit had to shove as much Edward in the film as possible, just so that the fans would sit though it because Edward isn't there. Robert Pattinson's presence in the film has now become more important than being faithful to the book. In New Moon, Edward isn't' there. If everyone is a so-called "fans" of the saga, doesn't everyone want them presented correctly? Or is it vain enough to shove Robert in there, when it isn't necessarily true to the book, just because they like him more. Robert Pattinson has become more important that the story. Why? The books were initially the excitement for the films. Now, everyone is telling the storyline to go get stuff, because they would rather watch Robert Pattinson, than a faithful adaptation of the book.

Also, Robert Pattinson has changed how everyone views Edward. If you think about it, Robert isn't the best choice for Edward. I mean, he looks too old, is really skinny and scrawny,and has a British accent which he tries to hide badly. He physically doesn't fit Edward. However, he has changed Edward. I mean, Edward was supposed to dress really clean, crisp and proper. However, pictures from the Eclipse set had Edward costumed in slacks and plaid shirt!! What?? No, Edward wouldn't' wear plaid. He dressed like he was wearing designer clothes. Robert's style has influenced Edward, because that costume is something Rob would wear down the street. I don't like it, because it destroys what Edward was supposed to be like, and puts in place a more Rob centric character. It's untrue to the books.

I mean, it's not like Robert isn't going to be in another film again, so why is everyone so concerned with shoving him in as much of New Moon as possible. I get that he is gorgeous, but come on. As fans, should our first priority be sticking close to be book. Everyone else throw a fit when the Volvo's silver anymore, however nothing has been said about the evolution of Edward slowly being transformed more into a Robert character, the way his hair and clothing is. This is stupid, Rob isn't the only character, so everyone should stop paying attention to him, and try to acknowledge the others actors too. Like, when Rob went to Japan, Chris Weitz was there with him, but nobody noticed him!! What?? He is the f-king director!!! Leave Robert alone, he likes being left alone. Do him a favour, and play attention to the other collection of amazing actors in the cast!! They deserve it.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Robert and fans in Toyko

In absolute contradiction to my last post, Rob arrived in Japan without being attacked by fans. They were respectful, cool, composed, and gave him some space. See, he even signed things for the fans because they weren't attacking him, or invading his personal space. Do you think that Taylor and Kristen signed anything? No, they got their asses outta there as fast the they could. If the fans show respect, then the cast are going to come up, say hi, sign some stuff and take pictures. That's what being cool gets you. Just want to thank the Japan fans for treating Rob kindly. They actually lined up, so everyone could see Robert, and take some pictures, while he didn't get attacked. That is really great to see. Maybe he wouldn't run away from everyone, if people acted like the people who turned up at the Japan airport. I mean, I'm sure that nobody wants a repeat of the frizzy haired fan girl who jumped Rob, then he proceeded to get hit by a taxi, trying to escape them.Thanks, guy. You give Twilight fans a good name!!

PS. Rob always takes the attention of the Twilight fandom. Didn't anyone notice in these pictures, that Chris Weitz was there with Robert!! CHRIS WEITZ, people.!!!! The most phenomenal director that could actually pull off New Moon, and do it well. He is totally being ignored. The man who would be able to tell you EVERYTHING about how the film was shot, scenes, the screenplay, editing, the wolves, the wardrobe, the tonality, the music!! EVERYTHING, and they don't even acknowledge his presence. That's really sad. In the picture below it's hard to see him, but he is in the top left hand corner, in white. Seriously, I'd be all over Chris Weitz!! He is handsome, intelligent, witty, funny, and the f-king DIRECTOR!! Jeez. Don't worry Chris, I'll love you!! Too bad he is married( btw,his wife is so hot), and has an adorable child. Some women get all the luck.

Kristen and Taylor mobbed at Sao Paulo!!

When Kristen and Taylor arrived in Sao Paulo, they were seriously mobbed at the airport. They couldn't even walk. I would liken this situation to when Rob got mobbed in the street, got literally jump on by some frizzy haired fan and then got hit by a taxi trying to flee from the hundreds of screaming girls. Seriously, this kind of behaviour is not on. It rude and disrespectful. Ever heard of a thing called personal space? I felt really embarrassed, because if this is how Taylor, Kristen, Rob and the other cast think all Twilight fans are, (crazy disrespectful stalkers) then if i see them, i probably wouldn't approach them, because i don't want them thinking I'm like that. That kind of behaviour just isn't acceptable. If they truly were fans, then they should respect the actors, for all their hard work and effort, that they put in to bring the saga to the screen. Those were only the fan!! I would expect this kind of thing from the paparazzi, but not from the actual fans. It's OK to be passionate, and excited that they are visiting your city. But, it's not okay to act like your in a zoo!! The cast are more likely to come over and sign things, if everyone is giving them space and acting cool and composed, rather than jumping all over them, screaming things in their face, and showing at their security. They are going to get the hell out of there as fast as they can if people are going to behave like savages. I think it's sad that the cast need personal security, just so they can carry out day-to-day tasks. If you really love the saga, just imagine how hard it would be to be part of the cast. Having no privacy, having people follow you, have paparazzi hiding in bushed taking pictures without your permission, having people waiting outside your house etc. No wonder Rob has been hiding. He probably spends 75% of his time inside his hotel, and the other 25% is the promotion and travel that he HAS to do. It's ridiculous!! I really hope that what happened to Rob, doesn't happen to Taylor. If you haven't seen it video, do. I can't watch it again,because it just makes me so angry. After what they have done for us, we should be in total debt to them. Seriously guys, learn some restraint, because that is just not cool.

International Press Tour Starts!!

YESS!! Twilight fans, the tour starts. Here comes the public appearances, interviews, touring, meeting the fan!! YES!!!! I'm SOOO Excited!! Its NOVEMBER NOW!!! YES AND FINALLY!! Hurry up, everyone has been waiting an ENTIRE YEAR for this film!! COME OUT ALREADY!! Oh, BTW, I'm not yelling, I'm just fangirling here.