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Hey, I'm a massive Twilight Fan, and thanks to my friends being fed up with having to listern to my non-stop chattering about Twilight, i decided to create a blog for myself to just vent and document my twilight obsession!! I'm current studying journalism and have aspiration to become one, so why not write about something as awesome as the Twilight Saga!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Taylor thinks he is "ugly" WTF

OMFG!! I was reading an interview with Kristen and Taylor in some magazine, and Taylor thinks he is "ugly". Umm, what the hell! He has got to be joking. This is an except from Twilight Poison :

How has Twilight changed your life?
Taylor : "People recognise me on the street (laughs). No, what's really funny is to see the change between the two films, and the public's reaction, first dan, i was ugly, and now I'm a little less. In the first, i was ugly, and in this I'm a little less ugly. And more girls look at me, that's very cool."

Umm, i don't know how legit this is, as it was translated from a French magazine. Twilight Poison has even uploaded the magazine stills, so if you know French, you can check. Anyway, why the hell would he think he is ugly. He is the hottest guy i have ever seen. He has amazing bone structure, beautiful deep brown eyes, a gorgeous white smile, hot as tan, killer body. And, on top of ALL that, he has an amazing easy-going, friendly personality. Plus, he is also smart ; he tested out of high school and is in college at the moment. AND, he is ONLY 17!! Gosh, imagine when he is 22, or something.

Man, he mustn't see himself clearly, because i swear, you can't get a bad picture of him. Kinda like Ashley Greene, even when she just goes up the shops, or to the gym, she still looks like she is coming out of a photo shoot. Same with Taylor. Even paparazzi pictures, he looks fabulous!! Poor Taylor, must just be feeling so insignificant compared to Robert. Basically, every fan of Twilight is in love with Robert Pattinson, and he has been overlooked because he was so young in Twilight.

It wasn't that he was ugly, he was just very, very young. I mean, he looked like a 15 year old kid. But, he was still very handsome. Plus, he was barely in the film, so that didn't give the audience enough time to fall in love with him. Now, in New Moon, he is all grown up, ripped and has a larger part, that's why people are liking him more. Taylor perceives this liking because he is "less ugly" in New Moon. Umm, no he was NEVER ugly to begin with. It's just that he didn't get as much recognition for Twilight, as Robert did. Also, that wig was horrendous. New Moon's wig is MUCH better.

Poor, Taylor. Don't worry, girls are going to be throwing themselves on you now, and more so after New Moon comes out. I don't know why he thinks that, Taylor is far from ugly. His eyes just make me melt, and his smile is so contagious, he makes me want to smile back at him.

Kristen's acting

I have serious problems with Kristen's acting. I'm just just saying i hate her, because i don't. She is probably a lovely, intelligent, sweet girl, when she is hanging out with her friends and family, and not being followed by psychotic fans, stalkers, paparazzi etc. However, all of the cast are always saying that Kristen is super talented and she is a pro. I don't see it. I mean, it always seems like her acting is flat, and a little fake. When Kristen portrays angry, it's not really that angry, it's like fake angry when your pretending to be pissed of at your friends, you know? So, i don't see why people are saying she is an amazing actress. I thought that it was just in Twilight, so i checked out, "Adventureland," and "In the Land of Women," and she does the same things. I mean, it seems like she plays the same type of character is every film. Her expressions, her tone of voice, her mannerism; nothing changes from movie to movie. I'm really worried about her pulling of rock legend, Joan Jett. I'm not just being mean, because that wouldn't achieve anything. Whether we like Kristen or not, she is still Bella, and they aren't going to change actresses regardless of any one's opinion. Like remember when everyone was signing petitions to get a new Edward, because they didn't like Rob. However, i really really hope that Kristen steps up her acting, because some of her acting in Twilight just made me cringe. I mean, the eye movements, the heavy breathing, the boring no personality blank looks on her face though the entire film. It's like she only had two expressions; bored, and pretending to be angry. Sorry, but Catherine could of chosen a way better Bella. I'm thinking that she biast in hiring her, because she was dating Michael Angarano, who is really good friends with Catherine. That probably had some influence. Sucks that Emily Browning didn't audition. She would have been fab!! Plus, she is Australian!! Please, Kristen, get some acting lessons!! If not, i rather her be a model, because she really is gorgeous to look at.

Random poster post! Hehe

Hoping for New Moon Commentary

I know that I'm getting a little ahead of myself, but i really, really, really hope that Chris, Kristen, Robert and Taylor record a New Moon commentary. I would LOVE that!! Of course, I'm going to be excited for deleted scene's, extended scenes, behind the scene's videos, but I'm most excited for the commentary. As, we get to see the actors say what they think about the film, give insider information, personal anecdotes, and just see how they interact with each other. As all of the cast are nice, friendly people, the New Moon commentary is going to be cool. The Twilight commentary was so funny, and entertaining. However, I'm more excited for the New Moon one (if they do one) as i have a massive love for Chris Weitz. He is so smart, intelligent,relaxed and so cool!! Plus, we didn't get any Taylor in the Twilight commentary, as Jacob only has a tiny part. I'm just in love with Taylor's personality. He is always so happy, friendly, easy-going and down to earth. So, getting anything with him is cool. Plus, Kristen on the commentary is allot less bitchy and more friendly. Mainly because they are just recording it by themselves, and not being mobbed by reports, fans, and paparazzi. So they know each other really well, so they can relax and just be themselves. Rob is just funny, with his British accent and wit. He is always making fun of himself which is hilarious!! I really hope that the magazine's aren't going to analyse the heck out of what they are saying. That would annoy me. Anyway, i really really hope they record one!! I think they will, but I'm just hoping!! Yay! Hurry up New Moon. I have a feeling that the DVD won't be out for ages, because New Moon is going to be in the cinema's forever.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Alexandre Desplat's score

This was really cool!! Chris Weitz and Alexandre Desplat attended the Billboard Film and TV Music Conference. All they spoke about was the film, the score and the soundtrack. Nothing about trivial gossip, like "Robstern" and the actors. Yes!! Some actual technical important information into the making of the film and the composition of the score. I'm so glad! These are only a few details. Letter's to Twilight, is going to release more detail later!

Anyway, i found this really cool that Alexandre has created "themes" for different characters, so one for Edward, one for Bella, and one for Jacob, that is played while they are dominant in the scene. Plus, even more brilliantly, Alexandre has blurred and combined the themes of Edward and Jacob together, to portray Bella's confusion and being caught in between two guys. OMG! That is so amazing!! The music is going to be phenomenal, i just know it. Judging from "The Meadow," already released on the soundtrack, the score is going to be better than the soundtrack!! In the words of Edward, "unequivocally."

In Jacob's theme, Alexandre features an electric guitar that sounds very similar to an Indian sitar!! Awesome, even in the music, he tries to reflect Jacob's strong culture! The Quileutes have very strong connection with their tribe, their beliefs, and their histories. Which is great to see conveyed though the music, because it's such a huge part of the film. It just gives New Moon that added depth, that will make it a better film.That is so thoughtful and just plain cool. You can tell that Alexandre has put lots of though, and effort into the score.

Even better, the New Moon score will NOT feature any of Carter Burwell's music!! At all!! YES!!! Sorry, i know that is really mean, but i didn't like any of the compositions that he created in Twilight. The music wasn't that great. Plus, he totally butchered the lullaby, which i won't forgive him for. Thanks, Chris for getting Alexandre on board for the New Moon score. I'm pretty sure that i will be eternally grateful to you. Plus, I'll go see every single one of the films in the future, as an effort to show by deepest appreciation of you!!

David's photography

As i mentioned before, David Slade is an amazing photographer. Just some of the pictures that he tweets of Taylor, and even just the crew, who are normal looking people, are stunningly beautiful. Which I'm really glad that he is taking pictures of the crew and tweeting them, because by the general public they get overlooked, as people just praise the actors for their performance. There are allot of people behind the scenes, which do as much, if not more work than the actors. Thanks, David for giving them some recognition. Anyway, the newest picture he tweeted was of Xavier Samuel. Woo, you represent Australia well. Much better than Baz Luhrmann's picture "Australia." Man, that movie wasn't the greatest. Anyway, I've heard the Xavier is a great actor, which I'm sure he is because he has acted alongside Shane Jacobson. Wow, i love him. So jealous. If you don't know who he is, watch "Kenny"!! It's hilarious Australian humour. Anyway, he is so f-king sexy. He is seriously going to be getting some attention after Eclipse comes out. This shot was taken in between shots! Wow, the rain, the lighting, the composition and expression is beautiful. I would have sworn this was a photo shoot, and not just a picture taken on a film set. I really hope that David can convey this raw emotion and visual complexity in Eclipse, as well as he can with a photograph. I love it!! Bring on more pictures, David!!

Nikki Reed as Rosalie

I know that some people have issues with Nikki Reed being cast as Rosalie, as they don't think she is pretty enough, and only got the role because she has been friends with Catherine Hardwicke essentially her entire life. Well, for starters, Rosalie is supposed to be the most beautiful woman in the world. That is impossible to live up to. Nobody is perfect, everyone has flaws, so no matter which actress got the role, some people wouldn't be happy with her. Everyone has a different view of Rosalie is their heads, anyway. It must be very scary and intimidating knowing that there are millions of fans worldwide who are obsessed with these books and characters, and you have been cast as Rosalie, who is the personification of beauty. That would be very hard, because Nikki feels like it's a difficult character to live up to and doesnt want to disappoint any of the fans. Personally, i love Nikki. She is very sweet, mature, intelligent and talented. She is an amazing actress. She literally blew me away with her performance is thirteen! Wow, and to think that is the first film she has ever acted in. She portrayed an amazing Rosalie too. She got the "bitch" death glares down perfect, and just had this hostility about the way she looked at Bella. Which is great, because in real life, her and Kristen are like, best friends. So, to be able to do that even though you love Kristen, shows her talent. Besides, none of the actors fit their characters perfectly. Ashley Greene for example! Alice is 4 foot something, whereas Ashley is wayy taller. The casting directors did the best that they could with the actors which tried out. It just so happens, that Nikki Reed was the best Rosalie that would be able to convey her correctly. Also, with this Catherine hired her because they are friends. It doesn't exactly work that way. Although the director has some input into the decision. There are the casting directors, producers and Summit, also have to approve of who is cast, because it is their film. Seriously, people need to get of Nikki Reed's back saying that she isn't skinny enough, or not pretty enough to play Rosalie. Nikki didn't do anything to deserve such harsh criticism. It's an adaptation of the books, so they are going to get everything as close as they can and it isnt always going to be perfect. But in a film, some things do need to change. It's a fact. Please, leave Nikki alone, and give her a chance. She was barely in Twilight anyway. I hope after seeing her speech at the end of New Moon, that she sways some people with her undeniable talent.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bella Swan's Cullen Crest

In Twilight, i though the Cullen Crest was a really good visual way to portray a tangible link between the Cullen's. To unify them as a family, even though they aren't blood related. Later, i discovered it was just something that they used to market products to the fans. However, i think that it's really symbolic for Edward to give Bella a Cullen Crest ring, as a metaphor for official joining the Cullen Family. I love it. However, i wouldn't buy this, as I'm not going to spend money on stuff that is useless and only being sold because it has Twilight printed on it. But, it's still cool for the films!! Love it!



Taylor and Taylor dating

Now i didn't see this coming. Jokes, its was so obvious. Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner have been seen together ALLOT lately. I mean allot, like almost everyday for the last 4 or 5 days. Plus, they started as lovers in "Valentine's Day" and some people can;t separate reality from acting. Just because they have the same name, I'm going to refer to Taylor Lautner as Tay, and Taylor Swift as Taylor, OK?

First time, it was when Tay finished filming Eclipse, and showed up at Taylor's concert. It didn't help that Taylor gave Tay a giant hug after she had finished performing. The picture of the is on the left. There is a video of Tay watching Taylor intently, and a video of the hug. Man, the crowd screamed so loud when she hugged him.

The next, it was Tay and Taylor going to a hockey game. They kept their hands to themselves and weren't touching at all. Probably because they knew they were being watched, and the media would make up all of these stories about them.

Following after the hockey game, was Taylor shooting a music video, and Tay joined her. I don't know if he was just going to watch, or if he was going to star as her love interest in it.

Then Tay invited her mum to meet Taylor for dinner. Then they went back to the same hotel.

Now, just yesterday, they were seen shopping together, and getting in a car and leaving somewhere.
Of course, rumours are going to start because that is like 6 times in the last week that they have been seen together. Taylor Swift didn't say they were dating, however she didn't not say that they weren't dating. That is irrelevant, they should be left alone. If they like each other, good for them, and i hope they are happy. But, its just sad that something may be made out of nothing, just for the media to sell magazines. Some people have been saying that it's a PR stunt to make people go see Valentines Day, however i don't think that is something Tay would do. Anyway, please give them some privacy, Tay really deserves it.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Behind the Scenes : The Wolves!!

Summit has released another behind the scenes, but this time, it's the wolves! YES!! I love them so much. Some of the footage, we have already seen before in trailers and what not, but I'm just going to blog the things we haven't seen yet.

First is the shot of Jacob mid-air transforming to save Bella from being attacked by Paul. Yes, everyone has seen this shot a million times. However, directly afterward, they have shown the exact same shot, but it's halfway though post. So, instead of the wolf, we see an animated, white wolf, where they are going to add graphics etc. Wow, just the difference between these two shots is amazing. The one we are familiar with, you would almost think it's real, and the second one, is obviously so fake! This just shows how hard the post production crew have worked on New Moon. It's great to see their efforts because usually all of the credit from the public goes directly to the actors. They only partially make the film, which i why i love the Oscars. It give well-deserved awards to all different aspects of film making, from sets, wardrobe, make-up, graphics. Basically everything you can think of and that's great.

We also get to see some storyboards of the wolves. This looks really cool, because it's the initial planning of how the scene is going to play out. There is a wolf titled J. Wolf and the other is P.Wolf, standing for Jacob and Paul. I know that storyboards are only supposed to be rough, however without a good storyboard and a script, not matter how talented the crew are, you can't make a good film out of a bad script. Period! So, just being able to see some of the crew's vision of New Moon, before filming had started is really interesting. These determine how the film is going to look, which is really exciting because these storyboards looks really cool. Even though we only get a split second of each. They're still beyond amazing awesome.

Now, the next shot is of Jacob saying, "Don't get me upset." That line had the potential to be really cheesy and humorous. However, Taylor does pull it off OK. My only issue with it is that Taylor is walking funny. He is like side stepping towards the camera. I don't have a clue why he is doing that. It just looks weird. I really don't want to judge it yet, because it's just an excerpt from the film, and it could be taken out of context. It just looks funny because he is approaching the camera, sort of swaying to and fro on his feet. Coupled with the line, "Don't get me upset," i just feel like it doesn't fit right. However, i will reserve all judgement for the film, because it's only a small clip, and may look alright when it is viewed with the whole film. I really love that dark brown colour that Jacob is wearing. It suits Taylor's skin tone, and eyes so well. Plus, all of the natural colours like browns, greys, and green's all fit into the colour palette of the werewolves, because they are so naturalistic and animalistic

The next shot is really awesome. It's Sam in his wolf form, slowing walking out of the tree's and approaching the camera real slow. I love this so much because I'm pretty sure it's from the scene in the meadow, where we see the wolves for the first time. This is cool, because Sam looks really wild, and just this feral beast that everyone thinks are killing humans in the woods. Sam looks really scary and threatening here. I guess Chris Weitz wanted them to be scary when Bella doesn't know what or who the wolves are and just perceives them are crazy beasts that are hunting stray hikers. However, as the film progresses and they become friends, the wolves seem less and less frightening and become more like "protectors", which they actually call themselves. Loves it.

The next parts are about post productions and creation of the wolves. This is really cool, because you get to see the steps involved with creating the wolves. From having a skeleton frame of the wolf, then adding muscles, then adding the skin over the top, and so on. I'm not that great at explaining it, because i don't work with visual effects at all, let alone those complicated designs. Next, there is a shot of Alex Meraz body being scanned so that the computer can insert that into the film, and then transform the computer generated image into the wolf that Tippet had already designed. Wow, it looks so amazing. There are snippets of interviews with the animators, Phil Tippet, the creator, Tom Gibbon's the animation supervisor and Nate Fredenburg who is the art director . Which is really cool, because it's great to see the people behind these amazing effects. Just so i can see who put so much time and effort into New Moon, where they don't usually get recognised. Yay, go Tippet!!

Oh, i love the next part. It's where Jacob turns up at Bella's school, on the morning of her birthday to give Bella a gift that I'm assuming Jacob made, in the film. It's so cute, plus Edward is just standing there, glaring at Jacob, from the looks of it. Edward is probably reading Jacob's mind, and he knows that Jacob has a huge crush on Bella. Of course, Edward is going to resent Jacob for thinking those things about his girlfriend. It also doesn't help that Edward knows that Jacob is part of the Quileute tribe, and the werewolves from that tribe, who had created a treaty with them. Bella and Jacob hug, she is probably saying thank you and that she loves it, something along those lines. However, as we see Jacob hugging Bella, the entire time he is glaring at Edward. I love that, hehe. It looks like he is thinking, "Yeah, your not the only guy in her life," or something like that. What is even funnier is that Jacob doesn't think that Edward knows what he is thinking, when he actually does. Haha, Hilarius.

There are some interview with Chaske Spencer and Alex Mereaz. Wow, Chaske has got the deepest, sexiest voice i have ever heard. It's almost soothing. I love that Sam says, "Take Bela back to Emily's house." You can tell who is the dominant one in that relationship. Even though Sam is the alpha and is in charge of the wolf pack, Emily is the dominant one in their relationship. It's "Emily's house". You can definitely tell that Sam has imprinted, as it's instinctual for the wolves to want authority and power, however if Emily wants to wear the pants in the relationship, Sam is going to let her. Sam will give Emily anything she wants, because he lives to make her happy. It might also make him feel like he is tying to redeem himself, for loosing his temper around Emily, and scaring her face permanently. But wow, how hot is Alex Meraz. He would be such a good model!! He has got cheekbones to die for!! Seriously, did you see them. Wow, so hot. Too bad he is married, with a child.

Of course they left the action for the end. Now, this looks seriously cool. There are four scene molded together, the one where Jacob and Paul are fighting, where the wolves kill Laurent, the Edward, Bella and Jacob confrontation scene, and the wolves hunting Victoria though the forest. There are all really quick shot, about half a second long. It looks visually beautiful, because the wolves are running, with the quick shots and the music, it just make it so exciting and climatic to watch. In the book, i like the Cullen better than the wolves, however in the films, i think that the wolves are allot more interesting and cooler to watch than the Cullen's. Just simply because the wolves are fast, and involves more action, while the Cullen's are always calm and in control. That's boring, so it's cooler and more intriguing to watch the anger of the wolves as they explode and attack each other. New Moon is going to be seriously awesome because the action has been stepped up.

I'm pretty sure that a lot more guys will be dragged along to see this film, and actually enjoy it. The visuals are allot better than Twilight (durr), Jacob is a more relatable and realistically drawn character, than the almost perfect Edward. Not to mention the quality, the sets, the tones, the cinematography, make-up, wardrobe, EVERYTHING is just better. Can't wait to see the film, so i can judge whether the acting is up to scratch. I really hope it is! Go Chris Weitz!!

Edward and Bella extended kiss scene!!!

Wow, this little bit of clip leaked from Summit, of Bella and Edward kissing. It's obviously after Bella's birthday, because Edward is all upset and acting distant. We have seen the short version in the teaser trailer. I really love it, because Bella is asking him to kiss her, which is what she actually does in the book! So, I'm glad about that. Edward seriously looks upset, because Jasper nearly killed the love of his life. If vampire's could cry, then Edward definitely would. Edward totally looks like he is going to cry. Awww, poor baby. Oh, and there is no more constipation Robert in this clip, which I'm really gratefully for. I still don't like that Bella raises her eyebrow at Edward. That is totally out of character for Bella, because it's a very sexually suggestive and flirtatious, which totally isn't Bella. She is shy, self-conscious and sees herself as inept. However, when they actually go to kiss, Edward look very reluctant, like he is being very careful, and Bella just about jumps his bones. You can tell that Bella is really getting into it, and wants to go further. However, Edward grunts, like it's painful for him. Then he goes all frigid and stiff, because he doesn't want to hurt her. It doesn't look enjoyable at all for Edward. But, i think it's a lot more realistic for a vampire and human kiss, than it was in Twilight. Especially what just happened, with Jasper. So, Edward is going to be super careful and not take any risks with Bella. Many people didn't like this because they thought it was awkward and didn't like Edward and Bella's grunting. However, i liked it, because Bella was always unsatisfied with the kisses that Edward gave her. Bella always wanted more, but Edward constantly kept saying that he could hurt her and that it will be easy after she is changed. I love this, apart from Bella's cocked eyebrow. Oh, almost forgot. Chris Weitz has said that New Moon is technically an old fashioned movie, which i love because you can see it in the long shots he uses. Today, in Hollywood films, you don't have 10 second shots of character's just standing there thinking and saying only two tiny lines. That would be condensed, so they can fit allot more in the film. But, i love that Chris has taken New Moon back to traditional old films, which are beautifully shot. Chris Weitz, Rock on!!

Tippet Studio, I LOVE YOU!!

I'm so in love with Tippet Studies at the moment. I first heard about them in the New Moon Illustrated Movie Companion. I have never even heard of them before, but then again, I'm not big on special effects movies. They have created some of the most beautiful, and realistic CG i have ever seen in my entire life!! Literally, these people are amazing. I was just on their site, and i just read that Tippet was started in Phill Tippets garage!! And now, they are winning awards, and creating the best CGI people have ever seen!! I'm so glad that Chris Weitz has connections with them, but i don't think anyone else could have depicted the wolves as accurately as Tippet has. They have worked on films such as, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, The Golden Compass, Catwoman, The Spiderwicke Chronicals, Cloverfield, Hellboy, Blade 2, the Matix Revolutions, Jurassic Park, and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Wow, talk about an impressive resume. That in only the beginning, there is more of their website. I'm so happy with the CGI at this point. Just watching the trailer, and seeing the wolves phase, its amazing. I mean, you look at the special effects in Twilight, and cringe and just about vomit in my mouth. They were so cheesy and fake! The sparkle, for instance. That was the worst. He wasn't even sparkling, he just looked sweaty. I'm so glad that Chris ditched ILM for Tippet!! Go, Tippet!! I officially love you!! thank you for creating these beautiful wolves the way that they were portrayed in the books!! I love you for making New Moon so much better than Twilight. I'm pretty sure that you are going to win more awards due to this!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Anna Kendrick on Broadway

OMG this is soooo cute!! I knew that Anna had done theater before acting in Hollywood, but i didn't know she did musical theater. She is so adorable, with her pigtails. Wow, and she can sing really well. I knew Anna could sing, but her voice is beautiful and you can tell that it's really strong. Even though she only sings one high note and the end. But, her face hasn't changed at all. I was sceptical that it was actually her when it was loading, but when i watch it, yup it's definitely her. Anna is soo talented. Personally, her performance in Twilight was outstanding. One of the best, even though she was hardly in it. Now her new film, "Up in the Air," with George Clooney is getting rave reviews, and she is already winning awards for her performance. Not only that, when Anna auditioned, the director, Jason Reitman wrote in her part specifically for Anna, after he saw her audition. Seriously, i think that Anna is going to have an amazingly long and successful career. She is only young, and she is already scoring roles in films alongside Hollywood royalty. I can see her becoming like a Jodie Foster, or someone that's a phenomenal actress, really beautiful and won many many awards for her talent. Anna should do more musical theater, because evidently she is great at it!! Woo, go Anna.

Taylor's at Hockey Game

Awww, they are so cute together. How does Taylor Swift manage to keep her hair looking so perfect all the time? I'm so jealous! Anyway, now there are obviously rumours going around that they are dating. Ever since, Lautner and Swift co-stared in Valentine's Day as lovers, Lautner surprised Swift by showing up at one of her concert, and now at a hockey game together, and allegedly going back to Taylor's hotel room, where they both stayed the night. Umm, i seriously don't think that they are dating because Taylor Swift is friends with Selena Gomez. Taylor Swift would never go after one of her friends ex's, it's just wrong and no friend would ever do that. Plus, Taylor Lautner isn't all over Taylor Swift, like he was with Selena Gomez. Taylor Lautner couldn't keep his hands off of Selena, and he didn't care if the paparazzi saw. However, here Taylor Lautner is quite obviously sitting with his arms crossed, very conspicuously not touching Swift. I just think that there relationship is platonic, and there is nothing romantic about it. And, for the hotel rumours, they were probably just staying at the same hotel. There is more than one room at a hotel. I doubt Taylor Lautner's parents would let him stay over in Taylor's room. I mean, he is only 17 and she is nearly 20. This is just as ridiculous as the "Robstern" rumours. Just because they are portraying lovers, doesn't mean the love each other in real life. Jeez, they are characters. If you can determine the different between reality and fantasy, you got some problems. However, if they were together, good for them. I hope they are really happy together, because they make such a cute couple.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Eclipse : Combined two scenes

I just got a new computer, so i was transferring all of my files over to it, omg it takes forever!!! Anyway, i was flicking through my Eclipse pictures when i noticed that the scene where Jacob kidnaps Bella from Alice's "sleepover" is combined with the bonfire where Bella hears all of the Quileute legends for the first time. Gill Birmingham tweeted the picture on the right from the chapter "legends" where Billy and Old Quill are telling the stories of the "third wife" and the spirit warriors. David and Melissa must of combined these two scene together, as Bella and Jake are wearing the same clothes there, as they were when Jacob rescued Bella from her school. I think i like this, because i don't really care if they shove them together, just a long as they made it into the film. I'm so excited to see this because it's going to be awesome to watch visually, as Bella, Jake, Billy, Old Quil and everyone sit around the fire while the stories are being told. I really hope that Leah and Seth are there too, as it was there first time sitting through the legends after they transformed and discovered they were true.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Moon TV Spot #2

Yay!! Another TV Spot! There has been so much footage released lately is crazy. I can basically piece together the film in my head with these clips. But, it's totally cool by me. Some people aren't happy about it, but it just makes me want to see the film more. They're teaser's and they are driving me crazy. Anyway, this is seriously cool.

It begins with Alice telling Bella that she is a human who knows too much. We have heard this before, in the 2nd trailer, but not with the visual; it was just a voice over. Wow, Alice looks worried which is exactly how she is supposed to be. Her brother is going to kill himself with the help of the Volturi. Plus she will be killed, along with Bella for trying to save Edward. Alice will then never see Jasper again, so Ashley Greene's expression here is perfect. While Alice is saying this,we see Bella running through the sea of red cloaks in Voltera, then following a shot of the Volturi sitting on their thrones. I really love that, because it's showing the events which have happened due to the Cullen's being vampires, and Bella associating with them. I love that because if you haven't read the books, its intriguing to the audience.

Then we get some of Victoria basically just running though the forest where she is for the majority of the film. I love that because Victoria is just a presence in New Moon. Bella knows she is hunting her because James died. So Victoria just spends most of her time in the woods, trying to find away around the wolves to get to Bella. I really like that they added that in because the audience knows that she is there, but the characters don't. That is going to create suspense and the audience will be questioning themselves, "When is Victoria going to get her?" and things like that. Love it!! While Victoria is running though the forest, a voice over says, "Some will seek to destroy her."So then the trailer shows who wants to destroy her, which is Victoria, and then they show the Volturi. Awesome, of course we have seen all of those clips before, so there is nothing new. Apart from a shot of Bella looking seriously pissed off.

Following that, there is another voice over saying, "Some will rise to defend her," which is where they show clips of Jacob, because that is essentially what he is doing through New Moon. Protecting Bella when Edward wasn't there, from Victoria and from herself. I Love it. The first thing they show is Jacob climbing into Bella's room, which looks seriously cool. After that a shot of Bella just running into the meadow it looks like. Then, there is this weird shot of Jacob. However, that shot it doesn't even look like Taylor, he looks like another person. Which is strange, but maybe it's just the angel. Anyway, he is like "I gotta vampire to kill," referring to Laurent. And what do you know, the next shot it Laurent trying to kill Bella. I love that, because the clips are all linked together, like a film would. Next is the over used transformation where Jacob jumps of his pergola, and mid-air phases to stop Paul from attacking Bella.

"But only one, will risk everything for her," which is implying its Edward. Then of course visuals of Edward are being shown. Which is just the shot's where he is in the Volturi lair with them. This means that he is willing to give his own life, because he can't live without Bella, and feels partly responsible for her "death", well he thinks she is dead. Edward thinks that if he hadn't left Bella, she wouldn't feel the need to commit suicide. So this is saying that Edward will give his life to be with Bella. The shots which are being shown are just Felix beating the crap out of Edward. Which i really like because they are showing the action scene's, so it will be more appealing to guys. Rather than advert sing it as a romance, they are showing more of the action to get guys to go and see it. Summit knows that they already have the girls, so it increase their profits, by trying to get guys to see it. Cool.

Overall, i really loved it. Apart from the voice-over. What it was saying was fine, however just the tone and the sound of the voice really ticks me off. I don't know why, but it sounds like it's trying to be dramatic, smooth and sensual, but it just sounds wrong. Sorry, voice over guy, but get a new job. Other than that, it was amazing. I can't wait to actually see these on TV!! Yay!! Just under a month until New Moon is released.

9 second clip of Parking Lot scene

Awww...i thought that this was cute. You can't really tell from a clip this short whether Kristen has improved with her acting, but we will see when the film comes out. Wow, you can tell that their relationship has really developed; they are allot closer than they were in Twilight. They are basically on top of each other, like they don't even need personal space when they're together. They want to be a close a possible. Awww, that is soo cute. Obviously, they are going to be very close together, not just physically but emotionally too. At this point in New Moon, Edward and Bella have been together all summer, so of course they are going to be more comfortable with each other. I love that Edward say "Happy Birthday" to Bella and she is like, "Don't remind me." Those lines weren't from the book, but i can totally imagine them saying that. Edward then says "Bella, your birth is definitely something to celebrate". Bella then replies "My aging is not." That is so spot on with their opinions about Bella's age. It depicts their opposing views of mortality and humanity. Bella doesn't want a piece of it, because Edward doesn't have it and Edward views it as a celebration of your life and soul. He values hers so much because he thinks he doesn't have one. Chris Weitz, perfect once again. Lets just hope that Kristen acting improves!! Please, Kristen I'm begging you!!

Eclipse Logo

Back when the New Moon logo had just been released, the Eclipse one came out too. However, they must have changed it because it was purple. Now its, silver, with red outline on a black background. Personally, i love it. The silver it just a good colour to suit the mood. Silver reminds me off silver jewelery, which is very beautiful and delicate, sort of like Bella and Edwards relationship.Perhaps its the silver of the moon represent Edward, and it's eclipsing the pain of Jacob; visually showing Bella's decision between the two guys. I'm not sure if this is right or if there is any significance to it at all, because it could just be a colour that matched what they had in mind, like black, white or silver. You know, like they match with everything. However, i love that there is blood red around the edges, that could be symbolic of pain that is going to be inflicted on Edward or Jacob if Bella doesn't choose one of them; obviously it's Jacob. It could represent the eyes of the crazed newborns coming to get Bella, or it could be the final realisation of Bella wishing to give up her humanity to live eternally as a vampire. It's hard to say why they chose the colours they did, because it was like the Breaking Dawn cover; its so ambiguous. Anyway, i love love love it. Looks really RAD!

This is the old one!!

New Moon TV Spot #1

OMG!!! I totally love this!!!!! It released a couple of days ago, its sooo good!! Even though it's only like 30 seconds long, its so AMAZING. I know i say that about every piece of new footage we see, but it's true.

It starts of with the break-up scene, so it's nothing that we haven't seen already. The next part is new, its a shot of Jacob in Bella's bedroom, when he sneaks into her room in the middle of the night. I love this, Jacob tells Bella that" I [Jacob] know what he did to you [Bella]" I love this because Jacob feels so guilty for having to stay away from Bella because of he transformed into a werewolf, and he recognises that its going to kill Bella. Jacob is very perceptive, and he knows what it does to Bella, even when he just says Edwards name. So, that quote fits perfectly. Also, i love the low, golden dim lighting of the room. It makes it looks really late, but also that it tries to help portray that its a very intimate situation. The golden tones are very present around the wolves, so having Jacob there, the tones of the room, and the clothing are going to be golds, browns and other very warm colour, to symbolise the wolves warmth. Love it. The shot after it we have seen before; its just Jacob hugging Bella.

The next part begins with "A New Legend Begins," which is obviously hinting at the werewolves. This is palpable because directly afterwards, is a shot of Bella standing in the meadow, looking really freaked out. You can tell because the grass of the meadow is completely dead, and she is wearing the same jacket and backpack as in the trailer. Then after that we get to see what she is looking at; Jake in wolf form. Wow, the wolf looks beautiful. It's so detailed and real, its crazy. You can see the individual hair, and the movement looks perfect!! Omg!! Then, my favourite thing in the entire trailer, you just see a very close up shot of the wolves eye, and you can see the reflection of Bella. Wow, this is amazing. Plus, Chris Weitz uses Taylor Lautner eyes, and put them in the wolves, because in the book, Bella remembers looking into the wolves eyes and being reminded of Jacob. She didn't know it at the time, but she remembered Jacob, because she was looking into his eyes. Awwwww. Jacob as a wolf was looking at Bella in the meadow too, because Sam snarls at Jacob to pay attention to Laurent. It love this shot, because it shows the eye contact between Bella and Jacob. Love it.

Following afterwards, is just that show of Jacob running, and mid-air transforming to protect Bella from the approaching Paul. But, they changed the wolf so much. I like the initial wolf that was shown in the teaser trailer, but this one is SO much better. Well, for starters, the wolf doesn't look cartoon-ish anymore. The old wolf wasn't exactly russet brown and had a white belly, but that didn't bother me because it was close enough. However, this new wolf its brown all over. The first wolf was fluffy, cuddly and not very scary. Unlike that, this new wolf, has lost all of its fluff, and its facial expression, its snarl and its body language looks more aggressive and fierce than the first. However, in the beginning i don't blame them for not getting the wolf perfect, but i think that did an amazing job, because that shot had to be done VERY quickly to be released. Now that they have had time to work on it, its crazy good.

Next is a shot of Bella on the beach at La Push. She is obviously talking to Jacob because she says, "You've killed people, Jake." This is the confrontation scene on the beach where Bella thinks its the wolves killing people, not the vampires. Jacob replies to her, "We only kill what we are trying to protect you from; vampires." While Jacob is saying this, we get shots of the wolves killing Laurent, however we don't get to see the entire scene, and then some more shots of the wolves chasing Victoria through the forest. Then at last but not least, the Bella, Edward and Jacob confrontation at the end of the novel. Yes!! I'm so excited for this scene, however here it looks like it has a little more action. Edward shoves Jacob backwards when he comes too close to Bella. Then Jacob flies backwards and mid-air transform again. WOW, that looks cool!!!!! Bella shoves in between Edward and Jacob, just as Jacob is charging forward to attack Edward. The last shot is Jacob's jaws opening up towards the camera, and a paw outstretched as if he is going to try and claw Edward's face.

OMG!! This is totally cool, i love it sooooooooooooooo much its crazy!! My favourite two shots would have to see the close up of Jacob's eye, and the reflection of Bella within that eye, and the shot where Edward hits Jacob and he flips, mid-air transforms and goes to attack Edward. I guess they wanted to make the confrontation scene at the end a little more dramatic, which is totally fine by me, because it looks cool!!! LOVE IT, Chris Weitz, you're the BOMB!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Taylor's Performance in New Moon

All of the cast and crew of New Moon have been raving about Taylor's performance in New Moon. First, it was Chris Weitz, then Kristen Stewart, then Nikki Reed, then Ashley Greene, then all of the wolves, then Kellan Lutz, and now Jackson Rathbone has come out and said that people are going to be "blown away" by Taylor performance.

Here is what Jackson said : "Nikki Reed keeps telling everybody, and I think it's true, yeah, [Lautner's] got his shirt off, and he looks good with his shirt off, but you look at those eyes. You really do," he told MTV News when we caught up with him on the set of his indie film, "Girlfriend."

"Taylor Lautner really stands out in this film, and I think people are going to be really blown away by his performance," Rathbone said. "You have these great moments that Jacob just completely is winning over Bella. And it's just beautiful to see it. It's all in their eyes."

I'm hoping its true, but i don't want to have my expectations too high, then i will most likely be disappointed. However, i just hoping that Taylor can bring it. We didn't get to see much of his acting ability in Twilight, as he has a maximum of 7 minutes.

I haven't seen SharkBoy and LavaGirl because it looked kinda stupid when it was in the cinemas, and now it looks even worse. Clips from YouTube, have been my only look into the film. Taylor was so young then, and the movie was just plain cheesy, so I'm not going to count that into my judgement. Please, please i really hope that Taylor is as good as everyone is saying and are not just doing it to hype up the film. Not that they need it.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Scene Released on ITunes!!

Yes!! A little bit of a short scene was released on ITunes!! I only found out today after i got home from school, so i don't have any idea how long it has been up. Probably only a couple hours though, because i checked my twitter for updates this morning, as i couldn't sleep. Firstly, there is an introduction by Taylor and he says : "Hey, this is Taylor Lautner from The Twilight Saga: New Moon, and you're about to get a first look at the film, exclusively on ITunes." I was a little bit surprised to see this, as i just thought that Summit would have just put a little bit of the scene online. But, getting Taylor to do an intro!! Cool! It kinda reminded me off the intro that the cast did for the DVD release at Borders, you know? Oh well, if you don't then just YouTube it. I thought it was really cool for Taylor to do it, and not Rob or Kristen, as he speaks so articulate and eloquently compared to them. Plus, his role is the leading male, so it just makes scene from a marketing standpoint too.

OK, Bella runs up to the wolves, and ask "What did you do?" right afterwards she claim, "He didn't want this." So, obviously she knows that Jacob is a wolf. I think i understand what is going on here. This is the scene where Bella visits Jacob in the morning to tell him that she knows what he is, but they have combined it with the scene where Jacob takes Bella to meet the wolves for a pack meeting, and Paul gets pissed of because Bella knows about them. Fusing these scene together, seems to make sense, because that way, they only need the one set, which is Jacob's house. Plus, it saving time, rather than having two different scene, where they can add them together, while keeping the film at a reasonable time. This isn't the whole scene, and you can tell that some part are missing from it, but i like it.

Wow, OK Alex Meraz looks like a fantastic actor. When he is playing Paul, he looks really angry, and just vicious, which is cool. He is glaring at Bella, which was exactly how he was supposed to react to her in the books. Also, i loved that Alex's neck was strained and even let out a growl, before Bella slapped him. Sam looks like he is very much in charge of everything and is telling everyone what to do. But, man when Bella slaps him, he looks like he is going to go crazy. Seriously crazy and like he is shoot everyone around him, while screaming at the top of his lungs. I loved that Alex sort of crumbles to the ground shaking, when he explodes, because that how it was in the book! The wolves did get so angry that they shook, but it didn't look humorous, which is great. If it was done wrong, it could potentially be very cheesy and laughable. But, from what I've seen so far, it looks good.

They kept very true to the books, because Paul clothes rip to shreds too, just like Jacob's did. That is really great that even tiny details, they kept in, because it's just little things that are going to make the fans like the film, so much more. Oh, and thank you Chris!! Paul is silver, just like he was supposed to be. I also like that he is so tall. We get to have a better look at the wolves face, and it looks more aggressive and scarier than Jacob's does when he is a wolf. Maybe, that's because Bella doesn't know Paul, so she is going to be scared of this big guy with anger issues. However, she is best friends with Jacob, and loves him, so she doesn't view his as scary or fierce, just as a protector. Which is perfect because that is exactly what Jacob is doing here; protecting Bella. Plus, i think it would be cool, as Bella gets to know the wolves, that they become less scary and more like friends. Bella does note in Eclipse that even the their wolf forms, the pack weren't monsters, they were friends. Awwwww. If you're wondering, it's the scene where Jasper is teaching everyone how to fight.

I really like that we get to see more of the wolves movements. In the trailer's we only got to see them phase and not move around. But, here we see Paul, snarling and growling at Bella, looking like he is going to charge towards her. It looks very canine, as he is approaching Bella, even though she is running away. Then of course, Jacob comes and saves Bella back. Then Jacob phases, and he looks very different from the wolf we saw in the trailer. He looks so much better!! I mean, i like the wolf in the trailer, i thought it looks cool, but i didn't think that they would be able to make it better, because i really like what they had. But, the changes they made, only made it looks better and truer to the book. In the trailer, Jacob was browny colour with a white belly, and other shades. However, in this clip, he is more brown. They got rid of the white, and now he is the same shade of russet/brown all over. His facial expression also looks more descriptive of how he is feeling. Jacob's fur also looks better, and more realistic. Just the way it blows, and moves. Overall, the wolves were just make to look more genuine. Which is fine by me.

Jacob also growls at the end, and he looks a lot more vicious and angry than he did in the teaser trailer. His expression on his face, looks more violent, and defensive. Which is cool because Jacob is basically saying "get back, i won't let you hurt Bella". That is really cool, because Jacob does seriously care about Bella, and will hurt Paul to teach him not to behave like that to Bella ever again. Aww, i love Jake. Also, their growling seems more guttural and wild than the teaser trailer. I love that because it just emphasise that they are really wild animals, and not just some generic, mutated dog, which is supposed to look like a werewolf. You know? Like, a half man, half dog creature. I'm so glad that Chris Weitz stuck to the book and made them actual wolves!! Thanks, Chris Weitz, i love you!!

All in all, i love it. Apart from Kristen's acting. Sorry, but it just always seems a little flat, and half-hearted, she needs to get some acting lessons. But, other than that...AMAZING!!! I'm so exited for this scene!! Wait, scratch that, I'm excited for this whole film!!! Yes!! A little over a month to go! It is going to drag, like a child waiting for Christmas. Oh well, it will be worth it, to see New Moon on the big screen.

Taylor's Spike Award

OK, this is pretty random, but i thought it was funny. I was on Twilight Lexicon reading some random comments for some reason. I don't know why i find them interesting, but i suppose its just something to do with Twilight, while there is no news. Anyway, someone commented on Taylor's award i thought it was so funny. She said : "Let’s get this straight- the award for Spike’s Scream winners is a huge black Spike?!…LMAO!!!That must be the MOST APPROPRIATE award in the history of award shows!; a huge Spike given to a guy playing a werewolf in a Vampire Love story! YESSSS ‘)Congratulations Taylor this is definitely the start of many awards coming your way in the future!"
I thought that was hilarious. Taylor won a black spike for the Spike's scream awards. Yeah, i bet I'd scream is someone chased me around with THAT award! Haha, look at how Taylor is holding it. So funny. OK, there is my useless random post of the day!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Twilight at Scream Awards 09

On behalf of the Twilight cast, Taylor Lautner went to the 2009 Scream awards for Sci-Fi and Fantasy films/TV series. Twilight won 4 awards; Kristen Stewart got Best Actress, Robert Pattinson received Best Actor, Twilight won Best Fantasy Movie, and Taylor Lautner won Breakout Performance. Yay!! Go Twilight!! Seriously, when the general public get to vote, Twilight always gets awards, because of the millions of fans, and that its just plain AMAZING!! But, man how f-king gorgeous does Taylor look? Even without all of the weight he has put on, he still has the best smile, the best skin, the best eyes and the tone of his skin is gorgeous. It is funny in the picture of the right, he looks so surprised that he won something!! Black leather jackets look soooooooo good on him. I guess it's a staple in Taylor wardrobe because he is always wearing them. That's totally fine by me. Umm, why is he randomly holding a comic? That's weird. Haha, oh well. Congrats, Taylor. You really deserve it.

New Moon Card Trivia Game

Cool, this was exactly how i pictured everyone going up in the elevator, except it was a mirror image of this, everyone was around the other way. Jane standing up the front, as she is the most powerful and has the most authority. Felix and Demetri in the back, acting as the guard, so Edward, Bella and Alice don't try and escape. I thought that Alice would have a blank look on her face, as if she was searching the future, which is exactly how Ashley is now. I remember Bella cowering into Edward shoulder while he never took his eyes off Jane. First time i read it, i was like, omg Edward fell in love with Jane. But, now I'm like, um no way. He was just keeping tabs on her mind. This looks cool. Plus, the trivia is awesome.

So I'm thinking that this is from Edward's point of view, as i can't think of anywhere this would fit into New Moon. Edward's clothes are messy and ripped, so i think it's going to be right before he asks the Volturi to kill him. Ohhh, maybe this is when he gets the phone call from Rosalie that was in the outtakes called "Miscalculation" on Stephenie's site. Rosalie constantly calls Edward, then eventually he picks up. She then tells Edward that Bella has thrown herself off a cliff and that she is dead. Then we get to see that Edward calls up pretending to be Carlisle. This is going to be mad, if this is the scene. Which, now that i think about it, it probably is. It would make it more interesting for the audience because we knows things that Bella obviously doesn't know. Plus, with cool music, fast shots, and all the different POV added together, it will be very exciting.

I love this picture, just because it shows the contrast between Jacob and Edward. On Edward's side everything is grey; Edward's clothing, the tone, the weather and the tree's. However, on Jacob's side everything is bright; the tree's, the grass, the clothes he is wearing and his expression. Just shows the different tonalities that are going to be present in New Moon, to correspond with Bella's emotions. Awesome. However, the trivia is a little bit easy. I mean, come on! Any Twilight fan is going to know Edward's birthday, it's so basic. I would have loved to see something a little bit more difficult. As I'm tired of seeing very basic trivia, as it's boring.

There are so many, so I'll go one by one from left to right. OK, Emily. I really love Tinsel Korey as Emily, she is gorgeous. Plus, the scars look amazing. However, i did imagine Emily to be a little bit more feminine, like she was wearing a dress and apron, as she is presented as a typical beautiful housewife. Other than that, love it. Ohhh, i love this one with Edward and Jacob totally having a full on evil eye confrontation. I'm excited for this scene as it sets up the tension that is explored in Eclipse. Man, Taylor is looking hot!! Like always, his body is so perfect he could be carved from stone. "You'll be going right though me," line i think is from Jacob, because i remember him saying in the book that he Bella would turn into a vampire over his "dead body." I'm guessing that he is reminding Edward about the treaty, not to bike any humans. If he does turn Bella, then the wolves are going to take down his family. Yes!! The next one is Bella and Alice having a conversation with Jacob in the middle. This is obviously when Alice tells Bella that Edward is going to kill himself. Even though it's a big blurred, Jacob looks like he is giving Alice a full on greasy. Bella just looks devastated because Edward is going to die, and Alice looks sad. Perfect!! I'm excited for this scene, because it's the first time that we get to see the vampire and the werewolf interact with each other. So its going to be tense, which is cool. Next picture is the Volturi flashback scene. From the caption I'm guessing that this is at Bella's party where Edward is telling Bella about the Volturi. Everyone saw in the trailer that Aro snaps that guys neck, wicked. Eww, I'm just going to skip this one, because i don't feel like ragging on Edward's bad ab's. OK, next is the vote scene. I'm so excited for this, however they were supposed to be around the dining table, and here they are just standing here. Maybe, they only had the one room of that house to shoot from, so they just put that scene there. The next still is Jasper, and i don't have a clue when this is. I don't recognise his clothes either, so maybe it's when Alice, Jasper, Edward and Bella are all at school together. That is one of the scene which we havnt seen yet. Maybe, just speculating here.

OK, the first shot is Bella getting the bikes from her next door neighbour. In the books, it was from Austen Marks little brother, however Forks being a small town, i suppose everyone would know their neighbours, and it's just a different way to introduce the bikes, without casting any more humans in the story. Apparently his name is Bob! Wow, how generic. The next picture is Gianna, in the Volturi's reception area. She is very beautiful, which is how Bella describes her, apart from being in the company of the beauty vampires possess which is unknown to humanity. You can't see here, but i really hope her eyes are bright green, just to really display that she is a human, working for these evil vampires. Yes, i have noticed this before, but Chris Weitz has shown Bella's scar on her arm. I think this is when Bella, Jake and Mike are at the movies together. Jacob was tracing patterns on Bella's skin, where he notices the scar where Bella was bitten by James. I'm glad that they kept this in, because it just exemplifies Chris Weitz's attention to detail. It's even on the right arm. Ohhh, the wolves coming out of the forest. I'm thinking that this is the scene where Bella confronts them, and slaps Paul in the face. I'm not sure, but that's where i think it is placed in the film. Must say, they look like they fit into nature perfectly, which is true because they are never naturalistic creatures compared to vampires. The team's card is in the other lot too, so I'll just skip it. Ohh, I'm dying to see the scene where Jacob sneaks into Bella's room at night. The caption is "I still love him," so i think that Bella is telling Jacob this. Aww, that's so sad for Jacob, because he feels like he can't measure up to Edward Cullen, even though he said all of these mean things, dumped her and left while he has been there without Bella through everything. That must be hard for Jacob, she still loves Edward despite what he did to her. Plus, Taylor just looks hot!! Wow, his body is soo amazing. I hope his acting blows me away. The next picture is Jacob and Bella in the garage. From the info on the card, it's cool that they kept the "age" jokes in, because that is a serious issue with Bella. Plus, their little bantering was cute. Aww, Emily cooking for all of the wolves, she is so motherly, kinda like the wolf version of Esme. She is feeding all of those boys, but from the caption, it seems like she is addressing Bella, which she did similarly in the book. Aww, Jacob running to meet Bella. This is the first time that Bella comes around to see Jacob!! I recognise the clothes. He must of been running from the garage, and he scoops her up and swings her around in his arms, which is seen in the sneak peak, "Meet Jacob Black." Aww, that soo cute, he is so excited because Bella has come to see him. It's so obvious that he has a crush on her. Plus, its soo Jake. Plus, Taylor looks HUGE here!!

These are just pictures from the different scenes in New Moon. Scene one: Happy Birthday. Scene two: Paper Cut. Scene three: The Break-up. Scene four: Bella and Jake. Scene five: Laurent and the Meadow. Scene six: The Reunion. Scene seven: The Volturi. Scene eight: Reconciliation. Obviously there are more scenes than that, because there is ALLOT of Jake and the wolves scenes missing. But, i guess it's just a brief overview. Cool!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tribute Picture of Tayor, Kristen and Rob

Wow, could the Twilight cast get any hotter?? This new picture was released with Tribute magazine with Taylor, Kristen and Robert on the cover. They all look fantastic. Taylor looks amazing as usual. That tight brown t-shirt looks soo good over his toned sun-tanned body, that colour suits him so well. His face? I don't even think i need to go on. Tall, dark and handsome, Taylor ticks all boxes. Kristen, she is gorgeous, when she makes an effort, and not looking like she is as high as a kite. She is dressed in usual "Bella" clothing, casual with jeans and a brown jacket. Her hair is pretty messed up, so I'm imagining that this is a costume during her "zombie" stage in New Moon. Edward? He is kinda self-explanatory. He is wearing the clothes he wore on the morning of Bella's birthday. OMG!! I love his brooding sexy stare. Too bad i can't hear him talk, because that accent gets me every time! Watching Twilight is so bad for me, because every single cast member is so beautiful, it's unfair and very unrealistic. But, its a film. People would want to go see a film about attractive people. Something for everyone.

More Trading Card Stills

Bella's birthday at the Cullens. Wow, Bella doesn't look happy at all. Plus, Edward isn't happy unless Bella is happy so, therefore he doesn't look like he is having any fun. I'm excited for this scene!! I can't really get anything from the picture, as it's just a close up of their faces and I've already seen similar ones before. There make-up is a hell of a lot better though. I can't thank the make-up department enough. In Twilight, the worst was the vampires. Eww that pale make-up was shocking. However, Bella's make-up at the prom scene looked like Kristen did it herself. But now, wow she looks so pretty. I hope they don't make her so gorgeous, that it would be hard to make her pretty when she turns into a vampire for Breaking Dawn. I'm positive that it's going to be filmed.

This is after Bella's "great" idea to go cliff diving by herself, where she nearly kills herself. Genius. But, Jake saves the day, awwww. I bet we are going to see allot more than the book showed, as Bella was unconscious for the majority of it. Man, how hot does Taylor look? I seriously think that he is going to have some people turning after New Moon comes out!! Look at him!! Now, Bella. She really looks like she is dead. Awesome but sweet too, because this is when Jake realises even though he isn't with Bella the way he wants, he is so grateful that she is still alive.

Aro trying to read Bella's mind. It just looks like she is shaking his hand. This is going to be awesome, because it shows Bella's power before she even turns into a vampire! Sweet! I hope Edward looses it during this scene, because he can read every ones mind, so he knows their real intent. This scene is going to be epic. It's funny, but Edward looks like he is wearing a bathrobe. Lol, i bet many girls are having dreams about that!

Aww, Carlisle fixing Bella's arm from the accident at her party. I really hope that we get to hear about Carlisle's background and how he grew up and everything. That would be cool, because i loved that chapter from Twilight, and they excluded it from the film. I suppose it wasn't really relevant to the overall story line, but it was just interesting. Please, Chris Weitz, I'm hoping you added just a little bit of information in, because it just gives us some information about Carlisle. I'm not expecting a flashback, but just him informing Bella about himself when she asks him, like the chapter "stitches" in New Moon.

I'm so excited for this scene!! We haven't seen anything from the friendship break-up scene, in any trailers, sneak peeks or released scenes!! Only a few picture! That must mean that its really good, and they want to leave it for the film. OMG!! I really hope Taylor and Kristen act really well in the scene and can bring out the emotion that they are supposed to, like in the book. It's such a sad chapter. Plus, i love in this picture, Jacob is taller than Bella and he is looking down on her, like he is a figure of authority. This is because Jacob isn't oblivious to the reality of the situation of the gang on the rez anymore, while Bella is. This information makes Jacob older, and sagacious, while Bella is still a broken little girl, from her high school sweetheart breaking her heart.

I really hope this scene sticks close to the book, as it's very important. I really hope that they keep the votes the same as the book. Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Esme, and Carlisle vote yes, while Edward and Rosalie vote no. Plus, i read an interview with Nikki Reed, and apparently she has this speech to give while she is voting no. I love that, because she does explain in the end of New Moon that she doesn't want Bella in her family for unselfish reason. If she had a choice she wouldn't choose this life, so she doesn't want Bella making a mistake that you can't take back. Awww, i love Rosalie. People judge her too harshly. So excited. Oh , and i must say, when i first saw Jasper's hair, i hated it. Now, it's kinda growing on me. Like always, Alice looks fab.

I'm so sad, no more Rachelle. However, I'm going to appreciate her performance so much more, because i know that she isn't going to be in Eclipse. Rachelle has said herself that she didn't get to be with any of the other actors during filming, because she is barely in New Moon. Victoria is just a threat always looming in the background. I thought it was funny that Rachelle joked that she was making a whole other film in the forest separate from New Moon. Aww, I'm going to miss her. However, i don't want to bash Bryce Dallas Howard! It isn't her fault, she is just the replacement. It must be very intimidating going to replace a role, where the entire fandom has already fallen in love with Rachelle. Anyway, Victoria looks psychotic and manipulative here. Like she is planning her revenge. Awesome!!

I'm looking forward to this scene, where Bella and Jacob are working on the bikes. I don't know why, but i love what the wardrobe has dressed Taylor in for Jacob in this scene. I don't know what it is, but i love this costume. Maybe it's just the way the greys and browns look against Taylor tanned skin? I don't know, but i love it. I'm guessing this is the scene where Quil and Embry interrupt, maybe? I'm not sure, but this would be a good place to put it. This scene I'm imagining is where Jacob shows off his mechanic skills. While, Bella's just sitting there pretending to understand. Aww, so cute!!

I'm glad that Chris Weitz has added this scene in. I'm sure that it's only short, but it when Charlie and the other men are in the forest hunting for the "bears". But, I'm confused. Harry is a part of the Quileute elders, so he knows that the werewolves are in the forest, and aren't bear, so why is he hunting them with Charlie?? Maybe he is just being supportive, or is unaware that the "bears" being spotted are wolves. Perhaps, the hunters hadn't put two-and-two together. But, in the book the wolves were perfectly aware of the hunters, Jacob said so himself. Maybe, it was just a way to show Harry and Charlie's relationship, rather than the actual event itself.

Ohh, I'm so glad that they kept this in. I wasn't sure that they were going to. This is obviously before Bella and Jake go riding on their bikes. I'm almost positive this is where Bella sees the pack cliff diving and Bella discovers what happened with "the La Push Gang," and Jacob's concerns for himself and for his friend, Embry. This is when Embry has been avoiding him, and hanging out with Paul, Sam and Jared. I'm so loving this scene, because Jacob was always happy, and this is the first time that we see Jacob worried or upset about anything. However, in this shot, Taylor looks... i don't know, kinda emotionless. Perhaps he is trying to hide him emotions from Bella, because he doesn't want her to see him as weak. I don't know, will need to see the film to make judgements.

Awww, this is going to be sooo sad. Sam found Bella in the forest where Edward had left her. Bella looks like she is asleep. I really hope that she is mumbling "He's gone,' like she was in the book. Bella didn't notice that she was saying it out loud. I'm excited for this scene. I hope Kristen upped her acting, because it wasn't good in Twilight. I'm not saying that i hate Kristen, i just didn't think she did a good job as Bella. Oh well. Tons of room for improvement.Ok, so the caption says that Bella is "on the cliffs." However, I'm a little confused. Bella is wearing the clothes she goes bike riding in. I guess that Jacob must of taken Bella up to see how high the cliffs where, after she was curious seeing the wolves diving off them. Hmm, that didn't happen in the books, however i suppose that half of their conversation may happen up there, rather than just having it all by the car about the gang and how they are treating Jacob and everyone else.

So cool. This is the scene where everyone is looking for Bella,while she is missing in the woods. This wasn't in the books, because Bella was lost, but this obviously did happen because the wolves found her. But, Jacob is there. In the books, Billy wouldn't let Jacob go look for Bella. Probably because he knew that the wolves would find her in no time, leaving Jacob lost in the woods. So, despite his father, Jacob walks all the way to Bella's house in Forks. By the time he gets there, Bella has been found and everyone has already left. Jacob leaves because Bella is asleep and there is nothing for him to do, but someone gives him a lift home. I forgot who, but you can check it out on Stephenie's website, it's a story called "Being Jacob Black." However, i do understand why he is there. I bet Jake is just in the background, basically displaying how Jacob is while Edward is around. He is just there, you know, that sort of thing. But i do love the Billy an Harry are there helping Charlie. He is probably sick with worry, and he doesn't like showing emotion, so I'm excited to see how Billy Burke depicts that.