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Hey, I'm a massive Twilight Fan, and thanks to my friends being fed up with having to listern to my non-stop chattering about Twilight, i decided to create a blog for myself to just vent and document my twilight obsession!! I'm current studying journalism and have aspiration to become one, so why not write about something as awesome as the Twilight Saga!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Alex's Health

Just now, I saw a picture of Alex Meraz at a Twilight convention. He looks really ill, it’s such a worry. I know he has to lose 40 pounds for a role that he isn’t allowed to specify yet, but still. I really hope that this major weight loss isn’t taking a tole of his health, because the last thing anyone would want is for Alex's health to deteriorate because of his work. Especially since he is a fine athlete, he would have to give his martial arts up for a while. Especially since Alex was the biggest of the wolf pack in New Moon. His wife and son would really suffer if he was to fall ill because of this diet he is on When he finishes this role, he has to put all of the weight back on for Breaking Dawn, so I’m just praying that this yo-yo dieting that has been prevalent in Hollywood doesn’t affect him, because there is nothing more scary than someone like Renee Zellwegger going from a size 0 to a Bridget Jones weight constantly. Hope your still healthy, Alex!

Hope for Haiti

It's so great to see the Twilight cast out doing charities and work outside of their status as a celebrity. Peter Facinelli does lots of charities all the time, not notably with Alex's Lemonade. However, Anna Kendrick, Rachelle Lefevre, Robert Pattinson, Ashley Greene, Taylor Lautner, Tinsel Korey, Kellan Lutz have all been seen contributing to help Haiti. Tinsel Korey was the MTV online correspondent as well as dropping of Jeans with Kellan Lutz for "Teens for Jeans", which Ashley Greene has supported Haiti with as well. Robert Pattinson was a presenter on Hope for Haiti which was set up by George Clooney to help raise money. Also there were Anna Kendrick and Taylor Lautner who answered phones for people who had donated money. Rachelle was in Canada where she was helping out and she gave blood to the Red Cross, even though she is so scared of needles. It's great to see that the Twilight cast is full of such good people, who seem to genuinely care, not just about fans, but people in general. I'm sure the other cast members would haven’t been seen doing anything, or have been too busy with work to help out, I can totally see them donating what they had, even if it seems to be really small. Everything will add up. I'm so proud to be a Twilight fan right now, because everyone has united together to help out people we don't even know get though such devastating circumstances. Just shows you the power of humanity. Whenever something horrible happens, like Hurricane Katrina, The Twin Towers bombing, The Victorian Bushfires, and now the Earthquake is Haiti, everyone always comes together, and helps out. It's truly inspiring.

Oh, and i thought it was so uncomfortable that when Taylor was taking calls, he was seated next to Selena Gomez, and Taylor Swift was there, she performed "Breathless" and took calls. I just hope their "break-up" or whatever you call what they had, wasn't bad, because you would have to see them everywhere, both Serena and Taylor Swift. This is just another example. Ouch!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Moon DVD Extras

On a Scandinavian site, they have released very detailed features that are going to be on the 3 disk special edition of New Moon. Wow, you should see all of the extras; I’m going to go into overload! Obviously this isn’t the copy everyone will be getting, as it isn’t in English, but just looking at the features will give us an idea of what to expect on the English 3 disk special version of New Moon. It’s killing me that we are being made to wait ALL the way until the end of March before we can even get the DVD!!! It’s not even February yet, so we have a LONG two months wait until it’s released. It’s going to be hell.

1st Disk - Feature Film, and the Commentary with Chris Weitz and the Editor, Peter Lambert

2nd Disk - It has 128 minutes of extra footage. Including a 6 part documentary (65 mins) detailing Life After Twilight, Chris Weitz Takes the Helm, The Subtle Details, Time to Shine, Tricks of the Trade, and Ready For the World. Music Videos by, Death Cab for Cutie, Anya Marina, Muse, and Mute Math. Also, there are a Team Jacob vs. Team Edward exclusive, plus features Becoming Jacob (6 mins), Introducing the Wolf Pack (9 mins), Shooting in Italy (7 mins) and the Extended Scenes (29 mins). The extended scenes are School Corridor (1:20), English Class (1:26), Carlisle Stiches up Bella (2:54), Scrap Metal (3:00), Start of Cinema Lobby (1:27), Calling Jake (1:00), Meeting Laurent (4:54), Jake in Bella's room (5:00), Outside Emily's (1:28), Leaving for Italy (00:27), Edward Meets Volturi (2:38), Home From Italy (2:34) and I See You're Still Alive (00:41).

3rd Disk - There more footage, 122 minutes to be exact. There's Edward Fast-Forward (30 mins), Jacob Fast-Forward (33 mins), Interview with the Volturi (12 mins), Fandimonium (7 min), The Beat Goes On: The Music of New Moon (5 mins), Frame by Frame: Storyboards to Screen (15-20 mins) and last but not least, the Deleted Scenes (15 mins). The Deleted Scenes are Bella's Birthday Cake (00:21), Driving Home from Party (1:00), Waking in the Woods (2:34), Charlie Puts Bella in Bed (1:15), Bike Crash (1:05), Bella's Nightmare and Chat with Charlie (4:12), Remembering the Meadow (2:04), Mike is Left at Cinema (00:58), I'm Here If You Want To Talk (00:51), Victoria Driving (1:38) and Jake Drives Bella Home (5:05).

Wow, that is a LOT of extra footage. SO much more than Twilight gave us. I'm also hoping that Summit allows Chris to release his introductory booklet he made for the cast, because Chris wanted to release that for free to give to the fans for being so supportive and great. Awww, I love Chris! I'm going to go out of my mind with the hours of stuff we never got to see. No wonder New Moon was five hours long. I bet there’s more footage that just isn’t going to be released. I'm so excited to see the extended scenes and the deleted scenes. Mainly the deleted scenes, I'm Here If You Want To Talk, Victoria Driving and Jake Drives Bella Home. Oh, that the extended scene Jake in Bella Bedroom and where Carlisle stiches up Bella because we hardly got to see anything from Carlisle in New Moon. Woo! SO EXCITED!!! Thanks, Summit and mostly Chris Wetiz!!! I LOVE YOU!!!


YES!! Finally something "news" worthy. Eclipse’s composer has been announced and it's the wonderful Howard Shore. I'm so impressed because the saga is getting all of these big composers. First, the amazing Alexandre Desplat, who I am a massive fan of, and now Howard Shore! Howard has scored previous films such as Big, The Silence of the Lambs, Prelude to a Kiss, Mrs. Doubtfire, Philadelphia, Se7en, Analyse This, Panic Room, Lord of the Rings 1,2&3, Aviator, The Departed, Doubt and now Eclipse. He has got some MAJOR credits, and I’m very impressed with Summit and David Slade landing such a big Hollywood director. I was totally impressed by Alexandre Desplat, but then again after the films he had scored, it didn’t surprise me. So, I’m hoping that Howard Shore can bring it, because I wouldn’t want to deliver a mediocre score behind Alexandre’s amazingly emotional heartfelt score.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Taylor Birthday Cards

There is literally no Twilight news recently, so in order for fans to get their Twilight fill, there are only fun photo manipulations, fan made trailers etc. on websites . I found some of these hilarious; they are cards from Celbs addressed to Taylors for his 18th birthday. A little early, I know because Taylor’s birthday is about a month away, but still, it's going to be a massive event in the Twilight fandom. Meaning: No more underage cast members and he will be totally legal! Well, he is already legal in Australia, for almost 2 year now, but finally he will be in America! Woo. BTW, if you didn’t notice, these are totally fabricated, and aren’t real, just so you know. Enjoy!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Commentary for New Moon

I'm so disappointed right now. Just discovered that Kristen, Rob and Taylor won't be doing the DVD commentary. I was really looking forward to that to see them all together. The Twilight DVD commentary was pretty funny, so i was gonig to imagine that this would be the same, including Taylor and Chris (and Weitzs is hilarious). Now, it's just going to be the director, Chris Weitz, and editor, Peter Lambert. Oh well, that's better than nothing. Chris will be able to give us some serious inside infomation. Still disappointed, but i'll live.

The "gift" from David

Unfortunately, that "gift" that David Slade was planning was for the Twilight fans, BUT he said he tried but it just can't be done. So disappointed, but I’m sort of glad that he didn’t want to release footage when it wasn't at its best. Which I can totally understand, because you would want it to be up to standards before you release it to the fans. But, I’m just sad because there is hardly any information out there at all. Apart from the New Moon release date that was just announced. So desperate for information. Just a poster, please David!!!

New Moon DVD Official Date

Well, it's offical, New Moon will be coming out on the 20th of March, as tweeted by Summit on the offical Twilight twitter. That date doesn't suprise me, as poster in the UK were reporting that it was going to be released on the 21st of March. Also, Twilight was released that same date last year, and it seems that Summit is releasing things pretty much the same time they did with Twilight, including the Nov 21st release date for cinemas. So excited, but i'm disappointed i won't have it for my birthday! :( Oh well, i've got the commentary, deleted scene, and extended scenes to look forward to. :) Also, it's released on a Saturday, the same as the Twilight dvd. Well, i guess Borders are going to be having release parties again this year!! Yay!! Too bad i live in Australia, and nothing like that happens here. :(

Up in the Air Review

I know this isn't very Twilight related other than Anna Kendrick being in it, but I just got back from seeing "Up in the Air", and wow. It was great!! I loved everything about it; the music, the cinematography, the acting, the cast, the director Jason Reitman, EVERYTHING!! Although my mum, who went with me didn’t think much of it, I absolutely loved it!!! I seriously think it is going to be awarded many, many awards for its brilliance.

Firstly, Anna Kendrick. She is amazing. Stand out best performance in the film. I'm not just saying that because she was in Twilight, she was legitimately awesome. Her acting was fabulous. Her speech, her tone, her posture, her facial expression, her costume, everything she did was just outstanding. Anna is going to have a very long and fulfilling career ahead of her, and I seriously mean that. I can't get over her! With a bigger role than Twilight she really got to thrive as an actress and show everyone what she is really made off. No wonder she is nominated for best supporting actress, she seriously deserves it.

The screenplay was great too. It was funnier than I thought it would be. Additionally, it's not like that stupid kind of funny you see in films like “The 40 year old Virgin” or “Harold and Kumar”, it was very intellectually witty. Which I was surprised, because it was supposed to be a very heavy drama, but that humour was needed otherwise it would have been very dry. Plus, the ending rocked! Ryan didn’t get Alex, and he was left alone. I loved that because he has isolated himself from everyone and that is the consequences of his actions. I loved it because it's more true to life, not everything goes the way they were planed, and it didn’t have that stupid Hollywood cliché, cookie-cutter end, which just made everything more perfect. That's real life, and even though it was a movie, it made it seem real because not everybody has everything sorted out by the end of the film, and our lives aren’t always perfectly concluded, like a film.

The moral of the story was hard to overlook. That moral made “Up in the Air” so different from general romantic comedy, where the guy gets the girl and everyone lives happily ever after. Not many movies have an intention other than to entertain, and are just movie shoved with crude humour and aren’t supposed to teach us anything about how we are or how we live. This film did it perfectly without becoming too preachy. Essentially the message was people are the heaviest things in out lives, but they are also the most worth while, precious things to us, and that shouldn’t be taken for granted otherwise we will end up alone, old with nobody to care about us, just like Ryan was. Sad, but it's true. Loved it!

I don't want to ramble too much because this is my Twilight blog, but I just wanted to comment on the film because it was incredible. Not very often I come out of the cinemas totally in love with everything about the film, because even Avatar and New Moon I had some issue with. But this, no, everything was great. I honestly can't think of one criticism. Jason Reitman, you are seriously incredible. Thanks for making such an amazing film. I wanted to thank all of the people behind the film, the crew. Usually you don't hear must about them, because the big actors like George Clooney are getting all of the recognition, but just got to say, Well Done. You did a great job, plus I’m totally in LOVE with Anna Kendrick!! I thought I was before, but now I’m going to see every film that she is going to do because she is just a brilliant actor, and an amazingly funny, sincere and kind person.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Green Light Breaking Dawn already!!

Everyone in the Twilight fandom are having serious withdrawals because there has been literally no news, since New Moon's release. David Slade said he is planning a New Years' Gift, so everyone is hoping its something Eclipse related but at the moment there is nothing.

So, all eyes are on Breaking Dawn. EVERYONE knows that Breaking Dawn is going to be made. There are rumours of the production period, the two films, the director and Taylor, Kristen and Rob are signed on for it, but Summit still hasn’t green lit it yet!

They aren’t going to stop at Eclipse, especially since Twilight is extremely popular, not making Breaking Dawn would anger millions of passionate fans, and Summit would lose so much money. So, it's going to happen. I just am dying for any information at all!!

Right now, I have nothing to keep my mind occupied with the lack of Twilight news, not including stupid garbage rumours like Taylor Lautner's death, Kristen and Rob's relationship, and Taylor and Taylor's relationship. Those stories are so ridiculous, but I’ll have to make do with them because David or Summit hasn’t released anything.

I know that they are hard at work, but please, just give us a still or something. Even the one-sheet!! Just please, it's been months without any new information!! Dying here, give us some information. Even if it’s the tiniest thing, the fans will be very appreciative. :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

David Slade's "Gift"

David Slade tweeted "Planning New Year's Gift..." on the 31st of December. So, of course, all Twilight fans are dying to know whether he is planning something for the fans of Twilight or not. I really hope so *cough*teasertrailer*cough* because that would be AWESOME!!! I’d even settle for the one-sheet. I remember that Chris Weitz had released the one-sheet with Robert, Kristen and Taylor while they were still filming New Moon, and then they released the teaser trailer just as principal photography had finished. As every Twilight fan is aware, Eclipse finished filming before New Moon was even released. So, I’m guessing that they aren’t going to be releasing everything as quickly as they did for New Moon, even though Eclipse is set to come out sooner than New Moon was. I'm dying of anticipation here, because the only thing which has been released to the fans is one picture of Edward and Bella in the meadow. Now, as excited as I am for that, I would love to see a still of Edward, Bella and Jacob having a really intense stare off or something cool.

It's been over a week, and nothing! So, I’m getting a little frustrated because it's supposed to be a "new year's" gift, not a close to Valentine's Day gift. So, hurry up please!! I'm desperate for any information at all!! Please, David!! Well, as much as I’m dying to see anything, I don't want them to release anything too soon, or do it half-assed because they wish to get it out quicker. That would be awful. But, can you at least give us a few still to tide us over until the teaser trailer is ready to come out. Thanks!! GO ECLIPSE!!!

Eclipse Script Leaked

YES!! Finally some actual Twilight news, rather than just stupid rumours going around. Well, for one about the script, I’m not surprised. This always happens when a movie is so big, a version of the script is bound to be leaked one way or another. Unlike the leaking of Midnight Sun, I don't think this is going to stop production of the film. It still has a June 30th release date, and if Summit want to get it finished by then, they must be hard at work and not sit there sulking over a leaked version of the scrip. Which, we don't even know how legit this is but it could just be one of the earlier drafts, and probably has many changes since then.

When the New Moon scrip leaked, everything was ok; Chris and Summit handled it very well. They just took it down, and continued on with their work, not dwelling on something that was inevitable with such a popular film as The Twilight Saga. It appears that David Slade and Summit are just doing that same thing this time around. This is very mature, not like Stephenie Meyer. I'm not saying I’m resenting Stephenie just because of her action resulting from the Midnight Sun leak, I just thought she could of handled it better. I understand that she was upset, but come on; it's been over two years. Get over it already. Sorry, Steph, I love you and all but it's getting to the point where I don’t think Midnight Sun will come out until all of the films are completed.

Anyway, Summit is denying that this scrip is legitimate. I'm not to sure whether it is or not, but it does look very real. Since I have only read the first two pages, I didn’t want to read anymore because that would be condoning the distribution of private property, which is illegal and would ruin my reception concept of Eclipse. I don't want to taint my experience, because some loser has leaked a possibly early copy of the script. That's beside the point, what kind of fan would I be if I was reading something that wasn’t supposed to be released, and could potentially tell me everything in the film. The point of going to see Eclipse is to see how true it is to the book. Now, if you read the scrip before seeing the film, then it's not nearly going to be as exciting.

I don't want to look at private material that is Summit's property. I mean, they are creating the films for us; the fans! I don't want to anger Summit because they have been pretty nice to us, like when the ComicCon videos were leaked when everyone there was specifically warned numerous times not to record them, but Summit just let it go, and let all of the fans who couldn’t be at ComicCon enjoy them from YouTube. I don't want to do anything to Summit that would possibly make them not do anything like that in the future. Being respectful of Summit may make them feel more generous towards the fans, and give us extra bonus and information, which is much more exciting and enthralling that reading an unauthorised version of the script.

There have been some articles claiming that Jackson Rathbone is in a lot of trouble from Summit for leaking the script, as his name is watermarked across the pages. However, chances are Jackson Rathbone didn’t do it! He is a professional actor, and such a nice guy. I can't see him doing anything like that to Summit. Jackson must have had the scrip on his computer, or stupidly left it lying around, and someone got their hands on it, and then leaked it. Jackson wouldn’t endanger his job by doing something like this. It just seems very out of character, because he is such a cool guy. So, don't blame Jackson. I bet what happened is that somebody hacked his computer, then sent it out via Twitter. That is the most realistic situation that I can conjure. Don’t blame him, it’s not Jackson fault!