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Hey, I'm a massive Twilight Fan, and thanks to my friends being fed up with having to listern to my non-stop chattering about Twilight, i decided to create a blog for myself to just vent and document my twilight obsession!! I'm current studying journalism and have aspiration to become one, so why not write about something as awesome as the Twilight Saga!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jasper graduating??

I was confused as to why Jackson Rathbone was at the set when they were filming the graduation scene. I even saw pictures of him decked out in a yellow robe and a cap. I finally discovered why Chris Weitz is making Jasper graduate the same time that Bella did.

In the books, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett are all Seniors, so they graduated before Bella, Edward and Alice do. However, in Catherine Hardwicke's adaption, when Bella went on that excursion with her junior class, Jasper and Alice were there. Therefore, making Jasper, Alice, Edward and Bella all in the same junior year. Rosalie and Emmett weren't there, so they were seniors in the film. It would mess up the continuity of the films in Jasper didn't graduate the same time, as his class mates.

They could have made him skip ahead because he is smart and everything. But it would be too hard to fit it into the script, when it isn't essential. It would just be easier to just make him graduate with Bella, Edward and Alice. This time, that also makes Jasper get more screen time, which is good. As he probably had maybe 5 lines in Twilight.

Visual Dominance

I'm currently studying Media Units 3&4 at school, and recently just finished the area of study involving film composition. Just now something came to my attention. Concerning the left-right dominance technique that is used, it has happened allot in New Moon. Just looking though stills, i only just noticed it now. Wow, what i bad student i am.

Here Bella is on the left because she is the protagonist, and its basically Bella story. Edward is present of the right, because he isn't the main character, however, his height above Bella and he is wearing darker clothing shows that he has even dominance because it sort of equals them out. Showing them that they have an relationship together; both equals, well sort of.

Bella has the dominance here because she is the protagonist because she occupies the left hand side of the screen. Laurent is on the right, however, he is taller on the screen. This represent his trying to overpower Bella so that he can kill her. Laurent is displayed in this shot as a threat, because he is looking down at Bella. Obviously, that tires in with the plot because he wants to eat her.
Bella once again is on the left basically because, again she is the main character and Twilight is about her. Jacob is on the right, because he isn't as dominant as Bella. However, his height on the screen, shows him trying to be protective of Bella, and take over the dominance so she won't hurt herself.
Bella is the main protagonist, so she has dominance here. However, Edward is on the right, and is dressed in dark fabric, and is taller on the screen. This represents Edward trying to force Bella into believing him that he doesn't want her anymore. Edward has the power to basically break Bella in two which is why he is displayed as having equal power and dominance; each one of them can break the other, Which is so sad.

However, Bella is the main protagonist, but she doesn't have much dominance in this shot. Jacob, is on the left and is taller than Bella. Bella is also dressed in very light colours, which don't hold much dominance. This is because Jacob is a werewolf and he is always there to protect Bella. Bella would literally crumble if Jake wasn't there, holding her together and trying to get her past what Edward did when he left.

In this still, Carlisle has dominance over Bella. This is because Carlisle has lived many, many more years than Bella, he is a doctor and he is male. Representations of male characters generally have more power and dominance because the men have been known to take care of the women they know.Bella is hurt in this picture which makes her vulnerable, which Carlisle stays calm and can help her because of his occupation. Bella is sort of crouching on the ground, while Carlisle in gently kneeling, which places him higher on the screen, signifying more dominance than Bella. Emphasizing this is also the colour of his clothes, Carlisle is dressed from head to toe in black, meanwhile Bella is dressed in a dark green. Darker colours hold more dominance than light. Although dark green is a dominant colour, Carlisle black clothing has more dominance and power than Bella.

Tyler Shields photoshoots

Photographer and director Tyler Shields is very well known for his art. He has his work published on his website, and he is very famous for having collabarative works with celebrities. Some of the people he has worked with are :

"my chemical romance, brittany snow, rainn wilson, juno temple, ryan eggold, jessica stroup, dominic purcell, daniel day kim, matt dallas, kelli garner, jess weixler, jamie lynn sigler, adam brody, brittany snow, gary busey, tatiana ali, ben foster, bijou phillips, perez hilton, meiko, john hensley, jason mewes, marshal allman, justin baldoni, hollywood undead, sara jones, mickey avalon, steve aoki,the rakes, gerard way, the sounds, hot hot heat, forbidden, tila tequila, jefree star, shane west, arron paul, timothy busfield, lindsey troy, josh radin, cary brothers, Scott Mechlowicz, peaches,ashton holmes, varuca salt,warrant, a.j. mclean, caroline damore, taryn manning, thom bishops, lee arenberg, taking back sunday, cobie smulders, brendan fehr, summer glau, daniel franzese, whitey, seether, ultra violet, josh henderson, jonathan tucker, cameron richardson,The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, serj tankian, linda cardellini, leven rambin, zelda williams, dj qualls, plushgun, virginia coalition, imogen poots, ashley greene, haley bennett, paul scheer, nikki reed and many more"

That was the list taken of his website. You get the picture that he was worked with many, many celebrities. He has worked with some of the cast of Twilight. Tyler has shot with Edi Gathegi, Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, and most recently Alex Meraz. Is this a sort of tradition forming? I love Tyler's work, i think he is very talented. I would love for him to work with other Twilight cast members, particuarly Kristen Stewart, Peter Facinelli, Mike Welch, Taylor Lautner and Jackson Rathbone. That would be seriously awesome. I really hope the his connections with the cast, help him produce more photography with other cast members, who wouldn't normal do something like that. Awesome, check out his work at his website, here.

David Slade and Taylor

OMG!! David Slade tweeted today this gorgeous picture of Taylor that he took during the early lighting tests in pre-production. David Slade takes amazing pictures, the composition is beautiful. The lighting, the make-up, the angle; just the whole simplicity of it. Also, Taylor's expression is heartbreakingly beautiful. He looks hurt, defensive, vulnerable, angry and in serious pain but he is trying to hide it with that mask he tries to wear. Stunning. This picture very obviously displays Taylor's understanding of Jacob' emotions and who he is as a character. It's a very authentic, natural and honest photo.

I hope his acting ability comes through in New Moon and Eclipse, like it does in this picture; because there is so much emotional depth depicted here. David Slade takes very beautiful pictures. The simplicity, and rawness of the still really displays his talent. Taylor is essentially wearing no make-up, you can see all of his face; Freckles, lines, scars, his pores and his hair on his upper lip. David Slade didn't cake his face with make-up, trying to hide it. This picture isn't sexy or hot, like photo shoots try to dress up their actors and make them look perfect. It's so much better than one of those shallow photoshoots ; this picture is very emotionally powerful, and just visually stimulating because its real and very fresh.

This shot is very visually, cinematically, artistically, and emotionally beautiful. Just by the rawness, the contemporary feel, and it doesn't have that fake showbiz feel, when they photoshop everything to make it look perfect. The whole point of this picture is that Taylor is perfect the way he is, without having people try to make him like a airbrushed model. I absolutely love this picture. I guess it's true that a picture can speak a thousand words. Phenomenal David. I hope your obvious visual talent comes across in Eclipse, as it's my favourite book in the saga.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Non-Twilight fans ignorance!!

It really irritates me when non-Twilight fans say how horrible and bad Twilight is, and they havn't even read the books!! Judging Twilight just because it's a popular book that was adapted into a film, isn't enough justification to hate it. However, when reporters and journalist don't have a clue what they are talking about, when they interview the cast, it's mildly offensive and rude to the stars. And not only that, it's disappointing because the saga the so great. They are reporting and pretending to know what they are talking about. It's very disrespectful to the fans, and most of all, Stephenie Meyer.

I was on some Twilight fans sites and was looking at some magazine scans about Twilight. Just to get an idea of what they were saying about Kristen, Robert, Taylor and the cast. I saw shocked to see that lots of articles were printing false information. Yeah, sometimes that happens with "who's-dating-who" articles. But the mistakes weren't even that!! They were simple things, Like names even. Before interview a star, you would think that they would do their research. At least go onto wikipedia, or something to get some information. Even if its just the plot.

Tons and tons of Twilight fans would kill to be able to talk one-on-one with Robert, Kristen, Taylor, Kellan, Peter or any of the cast. These reporters interview them, and some don't even know about Twilight. They can't even get the actors names right, when they probably had them printed right in front of them. I would be offended if i turned up to a interview and someone called me by the wrong name. It's rude. They probably don't mean to do it, but it's still unprofessional.

These are some of the embarrassing publications : Things like wrong names, Bella Snow is printed twice, profiles which say that Chaske Spenser is playing a character named Lakota, and fan photoshopped pictures are being displayed as pictures that Summit has released. It's not only gossip magazine that were doing it. When Robert and Taylor were on the Tyra Bank's show Robert name was printed as "Edward Pattinson". Umm, what? Myspace did it too, to Taylor. His name was printed as "Tyler Lautner". Seriously, they can't even get their names right.

If any non-twilight fans actually gave it a chance, they will enjoy it. I've never meet anyone who has read it and didn't like it. They are just living of their prejudices that because everyone likes it, they don't want to follow the crowd. Also, Harry Potter fans are always saying it's crap, because its has been compared to Harry Potter. They won't read it because they feel threatened because people just used to like Harry Potter, and now they are liking Twilight, too. So they may feel like its taking over Harry Potter's fandom. And that is stupid and juvenile. Anyway, reporters should actually do their research, and not remain ignorant. Then they might actually like the books and appreciate being able to interview these talented actors and actresses, and not make idiots of themselves, because Twilight fans can tell when a reporter or journalist isn't a fan.

Kristen's wig for Eclipse

I must say, the wig that Kristen's wearing for Eclipse looks pretty good. In the wake of her Joan Jett black mullet, anything would look good. Bella's hair looks about the same colour as it did in Twilight. In New Moon, its sorta got red though it, but that's OK. In Twilight, Mike Newton does comment on how her hair has red in it, when she is in the sun. La Push is sunny and bright, so it makes sense for there to be a little bit red.

Only i have two issues with this new wig. One, it looks like a wig. It's just that the roots don't look natural, it doesn't bother me because it's a huge improvement from her Joan Jett hair. And the other thing is that it looks frizzy; in Twilight and the beginning of New Moon (before Bella hair went crazy because she didn't even bother to do it), it wasn't frizzy at all. Obviously it would be impossible to get it exactly the same consistently, though-out the entire saga, because there are different wigs, and consequences for the hair, evident when Kristen chopped her hair off.

Twilight she had her own hair,with extensions. New Moon was her hair with extensions too. Eclipse, she couldn't have her hair with extension, that would looks weird. But other than that, its pretty good. It looks the same colour and the same length. Overall, I'm quite happy with it. Oh and btw, I'm really pleased that they kept the graduation outfits yellow, just like it was in the book!! Yay!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Twilight Interviews

Why does it seem that from all of the cast, the only member who can give a great interview is Taylor Lautner? Some of the other cast give good interviews like Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Michael Welch, Peter Facinelli, and a few others, but apart from that; they suck!

Robert Pattinson is horrible at interviews. As much as i love Rob, did anyone see him at ComicCon? He looked like he was trying to hide under the table the entire time. Uncomfortable was written all over his face, and you could barely hear him. Not because of the thousands of screaming fans, but because he is horrible at interviews. Even in quite one-on-one interviews he can barely talk. He stutters allot, starts to say something and stops half way, and always uncomfortably always run his fingers through his hair while laughing embarrassingly. It's really hard to get anything out of him.

And it isn't only Rob, Kristen is awful too. She can barely string together a coherent sentence. She is always trailing off mid-thought and mid-sentence, and starts to say something else before finishing her original sentence. Kristen also has this issue of looking like she would rather be anywhere else in the world, than in that interview. Well, that may be true, however, its her job. She is an actor, so maybe she should try acting a little more polite and just suck it up, and stop with the attitude. Also, in some interviews i have seen, Kristen seriously looked like she has just smoken something, she was so high. She was incoherent, mumbling, could hold a thought long enough to say it, constantly running her fingers though her hair, and just looking like her head was some where else.

Taylor on the other hand, is great at interviews. I don't know where he learnt to be interviewed like that, but maybe he should give Kristen and Rob some tips. He is friendly, nice, polite, and is always smiling and laughing. He answers questions very articulately, and intelligently. He acts so mature, more so than your average 17 year old. He is very, very good at even avoiding embarrassing question, or question about personal life that he would rather not answer.Taylor always gets asked to flash his ab's, but he just coolly answers as if it were any other question. There was a reporter from Access Hollywood interviewing him at the MTV Movie Awards, she asked him about his relationship with Selena Gomez. Taylor answered very smoothly and quickly without even hesitating, or having to think about it. He was polite as well, it wasn't rude at all. Taylor's just a very smooth talker.

I think that Kristen and Rob seriously need to get some skills at how to be interviewed, because every time i watch them, i just cringe. Watching there interviews are just awkward, and i feel like i don't want to watch them, because they are so bad. However, during that Entertainment Weekly that Kristen did with Taylor, a few weeks ago, Kristen seemed much better. She was relaxed, and she actually smiled and laughed during the interview,OMG. She seemed more giddy, and playful rather that the incoherent mess she normally is. Maybe Taylor brings out a different side of her when they are together. Rob and Kristen have such a similar feel to them, awkward and seriously uncomfortable. Kristen and Taylor's relationship is so much like Bella and Jake. Awwww, i really hope this comes across on screen.

Official Volturi pictures!!!

Yay!! They look so amazing!! Nothing really to say, I'm so happy. apart from Caius' hair, i thought it would be long, same with Aro's. Other than that, PERFECTION!!

Wow, I'm really liking all of there clothes. But my favourite is the make-up. Their skin looks very fragile and has a very different texture than the Cullens. Bella notices Aro's strange skin and almost wants to ask to touch it, just to compare it to the Cullen's perfectly smooth skin.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Volturi pictures!!! About time Summit

FINALLY!! Omfg, I'm so excited right now. Thank god for my math test tomorrow. I was in bed, but decided to get up and go a matrices activity online. No biggie, however when i just randomly decided to open while i was up, just to see if there have been any fan encounters or anything.

The first thing i see is a title that says "New Moon Movie Stills: Meet the Volturi!" OMG!! I went crazy. People Magazine have a exclusives look at the Volturi, there are three pictures. One of Jane opening the doors to the Volturi lair followed by Edward, Bella, Alice, Demetri and Felix, though they are kinda hard to see; as they are hidden behind the other characters. Second, is a shot of Demetri, with his hands around Alice's neck. Lastly, there is a shot or Aro, Caius sitting on their throne with Alec standing on the right of them.

I love these pictures soo much, but firstly Jane. Wow, she looks really creepy. Her most prominent feature is her blood red eyes. Also, she is dressed totally is black, and in addition to her pale blood-less skin; it makes them more obvious. She looks great!! I would seriously run the other direction if i was Bella. In this shot, she is leading Felix, Demetri, Alice, Bella and Edward into the Volturi lair. She looks very powerful, and dominate in this shot. Her face is expressionless, although it sort of looks like she is glaring. Dakota Fanning looks amazing, however i did imagine Jane's hair to be down not pulled back. Other than that difference, she is exactly what i imagined her to be; Small, dangerous, creepy, and powerful.

The still of Demetri and Alice is awesome!! Demetri looks very serious and intense, and Alice looks a little scared and is trying to stay calm. I wonder what's happening here. My best guess would be when Jane is hurting Edward, Alice tries to interfere and Demetri is restraining her. That's why she is scared; scared that Edward is being tortured by Jane and she is worried that is very painful for him. That's the only thing i can think off, hmmmm. But it could be something to do with Bella, because Alice loves her to death. Maybe someone said something about how tasty she would be and Alice is shocked. But i still think it would be Edward being hurt by Jane. I love how Demetri looks here; very sexy.I love their clothes, Bella comments on how that some of the guard were wearing just normal clothes, that can transcends generations. Those clothes are probably from another century, or they stole them off their victims; that would be really cool. Only one criticism, are Demetri's lips a little too pink?? hmmm, maybe its only me.

The last picture of Aro, Cauis and Alec is amazing. Chris Weitz, i officially love you. I'll start off with Aro, wow. Michale Sheen is so perfect for this role. He looks almost exactly what i thought Aro was going to look like. His hair is PERFECT!!! We cant see it in this shot, but i hope it goes half way down his back like it did in the book. His clothing is different from the book; in the book, all of the Volturi were wearing long black cloaks. I'm sorta glad they changed it, because it would be more cliche if they were wearing cloaks. Aro is dressed in head to toe black, simple. It also plays up how pale his skin in, and how dark is hair is too. Up close, i think his eyes are going to be petrifying, just like Jane's.

Just gotta say it, love the thrones. They look very nostalgic and important, they have the feeling of power. They sort of resemble a King and Queen's thrones. It makes them look very powerful, and royal. That's exactly how Edward describes them.I noticed that Aro throne is a bit bigger than Caius'; because Aro is the head of the three, and he sits in the middle of Marcus and Caius. Love it. Cauis looks wicked. Man, Jamie Campbell Bower is a great Caius. He is wearing head-to-toe black, with a red scarf; maybe he stole it from one of his victim's that was wearing it for St. Marcus Day. Awesome. I love that they made his hair looks very blond, like peroxide blond. He is sitting down, and he looks really pissed off. Yes!! I'm glad that they kept him like that!

Lastly Alec, he is standing next to Caius, dressed in head-to-toe black as well. He looks good, his clothing resembles Jane slightly, well, they are twins. However, his hair is brown. I'm confused, they were supposed to be twins, basically the same in everything. I know not all twins are supposed to be identical, but Jane and Alec were. Bella could only tell them apart because of their lips, eye shape and i think that's it. Oh well, some thing in movies need to change. I'm not bothered by it, i just thought it would be cool if they looked more similar.

Oh, and some comments on New Moon, are saying that in the books ,the Voturi were supposed to be hungry when Bella was brought there. That, and the fact that when Bella was leaving, those bunch of tourists were being taken to the Volturi lair for a feast. But i understand why they did it. One, it was to make them looks more evil!! Because seriously, those red eyes freak me out. Two, it was to create a contrast between the Cullens and the Voturi; meaning, Good vs. Evil. It's very obvious the distinction between the two different types of Vampires. Just for a visual perspective, it looks better if their eyes are red, rather than black.Then it would just look like, Edwards eyes the first time he saw Bella in the cafeteria. Overall, i love the pictures!! Chris Weitz, i cant say it enough, i love you!! And Summit; ITS ABOUT TIME!!! Everyone has been waiting for these pictures for EVER!!! Thanks.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Moon screening for Cast..

During the last two week or so, the entirety of the cast of Twilight have seen the rough cut of New Moon!! Edi Gathegi twittered about it, he saw it first, with Stephenie Meyer!!! And just a day or two ago, Peter Facinelli twittered that he has seen it too. Of course, the rest of the cast have probably seen it, but just don't have twitter accounts to mention it.

Lainey Gossip have reported (and i don't know how accurate this is) :

"Weitz was asked about the private screening for the cast etc that took place last weekend. It was a rough, unedited cut of New Moon. No score, obviously still requiring a lot of work. But he talked passionately about how impressed he was with his young actors. That they could all stand up next to the veterans he’s worked with. Said they were all amazing, surprised at how well they performed, and singled out Taylor Lautner as the one with the most potential out of them all."

So, if the score hasn't been set to the movie yet, that means it probably isn't finished yet. I'm assuming that the music we heard from the trailer was some of Alexandre Desplat's score for New Moon, and that the entire score just isn't completed at the moment. From the trailer, the two quick clips at ComicCon and the sneak peek before Bandslam, I'm loving his work!! Because he is very talented, just some of the films he has done prior to New Moon are very impressive. Check him out on IMDB here.

Chris Weitz singled out Taylor Lautner, of all the other actors (including Michael Sheen, Dakota Fanning), saying that his performance was amazing and that he showed the most potential!! I can't wait to see Taylor's performance. In Twilight, he didn't really get to display his acting ability, because Jacob in Twilight isn't a complex character. He is just a young teenager who gets a crush on a girl. Also, he only had like literally 6 minutes in the film, and you couldn't really do much with that.

I just hope he is a good actor. I don't want to say he is amazingly talented and fabulous, without actually seeing a performance, because i wouldn't be judging his acting; that would be judging the possibility of his acting skills from his personality. I love Taylor, he is so nice, enthusiastic, passionate, committed and dedicated to the saga. However, i wouldn't call him a good actor, essentially because i haven't seen anything legitimate to judge him on. And no, Shark Boy and Lava Girl doesn't count! Hope Chris Weitz is right about him, although i have the feeling he may be telling the truth. I have kinda seen some of his acting ability from that sneak peek at ComicCon. In that one shot, when Bella tells Jake that he is "sorta beautiful", that expression on his face is really good! Awww.

The cast is so lucky. Firstly, for actually being in the films!! So jealous. In addition, for seeing a screening already. But, i think I'll wait to see the final product, than some rough, cut version without music and the score and everything!! It would be much better to wait, and see New Moon, when it's at it's best! Is is November yet? Chris Weitz, I'm dying here!! Oh, and pictures of Chris Weitz,his wife and his son, were taken. I must say, his wife is gorgeous and his little boy is adorable.

The Lainey Gossip article cant be seen here:
Chris Weitz in Vancouver with family and New Moon screening details

Friday, August 21, 2009

New Alice Cullen Pic!!

I just saw this new picture of Ashley Greene dressed as Alice Cullen tonight. I'm not really sure if it's a still from the movie, or just a picture, but either way; i like what i see.

She looks styling. Finally, Alice's wardrobe is closer to what i imagined Alice's to be like. It makes her look, unique, sassy and fashionable, without going over the top! The Cullen's are supposed to be trying to blend in, but of course they stand out; they're the Cullen's. I'm sure Alice would be the only person who would be able to wear that and pull it off, she looks so adorable!!

Her hair and make-up are significantly better since Twilight. She actually looks pale, but not unnaturally so. In Twilight, the make-up artist looked like she had just smeared plaster on Ashley's face, but this time, they opted for normal make-up!! Just looks so much better. She looks pale, but just has a very genuine look to it. Also, her wig looks amazing! It's black, for a start, and its short and spiky, like it was originally supposed to be. And, I'm loving her new fringe, the one from Twilight was awful, like her brother had tried to cut her hair and it went horribly wrong.

I'm pretty sure this scene is on the morning of Bella's birthday, when Alice is waiting at school for her, with a present. Backing up my theory, Alice is holding a large gift in her left hand. Also, Jasper isn't with her, because all of the scary Cullen's, Rosalie, Emmett, and Jasper, according to the humans, had graduated already.

The calendar that was released, a little while ago, had a picture of Alice, wearing the same outfit. It supports my previous speculation that this is the scene before the Cullen's leave for school. I think this because Alice is wearing the same clothing, Jasper is there when he has already graduated from high school, and they didn't wear these clothes in the birthday scene, which was shown in the first official trailer. They were all wearing evening wear! Probably Alice's idea, to dress everyone up!!! Awwww.

And a plus, check out Alice eyes when you look at the picture closer; man, are they really golden. Thanks, Chris. I'm loving the wardrobe, make-up, hair, and the contacts!!! But, I've already mentioned that before!!

Overall, i think Alice looks so much better than she did in Twilight. Her clothing in Twilight wasn't good. Catherine and the Twilight wardrobe department, had Alice dressed as sort of a vintage, hippie, chick. And that isn't Alice!! Alice is the shopaholic with a credit card!! She lives for fashion and designer labels!! Alice could probably name almost ever major designer in however many years she has lived for. That didn't really come across in Twilight, when she was dressed the way she was. I know, they didn't have the largest budget, and New Moon's budget is bigger, but they still could have had a better costumes for her!

So excited for New Moon!! Bring it on, only 90 days left!! Oh, and BTW, Edi Gathegi has tweeted that he has already watched New Moon, with Stephenie Meyer!! OMG!! And that the cast in Vancouver have gotten together, and watched it too!! This is seriously making me anxious, in a good way. Is is November yet??

Strange Twilight merchandise....again!!

I was just on Confessions of a TwiCrack Addict, which is a awesome fan site, and i saw an Edward Cullen shower curtain. No, joke!! I was like, omg, this is why people who arn't fans of Twilight think most of us a freaks! Umm... it would be uncomfortable if i was having a shower, and Edward Cullen was staring at me the entire time!! Well, sort of.

Seriously, this merchandise is getting ridiculous! I did a blog a couple of weeks ago about this (get it here), and it's only getting worse! They are making Twilight look like total sell-outs!! But seriously, what Twilight fan would actually buy this? Actually, maybe i don't want to know.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Eclipse scenes that are a must!!!

Twilighters, bring on "The Twilight Saga : Eclipse"!!! Production and principal photography basically starts in approximately 42 hours!! I know, I'm seriously excited!!

Majority of the cast have been in Vancouver for about a week and a half preparing for shooting. The cast have been training hardcore for the "intense fight scene", Ashley Greene has dubbed it, at the end of Eclipse. They have had personal trainers and Choreographers training them all week, trying to get them to learn and perfect the routine before they start shooting, and just getting their fitness levels elevated so they don't get tired doing it a million times.Peter Facinelli has been twittering about the training, its been quite funny.

Anyway, that fight scene is going to have some high expectations, I'm dying to see some action; werewolves and vampires fighting against furious, blood-thirsty new-born's!! Awesome!! Plus, as i mentioned before Eclipse is my favourite book, just because of the plot, and there are so many good quotes and scenes. I can wait to see how it is portrayed on the screen.

Some of my favourite scenes that i cant wait to see in the film are:

The scene where Jacob kisses Bella, then she punches him in the face and breaks her hand!! That is going to be hilarious!! Jake's all happy and bubbly because he got to kiss Bella, while she is totally the opposite. Shes' pissed off because Jacob kisses her when she didn't want him to and she broke her hand trying to get pay-back!! Funny!

And definitely when Jacob rocks up to Bella's school, and him and Edward have a total show-down. Lol, and everyone is taking bets, Edward vs. that big Quileute guy!! Awesome, and Jacob has to look all dangerous, leaning against this black bike with grease smeared ripped jeans and a tight black top! Hot as!! Edwards always hot, so it doesn't need to be mentioned :).

The fight scene!!! We didn't see any of it but a few little bits of information though Edward, but actually seeing the newborns fighting with the Cullens and the Wolves. It would be awesome to see Leah trying to take of that vampire alone to prove she's just as tough as the boys, and Jacob gets hurt saving her!! That would look so cool, but man, those CGI wolves will be so much more awesome in Eclipse. I don't want to judge yet, as i haven't even seen New Moon, but its going to look cool.

The tent scene, is one of my favourites in the whole saga!! I cant wait to see this!! It's also the scene that Taylor is most looking forward to doing!! lol Jacob in a sleeping bag with Bella, while Edward watches enviously from the corner lol. Awesome. I thought it was really funny when like Jacob is fantasising about Bella with Edward there reading this thoughts!! Awkward lol. It's going to be an awesome scene. So excited. Plus, it has the best dialogue from Jake and Edward.

When Bella is kidnapped by Alice, while Edward is away hunting. Bella gets seriously pissed of when she is held prisoner!! "Angry grizzly bears are going to look tame" compared to Bella when Edward gets home, she yells down the phone to Edwards voicemail. Cool as! Plus Alice playing Barbie with Bella, painiting her toes, watching chick-flicks etc, when all she wants to do is go home!! and Bella's face when Alice takes her to Edwards room, and there is this massive bed that he bought for her!! Lol, it makes her so mad!!

The whole chapter of "Compromise". That consists of Bella having a whole night alone with Edward, her trying to convince him to have sex with her, their negotiations about the time she will be turned and when they will actually have sex, and the proposal!! OMG!! all of that stuff better be in the film!! Awww, i totally love that chapter!! One of the best.

Jacob coming to Bella's school and sneaking her away from Alice. LOL, and Jake takes her to the reservation, on Quileute lands where Alice cant come and get her back. Also, Alice cant see what the wolves are going to do, so she couldn't see Jacob coming. It's gonna be funny to see Alice's face as she watches Bella speed away on the back of Jake's bike. ha ha.

The flashback scenes which show up Rosalie's and Jasper's background! I'm so excited to see Rosalie before she was all bitter and cynical, and was young,happy and in love. Human Rosalie is should be very different from the Rosalie that everyone loves to hate. And Jasper, Wow!! That is going to be cool. In his war uniform, and the new-born wars with Maria and all of the other vampires, that's going to be so exciting. I wonder what David Slade is going to do about Jasper's scars!! Hmmmm.

Or when Bella says goodbye to Jacob, while he is totally stuck in bed due to the new-born vampire attack!! That is going to make me cry so much, because i really can sympathise with Jake, and i feel really sorry for him. Yeah, he can be a jerk sometimes, but i always forgive him. I wonder how Kristen is going to portray that?? Hmmm, she better have some more emotion on her face than she did in Twilight!! Taylor's going to rip my heart out! Cant wait to see it. It's going to be such an emotional scene for team jacobers!! Soz, I'm Switz!!

It's gonna be awesome when Alice gets totally upset because she saw Bella sneaking away to Vegas to get married without inviting her! And she totally guilt trips Bella into letter her plan her wedding. I reckon its funny that Alice already had a dress made and she was yelling at Edward to stay out of her head while she shows Bella the dress! Awww... that is so cute!!

There are tons more that i love like Jacob explaining Quill's and Sam's imprinting, Bella graduation and her grad party where Jake, Quil and Embry crash. He he and lots more. It's the best book and i hope is translates into an amazing movie.

PS. That date of the Eclipse poster is totally wrong. Eclipse is released in cinemas on the 30th June 2010!!!

Twilight Internationally.. SUCKS!!!! :(

In America, you get basically everything when it has been advertised as!! In England, Australia, New Zealand and other countries, everything is delayed. It sucks so bad!!! Personally, I'm from Australia, and i hear about news updates when i wake up in the morning. It sucks, because while everyone in America is awake and posting things during the day, and its night time in Australia and we don't get anything until like 24 hours after its released.

It's not only news updates and cast sightings around Vancouver and everything, its the movie releases,merchandise and the release of the books too. I was waiting forever for Breaking Dawn to be released. I couldn't go on the Internet because everyone in America had already read it and were posting about it, spoilers too. I got so fed up that i actually bought it online and had it shipped from America, just so i could read it.

Twilight the movie was released in America, as everyone is aware of, on the 21st of November 2008. Same deal, could go onto any gossip sites or fan sites because everyone had been to midnight showings of it, and were posting their reviews, what they liked and disliked. In, Australia, Twilight was released on the 11st of December!!1 It was hell, waiting around for it when everyone else had already seen it.

I was almost considering using some of the money i saved for my holiday, flying into LA, getting a hotel, watching Twilight, then flying home the next day, with all of my Twilight obsessed besties. I didn't end up doing that, because i reasoned with myself that it was just a movie, i already knew the plot and that it was ridiculous to fly to another country because i couldn't wait like 2 and a half weeks.

What Summit should really do, is have all of the releases worldwide on the same day, so that people in other countries, who are just as obsessed with Twilight as the people in America, can see it at the same time. I really feel for the fans who live in Germany, as the New Moon release date is the 6th of January 2010!!! Wow, they will be waiting around to see it, while the rest of the world has seen it months ago!! Its totally unfair!

However, the release date in Australia is 19th of November, so I'm not upset about having to wait ages to just see the movie!! I can empathise with other countries that arn't fortunate enough to see the movie the same time as everyone else. And anyway, whoever sets these release dates, why do you have to have them all so different?? cant you just have 1 release date worldwide, so that all the different countries have some equality!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Moon Official Trailer, before BandSlam!!

OK, i just watched the New Moon trailer that was previewed before Brandslam, another film that is produced by Summit Entertainment. I just about had a heart attack, its was sooo AMAZING!!!! Twilight looks awful in comparison to New Moon. I'm loving me some Chris Weitz at the moment.

The first shot is an areal shot of First Beach at La Push, you know, it was the same shot that was used in the first teaser trailer. Then, you hear Jake's voice over saying, "Have you ever had a secret, you couldn't tell anyone?", while the visual changes to a shot of Bella in the motorcycle scene. Next, there is a quick 2 second shot of Bella kissing Edward, obviously at the reunion scene, because Edward is shirtless and frankly looks like crap.

Then, something seriously strange happens. Taylor in a interview comes up on the screen and starts talking about New Moon. I was like, say what? This is a trailer!! Why is Taylor there?? Anyhoo, he starts talking about how New Moon is more complicated than Twilight. The next few shots is basically the Edward break-up scene that everyone saw in the teaser. Taylor pops up on the screen again, talking about Bella's depression when Edward leaves and Jake's warmth pulls her out of it. It happens alot during the trailer, so i just wont mention it anymore.While he is saying that, there are two shots shot playing out. A mid shot of Bella and Jake walking on the beach, and a long shot of them continuing that scene.

Jacob and Bella are now on the screen at Jake's house in La Push. He hugs her and spins her around while she is still in his arms. It totally looks like it was taken straight from the book!! Exactly as i pictured it. Jake's voice over comes back again with him telling Bella, "I know what he did to you. But Bella, i won't ever hurt you." While this is occurring, a few shots of Bella with contemplative expressions playing across her face are shown. Then, after that, comes a few shots of the bike riding scene that was played at ComicCon, with Jake soaking up Bella's blood with his t-shirt while she complements him by stating that "You're sorta beautiful."

Then, a very buff, shirtless Jake jumps out of Bella's window, and lands stably on his two feet, looking athletic and very sexy. Followed by another shirtless shot of Jake just standing up. "Be careful, those things are actually heavy" Bella informs Jake as he nonchalantly lifts them out of the back of her truck in that shot. LOL, he just looks at her as she realises how strong he really is. Next, is more footage from the motorcycle scene.

Out of nowhere, four big,half-naked,sexy Indians walk up to Bella looking angry. As they approach Bella, she shoves Sam with her two hands demanding in a strong voice, "What did you do to him?" Obviously referring to Jacob. There is a really awesome shot of a furious glare and a growl from Paul, while Sam restrains him with his arm, reciting "EASY!!"". It must be Quileute, that is so cool. Chirs Weitz has been talking about the next part of the film at ComicCon, informing us that Taylor did the stunt by himself, without his double, of him flinging himself though Bella's window. I must say, it does look impressive.

Then, Jake lands firmly on his feet inside Bella's room, and he goes to embrace Bella, who frankly, looks totally shocked, upset and distant. Oh, and he is shirtless in this scene,too. Which i really love, because that's how he was in the book. After those shots, its a few shots from the Voltera scene, where its St.Marcus' day, and there are all of these red cloaks, and Bella just running though the crowd. OMG!! Next we get a really really quick shot of Jane!!! Yes, Jane. Creepy, psychopath, that intentionally inflicts pain on everyone else. Awesome.

Laurent graces the screen next with him sniffing the air, very close to Bella face. Obviously, getting her scent, before feeding on her. All of the next shot are really quick, most only 1 second long. But, we do get to see inside the Volturi's lair. I'm assuming Jane, you cant see because they are wearing a cloak, walking into the room. It's a tracking shot, looks really cool. You can kinda see one of the Volturi, but it's too far away to see whether its Caius or Marcus. I'm imagining Aro would be in the centre, so i don't think its him.

Blue water flashes across the screen, and we see Bella in the water. Yes!! The cliff diving scene. It's basically just Bella kicking around in the water, and Victoria swimming there too. Ohhh. And the shot after that is Victoria jumping though the tree. Awww, Rachelle. Gonna miss you. OMG!! We get a massively quick shot of Bella and Jake's almost kiss. However, it looks like they are in her bedroom, and it actually took place in the kitchen. I don't care still looks fabulous.

Edward, then flashes on the screen for like 1 second, wearing a read cloak. Boom! Another flash and Victoria is on the screen. Another flash, and Bella is turning to run away from someone or something. Then, Jake jumps over the back deck of his house, while Bella is running towards him screaming, "Jake! Run!" at the top of her lungs. Then, Jake fursplodes and lands on his paws. The screen, then turns black, and "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" appears on the screen. Then a short shot of Jake in a black T-shirt says "Don't get me upset", while evidently straining to keep control. He is talking while his jaw is clenched shut, staring intently at someone. Who is unknown. Then, i think it's funny because the screen go black again, and up pops the date of the release, and under it, it says GoTeamJacob.Com!! Haha.

And if you go to that site, it's actually directed to the official movie site. I thought that was really funny of Summit to do that, get Team Edward a little but angry, because there was hardly any of him in the trailer/sneak peak. LOL!! They got a sense of humor. DW, I'm Team Switz. :) I thought it looked so much better, and as i was watching it, i was subconsciously getting closer and closer to the screen. The tension and excitement just builds and builds while watching it. It's a very suspenseful trailer and just makes me want to see the film even more. How that's possible, I don't know. LOL .

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ashley Greene's pictures

A couple of day ago, raunchy, explicit pictures of Twilight hottie Ashley Greene were leaked online. Perez Hilton was one of the first to post them. Ashley's lawyers send out a statement threatening that she would sue anyone if they didnt take them down, due to copyright legislation.

I'm very disappointed in Ashley. I'm not upset that she took the pictures, just that they were leaked. I mean, either this was a publicity stunt or someone hacked her computer. Its just that little girls look up to her, and it doesnt set a good example.

Don't think that i'm a twilightmom, becuase i'm a teenager myself. I dont have kids, nor do i intend too, however, Twilight has such a young audience, and i wouldnt want little girls to think that taking pictures of yourself naked and having them on the internet is a good thing.

And also, this sort of brings Ashley down a little. Not only because she is an actor in the public eye, but because Miley Cyrus does that stuff all the time. I feel sort of ashamed that Ashley has something in common with Miley, apart from both being actors. Very disappointed in her. :(

Monday, August 10, 2009

Teen Choice Awards!!

Did everyone see the Twilight cast at the Teen Choice Award?? OMG!! They all looked amazing! Overall, Twilight was nominated for 12 awards, and they won 11!! It reminds me of the MTV Movie awards this year, Twilight owned that as well!

I must say that everyone looked amazing!! Robert was sporting a burgundy and blue plaid shirt with a dark navy blue jacket, and baggy grey denim jeans. He had his trademark messy hair everywhere, however it looks allot better than it used to; more styled messy than unwashed bedhead messy.

Kellan was wearing a smart pale blue button-down shirt, a sleeveless black v-neck sweater with dark navy blue jeans. He looked fab, and also complementing his look, he has his dark hair, which he dyed to portray Emmett. Oh, and i must say that his pale blue button-down shirt accentuated the beautiful blue of his eyes, they totally match. Hot as!!

Jackson was styled in a plain white button-down shirt, a grey vertical striped vest, dark denim jeans with Johnny Depp-eske black rimmed glasses! He looks amazing!! I totally love his sexy geek look that he has been seen with for the last 3 or 4 weeks!! I'm really loving it. Along with his Texan accent, he just makes my heart melt. Not to mention he is a total sweetheart.

Kristen was wearing her "rock-chick" attire again!! I must say, it suits her personality; sort of give-the-world-the-finger attitude she has. She had on a white tank-top, over that she was wearing a very low cut black sleeveless tank, along with a mini skirt that was made of out thousands of metallic spikes, almost dager like spheres. On her feet, she was actually wearing black heels that was secured to her ankle with a wide strap of black material. Her hair was pulled back quite well considering her mullet cut that she got to portray rock legend Joan Jett. Her accessories consisted of numerous black brackets that she is always seen with. She looked dressed up, but not so much that she didn't look like she put her own style in it. This outfit was very Kristen.

Catherine was styling a simple spaghetti-strap black dress that's just knee length, with black toe-less shoes with a slight heel! I have to say, she looked great! Allot better than what she wore to the MTV Movie Awards. That yellow and black outfit! That wasn't the greatest. But she looks fab here. Although, she could do something with her hair rather than just letting it hang down, like it always is.

Now Ashley, she never disappoints. She is always so styling, all the time. Even when it's just candid pictures of her going to the grocery store. She was wearing a vintage outfit from Dolce and Gabbana, that was totally adorable. It was a dress, divided into two parts. The top, which starts just below her bust line is a pale-cream strapless with tiny frills that start from the top of the dress, that are about 1 centimeter long. It sort of look like a cream corset. There is a small piece of a creamy-grayish ribbon around her waist that separates the top from the bottom. The bottom of the dress is a knee length multi-coloured floral on white material. The colours which are in the floral are blue, pink, orange, cream, and pale yellow. Her shoes are a simple peach, that has a small heel with a skinny band of material that goes around her ankle to hold the shoe on. She accessorised with one pearl bracelet, two yellow studded earrings and a cute purple clutch. Her hair was pulled about into a neat bun, only her fringe, sweeping naturally across her face. She looked amazing. Ashley is the most fashionable of all the cast, and it obvious shows, because she looks fabulous to whatever event she goes to; every look works for her.

Taylor scrubs up really well. He looked very dressed up and handsome. Taylor had on a plain white button-down shirt, an off white tie with grey diagonal lines on it, and a button up dark grey vest. His white button-down shirt was tucked into his tight grey denim parts revealing a dark black belt which matched the button's on his vest, his polished black shoes and his head full of dark brown hair. He looked very smart and sexy. He totally doesn't look like he is 17, because you can tell from under his white shirt, his bulging muscles that are obvious underneath. But man, did he look hot.

The only one who looked horrible was Nikki Reed. As much as i love her as a person, and she is very beautiful, she just didn't look great at the awards; which is very unusual for her. Nikki was wearing a peach knee-length dress, that appears to be made of material with the look of velvet with convoluted lines printed all over it. It's low cut at the front, and has puffy sleeves, that looked like they have been popped, because they are sagging on her shoulders. Her shoes are reminiscent of a roman era with a nostalgic feel. They have black stands of material creating patterns on her feet. She is holding a black square clutch that looks like it has jewels encrusted on it. Her nails are painted a pink, that doesn't match anything she is wearing, and has one green bracelet on her arm, which looks totally out of place; it too doesn't match. Nikki's hair is just pulled back into a ponytail, with two parts of hair escaping to envelope her face. It is quite obvious that she has a fake tan on her legs, as it doesn't match the rest of her suntanned body. Don't think I'm just being mean to Nikki; because lots of people don't like her, however i do. She is so nice and gorgeous, however she just looks awful here. :( Sorry Nikki.

Overall, the cast looked amazing. Of course its hard not to when all the cast is beautiful. Their all attractive, because Stephenie Meyer only writes about beautiful people. Twilight won so many awards yay!! Which just shows how strong the fans influence can be on a film. It was based on our reaction whether or not they were going to make the sequels, and we voted and Twilight took out almost every award it was nominated for!Sorry if my description are confusing, there are pictures belong of what the cast were wearing. All in all, a very good night out for the cast.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Breaking Dawn 3 Movies??

There have been rumours spreading around that Breaking Dawn is going to be split into three separate films. Bella's book will be Breaking Dawn 1, Jacob's book will be Breaking Dawn 2, and Bella's second book will be Breaking Dawn 3.

I don't think that Breaking Dawn requires three movies to portray everything successfully. That's a little bit extreme. However, Summit knows that if they split it into 3 movies, that they will essentially make more money, because all of the Twilight fans will go out a see the three movies, and instead of just one.

I wouldn't mind Breaking Dawn being three movies, however i just feel like it unnecessary. I would literally sit though a 6 hour movie if it was Twilight, but i just don't know about three movies. I get the feeling that Summit may chop down Jacob's book a lot, because many fans don't seem to like him, just because he is competition for Edward. And that they will make Bella's first book, bigger.

I think they should make it two movies. The first being Bella's book, including the wedding, honeymoon, etc and Jacob book, together.They could end it with Bella's transformation and Jacob's imprinting. That way its suspenseful for the audience because we don't know how Bella is going to be when she is a vampire and how she will react to Jacob's imprinting.Of course, all of the fans who have read the books will know, however its just different to see it on the screen. I feel that they could easily condense Bella's first book and Jacob's book together quite simply.

Then, the second Breaking Dawn movie could be when Bella is a vampire and then all of the stuff about Renesmee growing, Jacob's imprinting, the Volturi coming and then the confrontation at the end! That's probably the best way to portray Breaking Dawn, if they wish to do it right. Because their are many different story lines and they are constantly intertwined, and its hard to separate them. I just think having two movie instead of three would be more appropriate.

I'm so glad that summit will definitely be doing Breaking Dawn!! Yay!! i don't know why so many people had issues with it, because i loved it! It's my third favourite!! I didn't hate it at all, and though it was different...I'm a sucker for happy endings!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Quotes from the book!! THANK YOU WEITZ!

The New Moon official website, newmoonthemovie, was released last week or so. It was really cool, with pictures, videos, and all of this awesome stuff. However, the thing that caught my attention was the interactive maps of La Push and The Cullen's house.

In these interactive maps, there are the character present in their respective home. So, Jacob was in La Push while Edward was at the Cullen house; Bella was in both! Now once you click on the characters it comes up with a bio of that character. It just things like Name, when and where they were born, date of transformation, etc. And most excitingly there were quotes under each of the characters, that are going to say in the film.

Here they are :

Dr. Carlisle Cullen - "Imagine the situation in reverse. If you believed you would be destroying Edward's soul ... would you do it?"

Bella - "It never made sense for you to love me. I always knew that."

Alice - "How strongly are you opposed to grand theft auto?"

Jasper - "It'll be a relief not to want to kill you."

Esme - "I already think of you as part of the family."

Rosalie - "I wish there had been someone there to vote no for me."

Emmett - "The hell you will. I'm not missing another fight."

Edward - "What choice have I?" I cannot be without you, but I will not destroy your soul."

Jacob - "I'm so sorry that I can't be the right kind of monster for you, Bella."

Embry - "Well, the wolf's out of the bag now."

Sam - "Jake's right. You are good with weird."

Paul - "I'm sure the leech-lover is just dying to help us out!"

Jared - "The chick runs with vampires."

Personally, i love them. Ill go though one by one so i can document my thoughts before the film is released. Carlisle's is perfect because he actually says that in the book. I'm sure its in the chapter "stitches", where Carlisle is sewing Bella up and explaining why Edward has such an issue turning her, because of his beliefs. Love it. Alice, OMG, I'm sooo glad this is in the movie. That was up the top of my absolutely HAS to be in the film list. It's gonna be sooo perfect, totally Alice.

Jasper's line wasn't in the book, but then again, he doesn't really say anything, apart from happy birthday and "yes" at the end during the vote scene. So, I'm glad they wrote in some more lines for him to say, because he had probably 3 lines max in Twilight. And also, this sounds like something he would say, because he has a harder time with self control. Esme's line, i can see her actually saying that! Because Esme just love everyone, i mean, its her gift; to love passionately. Plus, she does think of Bella as part of the family, due to the fact that she is with Edward. Love it.

Rosalie line is amazing, because they captured one of her main issues with Bella; she's jealous because she is human and Rosalie wants to be. In the book, she say no as well, because she wishes that someone had been there to make the decision for her. They pulled that straight out of the book, perfectly. Emmett, this just sums up his character perfectly, he is always ready for a fight. He loves competition, he is physically built for it, and he is just so big-brotherly, and muck's around all the time. Nothing ever bothers him. They got that down pat.

Now, Edward. They pulled that line straight from the book as well. It's when he is in Bella's room and he is trying to convince her that he will be with her forever, but he wont turn her because her soul is too important, he refuses destroy it. OMG!! I'm gonna be crying so hard during this movie. Enough said, amazing. Jacob's quote was taken from the books as well. Its from the scene where Bella meets Jacob on the beach to tell him she knows what he is and to convince him not to kill innocent people in the woods. Jacob gets mad because he thinks she is a hypocrite, because she loves Edward when Jake considers him a monster, but she doesn't like the type of monster that Jake is. I'm so excited for that scene, its gonna rip my heart out.

Embry's quote is from the book as well. It's from the scene where Paul loses his temper at Jake because Bella knows about them, Jake phases to protect her etc. Everyone knows what scene that is, and Embry says that while picking up Sam's clothing. Sam's quote isn't from the book, but they had to make some up for him, because he doesn't really say much in New Moon. It's still cool though, because Jake says that she is good with weird, so it fits. Paul's "leech-lover" quote is from the book as well. Cant really say much besides from "perfect". It shows Paul's short fuse and that he is angry towards Jake about having Bella know the truth. Jared's quote is almost the one from the book, its very similar, but not exactly the same. Still, its great!!

I cant really say anything else, because majority of the quotes were taken straight from the book, which i really appreciate, because the quotes in Twilight were bad. I mean "You can google it" from Edward. Umm no, Edward lived in the turn on the century, and even though he probably has the Internet and knows what google is, he would never say that.It's totally out of character because Bella always said how Edward spoke like he was from a different time. And what about "You better hold on tight Spider-monkey!", what the hell?? I hated that, it was so cheesy. However, the quotes for New Moon have basically all been taken from the book, this is also evident in those two scene shown at ComicCon. Those two scenes all had quotes straight from the book. Like, basically everything they said.

Lets just hope the whole film is like that. I'm positive it will be. YAY!!! Chris Weitz is AMAZING. I'm officially staring a "Team Weitz".

Pushing "Robstern" Relationship!

This is getting ridiculous!! There is no "Robstern". As much as some of their fans wish it to be, its not going to happen. Well, at least until Breaking Dawn has finished.

See, Robert and Kristen are under contractual agreement, that they cant date anyone in the cast! Summit knows if they did, and they broke up before the saga was finished, it would affect the movies, and just the atmosphere of the cast. Meaning, it would get every awkward and not comfortable. .

It's irrelevant whether Kristen and Rob want to be together. Just face it, it probably isn't going to happen until Breaking Dawn is finished being filmed and the press and promotion have been completed. News Gossip sites have been pushing their relationship, saying that they are having late night "visits" and sneaking out back doors and stuff.

Kristen was seen late at Roberts hotel after coming back from a concert of one of Rob's friends, Bobby Long. Well, its a hotel. There are more rooms, its was probably Kristen's hotel as well. Just because they were in the same building, doesn't mean that they share a room together.

Kristen hasn't been seen with her boyfriend, Michael Angarano, since April. And Michael was recently on a date with a young attractive brunette woman, it looked like they were on a first date. So, now rumours of a split between Kristen and Michael have resurfaced, again.

The evidence is there, that they are dating, but it is all circumstantial. Lots of "secret" visits, Kristen obviously isn't dating Michael anymore, Rob's refusal to date anyone, but they aren't going to come out. Because, they are under contract with Summit Entertainment. I bet that they wont come out until the saga is completed, if they are even together.

Some of the fans are just deluding themselves into believe that Kristen is Bella and Rob is Edward, and that they are going to get together, just because they play a couple on the big screen. Yes, its true that they have chemistry, but that could just mean that they are great actors. So, lets stop all of this "Robstern" nonsense, because its being completely exaggerated. And it has gone too far. Please, just leave them alone!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

New "New Moon" Set Reports!!!

Yes!! Tons of New Moon set reports have just been released!! Finally, i was waiting months for these. The fan sites which have released reports are TwilightSource, TwilightMoms, HisGoldenEyes, TwilightLexicon, TwilightersAnonymous, and TwilightSeriesTheories. These were released 12AM PST in the USA. However, i live in Australia, so we get everything like 24 hours later!! Which is soooo long, especially when you have been waiting for things forever!!!! Lol, its totally not cool.

Anyway, these are just brief overviews of the set visit, which aren't very long. But that's OK because for he next few Friday's for a couple of weeks, maybe 4 or something, new information will be published for the fans. They have only released the report, but things like videos, interviews, pictures will soon be released in weeks to come. I'm so excited!!

Well, the day that these fan site visit the set, it was a night shoot!! Whoo!! The scene was when Charlie, Billy, Jacob, and Harry are outside Bella's house. They are looking at a map that is stretched out over a car. They are planning, when Jacob says "Bella" and Charlie turns around and sees Sam carrying Bella in his arms. Oh, and by the way, Sam is only wearing short!! Yes!! Anyway, Charlie runs over to Bella and takes her in his arms!! Oh my gosh! its going to be soo emotional.

I think it was pretty funny that in this scene, Jacob only has one line. "Bella". One word, in his one line. When they weren't filming, Taylor was joking that he forget his line and would call out, "Hey, what's my lie again?". That would have been so cute, and apparently, he got a few laughs on set. Taylor gave quite a few interviews which I'm really excited for. The representatives that went said that Taylor was so "Jacob-y", if that makes sense.

They also scored interviews with Chris Weitz, he chatted to them for 26 minutes!! Wow, what kind of director would spend almost half and hour doing an interview will fan sites!! Chris Weitz is who!! He's amazing, i cant speak any better of him (until the movie comes out). Wyck Godfrey, one of the producers, spoke to them as well. However, they didn't get into specifics, because they wanted to save some content for next Friday!!

Kristen couldn't give an interview because she was in all "depressed Bella mode" and it takes her a while to snap out of it, and if she did that, she wouldn't be able to act as well as she could. However, she did go over and say hello, and thank them for coming to the set. I though that was really sweet, because she didn't have to say hi, but she did because she wanted them to know that she appreciates the fans.

I'm going to die waiting for this movie to come out. Hopefully, i can get tons of information to try and saturate my obsession!! The sites are linked below. Enjoy and See-Ya.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Is Bella too beautiful in New Moon??

Just from the official pictures that Summit have released, and from the trailer, is Kristen looking too good as Bella? i think she is because Bella is described as "plain" and "ordinary", but she looks gorgeous. That's not a bad thing, however, if she looks this good in New Moon, how are they going to transform Bella into a vampire who are all supposed to have super human beauty. It may be difficult for Summit to make Kristen more beautiful, especially since she looks amazing in New Moon.

However, it may be easy, because Bella is supposed to look wretched while she is carrying Renesmee. Oh, and that name really really bothers me. Anyway, I must say that THANK YOU to whoever did the hair and make-up!! You did an amazing job!! Twilight's make-up was so inconsistent and just plain awful!! But, New Moon, all of the characters look fabulous. Bring it on, in Eclipse!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

NEW MOON PICTURES!!! From New Moon Calendar

OMG!! i was just on when i was reading some of the comments. One comment had a link attached, so i clicked on it because it said that it was a link to New Moon pictures. And i thought that it was just going to be fan photoshopped pictures that had already been released. But, boy was i wrong. These new New Moon pictures are from the vertical calendar. Don't get them mixed up with the horizontal, because they are totally different. I'll post them here below.

This picture is from January. It depicts Edward obviously at Bella birthday party, as those were the clothes he was dressed in at the trailer. In the background, it's at the Cullens house, you can tell from the portrait in the background and the warm mahogany colours of the walls.

February.This picture of Jacob and Bella, when Bella learns to ride the bike for the first time. And, more importantly, discovers the formula for her hallucinations!!! Part of this scene was one of the clips which was played at ComicCon, and i thought it look amazing!!! so much better than Twilight. I don't think this is a movie still though, i just think its a pictures of Kristen and Taylor filming together. Because Bella wouldn't be that close with Jake just yet.

March is a picture of Bella and Edward at her party before the paper cut. Evidently because Bella is smiling, and so is Carlisle in the background. I don't know what Edward is doing, staring of into space, looking all depressed. Don't why though.

April consists of Bella and Jake!! I don't have a clue what scene this is from, however its after Jake's transformation because his hair is short, he is shirtless, and has his tat. Bella looks seriously conflicted though. If i had to guess, i would probably say maybe when Jake goes off to fight Victoria, and Bella gets worried and doesn't want him to go.You know, during spring break, and Bella spends her time wandering on the beach. Maybe, just pure speculation

May is just Bella sitting in the Cafeteria. It's cute that Angela and Eric are in the background taking pictures. Which makes me think that this is the scene after the birthday party where Bella want to take pictures of everything to remember Forks because she assumes she wont be there much longer. Edward hasn't totally left her yet because she doesn't look like a train wreck. She just looks deep in thought, or maybe even concerned.

Alice and Jasper are the faces for June. The wardrobe is so much better in New Moon than it was in Twilight. Alice looks fashionable, but not too obvious, and Jasper looks like Alice dressed him, lol. I'm not sure what this scene is, but i either think its at the beginning of the film, or the end. The beginning, the scene could possibly be before the Cullens leave for school, because I'm pretty sure they are in the Cullen house. Or it could be a the very end, the "Vote" scene. Not too sure though.

July is a near-kiss shared between Edward and Bella. I'm almost positive that this is the scene, the morning of Bella Birthday, she turns up to school and Edward and Alice are waiting for her. He is probably kissing her and then says happy birthday. Awwwwww.

August depicts the famous meadow scene, where Bella encounters Laurent and the Wolves, for the first time. This is going to be a very climatic scene, i cant wait! OMG!! It's going to be soo exciting. In the trailer, Laurent look really really terrifying, with his bright red eyes, which was probably his most dominant feature! Cool.

September is Bella and Jake! This is the scene where Bella and Jake meet on the beach, she is going to tell him that she knows what he is and that he should stop killing people! There is this massive miscommunication to blame, and they make up. I cant wait to see this scene in the movie! And i do remember this was the first scene that they shot!! Exciting.

October is our Edward!! Awww. I'm not sure what scene this is, but I'm sure that i haven't seen Edward in those clothes before, so I'm assuming this scene is at the end of the movie. Probably the confrontation with Jacob in the woods adjacent to Bella house.

November is Jacob and Bella with the Bikes. I'm sure this scene is when Bella takes the bikes around to Jake's for the first time. The bike honestly looks like a piece of garbage, which was exactly what i expected them to be like. And Bella's hair, and her clothes look like a total wreck, compared to the pictures when she was with Edward.

Finally December!! Of course it has to be Bella and Edward! I have to say Bella looks very pretty here, and Edward is his usual stunning self. Or should i say, dazzling? Obvious Bella's birthday at school, before the party.

I am soo pumped for this movie. And these stills are making be more and more confident with Chris Weitz ability to bring New Moon to life.