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Hey, I'm a massive Twilight Fan, and thanks to my friends being fed up with having to listern to my non-stop chattering about Twilight, i decided to create a blog for myself to just vent and document my twilight obsession!! I'm current studying journalism and have aspiration to become one, so why not write about something as awesome as the Twilight Saga!!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eclipse is released tonight!!!!!

Awwww, I'm so upset right now!! Millions of people in America are have just finished watching Eclipse, or are still watching it!! :( Australia doesnt have it released for another 7 hours!!!

I'm literally refusing to read any reviews or even fan reviews, as i want to form my own opinion, and not be influenced by others.

I'm going to TUESDAY!!! FKING TUESDAY!!! Cause me and all of my friends are in university, we are broke from rent, food, school, etc so we are going on cheap tuesday, well because it's cheap. That's almost a week after Eclipse is released. Good on them for buying the tickets and not telling me!!!

This is BAD, because Eclipse comes out on Thursday, so EVERY hardcore fan, like myself would have seen it, but ME! Arghhh, oh well. I'm gonna have to stay off the internet for 7 days. So, i'm posting this then getting off for a week. OMG, kill me.

I will probably end up considering ditching them, and seeing the movie without them knowing. Oh well, i planned on seeing it twice anyway.

Peace out internet. See you on Tueday night!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Eclipse pics from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Official Illustrated Movie Companion

Wow, these are stills from Mark Cotta Vaz's movie companion. Wow, these are INCREDIBLE!!! SO excited!!!!
Edwards room when he bought Bella the golden bed. His room looks exactly how i imaged it would look. I'm also impressed with the set, becasuse this is a rebuilt replica of the old house. I hope that Bella is pissed off with him buying the bed, just like she was in the book.
This is obviously the scene where Bella tries to seduce Edward, while he proposes to her, and she finally accepts. I loved that chapter in the book, so i hope its just a good on screen.
This is obviously one of the most anticipated scenes in the film; the tent scene. Taylor's favourite scene. You cant really see much, but it's almost how i conjured it. I'm really, really excited for this scene. :)
Still the scene where Bella tries to seduce Edward. I'm sure all of the little girls are going to have screaming fits in the cinema. LOL
I don't have a clue what this is. I don't think its a still from the film, but it just might be David Slade's brainstorming wall or something.
I'm almost positive that this is the flashforward scene shown during Bella and Jacob's kiss if she chose him. I'm really excited to see how Bella's life would be if she chose Jake. Also, i wanna see Billy and Charlie when they are old. :) That's going to be so awesome. I think they are at Bella's place with those orange things off of the windows that some one took last year. Awww, they look so happy.
This is obviously Bella, Alice, and Edward's graduation party. I love how Alice decorated it. It looks incredible. I'm glad that the Cullens house looks identical to the one used in Twilight. It was obvious the difference from Twilight to New Moon. However, Eclipse has incorporated both. I'm so excited for this scene. So much happens and it's so tense. Love it!!
The bonfire :) I'm so excited for this scene. In the book i got kinda confused because of all the unusual and foreign names that Stephenie used in the legends. So, i'm sure it's going to be amazing in the film when i can identify characters by their face rather than names i'm not used it. It's going to be crazy. Plus, its strange to see all of the wolves in clothes lol.
Aww, Jaspers flashback. This is going to be seriously cool. However, i imagined this scene to be set on a dusty road, not a lake. Oh well, it's still really cool. I really hope that Jackson Rathbone accentuates his southern accent, because its so sexy. It will just make me melt in the cinema. I can wait to see Jasper explain this to Bella because it will give his character more depth. Jasper hasnt been a huge part, however now he opens up this whole violent newborn vampire world. :) Seriously awesome.
I think that this is right after Bella and Jacob's kiss.
OMG, this is going to be the hottest kiss ever. I hope its really passionate because it's the way she cant kiss Edward. Like, really kiss. She can do that with Jacob, so it needs to be so much more than Edward's kisses. Except, i don't like that Bella is standing on a raised platform, making her way taller than Jake. Other than that, i'm excited to see this scene in action. :D
Wow, Jasper on his horse. He looks like such a gentleman.
This is one of the same pictures that has been around forever.
Lucie, Nettie and Maria. They are exactly how i imagned them to be. They all look perfect. I can totally see how they made Jasper come over to help them.
This is a picture of behind the scene filming the battle scene between Riley, Seth, Victoria, Edward and Bella. This better be a cool scene, because it's gotta live up to the Cullens and wolves vs. the newborns, which is going to be an awesome fight sequence.
I think this is Edward burning Riley and Victoria. I think that he feels guilty for killing them, even though they were attacking them. I love that, because it shows that Carlisle compassion is rubbing off on everyone else in the Cullens family.
I'm not sure when this is. You cant really see what they are wearing, or anything in the background to judge the scene.
Awwww, Bella and Edward in her bedroom. This is where Bella asks Edward why he wont change her. I don't really know when this is placed in the film, as we have only seen short snippits in the trailers and tv spots.
I didnt know that this was going to be in the film, but now i've got some pictures of the werewolves legends, i'm excited for it. :)
That must be the third wife, and her dying husband.
More stills from the woves legends :D
Ohhh, this is Rosalies flashback. This must be where she is raped and beaten. She has got on a warm coat, and hat, as if she was walking home from Vera's. She doesnt look happy either. I'm so excited for this scene because it shows that Rosalie cares enough for Bella to warn her about the choice she is making and warning her that she wouldnt choose this life. It explains that Rosalie isnt just some bitch for no reason, but she has suffered serious tramua and his bitter because she is living a life she never wanted.  
This set is awesome. It must have taken a lot of work to built that. I supposed its better because the weather conditions were crazy for Twilight, and sometimes for New Moon. So, having a set you have peace of mind that you can shoot regardless of the weather.
Bella getting out of the tent :D
This must be the scene that Taylor was talking about where Rob shoves him, and Taylor has to look him in the eye and tell him that he is hotter than he is. I'm sure that is going to get a few laughs in the audience. I'm so excited for the tent scene. This is one of my favourties in the entire saga, so it will be nice to see it on the screen.
Aww, Jasper's flashback again :P
Ohh, this is the scene right after Jacob kisses Bella, and Edward gets all up in his grill. Everyone has already seen this scene, because it was released already. I forgot where, but i'm excited for it. I love that Charlie is coming to break it up, just like he did in the book.
Victoria and Riley. Wow, Riley looks like he is really into Victoria. Which i'm glad because he was being manipulated. However, i don't feel anymore sympathy for Riley after reading "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, and discovering he killed Diago, and lied to Bree about it. Stupid Riley.
Awww, Rosalie and Royce. I'm really looking forward to this scene. I know that Nikki Reed is a good actor, so i'm waiting to be blown away by her portrayal of Rosalie as a human when she was happy and not bitchy and bitter all the time.
This still is similar to one we have seen before. It's just the fight between Riley, Victoria, Seth, Edward and Bella.
I love that they have included which wolves are which to pictures of the wolf pack :P Nice little reference to see who is who.

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Eclipse Score tracks have been released!! :) I'm super excited!! They are:

1. Riley
2. Compromise/Bella's Theme
3. Bella's Truck/Florida
4. Victoria
5. Imprinting
6. The Cullens Plan
7. First Kiss
8. Rosalie
9. Decisions, Decisions...
10. They're Coming Here
11. Jacob Black
12. Jasper
13. Wolf Scent
14. Mountain Peek
15. The Kiss
16. The Battle/Victoria vs. Edward
17. Jane
18. As Easy As Breathing
19. Wedding Plans

I'm super excited, because from the looks of it, every part of Eclipse has been covered!!

1. Riley - This obviously the opening sequence when Riley is human, and he is being chased and turned into a vampire by Victoria in the rain. This scene is going to be awesome because it automatically sets up a threat right from the very beginning! Me being the media and literature nerd i am, it's an excellent narrative device because an opening sequence sets up the expectations, themes, and ideas that are going to be explored through-out the film. It poses questions to the audiece that creates intrest by teasing the audiences curiosity about what is going to happen through-out the rest of the film. It's evidently going to be an action sequence, so the guys are going to be more interested from the beginning of the film. :)

2. Compromise/Bella's Theme - I'm sure that this theme is going to be played through-out the film because it's Bella's Theme. I'm not sure but i think that it's going to be incorporated like Edward and Jacob's theme was in New Moon. It'll be interesting to see what Howard Shore does with it, and how he uses Bella's theme through-out the film to convey the emotions that she is feeling.

3. Bella Truck/Florida - I'm not sure what the truck part is, but this song is going to be played when Bella goes to visit Renee is Florida. I'm not sure if Edward comes as well, but i hope he does because that's the way it was in the books. I'm excited to see more interaction between Bella and Renee, so that the people who havnt read the books can get a better grasp of their relationship.

4. Victoria - I know that David Slade has added some scene in with Victoria, like Chris Weitz did in New Moon. Although, i'm sure that Victoria is going to have a much larger part in Eclipse. There has been a lot added in Victoria changing Riley, Victoria seducing Riley, the Newborns, Bree. All of those are obviously going to play a much larger part than they did in the books. I'm just glad that everyone gets to read "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner" before Eclipse comes out. So that we understand, and it's not too out of the blue for these to be added in.

5. Imprinting - This is going to be played when Jacob tries to explain the Bella what imprinting is. I really hope that Melissa Rosenberg and David Slade didnt make it sound really perverted or creapy. If it's done wrong, i can see how it could be considered as child paedophilia. I really hope that it's explained well, and that it can be pulled off well. Also, i hope that Quil's relationship will Claire is there, so that you can visually see that Quil is in no way romantically attracted to her.

6. The Cullens Plan - I'm not sure what this is refering to, but i think it's the plan for Bella to be changed after graduation by Carlisle. It that or when Cullen deciding to go to Seattle themselves to stop the newborns attracting attention, and then have the Voltrui come down. I can't be sure because i havnt see n the film yet, but i'm super excited to see more of the Cullens. We hardly saw them at all in Twilight and New Moon. I've been anticipating seeing more of them in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. :)

7. First Kiss- LOL this is going to be Jacob's first kiss!! This is going to be funny!!! Jacob kisses Bella, and then she gets so mad that she punches him in the face!! I really hope that Kristen and Taylor act really well in this scene because it's will make or break this scene. I'm excited for this. I was laughing out loud when i read Eclipse for the first time. I wonder what this song is going to sound like....hmmmm.

8. Rosalie - I'm really excited for Rosalie's flashback scene. It gives the audience the opportunity to understand Rosalie better, and to know why she is the ways that she is. Plus, i think that Jack Huston  who plays Royce King the second, is really gorgeous!!! It's also good to see that Rosalie sincerely cares for Bella, and that she doesnt want her to give up a life that she could have, like Rosalie was made to.

9. Decisions, Decisions... - I think this is going to be be when the Victoria knows that Alice only see vision when a decision has been made. I remember a part in the book where Alice cant see what they are doing because they havnt made a decision yet. I'm sure this scene is just going to be Alice, Bella, Edward and all of the other Cullens talking or something about the newborns in the living room of their house. 

10. They're Coming Here - This is obviously refering to the Newborns coming to Forks. I think that this is going to be during the graduation party. That is when Alice has her vision and goes off to discuss it with the Cullens. Unless it has been changed in the film, i'm pretty sure that is when it's going to happen. I'm excited for this scene, because it's awesome to see Alice decorated everything, and all of the humans there having a party! Sweet!!

11. Jacob Black - I'm not sure where this is going to be. I'm also not sure if it's Jacob's Theme that we got on the soundtrack, or if it's a different song all together. I'm sure it's got Jacob's theme incorporated within it somewhere, but it's difficult to tell because there isnt much to go from .I'm just purely speculating here. Although, the Jacob's Theme that we did hear already, i love it!! :)

12. Jasper - I'm SO excited for Jasper's flashback!! I'm hoping that is seriously cool and violent! Having the war, and then the vampire wars of the south!! It's going to be seriously cool!1 I really hope that Jackson Rathbone accentuates his southern accent because Jasper's accent would've been really strong them. Wow, i'm so excited for this. I really hope that Jaspers wig grows on me, because i really don't like it at the moment. I'm curious to see how they are going to show Jaspers' battle scars, if they choose to show them at all.

13. Wolf Scent - I think this song is going to be played when Jasper is teaching the Cullens and the Wolves how to fight off the nrwborn vampires. This is going to be such a cool scene. I remember the wolves wanting to smell all of the Cullens so they don't accidentally hurt one of them, thinking they are a newborn. I'm excited to see the connection between Bella and Jacob in his wolf form. Apparantly, Bella patts Jacob's fur and scrathes his ears and everything. Awww, so adorable.

14. Mountain Peek - I think that this is going to be played when Jacob is carrying Bella up the mountain, and while they are hiding out. I'm SO excited for the tent scene. It is probably the most anticipated scene in the entire film. I don't think thats a generalisation. I'm sure everyone is excited because that was such a great scene in the books. I really hope the dialogue is great, as well as the acting and the music.

15. This Kiss - i have high expectations for this kiss. It better be bloody passionate!! I want to see some serious, harcore, violent, passionate action here!!! I want this kiss to put the Twilight fans passion to shame!! I know that David Slade shot some flashforward scene with Bella imagining her life if she chose Jacob. That's going to be so cute seeing Billy, Charlie, Jacob, Bella and their children together (If David Slade had children in the scene). Awwww, super adorable!! I'm excited for this kiss scene, because it should display Jacob's desire for Bella. It should be super passionate because she loses herself in this kiss they way she cant with Edward.

16. The Battle/ Victoria vs. Edward - THIS BETTER BE SOME SUPER COOL ACTION MUSIC!!! This is going to be an AMAZING scene!!! I'm excited to see some action, and not as much sappiness that was in Twilight. I know the entire cast trained like crazy for this one scene, so i have a feeling that it's going to be super hardcore and insense!

17. Jane - The Volturi's visit!! I'm excited for this because Dakota Fanning is an incredible actress and she was one of the stand out performers in New Moon, even though she was only in it for about 5 minutes. I'm excited to see how the Voltrui act with all of the Cullens there, and when they are outside of their lair. I'm sure it's going to be fabulous.

18. Easy As Breathing - OMG!!! I'm going to cry SO much during this scene!!! This is obviously when Bella goes to Jacob's and he is all broken, hurt and vulneralble lying in his bed. I'm pretty sure that is the scene, because a line from the books, is that Jacob tells Bella if she chose him, their relationship would be so perfect, and right, that they wouldnt even have to work at it. That it would be so effortless, like breathing. I'm paraphrasing here, but you get the idea. I'm going to ball my eyes out.

19. Wedding Plans - I think the title says it all. Edward and Bella discussing their wedding plans. I'm assuming the date, and when Bella is going to be changed etc. It's going to be a really cute conclusion to Eclipse. I hope they added Alice in there talking about the wedding, and what Alice is usually like over planning any event. 

I'm really excited for Howard Shores' Score, however i don't think i'm going to buy it before i see the film. If i play all of the tracks before, and listen to them, during the film, i'll be constantly picking out that track is there, and this track is there. I think it would be better to sit down and watching the film, and feel the emotions the songs are trying to convey without overthinking where every song starts, ends and is placed. You know? I know that may not make sense to anyone, but it does to me. Other than that. I'm excited for Eclipse. I just can't say it enough!! :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Eclipse Soundtrack Review

Summit was kind enough to let everyone listen to the Eclipse Soundtrack before it was released!! Awww, how sweet!! So, the entire album was uploaded to the official soundtrack site, and it's going to remain there for 24 hours!! :) That's awesome, so everyone can hear it before they buy it!! I'm SO happy with the soundtrack at the moment. I've already expressed my love for Muses' single, so i'll just give my mini review on the rest of the soundtrack. By the way, i typed this last night at 2-3am, so it may not be that well written.


Eclipse (All Yours) by Metric – I LOVE IT!!! I don’t usually like music like that, but really like this song. I think it fits perfectly the tone of Eclipse, and I can imagine this song in the film. They did a good job with continuity because the songs from New Moon and Eclipse all fit together. I SO LOVE THIS SONG!!! The vocals are beautiful and it makes me want to sing along!! :)

Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever) by Muse – I already did I write up about how much I love this song!! I have a new found love for Muse now! I used to think they were just ok, and the only song I liked was “Super Massive Blackhole”. However, I’ve only recently started liking “Uprising”, “Resistance” and “Undisclosed Desires”. Now, after “Neutron Star Collision” was released, I bough Muses’ latest album “The Resistance.” I’m glad I did, because I like it.

Ours by The Bravery – OMG, I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! I’ve never heard of these guys before, but I’m loving this song. Great melody, great lyrics, I love the chord progression and the vocals. It’s dark and solemn and at the same time it has a great beat that makes you want to bop along. LOVE <33 It’s very indie rock, and I LOVE it!!! Probably one of my favourites on the entire Eclipse Soundtrack.

Heavy in Your Arms by Florence and the Machine – OK, I don’t like this song. I can see how it might fit a particular scene, but I wouldn’t listen to this on my Ipod or anything. It’s just not my taste in music. I’ve heard of them before, and their song “You’ve got the Love” is ok, and I don’t mind listening to it on the radio, but I didn’t buy it. I guess I just don’t like their music. I wasn’t too excited to hear that they were possibly on the soundtrack. Not crazy about this song.

My Love by Sia – I have high expectations considering one of my favourite songs is by Sia. It’s called Breathe Me, so I’m hoping high for this. OK, WOW!!! I love it already and it’s only been 50 seconds in. Beautiful song. Lovely piano and vocals. I just love listening to solo acoustic piano, vocals, and strings. They sound gorgeous together. I really LOVE this song. I would listen to this in my car or doing homework or something. <33 Heart it, totally!! It's going to be one of my favourites, i can tell.

Atlas by Fanfarlo – It’s ok, I don’t hate it and I don’t love it. I can see it being in Eclipse though. I’m sure it fits the movie perfectly; however it’s just meh for me at the moment. Maybe just because I just got my mind blown by Sia. However, I may change my mind when I see Eclipse and can place the song with a particular scene. It changed the may I saw the New Moon soundtrack. Half of those song i though where meh, but after seeing them in New Moon i really started to like them more.

Chop and Change by The Black Keys – Ok, I’m liking this. It’s very downbeat, and funky. Very classic rhythm and blues. It could even pass as blues/jazz, although it doesn’t have any brass, or woodwind instruments. Although, I do like this. I don’t love it, but I do like it. I’m sure it will grow on me the more I listen to it. This is just my first time around and its 2am.

Rolling In On A Burning Tire by The Dead Weather – I don’t know if it’s because I’m so tried, but does this sound a bit like Chop and Change by The Black Keys?? There is just a little riff of a melody that sounds like it. I listen again in the morning, to see, because it might just be because I’m tired. This track is ok, I don’t like it but I don’t hate it. I wouldn’t listen to it but I’m sure it’s fine in Eclipse.

Let’s Get Lost by Beck and Bat for Lashes – I’m not sure what to think of this. It’s alright, but a few of the other songs are a lot better. Well, in my opinion. I can totally see this being played in the background when Bella is trying to seduce Edward in his bedroom, in the chapter “Compromise”. I don’t know why, but that’s what the beat and the lyrics sound like. Oh well, we’ll soon find out!! ;)

Jonathan Low by Vampire Weekend – I’m not feeling this song. Don’t know why. I’ve only recently heard of Vampire Weekend, as one of my roommates loves them, and I don’t really like them. I’ve listened to their music, and it’s ok, but not good enough in my honest opinion for me to listen and buy their music. Its just a meh band for me. Nothing really stands out a great, or good. It's just meh.

With You In My Head by UNKLE – I don’t like this song either. It sounds really weird, and science-fiction like. I’m just not crazy about the vocals, the melody, the key, or the tone. I know that it will probably fit a montage, or in the background of a cool chase or fight scene. It will fit well within a film perspective, but I just wouldn’t listen to this song because I like it.

A Million Miles an Hour by Eastern Conference Champions - I like this. It’s really indie rock, which I love. It’s got that kind of beat that you can just slowly groove to. It’s pretty cool. Although, I cant understand any of the vocals. I like the deep base guitar rhythm and the slow building of the song towards the climax and the little cadence at the end. Pretty sweet.

Life On Earth by Band Of Horses – OK, I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!! Beautiful guitar at the very beginning. Love the gorgeous soft vocals that chime in at the begging, and slowly change into the lyrics of the songs. Very haunting, and it kinda reminds me of Coldplay. They have that very slow, hauntingly beautiful sound with the guitar, the piano and the vocals. I really like this song! :)

What Part Of Forever by Cee Lo Green – I LOVE THIS!!! It’s very up beat, boppy, and very feel good compared to all of the other songs. I like having this on the soundtrack because it is so needed. The Eclipse soundtrack would be too depressing without a few songs like this. It kinda reminds me of The Violet Hour by Sea Wolf on the New Moon Soundtrack. I like this song. 

Jacob’s Theme by Howard Shore OMG!!! Jacob’s Theme is SO sad!!! Beautiful piano!! I LOVE IT!!! It’s going to be SO heartbreaking in Eclipse. Taylor Lautner’s acting made me so sad in New Moon. Especially with all of that emotion that Taylor Lautner convey’s through just his eyes. OMG, I’m seriously going to cry when Bella tells Jacob that she doesn’t want him, and ditches him when he is all broken and vulnerable in his bed. OMG!! Tear!! I LOVE Howard Shore, right now!! I have a feeling that he is going to live up to Alexandre Desplat. I'm totally getting the sheet music so i can play it on my piano!! <33

The Lines by Battles – It’s ok. I don’t like it, but I don’t hate it. It’s just something that I wouldn’t listen to. It’s not as commercialised as Twilight soundtrack was. Not in a bad way, but I’m just saying that these songs would never get played on the air if they weren’t of the Eclipse Soundtrack. I’m sure it fits the film, but I just don’t think it’s the greatest to listen to by themselves.

How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep by Bombay Bicycle Club – I like this song. I don’t love it, but I like it. It’s more upbeat, and it’s not in a minor key, so it’s not as depressing. I like the beat of the drums, although I’m not sure about the short melody of the electronic keyboard. That’s a little too year 7 music class when all of the kids were playing around with the pre-programmed beats, and melodies on the keyboards. Other than that, I like it.

Atlas (The Time and Space Machine Rem) by Fanfarlo – This is a remix of the original Atlas song. I LOVE the beginning of this. It just reminds me of the music from Hawaii. So, whenever I hear it I just imagine sitting on a beach, with hula girls in grass skirts and coconuts are handing everyone tropical cocktails. I think I like this version better than the original. Why would they have two of the same on the soundtrack?? I don’t know. Maybe one is in the film, and the other is in the credits. I’m not sure, but I like this one better. Wow, it goes for a long time though. Its at 5 minutes, and it’s still going.

What Part Of Forever by Cee Lo Green (Johan Hugo Remix) – There must be a few remixes on the end as bonus from buying it from ITunes or something. I liked this song before, so I’m sure I’m going to like this. I like that they have extras and stuff, but I’m curious to see if these are just bonuses or if they are actually going to be in the film or not. It’s confusing because some of the songs on the New Moon soundtrack weren’t in the actual film. Oh well, I’ll find out July 1st.

Overall, this soundtrack is quite impressive. There are only a few songs i don't like, and a couple that were meh. My favourites are Eclipse (All Yours) by Metric, Ours by The Bravery, Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever) by Muse, My Love by Sia, Life on Earth by Band of Horses and Jacob's Theme by Howard Shore. I think that they did a good job selecting songs, and i'm sure that some of the others will grow on me  once i've seen Eclipse!! :) I CAN'T WAIT!! THERES ONLY APROX 28 DAYS UNTILL IT'S RELEASED!!! :D