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Hey, I'm a massive Twilight Fan, and thanks to my friends being fed up with having to listern to my non-stop chattering about Twilight, i decided to create a blog for myself to just vent and document my twilight obsession!! I'm current studying journalism and have aspiration to become one, so why not write about something as awesome as the Twilight Saga!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Billy Black Still

Some new old stills from Twilight were just released and a picture of Billy Black stood out. I didn't recognise it from any scene in Twilight, so I'm interested to see what scene of Billy's was cut out. I so want to see this scene that was cut out because we didn't get to see hardly any of Billy, and in Twilight, he was very funny. I loved Gil Birmingham's portrayal of Billy, so perfect. I wouldn't pick anyone else to play him because honestly, i don't think anyone can top him. Plus, I'm shocked in this picture, because Billy isn't wearing his cowboy hat!! I don't think I've ever seen him without it on. It's almost like his trademark, sort of like Rob's hair, Taylor's smile and Kristen's pissed of/stoned expressions. Haha, don't worry, I'm joking; i love Kristen. Anyway, he looks like he is sitting inside somewhere, i don't know where it is, but there are crutches in the background. It's probably Charlie's because in Twilight, Jacob's house hasn't been chosen yet, so that's the only place i can think would be Billy. Oh, what if it's the scene where Billy is saying stuff about the Cullen's and Charlie totally lets Billy have it, because he likes the Cullen's. That would be cool. It wasn't in the book, but i didn't happen but Bella wasnt in the room at the time. Love it!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Evading the Paps...

The main cast members, meaning Rob, Kristen and Taylor, are doing a pretty good job at evading the press lately. We have barely seen any pictures of them at all. I didn't even know that Taylor was in LA, until he walked the red carpet at a Teen Vogue Event. No pictures of Taylor going to the airport or arriving in LA were taken. However, the other cast members aren't so lucky. Kellan, Ashley, Peter, Alex, Kiowa, Chaske, Mike, Christian and most of the other cast members are constantly being photographed. I feel really awful for them because it's such an invasion of their privacy. Isn't it illegal to take pictures of people without their permission? Yes, so why should different rules apply to celebrities, just because of how famous they are, and their occupation. As much as i love seeing pictures of Kristen, Rob and Taylor, because everyone on the Twilight cast is just go good-looking and dress impeccably well, i still feel guilty because they can't go anywhere without being scrutinised. I would hate it if someone started taking pictures of me without my permission, especially if I'm coming home from a club, smashed of my face. That has happened numerous times to Ashley Greene, and she has said herself that she doesn't like it when she is coming out of a club drunk, and people are taking pictures of her. When your drunk, the last thing you want is to have pictures taken, because you always looks bad, it's kinda embarrassing too. I can totally understand where she is coming from. Still kinda sad that i can't check out what they are doing, and what they are wearing because it's interesting, but I'm really glad that they are getting some privacy from the paparazzi. I don't think that the cast mind Twilight fans, because they always ask permission and are really nice, generally. Apart from the frizzy haired fan that practically jumped on Rob!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bella and Jake's Bikes

Oh my god, i think i just had an Epiphany. I was reading New Moon again, when Bella and Jake are fixing up the motorbikes and i had a thought. The bikes are a metaphor for Bella and Jake's relationship! Think about it, Bella first went to Jake so they could fix the bikes. They were the catalyst for the beginning of their relationship. As time goes on, the bikes are being repaired and fixed, in perfect correlation to their friendship going stronger and stronger. Bella even uses the bikes to see Edward, which means that Bella used Jacob; which is true. Similarly, when Edward comes back and Bella, Edward and Jacob are having that confrontation in the woods, Jake gives Bella her bike. He says that he doesn't want to be friends because Bella chose Edward over him. He gives her the bike because its a symbolic of their friendship, stating that he can't be friends with someone who is going to be a "bloodsucker", as Jake put it. All through Eclipse it happens too. This is evident when Bella helps Bella escape from Alice's slumber party of the back of Jake's bike. Almost every time that they are getting along and trying to repair their fragile relationship by working out their problems, they are with the bikes at some point. Or they are alluded to or suggested. At the end of Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn, Bella doesn't even use the bike anymore. This is because she has chosen Edward once and for all, and Jake is so hurt. The bikes are totally eliminated from the story because their relationship is practically over due to Jake's love being unrequited and Bella marrying Edward; hence Jacob running away and going full time wolf. Wow, hope you liked my little analysis. I can't believe i didn't see think correlation earlier!! Some Twilight fan i am. Oh well, that felt good to get of my chest. Oh, it just occurred to me that i could probably take this further. Both Bella and Jake's bikes are similar, meaning they are both equals in the sense of their humanity, wealth and they can both have kids etc. However, when Edward buys a really expensive bike so he and Bella could ride together, i remember that Bella actually says that it a good analogy of how she looked next to Edward. That means that Edward is above Bella because he is a vampire, their relationship isn't equal due to him being so strong, beautiful, fast and wealthy etc. Plus, Bella doesn't want to ride with Edward because she doesn't he will enjoy going slow. The bikes are symbolic of Bella and Jake's relationship and when Edward tries to do that with Bella, it doesn't work because the bikes are a metaphor for Bella and Jake, something that Edward will never have. Ahhhh. Well, it makes sense in my brain.

New Moon still from Chili

This is a new picture that was released in Chili!! I saw it on Twifans about 4 minutes ago, according to their twitter. I love this still. I'm guessing by the clothes that Edward and Bella are wearing, this scene is on the morning of Bella's 18th birthday, before the disastrous party. Jake is giving Bella a dream catcher, that supposed to catch bad dreams and get rid of them. Hmm, is it me or could this be foreshadowing because Bella does have numerous nightmares and strange dreams due to Edward leaving her. The dream catcher looks very naturalistic, made from straw and beads and stuff. It's adorable because Jake probably made this or bought it from a Quileute shop or something. I think it's so cute and endearing that Jake would show up at Bella's school, all the way from La Push to give Bella a little present. Awwww, adorable. I think this scene is going to show Jacob's crush on Bella that was presented in Twilight. In the book, Jake didn't show up at Bella's school and give her a present. However, i like this because it's going to show Jacob wanting to be more than friends with Bella but she views Jake as a kid with a crush on her. Plus, i love that Edward is watching in the background leaning up against his car. Poor Jake, Edward is probably reading his thoughts about Bella. Oh, and how good does Jake's new wig look. So much better than the awful one Taylor wore in Twilight. I know that Taylor put on like 30 pounds to play Jake so of course he is going to look big all through the film. However, in the book at the beginning of New Moon, Jake was still supposed to be small and child like. In this still, Jake doesn't look small or child like at all. I guess that not really any one's fault, because Taylor's weight gain is essential for New Moon. But, i had hoped the they would try to make him look smaller with big clothes and stuff. Other than that he looks pretty good. I can't really get anything else from this still, but i love Bella here. She looks really pretty, and her hair looks really good too! Edward, well what can i say. Always impossibly gorgeous, no matter what he does or what he is wearing. Love It! Thanks, Twifans for tweeting this still. I love it! Now, I'm seriously dying for New Moon!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Bella's Scar

I just noticed this now when TwiCrackAddict blogged about it. In all of the stills from New Moon, you can see that Bella has a scar. This is from Twilight, where Bella has a scar that is cold because James bit her and this left a mark. Just like Jasper's battle scars when he was in the Vampire Wars of the South. I really hope David Slade can make Jasper's scars really awesome. I loved Chris' attention to detail because it's even on the right arm. Wow. I really hope that he has included the little section when Bella, Jake and Mike are at the movies where Jacob has taken Bella hand. He is brushing his fingers across her arm and notices the cold scar on it. I would love that to be included just so that people who haven't noticed can tell just how intensely and intricately Chris analysed New Moon, and his attention to small details that is going to make the film allot nicer for Twilight fans. I love you Chris, i can never ever say it enough. New Moon just looks so much better than Twilight, there is no comparison. New Moon looks like a big budgeted professional film, unlike Twilight looks like a low budget indie film. It was an indie film but Catherine could have made it look allot nicer. You know, without that blue disgusting tint and the up close handheld camera in the actors face all the time. Eww, i really hated that. Anyway, go Chris!! Love you.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Twilight Script vs. New Moon Script

Seriously, i thought the Twilight script was really bad. Characters saying things out of character is my most serious complaint, and other things were just plain cheesy and made me cringe.

Firstly, Angela. I know she only played a small role, but in the film when she said "Maybe they can adopt me," when Jessica was talking about Carlisle being a matchmaker slash Doctor. I thought that was out of character, because Angela didn't care about getting the Cullens to notice her, or any other superficial things. She was concerned about how Bella was feeling on her first day, how much homework she had to do and how much she loved her brother and sister. This is also emphasised in "Midnight Sun," where I'm told that Edward says something about her being so kind and lovely that he thought she was a very good friend for Bella. Plus, in the film, Angela wouldn't be discussing speedo padding on the swim team with Jessica, just no. Angela wouldn't be gossiping, she is very kind and very shy.

Next, Edward. Come on Catherine and Melissa. Why did you make Edward say half of the things he did? "You can google it." What?? Edward Cullen would never ever say that. Obviously he knows what Google is, but that isn't something that would come out of his mouth. Edward was supposed to speak like he was from a different time, and to emphasise that his intelligence and maturity level exceed all of the other students, Mike, Tyler and Eric mainly. However, it's not just that. Some lines just made me cringe like, "You better hold on tight spider-monkey." What was that? Seriously i cringed internally and felt so embarrassed watching that line. Poor Robert having to say that on camera. That was so bad!! Ugh, just thinking about it.

New Moon on the other hand is amazing. From the trailers, sneak peeks, and those two scenes from ComicCon. Basically everything has been taken from the book! It's a good thing that Chris Weitz is there, because i feel like Melissa was partly responsible for the Twilight script, as she wrote the screenplay. Although, allot of it was Catherine. Chris!! Man, i love you. Having full direct quotes from the books will make all of the fans very happy. The non Twilight fans won't care as they haven't read the books. So far, i haven't seen any cringe worthy lines in New Moon, like the numerous ones that were in Twilight. I cant say it enough, i really love Chris. Oh, and also we learned at ComicCon, that Chris has added in a Quileute line for Taylor to say. I love that because in the books (B&J friendship break-up scene) Bella noticed the Quileute wolf pack speaking a language she didn't understand. Chris has obviously been following the book very carefully.

Catherine claimed that the book is the bible, however she didn't use much material from it, like the serious absence of the meadow. I mean, come on!! That was the chapter which started the Twilight saga, and when they finished filming she realised she didn't have a meadow scene. So they had to go back and re shoot it on a golf course. Bad!! She seriously butchered that scene, it was awful in the movie. Chris Weitz also claims that the book is the bible, and he has evidently been sticking to it. I don't know whether it's Chris' degree in English Literature or just Catherine's really out there sense of humour. Whatever your doing Chris, i love you for it. New Moon script definitely trumps Twilight script. I can confidently say that even before the film has been released.

New "New Moon Pic"

A new moon pic which was just released via scans from the New Moon illustrated Movie Companion which is going to be released soon. It depicts Bella and Edward running through the forest, in what appears to be a dream sequence, one of Alice's visions or a Bella or Edward fantasy. I'm not sure where this is in New Moon, because it was in Eclipse where Bella has her "Anne of Green Gables" vision, not New Moon. So, I'm not sure what it is doing in New Moon. I have got a few suggestions though. This could be in the beginning, where maybe Bella is reading a book or something during class and is day dreaming about Edward and herself. That seems unlikely, but it's a possibility. Two, it could be Alice's vision in Voltera, where she shows Aro, Edward and Bella's (possible) future. This could be the result, as we are probably going to see Alice's vision as we did in Twilight. Just to keep some continuity. Three, this could be Bella's dream when Edward comes back and they spend the night together. This is when Bella actually has a good dream about Edward, and when she wakes up she is convinced that she is still dreaming. That seems the most appropriate place to have this scene. Or, lastly, it could be where Edward proposes marriage to Bella, and she has a small fantasy but squashes it because she doesn't want to get married so young, like Renee. It could be an Edward dream, because that's the style of clothing woman wore when he was human, and he probably would dream of having her as his wife. That's the only mental image of a wife he probably has. I don't know, just thinking aloud. Anyway, i really love this picture. It shows Edwards old fashioned nature, and Bella fits perfectly into it, because she loves reading old literature like Jane Austin, Shakespeare and Emily Bronte. Either way, i really like it. The costume department is good, these clothes just look really nostalgic.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Strange FanFic

Oh my gosh, i read the weirdest fanfic every yesterday. It was during Eclipse. Emmett took Bella to La Push to meet Jacob, and he imprinted on Emmett. They spent all day playing video games, watching movies, and fighting and tackling each other. Before they knew it, they were both making out and proceeded to go further, Emmett on top. Sorry, i don't want to be too explicit as kids may read this. It was really graphic too. There is some strange fanfic. There was another one where Jacob imprinted on Edward, and guess what followed. Also, there was another one where some of the wolves, Jacob, Paul, Embry and Bella has a foursome. Yeah, i know. But seriously don't think that i only look up R rated stuff. There was another one when Jacob turned into a wolf and then changed bodies with a vampire; thus making him a vampire. Jacob could do that because he is a shapeshifter. Weird as. Plus, i read one where Edward found a witch who could turn him human, and he had to go on this quest to gather all of these ingredients for the spell. There is some bad fanfic.

However there is one i really like called, "Breathe Again." It's basically New Moon, where Edward doesn't come back. Ysar, who wrote it, does a really good job! The plot is told from two perspectives, first from Bella. So you get it from her first and think, what was going through Jake mind, jeez? then, you get the same chapter from Jake perspective and it makes sense. It's really cool. Oh and it's totally not one of those fanfics where Bella totally roots Jake as soon as she can. It actually has a pretty good plot, and its very funny. Check it out here. ENJOY! oh and its Bella x Jacob, so Edward fans wouldn't enjoy it too much because he isn't there. However, there will be a sequel where he is there though.

The picture was drawn by that amazing artists NikitaJuice i mentioned in a previous post. This drawing is called "Options," set in the scene where Bella kisses Jacob by the tent in Eclipse! HOT!

More Random Merchandise

Here we go, more useless, ridiculous merchandise!!! You've outsold your self now, Summit. I didnt think the merchandise would get any crazier, but i was wrong.Twilight Birth-control pills!! Seriously?? Does anyone really need Twilight branded birth-control pills? Are they directed to young girls, to encourage them to go on the pill or something? Twilight main demographic is probably 13 to 16 year old girls. Having Twilight printed on these, will make young girls want to go on the pill, just because their Twilight. Stupid much?Wolf shoes?? Come on, who would wear these in public?? I can't imagine anyone buying these. One, they are ugly. Two, they look stupid. Three, everyone else would think that your a freak. Four, they are unnecessary. I can only think of one positive, you can kick anyone in the ass who call you a Twilight freak. That's the only positive. Umm, their just wrong!

Lastly, for all of you Twilight Mom's out there, A Twilight Cullen Crest Bra! Now, they have an underwear line, or some company has bought 100 Cullen Crest's and just glued them on. I don't know about you, but wouldn't that be seriously uncomfortable? Maybe, and if you wearing a T-shirt, you will probably be able to see it. Anyway, they are being advertised for "Closet Twilighters" merchandise for them to wear. It's just a random black bra, and ad a Twilight logo and I'd bet its about $80 or something. Stupid!!

This merchandise is really annoying. I Don't like it at all. Don't just think I'm pessimistic, because I'm a die hard fan on the books and the movies. However, they have just done too far, where is like what are they going to do next?? Twilight toothpaste?? I mean, come on. I have even seen Twilight porn and Edward Cullen Dildo!! Crazy??

Jacob Fanart!

Riding by NikitaJuice

Wow, i was on Twifans when they posted some Jacob Fan art. So i wanted to see the rest and a person named Nikitajuice has drawn and photo shopped this beautiful artwork!! It's so good, i thought I'd post some here, and you can see the rest on her site, here. It's amazing, go check it out. You won't be disappointed. It's nice to see some Jacob fans because their a minority. Don't worry Rob fans, there some of him too!
Bundled Up by NikitaJuice

Taylor 08 By NikitaJuice

If you haven't seen the original picture here it is:

The Host a Film??

I know this isn't exactly relevant, however Stephenie Meyer's novel, "The Host," has had the rights acquired by a studio. Stephenie Meyer's "The Host," has been just a popular as the Twilight Saga, being up on the top best sellers with them. However, i haven't read it and I'm not sure if i want to. See, I'm not crazy on sci-fi, i don't really like it at all. That why i was shocked to find i loved the Twilight Saga, with all this fantasy and other reality situation going on. I tend to read books which plot can actually happen in real life, so i can relate to the situations. I gave "The Host," to a friend for her 21st b'day because she wanted it, but I'm not sure if i would buy it. I've had people tell me that they bought it and aren't finished with it yet, and they read Twilight in less than 24 hours. Hmmmm, if someone loans it to be, i might read it but i don't think I'll buy it. Oh well, if not then I'll just wait for the film to come out. Hopefully by that time, Midnight Sun will be completed and released. Come on Stephenie!! I know you have other books in the works, but everyone is dying here. Please, Please release it. Oh and along with the Twilight Saga Encyclopedia, Ive been waiting FOREVER for that to be released. I won't buy any merchandise, but i do want that!

Twilight Musicians

If anyone hasn't noticed, basically all of the Twilight cast are musical in some way. It's easier to name those who don't play music somehow, than to name those who do.

Robert Pattinson - Everyone is familiar with his music. He has two songs on the Twilight soundtrack. He plays piano, guitar and sings. Originally he wanted to be a musician and still goes to open mic nights at pubs in London. Awwww.
Anna Kendrick - She has been singing since she was about 8 years old. She has done many musicals and has a background in theater. I really want to hear her sing one day, i bet she is good.
Kristen Stewart - She can play the guitar and she can sing as well. I don't know if she knew beforehand how to play, but she has played character that sing and play guitar, i think she learned for the roles. Her most recent role is in "The Runaways," where she plays rock legend Joan Jett.
Jackson Rathbone - He has played in a band since he was in high school. Now, he has a band called 100 monkeys, and they play allot at pubs and bars. You can buy their CD on itunes and everything. They have very rock/alternative/Blues sound to their music. They improvise allot on stage, so you never know what your going to get.
Jamie Campbell Bower - He is in a band too, called "The Darling Buds." I must say, i really like their music, he sings and plays the guitar. If you haven't heard it, go to their myspace page. Have you heart Jamie sing? Wow, he has a beautiful voice. He uses it in Sweeney Todd, man, he can sing!!
Nikki Reed - She sings and play the guitar. I've never heard her, but she just bought a new acoustic guitar the other day, when she was in Van.
BooBoo Stewart - He can sing, and play guitar and drums. He is seriously talented. I haven't heard him on his guitar or the drums, but i have heard him sing. He has such an angelic, soft, pretty voice.
Christian Serratoes - She sings. If you haven't heard her. You can visit her official myspace page. She sings like pop cross soft hip/hop.
Gil Burminghan - He sings and plays the guitar really well.
Mike Welch - He can really sing, man
Tinsel Korey - She sings and plays the guitar really well. I love her voice, it's so soulful.
There are tons more but I'm tired. lol my responses for each have gotten shorter as i grew sleepy. Wouldn't it be cool if the Twilight cast had a musical convention where they are sang and played. Awesome!! Bye bye.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Breaking Dawn Directors

Tons of Twilight fans have been begging to get Chris Weitz back to do Breaking Dawn. I can understand that because i totally love him, and so far what we have seen of the film. There are so many wonderful directors that can be given the chance to direct it ( or two if you count on Breaking Dawn being split in 2). Yay! So excited!!!

I seriously think that David Fincher would be amazing. He has worked with heavy CGI before on "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" which had a massive element of CGI. Has anyone seen that movie? The effects made Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett look various different ages from infants to 80+ years old. He has also used visual effects for "Star Wars Episode VI : Return of the Jedi" and "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom". Amazing graphics, plus i loved Benjamin Button. It has a strong element of CGI, which will be needed to create Renesmee. However, he still has the capability to have a romance plot on top, seeping raw emotion. Essentially, Twilight Saga is a romance, and he definitely has the skills to bring that to film successful. Another plus, he has worked with Kristen Stewart before, on "Panic Room," with Jodie Foster. This gives him links to the actors and hopefully he would be able to get the best acting possible out of Kristen because they know each other and will instantly be comfortable together.

Peter Jackson would be another capable director for Breaking Dawn. For one, he is familiar with fantasy novel's being transformed into films, hence his work with the Lord of the Rings. I loved those movies. The adaptation was done quite faithfully to the books, which is something that the Twilight fans will appreciate. Two, the LOTR is very big on CGI,the graphics were impressive. That exactly something we need in a director for Renesmee, because she is supposed to have facial expressions and look real when she was just born. That will be difficult to achieve, however Peter Jackson will absolutely be able to handle Renesmee. Plus, Peter Jackson invited Chris Weitz onto the set of "King Kong" to show him how to direct a blockbuster fantasy movie set, preparing Chris for "The Golden Compass," which i thought was really nice of him. Considering those two are friends, that might sway Peter to possibly come on for Breaking Dawn. He will obviously know the scope of the saga, and that he will get a huge audience to see it. Something which he is familiar with because he is such an amazing director.

Ron Howard is another director which could possibly be a good director for Breaking Dawn. Firstly his daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard, plays Victoria in Eclipse in which she replaced Rachelle Laferve. Ron Howard is a world-renowned director and he is brilliant at what he does. Ron Howard also has links to Michael Sheen. They worked together in the award winning film "Frost/Nixon." Michael Sheen's character Aro, is present in Breaking Dawn. However, I'm not so sure about his familiarity with CGI. I know that Ron Howard did produce "Curious George 2 : Follow that Monkey" but that is more of a cartoon than CGI. Although it could help. Also, he directed "Splash" in which Darly Hannah transformed into a mermaid and he did direct "How the Grinch stole Christmas" which was really out their with the Grinch on effects. Those movie's weren't heavy on graphics however it would contribute toward being capable to create Breaking Dawn. I do know that he is a gifted director with his daughter and a friend in the cast. That could give him some incentive to direct Breaking Dawn.

Roland Emmerich would be seriously cool to possibly direct breaking Dawn. He is an experienced director and knows how to direct big budgeted films. He is very familiar with impressive CGI, which has been shown in his films, "Independence Day," when the White House was blown up. That looks very realistic and seriously awesome. Also, "Godzilla,""The Day After Tomorrow," " 10 000 BC" and "2012" are all heavy on CGI and very futuristic and fantasy concepts. Man, he would be seriously cool director, because i remember watching "Godzilla" in my multi-media classes at school. Not that I'd admit it at the time, but it honestly freaked me out a little bit. Summit, i really hope you consider Roland because he would be perfect choice to bring Breaking Dawn to life. He has the skills, knowledge and experience to pull it off successfully.

Ridely Scott, i think the name just say it. One of my absolutely all time favourite directors. He would be a great director for Breaking Dawn. He has been around the industry for ages, and knows lots of people in high places. Especially Russel Crowe. Ridley Scott does very big budgeted epic films such as "Gladiator," Hannibal," "Alien," "Blade Runner," and "American Gangster." Scott's films have been familiar with CGI and dominant computer graphics. I remember studying "Blade Runner," in my year 11 Literature class. The graphics were really good considering it was produced in 82'. He would be an amazing director, plus he uses Hans Zimmer allot for scores. Hans Zimmer has conducted scores such as "Twister," "The Power of One," "The Lion King," "Gladiator," "Mission Impossible: II," "Hannibal," "Pearl Harbor," "The Ring," "The Da Vinci Code," "Pirates: Dead Man's Chest and At Words End", "The Dark Knight," and other amazing movies. If Ridley Scott directed Breaking Dawn and have Hans Zimmer composes the score, i will be seriously ecstatic

My last pick would have to be Michael Bay. He is a big director at the moment having recently directed "Transformers," and "Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen." I have to say, i loved both of them. Obviously, CGI was used heavily in those films, so he would be able to do Breaking Dawn with Bella pregnancy and Renesmee and all of those effects. Not forgetting Bella's shield and all the other vampires gifts, like Benjamin's. Michael Bay mixes drama and CGI in his movies, both of which Breaking Dawn is packed with. He is a popular director, having also directed, "Pearl Harbor," Awwww, i love that film. I just love him, i don't know what else to say. Perfectly content with him to direct Breaking Dawn. Oh, and he is going to direct "Transformers 3." It doesn't have a name yet, but I'm so excited to see it.

If David Fincher, Peter Jackson, Ron Howard, Roland Emmerich, Ridley Scott, or Michael Bay got cast as the director, I'd be over the moon. Of course, Chris Weitz is included in that because i love him. However, i don't know if Summit will be able to get such big named, talented directors. Because Summit is an independent studio, and tons of studios are waiting in lines for them to direct their movies. Since Breaking Dawn, i assuming by the way the cast are talking, is going to be directed fairly soon. It may be hard to get a good director on such short notice. I hope that isn't the case, because the movie would suffer if they just got a mediocre director to do it, because they were the only one available at that time.That would be sad, but despite that, I'm really excited for it!! Squee!!!

Twilight Teams

Every Twilight fan knows that the Team originally started as Team Edward and Team Jacob. Then in just branched out to the actors, Team Rob, and Team Taylor! However, now there is a team everything!! Literally, everything. the teams i have seen are

Team Jasper, Team Emmett, Team Carlisle, Team Edward, Team Jacob, Team Robstern, Team Paulex, Team Chaske, Team Jalice, Team Rosamett, Team TayTay, Team Perv, Team Wolves, Team Vampire, Team Switz, Team Twi, Team Weitz, Team Taycob, Team Edwert, Team Jackward and there are so many that i can't think of at the moment.

This is getting ridiculous!! Seriously, originally it was just before Breaking Dawn to see who would get Bella, Edward or Jacob. Who's side were you on. Now the whole fandom is separating into different teams, and people who are on opposing teams, feel the need to fight each other. That's so immature. Plus, insulting other teams!! We are ALL Twilight fans, why are we insulting the teams, stating that their team is better than the others. People just need to leave them alone, and respect everyone individual opinion. It's really rude, and we should be uniting as Twilight fans, not being separated starting ridiculous team wars over nothing!! It's getting everyone no where.

Rob checking out Kristen

Usually i don't' want to get involved with "Robstern" because it's none of my business, and if they're together, good for them. But, i just thought that this was hilarious!! When Twilight premiered in Japan, Rob, Kristen and Taylor were there. When Kristen comes of the stage, Rob is very obviously checking her out, and then he smiles and licks his lips. LOL, i cracked up laughing at him expressions lol. Really funny. i don't know how to post a gif file so I'll just link it here.

LA Times and Hollywood Backlot EXCLUSIVE

OMG!! The LA Times and Hollywood Backlot just released a set visit they did. It seriously looks amazing!!They visited during a dream sequence, obviously. Awesome. In the books i just pictured Bella walking though the woods alone, searing for Edward. Chris Weitz went one step further. He put her bedroom in the forest, which seriously looks cool. I think this is the dream after Bella gets a late night visit from Jacob, trying to make her guess what happened to him. I think it's that scene because Robert is there and so is Jacob. I think that is the only scene where Bella is in the woods with both, Edward and Jake. However, i may be wrong.

Apparently, Melissa Rosenberg wrote in a lot more dream sequences and visions of Edward. Which i think it stupid, because if the film has him there so much, everyone won't have time to miss him. If the audience doesn't miss Edward, then the reunion scene won't be a climatic as it would have been if he was missing for most of the movie. It's stupid that they are trying to shove Edward in as much a possible because people like him better. New Moon is Jacob's film essentially, and how are we supposed to fall in love with Jacob, if Edward is being shoved in our faces all of the time. Ridiculous. Summit, is just trying to get the Edward fans in, because i can see allot of them skipping out the whole middle of the film, because there is no Edward. Talk about immature. Cant' all of the fans just respect the way Stephenie wrote her books and see them faithfully brought to the screen as they were written.

Anyway, sorry that's a sensitive issue for me, and i get sidetracked really easy. These pictures look seriously awesome. OMG!!! How hot does Taylor look!! Wow, he is looking mighty fine. Those muscles. I must say a big thank-you for Taylor. Not just because he looks good, but the effort, determination and commitment that he has to the saga. I couldn't bear to watch New Moon if he was replaced by that prick Michael Coupon. Ewww, he was so arrogant. Anyway, Taylor, seriously thanks for all of the hard work and effort you have put in to completely transform your entire body for Jacob. The fans really appreciate it. Not forgetting Rob. He looks seriously sexy as Edward. Allot more seductive and sensual than he did in Twilight. Maybe because of the make-up, costume, and hair. Rob has always been very good-looking, but the New Moon make-up department knows how to accentuate his positives. Thanks, you did a very nice job.

Thanks Chris Weitz. I love you. This set looks really cool. Plus, you know how strange some dreams can be. I love that Chris has brought that forward. In a few shots, there is two Bella's in the frame. A fake Bella lying in bed, and Kristen sitting on the bed. It looks like its going to be one hell of a scene!! Love you Mr. Weitz. Seriously, does anyone think that Chris would be amazing for Breaking Dawn. Yes!!! Here are some pictures.

The New Moon Soundtrack

The soundtrack list was released today, I'm a little disappointed with the stuff on it. I'm not going to judge it yet, because i don't know any of the bands apart from The Killers and Muse, and I'm not even a Muse fan. Anyway, the songs of the soundtrack are :

  • 1. Death Cab For Cutie – “Meet Me On The Equinox”
  • 2. Band Of Skulls – “Friends”
  • 3. Thom Yorke – “Hearing Damage”
  • 4. Lykke Li – “Possibility”
  • 5. The Killers – “A White Demon Love Song”
  • 6. Anya Marina – “Satellite Heart”
  • 7. Muse – “I Belong To You (New Moon)”
  • 8. Bon Iver and St. Vincent – “Roslyn”
  • 9. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – “Done All Wrong”\
  • 10. Hurricane Bells – “Monsters”
  • 11. Sea Wolf – “The Violet Hour”
  • 12. OK Go – “Shooting The Moon”
  • 13. Grizzly Bear – “Slow Life”
  • 14. Editors – “No Sound But The Wind”
  • 15. Alexandre Desplat – “New Moon (The Meadow)”

The only band i actually like is The Killers. I seriously upset that Coldplay, Kings of Leon, and The Used all didn't make it on to the soundtrack. They are my favourite bands and their music is so great, i didn't have any doubt that they wouldn't be selected. They are perfect for the subject matter and the tone of New Moon. I'm very disappointed because they would have made the soundtrack really nice. Oh well, can't really do anything about it. I just hope that they song are good, and that all of these great artists weren't knocked back to put these songs on it. I'll have to listen to the soundtrack before i form any opinions. Trying to stay open minded, but severely disappointed.

New Pic : B&J&M Movie Date

This picture has just surfaced of Bella, Jacob and Mike, when they get stuck going to the movies with just the three of them. Ohhh, i love the chapter "Third Wheel," in New Moon. It's something i can actually see happening, totally realistic. In the pic, Bella just looks like she is basically expressionless. She is trying to watch the movie, and ignore the guys beside her. Oh and for Jake and Mike, i absolutely love that they both have their arms on the armrest with the palms of the hair facing up, as if they are both hoping that Bella will take their hand and hold it. That is directly out of the book!!! Chris Weitz, i love you for keeping in that little detail. It's not important to be plot, but i love seeing little details from the books, that other people wouldn't notice. Just a Easter egg for Twilight fans. Anyway, Mike seriously looks like he is about to dry reech but he is ignoring it trying to watch the movie. Jacob looks like he is about to smile then crack up laughing because the movie is so bad! This is a perfect depiction from the book. Everything looks pretty much how it was written about. Even though it's only a still, a picture speaks a thousand words. True, true. I am so excited for this scene. Yay!! Only just 58 days until New Moon!! Yes!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

David Slade's Tweets..

I absolutely love how David Slade will tweet about what he is filming and how its going. I love that he communicating with the fans. We get a better idea of whats going on during production and keeps us sort of included during the making of Eclipse, to a certain extent. I think that it makes us more excited because we will know when our favourite scenes are being shot, and the anticipation for Eclipse to be released. Plus, David doesn't only tweet about what they are filming. He sometimes posts pictures. My favourite one is a picture of Taylor Lautner that David took during early lighting tests. The lighting, and the simplicity of it was just beautiful. I really can't wait to see what he brings to Eclipse, as it's my favourite book. He not only tewwts pictures of the cast, but the crew too. The crew are usually overlooked because they do all of the work behind the scenes and don't get acknowledged for their hard work, because in all seriousness, who watches all the credits when they know a hidden scene isn't behind them? I'm assuming not many people. He tweets beautifully shot pictures of the crew, which i love. Just because they aren't the actors, they contributed just as much as the actors do, if not more. Thanks for the tweets David, keep it up.

UNICEF Advertisement Directed by Slade

I saw this amazing ad a few months ago to raise awareness of Child Trafficking, its beautiful. The music is "Goodnight, Travel Well" by the Killers. It literally made me cry, and I'm not exaggerating at all. However, i only just discovered that David Slade directed it. OMG!! It's so beautiful, and so sad. I definitely think he will be able to pull of the emotion that Eclipse has, as well as the action. If you haven't watched this ad, do. Right now!! Seriously moving. Don't just watch the beginning a give up because your confused. Initially, i was confused, but it makes sense in the end.

Jack Huston in Rosalie's flashback

I'm so pumped to see Rosalie's flashback, its going to be so good. When Rosalie was happy,vibrant,innocent and human. Plus, the Jack Huston who is going to play her fiance Royce King 2nd, is seriously gorgeous!! Originally Melissa Rosenberg wrote the script without a Royce. Seriously, fire Melissa!! She didn't put in the 3 way date with Bella,Jake and Mike in New Moon, and now she didn't have Royce King in Eclipse!! He is the very reason that Rosalie was changed, consequently resulting in her torturing them to death and herself being transformed into a really bitter person. Anyone who didn't know Rosalie's past would automatically assume she is a bitch. I love this part because you get to see Rosalie for who she is, because before you just thought she was mean. This depicts her story and it's essential to have it done right. Anyway, Jack Huston. I can seriously see him playing Royce, although he was supposed to be blond in the book. I don't care, because Jack seriously looks like a younger Johnny Depp, which is fine by me!! Thanks, David Slade, for calling up Jack Huston, and writing in the part of Royce. As a fan of the books, i seriously think his role is very significant to the story, even though it's a tiny role. Plus, he isn't bad to look at!! HOT!! I bet people are going to part creating TEAM JACK, when Eclipse come closer to its release date!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

BooBoo Hair...

BooBoo Stewart has just tweeted a picture of his new haircut. Wow, its all gone. BooBoo plays Seth Clearwater, he is so0 perfect for the role!! Anyway, he had long beautiful silky hair, you could tell how healthy it was just by looking at it. He cut it to play Seth, so that means that BooBoo has filmed all of his scenes where Seth is pre-transformation. Now its cut short, he has transformed. Yay!! I'm so excited. I'm a little disappointed with Summit that Leah, Seth weren't in New Moon. Because i remember a really cute scene where Bella was over at Jacob's having spaghetti for Dinner. Jacob was talking to Bella all night, and Seth sat there hanging of his every word, and following him around like a little puppy. During that, Leah was sitting on Billy's phone the entire time, looking miserable and bitchy. That would have been so cool to seen portrayed on the scene. but oh well, at least they got the casting spot on. I mean seriously, have you seen BooBoo, he is seriously talented. He does the same type of martial arts that Taylor Lautner does, they even knew each other before. He dances, he acts, and he can sing. He even went on a tour with his singing. Oh and did i mention he can play the drums and guitar. Holy cow, that's one talented kid. He can do everything. Anyway, getting a bit side tracked. His after hair looks pretty good, and it kinda resembles Kiowa Gordon's hair cut. He is sooo cute and totally perfect for Seth. Love you BooBoo. Um, i gotta say it, i really don't like the name BooBoo. Obviously that isn't his really name, but everyone calls him that. I saw in an interview what his real name was, but i can't remember it. Can't wait to see you in Eclipse, cute!! And omg, have you seen his abs. He has like an 8 pack, and he is like 15!! Well, Taylor did have a 8 pack when he was 11. These martial art kids are crazy ripped!!

Christian Serratoes is so beautiful :( So Jealous

Since just mentioning Ashley Greene's fashion sense, i thought I'd dedicate a post to Christian. She is so beautiful and dresses so well, its awful for my self-esteem just to look at her. It's kind of ironic that she is playing Angela, someone who is shy,quite and isn't considered pretty. However in complete contrast, Summit employed Christian who is so beautiful it takes an hour and a half just to try to make her plain. It sucks that the humans are only really in Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse. Breaking Dawn doesn't have any of them in it, that sucks because Jessica is my favourite human. Anna Kendrick, plays her exceptionally well and she is very funny too. However, Summit may just add a few scene's at the beginning, or during the middle wit the humans, but I'm not sure if they will or not. Due to them leaving for college, i don't think Summit will even bother. Even with her dressed up as Angela, you can still tell she is gorgeous. Dear Christian, i seriously want to raid your wardrobe!! Seriously though, Christian should have been a model. I'm not saying she isn't a good actress, but its really easy to act like Angela. But she has just got to be in front of a camera. One, of my guy best friends has the biggest crush on her. He didn't even hesitate when i took him to see Twilight, two times. Seriously, though i think she is prettier than Megan Fox. Megan can sometimes come of as cheap, trashy stripper. Oh course, she is gorgeous, but Christian carries her look with class. She is gorgeous, but doesn't ever look like trailer trash that Megan Fox occasionally looks like. Man, Stephenie Meyer is smart. She basically wrote a book, where everyone is beautiful!! That's perfect for movies, because who wouldn't want to see a movie, where everyone is beautiful. It's not realistic, but its Hollywood.