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Hey, I'm a massive Twilight Fan, and thanks to my friends being fed up with having to listern to my non-stop chattering about Twilight, i decided to create a blog for myself to just vent and document my twilight obsession!! I'm current studying journalism and have aspiration to become one, so why not write about something as awesome as the Twilight Saga!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bill Condon WILL be directing Breaking Dawn!!!! Squeeee!!!

FINALLY SOME WORD ON BREAKING DAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm super excited!!! Oscar-winning director Bill Condon will be directing Breaking Dawn. If you aren’t aware of him, the has directed most notably, Dreamgirls. I'm so excited, but its strange how Summit didn’t officially announce when Breaking Dawn was greenlit, like they did with New Moon and Eclipse. But, perhaps their rationale was that all of the fans knew it was going to be produced, so they felt no need to state of obvious. I don't know, and don't really care now, but it would have been nice to be told officially that Breaking Dawn was actually going to be made! Plus, I’m super excited that Stephenie Meyer is going to be a producer on the project. That way, she will get some say in how things are going to be made, which will make the film better, I think. Apart from the fact I know that she is going to make it PG-13, which I’m pretty disappointed about. Other than that, I’m SUPER excited!!!!! Of course, Breaking Dawn is not my favourite book, it still has some pretty awesome scenes in it! The only question left is whether it's going to be two films or not. I'm pretty sure it will be! Summit will make more money and Stephenie Meyer and Melissa Rosenberg wanted it to be two films, and they will be hugely influential to Summits decision. Hope so!! Anything with more Twilight, I'm up for. However, it would suck if they were just unnecessarily dragging it out to make more money...that would be really bad!! I can't wait to see what Bill Condon does with Breaking Dawn!! Especially, the CGI, as he hasn’t done a film with CGI before. I'm nervous, but I'm sure that Summit wouldn’t just pick anyone for Breaking Dawn. Woo, Welcome to Breaking Dawn *in Catherine Hardwicke's voice* :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Awesome Screen Caps from the Eclipse Trailer

This is just an establishing shot to show Forks, i think
The Wolves attacking the Newborns in the fight scene
I'm not sure what scene this shot of Bella is from
I'm guessing this is when Jacob is hiding Bella is the woods aka tent scene ;)
When Jacob goes to Bella school to warn Edward about the treaty
Establishment shot of gloomy Seattle where all of the killings are
Obviously opening sequence of Riley being killed by Victoria
Riley transforming
I think it's Jasper telling his story and about the Newborns
Establishment shot of the woods
Newborns at a logging place, doing i dont know what
I think it's at the party at the Cullens house where Alice has a vision
Ohhh, evil Jane
Party after graducation (Carlisle is all dressed up)
Maybe Jacob crashing that party ??
Newborn Battle...
Either Newborns battle or Jasper flashback...too close to tell
The Cullens trying to catch Victoria in the woods
Edward defending Bella from Victoria when in hiding
Bella's engagement ring
Evil vampires coming up from out of the water

There are a ton more, but it would take forever and it's getting quite late and I'm tired!! So excited for Eclipse!! Wooo!!

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner

I'm sure that everyone knows that Stephenie Meyer's new book, "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner"! Well, I just bought it a few days ago (but I forgot to blog about it) and I'm super excited to read it. You didn’t have to buy a hard copy of it, but I wanted to. I mean, you can download it for free from Stephenie Meyer's website, but I wanted the actual book to have alongside of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. You know, so that I have every book in the saga, even though it's sort of an extra. I like that it’s for a good cause, because a percentage of the book sales will be donated to the Red Cross (interesting choice of charity considering it’s a book about vampires). Plus, I think that the cover is super awesome! It's probably one of my favourite out of the saga. There is just over a month until it's released, and then I have to wait for it to be shipped! Then I’m going to read it SO quickly :) Can't wait!!


OMG!!!!! This trailer is SO FREAKING AMAZING!!!!!!! Eclipse is going to be the most bad-ass movie and I seriously mean that. Twilight was meh, New Moon was so beautiful, but Eclipse is going to blow them out of the water. It sucks that this is the final trailer, and it's still April. I mean, Eclipse comes out at the end of June, so that over 2 months with no other footage. Summit is probably doing this on purpose because I know that some annoying people were whingeing that they had seen too much footage. Well, if you don't want to see lots of spoilers, then DONT watch the extra and trailers. Dur...

Anyway, firstly the Newborns! Wow, I'm super excited for all of that footage that wasn’t in the book. Initially, I didn’t want any of that stuff in and I hoped that they would cut most of it out, but now I’m very excited for it. I know that the opening sequence for Eclipse is Riley being turned into a vampire by Victoria in Seattle, which looks amazing. I'm super excited to see that in the film. They can't cut it because it’s the opening sequence and the rest of the film won't make sense without it. I like that there is a shot of the Newborns fighting amongst each other, because that's mentioned in the books of why the numbers keep changing. There's also a shot of the Newborns coming out of the water, which totally reminds me of that scene in POTC when the pirates were in the water. I don't know why but that's what it reminds me of. I really appreciate David Slade constantly having the Newborns in deserted random places, Alleys, logging places, the woods, barns etc. Although, we didn’t see any Bree Tanner at all. I can't wait to read her book :)

The Volturi are here, again!! I'm so happy because I think they Volturi were one of the best parts of New Moon. Especially, Dakota Fanning and Michael Sheen, because their acting was just amazing. However, we only get to see Demitri, Felix, Jane and Alec, but it's better than nothing. The first shot is just them standing there in some concrete place that looks like Seattle, which makes total sense. Carlisle suspects that the Volturi knew about the Newborns, but didn’t do anything about it because they wanted to make Carlisles’ coven smaller. So, I’d be glad if that's what they were doing. Of course there is a shot of the Volturi in the meadow just after the battle where Jane orders Bree to the killed. I LOVE that they are wearing their cloaks that they were supposed to be wearing. Also, I’m impressed that David Slade has Jane and Alec in dark black whereas Felix and Demetri are in a dark grey! That was like it in the book, a visual colour coded hierarchy of dominance within the Volturi. Awesome :)

The Wolfs are looking awesome again. I think that they looked better in the New Moon movie, but I’m sure that Tippett Studios are still working with the wolves, and that they are going to get a lot better before Eclipse is actually released. But, apart from that, I'm happy with the wolves. However, now there are eight wolves; Sam, Jared, Paul, Embry, Jacob, Quil, Seth, and Leah. I'm so glad that they have the number of wolves correct! It would be awful if they were all together, and Seth was missing. That would make me so mad. But, good work. I'm also loving how vicious the wolves look when they are attacking Victorias' Newborn vampires. They look really scary when they are pouncing on the vampires with their claws out, and them arching their mouths to bite them to pieces. There is a wolf in the background when Victoria is in the tree, and it falls to the ground when Edward breaks it; that's supposed to be Seth. I was a little disappointed that Seth isn’t a sandy colour like he was in the books. It just makes him look a little bit more distinctive, but other than that, I'm very happy with them.

The cinematography is beautiful of course. I think that David Slade's niche is mis-en-scene. If you follow David on twitter, you can tell from his photography that he is very artistic and his pictures are just gorgeous with the tone, the lighting, the composition, everything about it is stunning. Just from some of the shots in the teaser trailer, you could tell how talented David Slade is. I'm really excited to see what he does visually with all of the fight scenes. David is known for doing dark films, and I hope that he makes Eclipse very dark. However, the Twilight Saga is very character oriented. Many of the conflicts happen through character emotions, and there will be a lot of conversations and dialogue. So, for the majority of Eclipse, he won't get to display his skills, but the fight scene at the end is going to be epic. Everyone has been hyping up the end battle scene with the Newborns so much. I hope I'm not disappointed because everyone has been saying it's so good. From the clips from the trailer, I would say that is looks amazing!

I just can't say enough that I'm so excited for this film. It looks amazing, Eclipse is my favourite book and David Slade appears to have produced a beautiful film. I can't wait to see it. I hope we get more the making of footage or tons of pictures and interviews because this is the last trailer. I feel like I have seen literally nothing of Eclipse, which sucks. I need information and pictures, video, interviews, and details about Eclipse. Knowing that there aren’t anymore trailers, I'm still hoping for some stills and promotional pictures. This trailer was everything I wanted, and that was lacking from the teaser. Amazing, David!! Let's just hope you live up to the great work of Chris Weitz.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oprah's Eclipse Show...

Oprah is having a show dedicated towards Eclipse on the 23rd of April!!! This is so exciting because on the show, Summit is going to play the last Eclipse Trailer! I guess we will only be getting one Eclipse trailer, but i suppose that it's better than nothing! SO excited to see some more footage from Eclipse, because with the teaser trailer, i was very disappointed. Thank-you Oprah!!

The Eclipse Soundtrack

We have a release date for the Eclipse Soundtrack! Yay, everything is starting to happen now :) It's going to be released on the 8th of June according to Amazon, which is about a month before the release of Eclipse. There have been rumours that Muse is going to be on the Eclipse Soundtrack, but you never know if they will make the final cut. I heard that they had some difficulties with Summit, but i hope they are. I can't wait untill we start getting some names from David Slade, who's going to be on the soundtrack! Sweet!!

Friday, April 16, 2010


FINALLY! I got my New Moon DVD! It's SO awesome! I have only JUST opened it! I have the two disc special edition from K-mart, although I'm not sure if America has K-mart! It's just like a Target type store! Well, anyway, it’s SO awesome!! When I opened it, it even comes with three postcards; one of Bella, one of Edward and one of Jacob obviously. Me = ecstatic times 1 million!!!!!

I just inserted the 2nd disc, because I’m dying to see all of the special features, and even the quality of the menu is so much better than the Twilight one!! It has Alexandre Desplat's "The Meadow" playing, and the camera is zooming a lot of characters hidden in the woods! Then it shifts to Voltera and the Volturi!! It's so AMAZING!!! I’ll keep trying as I’m watching the DVD, so that I can remember what my first reactions were :)

Now I’m watching the extended scenes!! First up is a scene called school corridor which is just Edward and Bella walking at school discussing Bella's birthday present, and Jacob's little crush on Bella. Its cool, but I can totally see why it was cut. The next is a scene called English class which is obviously during English. Bella and Edward are talking at the back of the classroom, discussing birthdays and Romeo's mistakes in Shakespeare’s play. I can totally see why it was cut too, but I’m so glad that Chris Weitz kept in that the Cullen’s are excited and that the last birthday party they had was Emmetts'! That was totally from the book...however, Robert Pattinson mumbles SO much, its hard to understand what he is saying sometimes.

The start of the cinema lobby is cute between Bella and Jacob, and there is a lot from the book. I wish that wasn’t cut because that was exactly how it played out in the book, and it would have been nice to see that on the screen. Although, I do understand that the film would have been too long with lots of those in it. The next extended scene is just Bella and Laurent in the meadow. It's just longer. It's cool to see, and most of it just explains what the fans already know, so it's kind of useless having it in. But I love Edi Gathegi, so it's cool to see more of him, before he dies.

My favourite scene is the scene where Jake breaks into Bella room, but the extended version of it SO much BETTER!! Swooning because of Jacob!! Wow, Taylor is such an emotive actor! His face and his eyes say so much than words can’t convey. Just wow!! There's a longer part of Embry, and Jared joking around outside Emily's. It's nice to see more of the Quileutes because you hardly see any of them, but I can see why Chris Weitz cut it out.

I'm LOVING the longer scene where Jake drives Bella home! It's SO packed with everything from the book...discussing Harry's death, Jacob telling Bella he will always be there for her ( The sun line = dies with Awwww), and Bella looking like she is leading him on even though she doesn’t mean to. Did you see how close Bella's face was to Jacob!! That bitch is breaking his heart...god Bella makes me SO angry sometimes. Cutest scene. The next is Alice in the car with Bella, but it's the shortest scene I’m not even going to mention it, and the one after is Edward asking the Volturi to kill him. It's only a tiny scene, as most of the footage is used as flashback footage.
Wow, I totally LOVE the scene where Carlisle stitches up Bella!!!!! I love it SO much!! Everything is directly from the book!! Plus, Peter Facinelli is a great actor, and he pulled of Carlisle’s calmness, serenity perfectly! The majority of those lines where from the book, and Chris Weitz, thank you, I really appreciate it. That scene rocked!! AWWWW, the scrap metal scene is SO cute!!! It's adorable!!! Scenes like that make me fall in love with Jake ALL over again!! They are SO meant for each other.

The last extended scene is Jacob talking to Edward and Bella at the end of New Moon. It's a really short scene again, but I can see why they cut it. It's just a little bit of footage of Jacob jumping through the bushes and saying "I see you're still alive" to Edward. I can see why it was cut, not a very important piece of film. I LOVED pretty much all of the extended scenes but my favourites are Carlisle stitching up Bella, Jake in Bella's room, and Jake driving Bella home. My total favs!!!

Now the best of all, the deleted scenes!!!! The Birthday Cake one was the SHORTEST thing ever!!! It didn’t even feel like anything new really. The scene driving home from the party I caved and watched on YouTube. It's just the same as the book, but I can see how it was cut. You can follow the story without it, but it's just a nice little extra for the fans to enjoy. Charlie putting Bella to bed after she was found was cute of Charlie, but kinda irrelevant to the story, so I can see why it was cut too. Bob's bikes scene just shows the origin of the bikes and Charlie's dislike of dangerous motorcycles. Its cute and all, but it doesn’t really add anything to the story. I can see why all of these deleted scenes, were deleted. It would have just slowed down the plot.

The scene where Bella has a weird nightmare, it’s a strange dream that doesn’t even make sense, which is perfect because in the book, they were weird too. It's so adorable Charlie chatting to Bella! He is such a good guy! I LOVE Charlie!! It's SO cute when he says "I love you" to Bella, because you can tell it’s hard to say, but he truly means it. Awww. I think the scene of Mike being left at the movies were more bloopers than a scene but it was pretty funny regardless. And once again, Charlie stealing the scene telling Bella that he is there for her if she needs to talk. So adorable, and it shows how much Charlie cares.

LOL, the scene with Victoria in the car made me lol. It's so funny how she just stole this person’s care, and his driving down the road with these humans, reminiscing about her and James. I thought that was quite humorous! Awww, Rachelle is SO great!! It's really, really, really, really sad that she isn’t going to be in Eclipse. But, at least Summit included her on the DVD. It would be horrible if they totally cut her out. :( Aww, Rachelle is SO good. I'm going to see all of her movies now!!

The other features were cool too, like the Team Jacob vs. Team Edward, 6 part Documentary, Interview with Volturi and the Eclipse sneak peek was really cool. I didn’t really have any interest at all in watching the music video's at all because I’d already seen them on YouTube when they were released, so I wasn’t that excited for them. I could have done without them, if Summit put more of deleted scenes on that would be totally awesome.

Anyway, the commentary by Chris Weitz and Peter Lambert was cool. Although, I would prefer Chris Weitz, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner to be doing the commentary, that wasn’t possible. So, I suppose Peter Lambert was a good substitute. The New Moon DVD rocked, apart from one minor detail!!! On my DVD, if you look at the features on the back of the cover, they spelt Peter Lambert's name wrong!! SERIOUSLY SUMMIT!!!!! How can you not KNOW that!!!!! How disrespectful to Peter!! So what if he’s just the editor, he is VERY important!! It's irrelevant how big or small you are, you deserve to have your name spelt correctly for the work you have done!! But other than that, I'm SO HAPPY!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Countdown to "The Second Short Life of Bree Tanner"

There are two sides to every story...

Leah Gibson as Nettie

I'm pretty sure we found out who Nettie is!! It's about time....Eclipse was filmed last year, and people are only finding out some of the cast now! Anyway, I hope this is true. It's being reported by IMDB, and not everything on there is accurate, but I’m pretty sure that this will be. We haven’t heard anything about the casting of Nettie ever, so I’m pretty happy with whom Summit chose. She is very pretty. Although, she has really short hair, and that's not how Netties' hair was in the book. I'm hoping they put a wig on her, but other than that, I’m happy with her.

Eclipse Re-shoots...

Everyone has been freaking out because Lainly Gossip has reported that some "key" scenes are being re-shot in Vancouver. I don't know what the big deal is. Of course, I’m concerned because Summit and David Slade don’t think that some of the scenes are good enough, and want to fix them. Yes, they are going to fix the scenes that they have issues with. When the film comes out, nobody will even notice anything. However, I'd be more worried if they didn’t re-shoot the scenes and have them come out looking awful in the film, although I would be ignorant of it at the time. So, even though I'm a little worried that they need to re-shoot some scenes, it's a hell of a lot better than no doing it and producing something crap on June 30th.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Eclipse Calendar

YES!! An Eclipse calendar has been released! That is awesome because there are picture of all of he characters! :) I'll start of with January and go through the months!

January: Jacob is dressed in his green sleeveless shirt. I'm disappointed because even though that colour looks gorgeous on him, I would prefer to see his abs. Anyway, Jacob's looking pretty angry and he has this intense stare, which is really cool. I must say that the make-up is so much better. You would think that Taylor looks that hot all of the time and that he just isn’t wearing make-up at all! Seriously hot, Taylor. I love that Jacob is wearing the same shirt as New Moon, because it shows that the wolves aren’t rich, and they don't have an unlimited amount of clothing so they have to wear the same things all of the time. Essentially it shows their socio-economic status through their clothing. It is expressed in the books a few times that Jacob can’t afford to buy any more clothes and shoes if he destroys the ones he has. I think it’s Embry jokes when Jake has only one shoe left that he can hop. That’s awesome that they are keeping that in the film. Subtle, but the fans will notice.

February: Jane is seriously one of the best characters in the series. Well, that’s not true because I love them all for different reasons, but she is so cool. Dakota Fanning does an amazing job as Jane, despite the fact that I pictured Jane looking like Dakota with WAY different hair. But, other than that, she is exactly what I imagined. Jane's hair is a little bit different from New Moon, and the black circles under her eyes are more prominent, but other than that, she looks the same. Oh, I also love that David Slade used black cloaks for the Volturi because they didn’t have them in New Moon. Also the darker blacks are utilised more important Volturi like Caius, Marcus, Aro, Jane and Alec, and lighter blacks and grey for the not as important characters like Felix and Demetri. The black represents their significances, and their dominance within the Volturi hierarchy. Sweet.

March: Sam is not wearing his shirt. Thank you. Even though Chaske isn't as buff and Taylor or Alex, it's still nice to see him wearing nothing, because the wolves seldom wore clothing. Ever! So, having him only wear jean shorts is very true to the book, which I really appreciate. Sam is bending down at a weird angle, and I suppose that it’s supposed to make him look more threatening, dominant and just physically larger, because Sam is this huge, intimidating guy who is the Alpha of the pack. Sam's in charge, so having him above everyone else looking down, represents his status within the pack. I love that because Bella often notes that Sam was huge, and she was scared of him, and couldn’t help thinking of him as this bad guy, even though she knew that he wasn’t.

April: Bella is looking much more mature than she did in Twilight and New Moon. Perhaps it's intentional to really emphasise that Bella is human, and that she is aging while Edward and the Cullen’s aren't. That's really awesome, because Bella is paranoid about being 18 when Edward will never be, so to have her physically look older is just showing a natural progression in the books, and a physical representation and embodiment of Bella's worst fear. I love the darker clothing that Bella is being dressed in, because it links into her being older and more mature but also with the darker themes which are explored through-out Eclipse. This film is going to be so frigging awesome. Although, I’m sure Bella's clothes aren’t going to be dark the entire way through, but it's nice to see it on a poster, so the audience who haven’t read the books, get the idea of what the film is going to be like.

May: Victoria is being portrayed by Bryce Dallas Howard. I'm still not happy about Rachelle being replaced because she was so friendly, bubbly, and nice and just loved the saga so much. I get the feeling that Bryce Dallas Howard only took the role in Eclipse because of its popularity. She was offered Victoria in Twilight and she turned it down because it was too small. I'm sorry, but I just can't get over that because it's clear she is only in it for the publicity, and not the story, like Rachelle was. But anyway, I do not really like the wig very much, because it just looks so fake. Although, I do like that David Slade got the right colour, unlike Catherine Hardwicke. I like that she is looking down and glaring forward, because it shows her power, her dominance and her ambition for vengeance, which is cool because it's just an integral part of Eclipse

June: As the saga goes on, Edward's hair appears to get less and less golden, which is disappointing because Edward's golden hair always accentuated his golden eyes. That was part of his look which made him special and differentiated him from everyone else. Now, Edward hair looks basically the same as Roberts, which I’m not liking at all. Other than that, I don't have any criticism. Edward is being dressed better than Twilight and New Moon. Now he has sharp v-neck t-shirts, and smart jackets, rather than the awful clothing used for Twilight. New Moon he basically wore a suit the entire film, because he dressed up for Bella's birthday, and he was just a memory the entire way through, so he wore the same clothes. So, I’m liking the new fashion that Edward has been given.

July: I've also noticed, along with Edward loosing his golden hair, so did Esme. Her hair is a lot darker, and colour could pass for a brown, rather than the caramel gold that it’s supposed to be. Apart from Esme's hair colour, I think her hair looks much nicer than New Moon. Now, Esme has curls, like she has in the book. Yay! Her hair style looks much nicer and closer to the book than her hair in Twilight and New Moon. I think her fashion sense has improved from what I have seen. I just think back to that hideous dress from the vote scene in New Moon and think that anything would be better than that. Fortunately, it is. Man, in this picture though, Esme looks mad! LOL, considering her gift is being able to love passionately; it sure doesn't looks like it here. Unless someone just attacked her family, like the Newborns maybe? :)

August: The beautiful Alice is looking gorgeous as normal. But then again, what do you expect when you see Ashley Greene. I'm loving Alice's hair here, it’s actually black, unlike that disgusting brown colour it was in Twilight. It's not as spiky, but I don't mind because at least it's black. She is still wearing her Cullen crest necklace, which is awesome because it's so dainty, elegant and small, just like Alice. Alice's clothing looks pretty similar to what she was wearing in Twilight and New Moon. It's just preppy clothing, for her petite frame. This is totally fine because that is usually small petite girls wear. Yes, and Alice is finally wearing some jewellery, excluding her Cullen crest. Alice is wearing some beaded necklaces, which I think is awesome because Alice is supposed to be a girly girl, and this is the first time we have her wear girly jewellery that teenage girls would wear. Perfect!

September: Carlisle is looking super fine as always. I know I’m probably saying that everyone is good looking, and that's because the Twilight cast are all super attractive. Every single one of them. The wig that they put on Peter isn’t a good as the one in New Moon. The New Moon wig was more blonde, and it looked at a lot more natural than this one. The Eclipse wig looks darker, and not as blonde. Almost like Carlisle dyed his hair dark, and tried to dye it back blonde without bleach. I like his clothing, from what we can see. I loved Peters’ idea that Carlisle always wears scarfs because his neck is sensitive because that is where he was bitten. Plus, the vest, scarfs, shirts and pants make it look like he grew up in a different century, which he did. I loved that they try to make it evident Carlisle's age with his hair, clothes, posture, speech etc despite his physical youth.

October: Rosalie looks a lot more like she is supposed to in the books, than she has in Twilight or New Moon. She looks like she is on the cover of a magazine, with her hair being blown back like that. She isn’t wearing her Cullen crest, which I’m a little sad about, because I think it’s beautiful. Although, she does looks a lot skinner, and has a longer, leaner neck without her necklace on. I think that Nikki Reed must have lost some weight during Eclipse, either from dieting or the intense workout's the cast was doing in order to prepare for the fight scene at the end of the film. Either way, she looks much more like a model. Not a gross, seriously underweight one, but a flawlessly perfect figure, which Rosalie is supposed to have. Which is good for Nikki, because awful fans were calling her too fat and not pretty enough for Rosalie. Well, I think Nikki to gorgeous and fit Rosalie perfectly. Anyway, Rosalie's hair isn’t as blonde, or as perfectly curly as it's supposed to be, but it could be because Rosalie has been fighting, or running. Although, maybe they wanted to make Rosalie's hair more natural, rather than the stiff curls she had in New Moon.

November: Aww, Jackson Rathbone, where do I start. Ok, let’s begin with the obvious. Who the hell chose his wig??? Seriously, I want to know! They should be hunted down and fired! That is the most disgusting wig ever! I was complaining about the New Moon wig, but that wig is good compared to this one. Jasper is supposed to be gorgeous, that's why he was grouped with Rosalie posing as her twin, because Rosalie is the most beautiful of the beautiful and Jasper was up there with her too. So, I don't know whose idea this was, but his wig his shockingly bad! I can't get over it. Bella's wig wasn't the greatest, but Jackson's wig takes the cake! Poor Jackson being made to wear this wig. I really hope it grows on me, but I’m pretty sure it won't. Whoever directs Breaking Dawn has to get a better wig than this. Seriously, you couldn’t get any worse. Sorry, Jackson I love you, but that wig is hideous.

December: Aww, Emmett. This picture looks like a super hero shot where they're standing on the side of a building, with his arms crossed looking up at the sky very proudly. I don't know why, but this shot of Emmett just remind me of that. Emmett is just wearing a shirt, which is a lot better than what he was wearing in New Moon. I just think back at the disgusting shirt that he was wearing in the vote scene in New Moon, and this plain t-shirt is a hell of a lot better. Of course, it's black with everything else to fit in with the tone of Eclipse. I just can't wait to see Emmett having the time of his life fighting all of those Newborns because he was so excited and up for destroying them, despite Rosalie's reluctance.

These pictures are seriously cool. I notice in all of them the obvious black and grey that all of the characters are dressed in apart from Jacob, who is in green, and Sam who isn't wearing anything. Also, they are all so serious. I think that this is supposed to portray that Eclipse is going to be a serious, dark, dramatic film, which it totally is. I'm so excited! As, I’ve said a million times, Eclipse is my favourite book out of the four, so I have high expectations for it. I hope you can deliver David Slade.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Florence + the Machine

It has been rumoured that the band Florence + the Machine are going to be on the Eclipse Soundtrack. I don't know them as a band but their song “You’ve got the Lone" is quite popular and it’s played on the radio. I don't think that they will end up being on the soundtrack because Twilight and New Moon soundtrack were very indie rock bands, apart from a few like Muse. I'm pretty sure that considering Eclipse is a darker film, they aren’t going to have them on it. I think that they are going to stick to relatively smaller musicians and more rock-ish sounds to keep some continuity between the films. I have nothing against them, but I just don't listen to their music. It's just not my style and I’m not a fan. If they get onto the soundtrack, good for them. However, I won't be upset if they aren’t. Sorry guys.

Monday, April 5, 2010

BooBoo Stewart

OMG!!! I was just on reading a post about how someone punched BooBoo because they didn’t like Twilight. That's hilarious, because BooBoo wasn’t even in Twilight. Anyway, there is a picture of him with fans and I have to say, OMG!!! He looks SO grown up!!! Seriously, he is HUGE!!! His muscles are massive compared to what I saw from the stills in Eclipse. Now, he is so BIG!! But, it shouldn’t surprise me because one of his parents is a personal trainer, so he gets free training. Although, it's unbelievable how much he has grown!!! Not just his body, but his face as well. Anyway, I just wanted to express my appreciation for his effort! He reminds me of Taylor, when he suddenly went from this skinny little boy, to a huge hulking werewolf. BooBoo has done just the same!! Plus, they are both know each other through their extreme martial arts!! Seriously, are they brothers?? Nah, but they could be long lost unrelated twins. LOL, I’m so impressed with BooBoo right now!! Go BB!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Eclipse Official Illustrated Movie Companion Cover Released

This is the Twilight Saga Eclipses' official illustrated movie companion cover. It doesnt surprise me. It's just the same as the official poster! Anyway, i'm excited now :) Bring it on, Summit!! Keep rolling out the goods!!

Eclipse Premier :)

The Eclipse premier details have been released!!! I'm SO excited for this film! The Eclipse premier is going to be held on Thursday the 24th of June, 2010 at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre, 6925 Hollywood Blvd, in Hollywood. That is SO cool!! It sucks that Australia has never had a premier for Twilight, New Moon or Eclipse, but at least we get to see the stars all dressed up and watch the interview that they give. Rad! :) Picture of Nikki is for no reason, but we hardly ever see anything from her, and she looks amazing in that dress. I wanna steal that dress, seriously. LOL

Thursday, April 1, 2010

3 New Eclipse Pictures

Summit kindly release three new Eclipse pictures! :) Thanks Summit! I'm really excited about these stills because we have hardly seen anything from Eclipse at all. I mean, its April, so its about 3 months untill Eclipse is released, and we only have a few stills, the one-sheet and the teaser trailer. Which is nothing compared to the amount of footage we got from New Moon. I'm not blaming David Slade, or praising Chris Weitz, I'm sure its Summit controlling everything. Anyway, I'm so excited for these pictures. :)

The first one is a picture of Jacob, Bella and Edward. They are standing outside Bella's house. I think this is the intense stare-off between Edward and Jacob after Jacob kisses Bella and she punches him. Although, she doesnt look like her hand is broken or anything. Other than that, it pretty cool. Jacob does look more pissed off than Edward does though. But then again, Edward was pretty good at hiding his emotions, where as Jacob wears his heart on his sleave. However, I'm not such a fan of Edward being insanly tall! Seriously!! Other than that, i really like it.
Next is a picture of the Cullens together.They look like they have been running, and Carlisle has just stopped them, by signling with his hand for them to stop. Obviously, this is the fight scene, where the Newborns are invading. Awesome! I really like the dark colour palete that the Cullens are rocking. Edward dressed totally in black in the picture before, and now the Cullens in dark blues, blacks and dark greys. Fits perfect with the tone of Eclipse. Although, I'm not digging Jasper's hair. I really hope that its just this picture and that it'll grow on me. I remember when I hated Jasper's hair for New Moon, but I didnt mind it after a while. I hope that happens again.

The last picture if my personal favourite. Its Bella and Jacob at the bonfire. Its so blantly evident as you can see the glowing of the fire in the picture. I'm really excited for this scene, and I'm so glad that it made it into the film. Wow, how good does Jacob's skin look in the light? Seriously, he looks gorgeous. Plus, how much does that hoodie ascentuate his muscles. He looks huge there. Bella looks just normal. I'm pretty sure that the bonfire is going to be at Jacob's place. That way, Summit won't have to build and rent a space to film it. I hope the scene is going to be a flashback. That would be seriously cool.

Did I say that I'm excited for Eclipse. Never mind, I'll say it agian. I'M SO EXCITED!! I think Eclipse is going to be better than New Moon, even though I LOVE New Moon. There is the action, more romance, more love triange, more Volturi, more Cullens, more wolves (Leah and Seth), and the best of all, the Newborns!! This film is going to ROCK!!! I have very high hopes for David Slade, and I hope that he delivers. From what he have seen so far, it looks stunning (apart from Kristens acting). Go Eclipse. Only approx 3 months left :)