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Hey, I'm a massive Twilight Fan, and thanks to my friends being fed up with having to listern to my non-stop chattering about Twilight, i decided to create a blog for myself to just vent and document my twilight obsession!! I'm current studying journalism and have aspiration to become one, so why not write about something as awesome as the Twilight Saga!!

Monday, February 22, 2010


I've just seen the winners for the BAFTAs and I’m really surprised. Avatar didn’t win as many awards as I thought it would, given its popularity. Avatar only won 2 BAFTAs!! I'm so glad, because although I loved the film, it was more commercialised than its competitors. The Hurt Locker was the film this year at the BAFTAs, taking out 6 awards including Best Picture and Original Screenplay!! The most of the evening! However, I am so disappointed that Up in the Air only won one for Adapted Screenplay, but it’s better than nothing. I was really hoping Anna Kendrick would win an award, but i suppose it’s still nice that she was nominated in the first place. What I’m most disappointed for was Kristen Stewart winning the Orange Rising Star Award!! I mean, that award is biast anyway, because its fan voted!! No matter what Kristen does or how bad she acts, the Twilight fans are going to be behind her and blindly vote for her. Which sucks because she didn’t deserve that award. She can’t act either!! It kind of tainted the evening to have all of these amazingly talented actor, actresses, directors and writers then have stupid Kristen win an award!! Against Carey Mulligan!! That ridiculous! I'm sorry!! I support the Twilight cast as much as I can, however when something is given when it obviously isn’t deserved, I get angry. She didn’t event look happy to be there, she never looks happy. I suppose “happy” doesn’t fall within Kristen’s acting range, she only does “moppy” and “high”. Kristen Stewart is a lovely girl. Very strong, beautiful, opinionated, and determined however acting just isn’t her job. If she must do it, please get acting lesson from somebody....preferably a professional. Anyway, the BAFTAs were pretty cool, although I had kind of wished that Up in the Air had won more awards, because it was a brilliant film.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Taylor's Northern Lights"

Taylor had to pull out of the film "Northern Lights" because of scheduling conflicts. I know this sounds horrible, but I’m glad. I love Taylor so much, but I hope that he doesn’t get to do half of the films that he has signed up for. I know that sounds awful, but I just don’t want Taylor to get type casted! That's my only concern with Taylor's film choices. With Kristen, she has picked a large variety, from a stripper in "Welcome to the Rileys" to rock ledged Joan Jett in "The Runaways" and boring, pathetic Bella Swan in "Twilight". However, Taylor films are all action with what I would imagine the substance of a Michal Bay "Transformers" remake; lots of action and explosions, and not much going on. It would be awesome to see Taylor pick films like Anna Kendrick has, such as "Up in the Air" which is one of my favourite films! Love it! So, I’m kind of happy that Taylor hasn’t been able to do "Northern Lights". Please Taylor, choose better films that will show range and produce longevity in Hollywood.

Random "Mean Girls" vs "Twilight" Quotes!!

I was this forum on IMDB about Mean Girl quotes being changed to Twilight. I thought it was hilarious!!! Hehe, here are some of my favourite!!

Alice: Well... I'm kind of psychic. I have a fifth sense.
Bella: What do you mean?
Alice: It's like I can see things or something. My brain like tells me when something is going to happen.
Bella: Really? That's amazing.
Alice: Well... it tells me when it's happening.

Bella: Okay, you did not just say that.
Rosalie: What? He's a good kisser.
Bella: He's your brother.
Rosalie: Yeah, but he's my step-brother.
Bella: Right.


Alice: Oh my god, where did you get that ankle-length khaki skirt?
Bella: It was my dead gran's from the '30s.
Alice: Vintage, so adorable.
Bella: Thanks!
Alice: That is the ugliest effing skirt I've ever seen.

Bella: I can't help that you're like obsessed with me!
Edward: Oh no you didn't
Alice: I want my blue prom dress back! I want my blue prom dress back!

Lauren: Bella Swan made out with a cold corpse!?
Bella: Oh my god! It was ONE time!

Bella: Hey!
Jessica: Why were you talking to Alice Cullen?
Bella: I don't know, I mean, she's so weird, she just, you know, came up to me and started asking to go shopping with her.
Jessica: She's so pathetic. Let me tell you something about Alice Cullen. We were best friends in middle school. I know, right? It's so embarrassing. I don't even... Whatever. So then in eighth grade, I started going out with my first boyfriend Kyle who was totally gorgeous but then he moved to Indiana, and Alice was like, weirdly jealous of him. Like, if I didn't go shopping with her to hang out with Kyle, she'd be like, "Why didn't you call me back?" And I'd be like, "Why are you so obsessed with me?" So then, for my birthday party, which was an all-girls pool party, I was like, "Alice, I can't invite you, because I think you're soo pale" I mean I couldn't have a pale girl at my party. There were gonna be tanned guys ready to flirt. I mean, right? She was a SO PALE. So then her mom called my mom and started yelling at her, it was so retarded. And then she dropped out of school because no one would talk to her, and she came back in the fall for high school, all of her hair was cut off and she was totally weird, and now I guess she's a shopaholic

Rosalie: Bella, I'm sorry I called you a gap-toothed bitch. It's not your fault you're so gap-toothed.

*Charlie to Edward and Bella*

"Don't have sex, because you will get pregnant and die! Don't have sex in the missionary position, don't have sex standing up, just don't do it, OK, promise? OK, now take some rubbers."

Bella [looking at Edward]: ...Who's that?
Jessica: Edward Cullen... how do I begin to explain Edward Cullen?
Angela: Edward Cullen is flawless!
Mike: I heard his hair is insured for $10,000.
Lauren: I heard he does car commercials... IN JAPAN.
Eric: His favorite movie is Varsity Blues.
Ben: One time he met John Stamos on a plane...
Angela: - And he told him he was handsome!
Mike: One time he punched me in the face, IT WAS AWESOME.

Esme: I'm kidding. Sometimes older people make jokes too.
Bella: My grandma takes her wig off when she's drunk.
Esme: Your grandmother and I have that in common.

Jacob [rapping]: The B's silent when I sneak through your door, and make love to your woman on the bathroom floor. I don't play it like Shaggy; you'll know it was me. Cause the next time you see her she'll be like, OOHHH! JACOB B!

Bella: Wow. Your house is really nice.
Edward: I know, right?
Emmett: Make sure you check Esme's boob job. THEY'RE HARD AS ROCKS.

Jacob: [crying and reading from paper] I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school, I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy...
Edward: [shouting from back] HE DOESN'T EVEN GO HERE!

Esme: [as Edward and Bella are making out] Can I get you guys anything? Some snacks? A CONDOM? Let me know! Oh God, love ya.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Kristen and Taylor presenting

Kristen Stewart is currently doing press for The Yellow Hankerchief, with her co-star Eddie. However, most of the questions are directed towards Kristen and obvious Twilight. Kristen has just said that she and Taylor will be presenting at the Oscars! Wow, thats so exciting! Its Kristen and Taylor's first Oscars. I remember last year, when Rob presented, he literally looked like he was going to throw up; he was so nervous. Kristen has said she is nervous, and who wouldnt be. Its not the MTV movie awards, it's the Acadamy Awards! This is big A list hollywood! However, i'm not worried about Taylor. It appears that speaking in front of a large audience doesnt bother him, and he speaks so articulate and eloquently that i have no doubt he will be confident! I'm so excited to see what they are going to wear!!

Eclipse Trailer News

Summit just tweeted today that the fans were right; The Eclipse trailer will be played before Remember Me. Which is totally unsurprising, because thats what everyone expected. It was so blantly obvious thats where they'd release it. They also said something else which i'm not exactly sure how to interpret. They said "stay tuned for more information on where you can see it earlier that week". So, i'm assuming that they are going to be releasing it online before it plays before Remember Me. I don't understand why Summit would release the trailer when it's going to be showing before Remember Me. If people see it online, then i'm sure that Summit are going to lose some people who are only going to see Remember Me because of the Eclipse teaser before the film. Hmmm, maybe they will only release a teaser or the teaser trailer, like they did with New Moon. It was only 14 second, that teaser of the trailer. So, perhaps Summit are going to do the same thing again. Oh well! I'm so excited for when Summit release the trailer! Everyone has been waiting SO long!! Its been months and all we have is 1 photo and some leaked photos! Hurry up Eclipse, I'm dying here!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The British Acadamy Film Awards (BAFTA) nominees has been released. If you arn't familar with the BAFTA's then it's essientially the UK equilvivant of the Oscars. So, as you expect half of the films on the Oscar noms are on the BAFTA's too. So you have Avatar, An Education, Push, The Hurt Locker, District 9 and of course, my favourite film, Up in the Air!!! The BAFTA's are being aired on the 21st of Feb!!
Up in the Air has been nominated for:

*Best Film - Up in the Air
*Leading Actor - George Clooney for Up in the Air
*Supporting Actress - Anna Kendrick for Up in the Air
*Supporting Actress - Vera Farmiga for Up in the Air
*Adapted Screenplay - Up in the Air
*Editing - Up in the Air

That's six nominations!!! Up in the Air was nominated for six Oscars as well!! I'm so excited, and i really hope that Up in the Air picks up as many awards as possible, because it was seriously incredible, and i'm not using an ounce of hyperbole. Mainly, i really want Anna Kendrick to win Supporting Actress. She is amazing!! Cant wait for watch the BAFTA's!! It's so exciting!!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Eclipse Trailer before Remember Me??

Since it has been metaphorically forever and Summit still hasnt released the teaser trailer, i'm beinging to think that they arn't going to release one, and are going to go straight for a normal trailer. Which does upset me because David Slade teased us last year with the trailer as a New Years gift that he wasn't able to release, i'm suspecting because Summit didnt want to release it. So, if they arn't going to release a teaser trailer ( i REALLY hope they do) then i imagine the next trailer would play before Remember Me starring Rob. The audience is right demographic, Rob is one of the main characters, the film is owned my Summit, and it's release date in on the 11th of March, which is just over 3 weeks. Summit also did this last year, when they released a sneak peek of New Moon before their film Band Slam. Summit made a larger box-office for Band Slam because Twilight fans went to the cinema to see the footage of New Moon that was released before the film. I can totally picture Summit doing the same thing again for Remember Me! Not that they need to, because i'm sure every Rob obsessed fan will be seeing it. Me? No so much. Remember Me doesnt really hold my attention because i'm a Twilight fan, not particularlly a Rob fan in general. But, i do know tons of people who have a countdown and are dying for Remember Me to come out. So, I'm almost positive that Summit are going to put something before Remember Me. They would be stupid not to.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Kids Choice Awards Noms...

The Kids Choice Award Nominations have been released! Also most shockingly Twilight only has a few nominations. New Moon is nominated for Favourite Movie, Favourite Book, Favourite Move Actor (Taylor Lautner), and Cutest Couple with both Edward and Bella and Jacob and Bella being nominated!!

These are the total list of the nominations:

Favorite TV Show
Sonny with a Chance
The Suite Life on Deck
Wizards of Waverly Place

Favorite TV Actor
Cole Sprouse
Dylan Sprouse
Joe Jonas
Nick Jonas

Favorite TV Actress
Miranda Cosgrove
Miley Cyrus
Selena Gomez
Keke Palmer

Favorite Music Group
Black Eyed Peas
Jonas Brothers
Linkin Park

Favorite Female Singer
Miley Cyrus
Lady Gaga
Taylor Swift

Favorite Male Singer
Sean Kingston

Favorite Song
I Gotta Feeling, Black Eyed Peas
Paparazzi, Lady Gaga
Party in the USA, Miley Cyrus
You Belong with Me, Taylor Swift

Favorite Movie
Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakuel
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
The Twilight Saga: New Moon
X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Favorite Movie Actor
Zac Efron
Taylor Lautner
Shia LeBeouf
Tyler Perry

 Favorite Movie Actress
Sandra Bullock
Miley Cyrus
Megan Fox
Zoe Saldana

Favorite Cartoon
The Penguins of Madagascar
Phineas and Herb
The Simpsons
SpongeBob Squarepants

Favorite Reality Show
American Idol
Are You Smarter Than a FIfth Grader?
Favorite Female Athlete
Danica Patrick
Misty May Treanor
Serena Williams
Venus Williams

Favorite Male Athelete
Kobe Bryant
LeBron James
Ryan Sheckler
Shaun White

Favorite Video Game
The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
Mario Kart
Wii Fit
Wii Sports Resort

Favorite Book
Diary of a Wimpy Kid series
Twilight series
Vampire Diaries series
Where the Sidewalk Ends

Favorite Animated Movie
A Christmas Carol
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Monsters vs. Aliens

Favorite Voice from an Animated Movie
Jim Carey, A Christmas Carol
Seth Rogen, Monsters vs Aliens
Ray Romano, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinsosaurs
Reese Witherspoon, Monsters vs Aliens

Cutest Couple
President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama
Edward and Bella, The Twilight Saga: New Moon (Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
Jacob and Bella, The Twilight Saga: New Moon (Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart)
Neytiri and Jake, Avatar (Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington)

GO TWILIGHT AND TAYLOR!!! Fingers crossed you win!!!

TONS of Eclipse stills

I got up this morning not expecting anything at all about Eclipse, because Summit has released nothing about it apart from 3 pictures which are essientially all the same anyway. But, to my surprise, there were like literally 16 or so pictures which had been leaked. I know, i shouldn't look at the leaked stuff, but considering i didnt read the leaked Eclipse script when i had the chance, i couldn't pass up picutres from the film. I mean, they finished filmed at the start of November last year and its mid Feburary 2010 and there was nothing. Not even a short teaser trailer, so i really couldnt help myself.

Wow, this is obviously the scene from the chapter "Compromise" in Eclipse when Edward and Bella are spending the night truly alone, and she tries to seduce him. By the looks of things, David Slade has recreated Edwards bedroom so simliar that you can hardly tell the difference. Also, i totally love that Edward had bought Bella a golden bed, just like he did in the book. Although, i hope he gives it to her when he goes away hunting, and Bella sleeps on the couch because she thinks the bed is unneccessary. I really hope that David has the attention to detail that Chris did, because i can see that Bella is wearing the bracelet that Jacob gave her as a graduation present, so i hope so. LOL, i love it how Bella is trying to take of Edward shirt! Haha, just from the book. I like that Bella is still wearing a tartin shirt and that it matches with Edwards grey. So cute!! 

These two pictures are just close ups of the ones that Summit has released before. I'm almost positive that this is the end scene in Eclipse where they are making out the in Meadow, where Edward finally gives in to Bella's demands, and then she changes her mind and says she wants to do it "right". Marriage first. They look so happy and content here. It's adorable!!

Victoria, Riley and Edward. Hmmm, obviously the fight scene in the middle of the woods. I love how the background is all icy and cold, just like it was in the books. For some reason, i imagined Riley with blonde spiky hair, sorta like Charlie Bewley has. But, i suppose its ok, as long as he is a good actor, which i'm sure he is because he has stared in films with Shane Jacobson! Bryce Dallas Howard doesnt look as good as Rachelle, but i don't want to judge her before i see the actual film. My dislike of her might just be a reaction to Summit firing Rachelle. Edward looks really strange here, but maybe it's just the still.

I cant exactly tell what scene this is, becasue there are lots of scenes where Edward and Bella are just hanging out in her room at night. They both look happy though. I still love that Bella has Jacob's dream catcher still hanging from above her bed! That is so cute that she kept it there.

I don't remember Bella and Edward going to the Meadow more than once in Eclipse. I can only remember at the end of the book! In those pictures though they are wearing different clothing, so i'm not sure why they are in the Meadow here. Anyway, they do look really cute together here.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Breaking Dawn in 3D

There have been rumours around that Breaking Dawn is going to be 3D considering that it's big right now, what with Avatar in 3D. Honestly, I think I really like the idea. Some fans are totally against it, but I happen to like it. However, I think it would be a good idea to make the first half of Breaking Dawn 2D and the second Breaking Dawn 3D. It would be a useful tool to show how vampire sees things differently. I remember that Bella woke up a vampire, and realised that everything was so bright and vibrant, and having the second Breaking Dawn in 3D would be a good way to visualise the difference between human and vampire. I'm sure that having 3D would be a lot more expensive, and I don't know if Summit are going to give Breaking Dawn a big enough budget to be able to have it in 3D. I really hope they do, because it would be AWESOME!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

New Eclipse pictures

I didn’t really feel like blogging this because we have seen a very similar picture before, but I though I should. It's just Bella in the meadow with Edward. It looks like it's at the very end of Eclipse where Edward agrees to have sex but then Bella changes her mind and wants to do it after marriage, just like Edward initially wanted to. Some people were freaking out because Bella is straddling Edward, but I think it's very tame. Despite their suggestive position, Bella still looks so innocent, naive and pure. It doesn’t look passionate or heated at all. I'm a little upset that there are three pictures that have been released, and they are almost essentially the same, only a tiny bit different. Anyway, it's better than nothing I suppose, but I would rather see three different pictures of different scenes, than three almost identical pictures. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers.

Taylor Lautner's 18th Birthday

TAYLOR LAUTNER HAS FINALLY TURNED 18!! Now, he is TOTALLY LEGAL!!!!!! Well, a couple of days ago, but considering the time difference between Australia and America, i didnt want to blog untill it was the 10th of Feb in America! Everyone is so happy that its his birthday, and they don't feel so perverted to find Taylor attractive anymore. When Access Hollywood asked what Taylor was doing on his birthday he said nothing. Which was somewhat true. I'm sure that Taylor just wanted to spend time with his friends and family without the media, and the paparazzi smothering him. Although, he was seen at the gym with his trainer, so i'm glad to see that he is still working out, because a few fans were concerned that he wasnt as big as he used to be. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLOR! I hope you have many more to come!!

Breaking Dawn logo

There has been this Breaking Dawn logo that’s been floating around on the internet for about 24 hours now. Some people online are adamant that it's a legitimate leak by Summit but I’m not convinced. As much as I would love to delude myself that it’s real, these are the reasons why I think that it isn’t.

Firstly, Breaking Dawn hasn’t even been officially green lit yet. Everyone knows that it is going to be made however without Summits confirmation I doubt they would be doing any work on logos or posters. It's just way too soon. I'm sure they are more concerned with the script, filming locations, and hair and make up etc.

Secondly, the colours. The leaked Breaking Dawn's logo is silver, black and red. Umm wait...isn't Eclipse's colour scheme silver, black and red?? Yes, it is. Why would Summit want to have a similar logo for Breaking Dawn? I mean, all of the books are totally different from each other, and have their own colour scheme. Twilight was blue, New Moon was goldenly Brown and Eclipse is silver and red. Summit wouldn’t have Breaking Dawn the same colour scheme as Eclipse.

Those are my two reasons. I really doubt that this is legitimate because fans do tons and tons of photo shopped art and creative drawings, fan fiction and lots of things like that all the time. I think this is just someone who have taken the Eclipse poster and turned it into Breaking Dawn. I can understand why, because there has been such a drought at the moment that fans are trying to keep themselves preoccupied to pass the time while we are waiting for our teaser trailer. The wait is KILLING ME!!! Hurry up!!!.....Please??


Deadline Hollywood is reporting that they have several sources informing them that Breaking Dawn is going to be two films, and are filming back-to-back that is going to begin filming in mid October. They also say that Summit is looing at "high end" directors for the two part film and that Melissa Rosenberg, who adapted Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse, is going to be doing to do both screenplays for Breaking Dawn 1 and Breaking Dawn 2.

I'm SO excited for this, because it's some confirmation that Breaking Dawn is going to be two films! YES!! That's exactly what I wanted; Breaking Dawn is a huge book and I honestly believe that if they tried to make it one film, that it would seem extremely rushed and not have the natural progression that the book had. Plus, more Taylor, Rob, Kristen, Peter, Kellan, Nikki, Ashley and the entire cast, is perfectly fine by me. Although, I will be a little disappointed if Summit are just intentionally dragging it out unnecessarily. I suppose that it's smart of Summit to do that because they are going to make a much larger profit if they have two films instead of one. I'm sure Summit were looking at Harry Potter and thought that was a great idea to split the Half Blood Prince and thought that they could do that for Breaking Dawn, due to Twilights popularity and the fact that it's almost over. Stephenie only wrote 4 books, and Summit will make a bigger profit off of 5 films than 4 films. Also, filming back-to-back is going to save money on the actors, locations, crew etc

A production period of mid October wouldn’t surprise me. The cast are being offered scripts like crazy (particularly Rob, Kristen and Taylor) and they all have tons of films lined up to film, so having all of the actors available to film these is going to be difficult. It's way to soon to shoot in March, April, May because Robert's filming Bel Ami, I'm sure that Taylor is going to be filming one of his projects, possibly Northern Lights and Kristen will probably be filming K-11 along with Nikki Reed. I'm pretty sure that Summit just wants to film it as soon and fast as they possibly can so that they can so that they can avoid some of the cast getting any more roles which would make them unable to film Breaking Dawn. Also, the sooner they film it, the longer they can spend in post-production before I suspect the first Breaking Dawn to be released in late 2011 and part 2 in late 2012. Plus, Breaking Dawn in heavy on CGI, which will give them more time to perfect it.

Summit looking for a "high end" director doesn’t surprise me. Considering they are scoring composers like Alexandre Desplat and Howard Shore, these amazing Oscar winning composers, Summit is going to want a very talented director to try and make Breaking Dawn as good as it can possibly be. I'm sure that Summit will factor in the heavy amount of CGI that has to be used, and skills that are required to pull that off. I mean, Summit seems to be getting better. Seriously, just look at Catherine Hardwicke's CGI and the Chris Weitz's CGI. They are worlds apart!!! So, I don't think Summit want to go backwards and upset the fans, so they are pulling out the big cards, because they know no matter what, fans are going to see it and if they like it, they will probably see it more than once in the cinema, therefore increasing their profit. It totally makes sense. Also, just as an after thought, a famous director may also attract other people to see the film other than the fans of the book.

I'm just waiting and waiting for Summit to actually release some information about Breaking Dawn. Although, Summit hasn’t said anything yet, I think that this information would be pretty accurate. Breaking Dawn has been talked about at Summit since New Moon and Eclipse were green lit. All of the fans were too, because New Moon and Eclipse were green lit, but nobody said anything about Breaking Dawn. It's been a long time since then, so it's only a matter of time before Summit release a statement informing everyone about Breaking Dawn. All of the actor probably know information but are not allowed to release anything to the press, obviously because BooBoo Stewart accidentally slipped back last year saying he was optioned for three films; Eclipse, Breaking Dawn 1 and Breaking Dawn 2! Anyway, I’m so excited!!! Go Breaking Dawn

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Taylor's typecasting himself...Oh oh!!

After Taylor Lautner's exposure from Twilight, he has many more films that are either coming out, or he has signed on to. There are so many! First, there is "Valentine's Day" and "Eclipse" which he has already filmed and are due to be released soon. But he has many which he is yet to film including, " Northern Lights", "Max Steel", evidently "Breaking Dawn 1&2", "Cancun", "Vision Quest", and now "Stretch"

Taylor has made is very obvious that he wishes to go into action/drama movies like the ones that Brad Pitt, Matt Damon are involved in. So, the offers have been rolling in because Taylor is hot property right now. I'm so worried that Taylor is typecasting himself into these stupid action movies. That would suck because then nobody would take him seriously and just see him as an "Arnold Schwarzenegger " type actor, who can only do one type of character, which totally isn’t true for Taylor’s acting ability.

Taylor is a much better actor than some lame action hero. I'm concerned because "Max Steel" is an action superhero role, "Cancun" is an action martial arts role, "Northern Lights" is an action airplane film, "Stretch" is an action superhero role, "Vision Quest" is an wrestler action film set in high school, and I'm sure that Summit is going to make “Breaking Dawn” allot more action packed so that more guys may see it. I'm just worried that Taylors career may fizzle out if he only does the same role over and over with slight variation.

I mean, he idolises Matt Damon, but even he does serious roles, like Invictus. I just wish that Taylor would have a little more variety within the genres he does. I mean, he can do action roles. Just I don't think it's smart to do 6 of them consecutively, because many people may get bored of them, and not want to watch them after a certain period of time. If the audience doesn’t want to watch them, there goes demand, and of course movie studios aren’t' going to hire Taylor for anymore action roles because nobody is watching them.

I really hope Taylor's dream of becoming an action star isn’t going to destroy his chances of having a long and successful career because he has talent, and he is going to become a better actor as time goes on. I really hoping this isn’t his downfall, because he is such a nice guy, and I would love to see him become respected as an actor, and not blow it on overproduced, predictable action flicks with little or no substance to them at all. I don't want to see Taylor's career fail over something he has wanted so much! That would be so sad, because I think he is a much better actor than Robert and Kristen, however I do think their movie choices are allot smarter than Taylors'. Sorry, Taylor I love you, but please have some diversity with the roles you choose.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kellan's Calvin Klein Under Ad

OMG!!!!!!! I nearly died when I saw this. He is sooo sexy!!! SO perfect!!! I totally love that cheeky smile on his face. Kellan is so totally ripped!!! When he was on the Ellen show when she asked his to take off his shirt for charity, he wasn’t allowed. I bet he had probably signed a contract with Calvin Klein by then, and wasn’t allowed to do so because his photos would expose his body, and give more attention to their brand. I can totally see them doing that! No reason for this post, just he is SO F-KING HOT!!! Kellan deserves this. I'm so glad he is in white under, so we can see… hmmm how the underwear..."fits" well, I guess you could say. ;) I wonder if Kellan stuffed his underwear because everyone in those ads always looks so large. LOL wouldn’t surprise me, but I hope it’s him. GO KELLAN!! Btw, he would totally make me buy Calvin Klein for my boyfriend....if i had one atm!!

"Up in the Air" has 6 Oscar Noms!! WOOHOO!!!

YES!!! I knew it, I KNEW IT!!!! Hah, in my mums face!!! She thought that "Up in the Air" was just "another movie" in her words and had compared it to the "The Bucket List" which is shit. Even Rotten Tomatoes agrees, it gave "The Bucket List" a rating of 42% where as "Up in the Air" got a rating of 90%! Take that!! There is NO comparison between those two movies!!! My mum just doesn’t know how to analyse a film, or know a good one when she sees it. Now I predicted this when I saw "Up in the Air" back in January, when it came had just come out. I knew there was Oscar buzz before I saw it, which was one of the reason why I wanted to see it, and also because the fabulous Anna Kendrick was in it!

Up in the Air has been nominated for:

*Actor in a Leading Role - George Clooney for "Up in the Air"
*Actress in a Supporting Role - Vera Farmiga for "Up in the Air"
*Actress in a Supporting Role - Anna Kendrick for "Up in the Air"
*Directing - Jason Reitman for "Up in the Air"
*Best Picture - "Up in the Air"
*Writing (adapted Screenplay) - "Up in the Air"

I'd be happy is "Up in the Air" won any of them, but considering Avatar is nominated for almost everything, it may be hard. Although, I saw the box-office blockbuster Avatar, it was amazing although I did have a lot of criticisms. However, for "Up in the Air" which I just reread my review just then, and I can remember perfectly that I walked out of the cinema and had nothing negative to say about any of it!! I couldn’t find one flaw in it! Considering no one I know has seen "Up in the Air" as it wasn’t a big blockbuster movie like Avatar was, I really hope it gets some recognition for the brilliant movie it is, and not just be cast aside for popular movies like Avatar.

As much as I love Avatar, I wasn’t really feeling the story line that much, it was basically just like Pocahontas which is a Disney film, it was WAYYY too long, I thought that it was NEVER going to end, and sometimes I though the movie was "telling" things to the audience rather than showing them, which is never good. I'm not saying I hated it, because I really didn’t, I love it. James Cameron knows how to evoke emotion out of the audience really well with characters, but I did have some issues with it, and I hope it doesn’t overshadow films, just based on popularity.

Oh well, it's the Oscars, so you would hope that all of the amazing films are given the awards and not just based on popularity like the MTV Movie Awards! So, I’m whole heartedly rooting for "Up in the Air" because it has become one of my favourite films, kicking of Brokeback Mountain, Titanic, and Casablanca. I hope they at least get one, but also since "Precious" is up for many of the awards that "Up in the Air" is, I’m sure that it's going to sweep the awards like "Avatar" will. Let’s just hope not.