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Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Moon TV Spot #2

Yay!! Another TV Spot! There has been so much footage released lately is crazy. I can basically piece together the film in my head with these clips. But, it's totally cool by me. Some people aren't happy about it, but it just makes me want to see the film more. They're teaser's and they are driving me crazy. Anyway, this is seriously cool.

It begins with Alice telling Bella that she is a human who knows too much. We have heard this before, in the 2nd trailer, but not with the visual; it was just a voice over. Wow, Alice looks worried which is exactly how she is supposed to be. Her brother is going to kill himself with the help of the Volturi. Plus she will be killed, along with Bella for trying to save Edward. Alice will then never see Jasper again, so Ashley Greene's expression here is perfect. While Alice is saying this,we see Bella running through the sea of red cloaks in Voltera, then following a shot of the Volturi sitting on their thrones. I really love that, because it's showing the events which have happened due to the Cullen's being vampires, and Bella associating with them. I love that because if you haven't read the books, its intriguing to the audience.

Then we get some of Victoria basically just running though the forest where she is for the majority of the film. I love that because Victoria is just a presence in New Moon. Bella knows she is hunting her because James died. So Victoria just spends most of her time in the woods, trying to find away around the wolves to get to Bella. I really like that they added that in because the audience knows that she is there, but the characters don't. That is going to create suspense and the audience will be questioning themselves, "When is Victoria going to get her?" and things like that. Love it!! While Victoria is running though the forest, a voice over says, "Some will seek to destroy her."So then the trailer shows who wants to destroy her, which is Victoria, and then they show the Volturi. Awesome, of course we have seen all of those clips before, so there is nothing new. Apart from a shot of Bella looking seriously pissed off.

Following that, there is another voice over saying, "Some will rise to defend her," which is where they show clips of Jacob, because that is essentially what he is doing through New Moon. Protecting Bella when Edward wasn't there, from Victoria and from herself. I Love it. The first thing they show is Jacob climbing into Bella's room, which looks seriously cool. After that a shot of Bella just running into the meadow it looks like. Then, there is this weird shot of Jacob. However, that shot it doesn't even look like Taylor, he looks like another person. Which is strange, but maybe it's just the angel. Anyway, he is like "I gotta vampire to kill," referring to Laurent. And what do you know, the next shot it Laurent trying to kill Bella. I love that, because the clips are all linked together, like a film would. Next is the over used transformation where Jacob jumps of his pergola, and mid-air phases to stop Paul from attacking Bella.

"But only one, will risk everything for her," which is implying its Edward. Then of course visuals of Edward are being shown. Which is just the shot's where he is in the Volturi lair with them. This means that he is willing to give his own life, because he can't live without Bella, and feels partly responsible for her "death", well he thinks she is dead. Edward thinks that if he hadn't left Bella, she wouldn't feel the need to commit suicide. So this is saying that Edward will give his life to be with Bella. The shots which are being shown are just Felix beating the crap out of Edward. Which i really like because they are showing the action scene's, so it will be more appealing to guys. Rather than advert sing it as a romance, they are showing more of the action to get guys to go and see it. Summit knows that they already have the girls, so it increase their profits, by trying to get guys to see it. Cool.

Overall, i really loved it. Apart from the voice-over. What it was saying was fine, however just the tone and the sound of the voice really ticks me off. I don't know why, but it sounds like it's trying to be dramatic, smooth and sensual, but it just sounds wrong. Sorry, voice over guy, but get a new job. Other than that, it was amazing. I can't wait to actually see these on TV!! Yay!! Just under a month until New Moon is released.


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