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Hey, I'm a massive Twilight Fan, and thanks to my friends being fed up with having to listern to my non-stop chattering about Twilight, i decided to create a blog for myself to just vent and document my twilight obsession!! I'm current studying journalism and have aspiration to become one, so why not write about something as awesome as the Twilight Saga!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

New Moon Card Trivia Game

Cool, this was exactly how i pictured everyone going up in the elevator, except it was a mirror image of this, everyone was around the other way. Jane standing up the front, as she is the most powerful and has the most authority. Felix and Demetri in the back, acting as the guard, so Edward, Bella and Alice don't try and escape. I thought that Alice would have a blank look on her face, as if she was searching the future, which is exactly how Ashley is now. I remember Bella cowering into Edward shoulder while he never took his eyes off Jane. First time i read it, i was like, omg Edward fell in love with Jane. But, now I'm like, um no way. He was just keeping tabs on her mind. This looks cool. Plus, the trivia is awesome.

So I'm thinking that this is from Edward's point of view, as i can't think of anywhere this would fit into New Moon. Edward's clothes are messy and ripped, so i think it's going to be right before he asks the Volturi to kill him. Ohhh, maybe this is when he gets the phone call from Rosalie that was in the outtakes called "Miscalculation" on Stephenie's site. Rosalie constantly calls Edward, then eventually he picks up. She then tells Edward that Bella has thrown herself off a cliff and that she is dead. Then we get to see that Edward calls up pretending to be Carlisle. This is going to be mad, if this is the scene. Which, now that i think about it, it probably is. It would make it more interesting for the audience because we knows things that Bella obviously doesn't know. Plus, with cool music, fast shots, and all the different POV added together, it will be very exciting.

I love this picture, just because it shows the contrast between Jacob and Edward. On Edward's side everything is grey; Edward's clothing, the tone, the weather and the tree's. However, on Jacob's side everything is bright; the tree's, the grass, the clothes he is wearing and his expression. Just shows the different tonalities that are going to be present in New Moon, to correspond with Bella's emotions. Awesome. However, the trivia is a little bit easy. I mean, come on! Any Twilight fan is going to know Edward's birthday, it's so basic. I would have loved to see something a little bit more difficult. As I'm tired of seeing very basic trivia, as it's boring.

There are so many, so I'll go one by one from left to right. OK, Emily. I really love Tinsel Korey as Emily, she is gorgeous. Plus, the scars look amazing. However, i did imagine Emily to be a little bit more feminine, like she was wearing a dress and apron, as she is presented as a typical beautiful housewife. Other than that, love it. Ohhh, i love this one with Edward and Jacob totally having a full on evil eye confrontation. I'm excited for this scene as it sets up the tension that is explored in Eclipse. Man, Taylor is looking hot!! Like always, his body is so perfect he could be carved from stone. "You'll be going right though me," line i think is from Jacob, because i remember him saying in the book that he Bella would turn into a vampire over his "dead body." I'm guessing that he is reminding Edward about the treaty, not to bike any humans. If he does turn Bella, then the wolves are going to take down his family. Yes!! The next one is Bella and Alice having a conversation with Jacob in the middle. This is obviously when Alice tells Bella that Edward is going to kill himself. Even though it's a big blurred, Jacob looks like he is giving Alice a full on greasy. Bella just looks devastated because Edward is going to die, and Alice looks sad. Perfect!! I'm excited for this scene, because it's the first time that we get to see the vampire and the werewolf interact with each other. So its going to be tense, which is cool. Next picture is the Volturi flashback scene. From the caption I'm guessing that this is at Bella's party where Edward is telling Bella about the Volturi. Everyone saw in the trailer that Aro snaps that guys neck, wicked. Eww, I'm just going to skip this one, because i don't feel like ragging on Edward's bad ab's. OK, next is the vote scene. I'm so excited for this, however they were supposed to be around the dining table, and here they are just standing here. Maybe, they only had the one room of that house to shoot from, so they just put that scene there. The next still is Jasper, and i don't have a clue when this is. I don't recognise his clothes either, so maybe it's when Alice, Jasper, Edward and Bella are all at school together. That is one of the scene which we havnt seen yet. Maybe, just speculating here.

OK, the first shot is Bella getting the bikes from her next door neighbour. In the books, it was from Austen Marks little brother, however Forks being a small town, i suppose everyone would know their neighbours, and it's just a different way to introduce the bikes, without casting any more humans in the story. Apparently his name is Bob! Wow, how generic. The next picture is Gianna, in the Volturi's reception area. She is very beautiful, which is how Bella describes her, apart from being in the company of the beauty vampires possess which is unknown to humanity. You can't see here, but i really hope her eyes are bright green, just to really display that she is a human, working for these evil vampires. Yes, i have noticed this before, but Chris Weitz has shown Bella's scar on her arm. I think this is when Bella, Jake and Mike are at the movies together. Jacob was tracing patterns on Bella's skin, where he notices the scar where Bella was bitten by James. I'm glad that they kept this in, because it just exemplifies Chris Weitz's attention to detail. It's even on the right arm. Ohhh, the wolves coming out of the forest. I'm thinking that this is the scene where Bella confronts them, and slaps Paul in the face. I'm not sure, but that's where i think it is placed in the film. Must say, they look like they fit into nature perfectly, which is true because they are never naturalistic creatures compared to vampires. The team's card is in the other lot too, so I'll just skip it. Ohh, I'm dying to see the scene where Jacob sneaks into Bella's room at night. The caption is "I still love him," so i think that Bella is telling Jacob this. Aww, that's so sad for Jacob, because he feels like he can't measure up to Edward Cullen, even though he said all of these mean things, dumped her and left while he has been there without Bella through everything. That must be hard for Jacob, she still loves Edward despite what he did to her. Plus, Taylor just looks hot!! Wow, his body is soo amazing. I hope his acting blows me away. The next picture is Jacob and Bella in the garage. From the info on the card, it's cool that they kept the "age" jokes in, because that is a serious issue with Bella. Plus, their little bantering was cute. Aww, Emily cooking for all of the wolves, she is so motherly, kinda like the wolf version of Esme. She is feeding all of those boys, but from the caption, it seems like she is addressing Bella, which she did similarly in the book. Aww, Jacob running to meet Bella. This is the first time that Bella comes around to see Jacob!! I recognise the clothes. He must of been running from the garage, and he scoops her up and swings her around in his arms, which is seen in the sneak peak, "Meet Jacob Black." Aww, that soo cute, he is so excited because Bella has come to see him. It's so obvious that he has a crush on her. Plus, its soo Jake. Plus, Taylor looks HUGE here!!

These are just pictures from the different scenes in New Moon. Scene one: Happy Birthday. Scene two: Paper Cut. Scene three: The Break-up. Scene four: Bella and Jake. Scene five: Laurent and the Meadow. Scene six: The Reunion. Scene seven: The Volturi. Scene eight: Reconciliation. Obviously there are more scenes than that, because there is ALLOT of Jake and the wolves scenes missing. But, i guess it's just a brief overview. Cool!!!


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