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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Behind the Scenes : The Wolves!!

Summit has released another behind the scenes, but this time, it's the wolves! YES!! I love them so much. Some of the footage, we have already seen before in trailers and what not, but I'm just going to blog the things we haven't seen yet.

First is the shot of Jacob mid-air transforming to save Bella from being attacked by Paul. Yes, everyone has seen this shot a million times. However, directly afterward, they have shown the exact same shot, but it's halfway though post. So, instead of the wolf, we see an animated, white wolf, where they are going to add graphics etc. Wow, just the difference between these two shots is amazing. The one we are familiar with, you would almost think it's real, and the second one, is obviously so fake! This just shows how hard the post production crew have worked on New Moon. It's great to see their efforts because usually all of the credit from the public goes directly to the actors. They only partially make the film, which i why i love the Oscars. It give well-deserved awards to all different aspects of film making, from sets, wardrobe, make-up, graphics. Basically everything you can think of and that's great.

We also get to see some storyboards of the wolves. This looks really cool, because it's the initial planning of how the scene is going to play out. There is a wolf titled J. Wolf and the other is P.Wolf, standing for Jacob and Paul. I know that storyboards are only supposed to be rough, however without a good storyboard and a script, not matter how talented the crew are, you can't make a good film out of a bad script. Period! So, just being able to see some of the crew's vision of New Moon, before filming had started is really interesting. These determine how the film is going to look, which is really exciting because these storyboards looks really cool. Even though we only get a split second of each. They're still beyond amazing awesome.

Now, the next shot is of Jacob saying, "Don't get me upset." That line had the potential to be really cheesy and humorous. However, Taylor does pull it off OK. My only issue with it is that Taylor is walking funny. He is like side stepping towards the camera. I don't have a clue why he is doing that. It just looks weird. I really don't want to judge it yet, because it's just an excerpt from the film, and it could be taken out of context. It just looks funny because he is approaching the camera, sort of swaying to and fro on his feet. Coupled with the line, "Don't get me upset," i just feel like it doesn't fit right. However, i will reserve all judgement for the film, because it's only a small clip, and may look alright when it is viewed with the whole film. I really love that dark brown colour that Jacob is wearing. It suits Taylor's skin tone, and eyes so well. Plus, all of the natural colours like browns, greys, and green's all fit into the colour palette of the werewolves, because they are so naturalistic and animalistic

The next shot is really awesome. It's Sam in his wolf form, slowing walking out of the tree's and approaching the camera real slow. I love this so much because I'm pretty sure it's from the scene in the meadow, where we see the wolves for the first time. This is cool, because Sam looks really wild, and just this feral beast that everyone thinks are killing humans in the woods. Sam looks really scary and threatening here. I guess Chris Weitz wanted them to be scary when Bella doesn't know what or who the wolves are and just perceives them are crazy beasts that are hunting stray hikers. However, as the film progresses and they become friends, the wolves seem less and less frightening and become more like "protectors", which they actually call themselves. Loves it.

The next parts are about post productions and creation of the wolves. This is really cool, because you get to see the steps involved with creating the wolves. From having a skeleton frame of the wolf, then adding muscles, then adding the skin over the top, and so on. I'm not that great at explaining it, because i don't work with visual effects at all, let alone those complicated designs. Next, there is a shot of Alex Meraz body being scanned so that the computer can insert that into the film, and then transform the computer generated image into the wolf that Tippet had already designed. Wow, it looks so amazing. There are snippets of interviews with the animators, Phil Tippet, the creator, Tom Gibbon's the animation supervisor and Nate Fredenburg who is the art director . Which is really cool, because it's great to see the people behind these amazing effects. Just so i can see who put so much time and effort into New Moon, where they don't usually get recognised. Yay, go Tippet!!

Oh, i love the next part. It's where Jacob turns up at Bella's school, on the morning of her birthday to give Bella a gift that I'm assuming Jacob made, in the film. It's so cute, plus Edward is just standing there, glaring at Jacob, from the looks of it. Edward is probably reading Jacob's mind, and he knows that Jacob has a huge crush on Bella. Of course, Edward is going to resent Jacob for thinking those things about his girlfriend. It also doesn't help that Edward knows that Jacob is part of the Quileute tribe, and the werewolves from that tribe, who had created a treaty with them. Bella and Jacob hug, she is probably saying thank you and that she loves it, something along those lines. However, as we see Jacob hugging Bella, the entire time he is glaring at Edward. I love that, hehe. It looks like he is thinking, "Yeah, your not the only guy in her life," or something like that. What is even funnier is that Jacob doesn't think that Edward knows what he is thinking, when he actually does. Haha, Hilarius.

There are some interview with Chaske Spencer and Alex Mereaz. Wow, Chaske has got the deepest, sexiest voice i have ever heard. It's almost soothing. I love that Sam says, "Take Bela back to Emily's house." You can tell who is the dominant one in that relationship. Even though Sam is the alpha and is in charge of the wolf pack, Emily is the dominant one in their relationship. It's "Emily's house". You can definitely tell that Sam has imprinted, as it's instinctual for the wolves to want authority and power, however if Emily wants to wear the pants in the relationship, Sam is going to let her. Sam will give Emily anything she wants, because he lives to make her happy. It might also make him feel like he is tying to redeem himself, for loosing his temper around Emily, and scaring her face permanently. But wow, how hot is Alex Meraz. He would be such a good model!! He has got cheekbones to die for!! Seriously, did you see them. Wow, so hot. Too bad he is married, with a child.

Of course they left the action for the end. Now, this looks seriously cool. There are four scene molded together, the one where Jacob and Paul are fighting, where the wolves kill Laurent, the Edward, Bella and Jacob confrontation scene, and the wolves hunting Victoria though the forest. There are all really quick shot, about half a second long. It looks visually beautiful, because the wolves are running, with the quick shots and the music, it just make it so exciting and climatic to watch. In the book, i like the Cullen better than the wolves, however in the films, i think that the wolves are allot more interesting and cooler to watch than the Cullen's. Just simply because the wolves are fast, and involves more action, while the Cullen's are always calm and in control. That's boring, so it's cooler and more intriguing to watch the anger of the wolves as they explode and attack each other. New Moon is going to be seriously awesome because the action has been stepped up.

I'm pretty sure that a lot more guys will be dragged along to see this film, and actually enjoy it. The visuals are allot better than Twilight (durr), Jacob is a more relatable and realistically drawn character, than the almost perfect Edward. Not to mention the quality, the sets, the tones, the cinematography, make-up, wardrobe, EVERYTHING is just better. Can't wait to see the film, so i can judge whether the acting is up to scratch. I really hope it is! Go Chris Weitz!!


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