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Hey, I'm a massive Twilight Fan, and thanks to my friends being fed up with having to listern to my non-stop chattering about Twilight, i decided to create a blog for myself to just vent and document my twilight obsession!! I'm current studying journalism and have aspiration to become one, so why not write about something as awesome as the Twilight Saga!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Scene Released on ITunes!!

Yes!! A little bit of a short scene was released on ITunes!! I only found out today after i got home from school, so i don't have any idea how long it has been up. Probably only a couple hours though, because i checked my twitter for updates this morning, as i couldn't sleep. Firstly, there is an introduction by Taylor and he says : "Hey, this is Taylor Lautner from The Twilight Saga: New Moon, and you're about to get a first look at the film, exclusively on ITunes." I was a little bit surprised to see this, as i just thought that Summit would have just put a little bit of the scene online. But, getting Taylor to do an intro!! Cool! It kinda reminded me off the intro that the cast did for the DVD release at Borders, you know? Oh well, if you don't then just YouTube it. I thought it was really cool for Taylor to do it, and not Rob or Kristen, as he speaks so articulate and eloquently compared to them. Plus, his role is the leading male, so it just makes scene from a marketing standpoint too.

OK, Bella runs up to the wolves, and ask "What did you do?" right afterwards she claim, "He didn't want this." So, obviously she knows that Jacob is a wolf. I think i understand what is going on here. This is the scene where Bella visits Jacob in the morning to tell him that she knows what he is, but they have combined it with the scene where Jacob takes Bella to meet the wolves for a pack meeting, and Paul gets pissed of because Bella knows about them. Fusing these scene together, seems to make sense, because that way, they only need the one set, which is Jacob's house. Plus, it saving time, rather than having two different scene, where they can add them together, while keeping the film at a reasonable time. This isn't the whole scene, and you can tell that some part are missing from it, but i like it.

Wow, OK Alex Meraz looks like a fantastic actor. When he is playing Paul, he looks really angry, and just vicious, which is cool. He is glaring at Bella, which was exactly how he was supposed to react to her in the books. Also, i loved that Alex's neck was strained and even let out a growl, before Bella slapped him. Sam looks like he is very much in charge of everything and is telling everyone what to do. But, man when Bella slaps him, he looks like he is going to go crazy. Seriously crazy and like he is shoot everyone around him, while screaming at the top of his lungs. I loved that Alex sort of crumbles to the ground shaking, when he explodes, because that how it was in the book! The wolves did get so angry that they shook, but it didn't look humorous, which is great. If it was done wrong, it could potentially be very cheesy and laughable. But, from what I've seen so far, it looks good.

They kept very true to the books, because Paul clothes rip to shreds too, just like Jacob's did. That is really great that even tiny details, they kept in, because it's just little things that are going to make the fans like the film, so much more. Oh, and thank you Chris!! Paul is silver, just like he was supposed to be. I also like that he is so tall. We get to have a better look at the wolves face, and it looks more aggressive and scarier than Jacob's does when he is a wolf. Maybe, that's because Bella doesn't know Paul, so she is going to be scared of this big guy with anger issues. However, she is best friends with Jacob, and loves him, so she doesn't view his as scary or fierce, just as a protector. Which is perfect because that is exactly what Jacob is doing here; protecting Bella. Plus, i think it would be cool, as Bella gets to know the wolves, that they become less scary and more like friends. Bella does note in Eclipse that even the their wolf forms, the pack weren't monsters, they were friends. Awwwww. If you're wondering, it's the scene where Jasper is teaching everyone how to fight.

I really like that we get to see more of the wolves movements. In the trailer's we only got to see them phase and not move around. But, here we see Paul, snarling and growling at Bella, looking like he is going to charge towards her. It looks very canine, as he is approaching Bella, even though she is running away. Then of course, Jacob comes and saves Bella back. Then Jacob phases, and he looks very different from the wolf we saw in the trailer. He looks so much better!! I mean, i like the wolf in the trailer, i thought it looks cool, but i didn't think that they would be able to make it better, because i really like what they had. But, the changes they made, only made it looks better and truer to the book. In the trailer, Jacob was browny colour with a white belly, and other shades. However, in this clip, he is more brown. They got rid of the white, and now he is the same shade of russet/brown all over. His facial expression also looks more descriptive of how he is feeling. Jacob's fur also looks better, and more realistic. Just the way it blows, and moves. Overall, the wolves were just make to look more genuine. Which is fine by me.

Jacob also growls at the end, and he looks a lot more vicious and angry than he did in the teaser trailer. His expression on his face, looks more violent, and defensive. Which is cool because Jacob is basically saying "get back, i won't let you hurt Bella". That is really cool, because Jacob does seriously care about Bella, and will hurt Paul to teach him not to behave like that to Bella ever again. Aww, i love Jake. Also, their growling seems more guttural and wild than the teaser trailer. I love that because it just emphasise that they are really wild animals, and not just some generic, mutated dog, which is supposed to look like a werewolf. You know? Like, a half man, half dog creature. I'm so glad that Chris Weitz stuck to the book and made them actual wolves!! Thanks, Chris Weitz, i love you!!

All in all, i love it. Apart from Kristen's acting. Sorry, but it just always seems a little flat, and half-hearted, she needs to get some acting lessons. But, other than that...AMAZING!!! I'm so exited for this scene!! Wait, scratch that, I'm excited for this whole film!!! Yes!! A little over a month to go! It is going to drag, like a child waiting for Christmas. Oh well, it will be worth it, to see New Moon on the big screen.


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