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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Taylor and Taylor dating

Now i didn't see this coming. Jokes, its was so obvious. Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner have been seen together ALLOT lately. I mean allot, like almost everyday for the last 4 or 5 days. Plus, they started as lovers in "Valentine's Day" and some people can;t separate reality from acting. Just because they have the same name, I'm going to refer to Taylor Lautner as Tay, and Taylor Swift as Taylor, OK?

First time, it was when Tay finished filming Eclipse, and showed up at Taylor's concert. It didn't help that Taylor gave Tay a giant hug after she had finished performing. The picture of the is on the left. There is a video of Tay watching Taylor intently, and a video of the hug. Man, the crowd screamed so loud when she hugged him.

The next, it was Tay and Taylor going to a hockey game. They kept their hands to themselves and weren't touching at all. Probably because they knew they were being watched, and the media would make up all of these stories about them.

Following after the hockey game, was Taylor shooting a music video, and Tay joined her. I don't know if he was just going to watch, or if he was going to star as her love interest in it.

Then Tay invited her mum to meet Taylor for dinner. Then they went back to the same hotel.

Now, just yesterday, they were seen shopping together, and getting in a car and leaving somewhere.
Of course, rumours are going to start because that is like 6 times in the last week that they have been seen together. Taylor Swift didn't say they were dating, however she didn't not say that they weren't dating. That is irrelevant, they should be left alone. If they like each other, good for them, and i hope they are happy. But, its just sad that something may be made out of nothing, just for the media to sell magazines. Some people have been saying that it's a PR stunt to make people go see Valentines Day, however i don't think that is something Tay would do. Anyway, please give them some privacy, Tay really deserves it.


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