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Hey, I'm a massive Twilight Fan, and thanks to my friends being fed up with having to listern to my non-stop chattering about Twilight, i decided to create a blog for myself to just vent and document my twilight obsession!! I'm current studying journalism and have aspiration to become one, so why not write about something as awesome as the Twilight Saga!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

More Trading Card Stills

Bella's birthday at the Cullens. Wow, Bella doesn't look happy at all. Plus, Edward isn't happy unless Bella is happy so, therefore he doesn't look like he is having any fun. I'm excited for this scene!! I can't really get anything from the picture, as it's just a close up of their faces and I've already seen similar ones before. There make-up is a hell of a lot better though. I can't thank the make-up department enough. In Twilight, the worst was the vampires. Eww that pale make-up was shocking. However, Bella's make-up at the prom scene looked like Kristen did it herself. But now, wow she looks so pretty. I hope they don't make her so gorgeous, that it would be hard to make her pretty when she turns into a vampire for Breaking Dawn. I'm positive that it's going to be filmed.

This is after Bella's "great" idea to go cliff diving by herself, where she nearly kills herself. Genius. But, Jake saves the day, awwww. I bet we are going to see allot more than the book showed, as Bella was unconscious for the majority of it. Man, how hot does Taylor look? I seriously think that he is going to have some people turning after New Moon comes out!! Look at him!! Now, Bella. She really looks like she is dead. Awesome but sweet too, because this is when Jake realises even though he isn't with Bella the way he wants, he is so grateful that she is still alive.

Aro trying to read Bella's mind. It just looks like she is shaking his hand. This is going to be awesome, because it shows Bella's power before she even turns into a vampire! Sweet! I hope Edward looses it during this scene, because he can read every ones mind, so he knows their real intent. This scene is going to be epic. It's funny, but Edward looks like he is wearing a bathrobe. Lol, i bet many girls are having dreams about that!

Aww, Carlisle fixing Bella's arm from the accident at her party. I really hope that we get to hear about Carlisle's background and how he grew up and everything. That would be cool, because i loved that chapter from Twilight, and they excluded it from the film. I suppose it wasn't really relevant to the overall story line, but it was just interesting. Please, Chris Weitz, I'm hoping you added just a little bit of information in, because it just gives us some information about Carlisle. I'm not expecting a flashback, but just him informing Bella about himself when she asks him, like the chapter "stitches" in New Moon.

I'm so excited for this scene!! We haven't seen anything from the friendship break-up scene, in any trailers, sneak peeks or released scenes!! Only a few picture! That must mean that its really good, and they want to leave it for the film. OMG!! I really hope Taylor and Kristen act really well in the scene and can bring out the emotion that they are supposed to, like in the book. It's such a sad chapter. Plus, i love in this picture, Jacob is taller than Bella and he is looking down on her, like he is a figure of authority. This is because Jacob isn't oblivious to the reality of the situation of the gang on the rez anymore, while Bella is. This information makes Jacob older, and sagacious, while Bella is still a broken little girl, from her high school sweetheart breaking her heart.

I really hope this scene sticks close to the book, as it's very important. I really hope that they keep the votes the same as the book. Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Esme, and Carlisle vote yes, while Edward and Rosalie vote no. Plus, i read an interview with Nikki Reed, and apparently she has this speech to give while she is voting no. I love that, because she does explain in the end of New Moon that she doesn't want Bella in her family for unselfish reason. If she had a choice she wouldn't choose this life, so she doesn't want Bella making a mistake that you can't take back. Awww, i love Rosalie. People judge her too harshly. So excited. Oh , and i must say, when i first saw Jasper's hair, i hated it. Now, it's kinda growing on me. Like always, Alice looks fab.

I'm so sad, no more Rachelle. However, I'm going to appreciate her performance so much more, because i know that she isn't going to be in Eclipse. Rachelle has said herself that she didn't get to be with any of the other actors during filming, because she is barely in New Moon. Victoria is just a threat always looming in the background. I thought it was funny that Rachelle joked that she was making a whole other film in the forest separate from New Moon. Aww, I'm going to miss her. However, i don't want to bash Bryce Dallas Howard! It isn't her fault, she is just the replacement. It must be very intimidating going to replace a role, where the entire fandom has already fallen in love with Rachelle. Anyway, Victoria looks psychotic and manipulative here. Like she is planning her revenge. Awesome!!

I'm looking forward to this scene, where Bella and Jacob are working on the bikes. I don't know why, but i love what the wardrobe has dressed Taylor in for Jacob in this scene. I don't know what it is, but i love this costume. Maybe it's just the way the greys and browns look against Taylor tanned skin? I don't know, but i love it. I'm guessing this is the scene where Quil and Embry interrupt, maybe? I'm not sure, but this would be a good place to put it. This scene I'm imagining is where Jacob shows off his mechanic skills. While, Bella's just sitting there pretending to understand. Aww, so cute!!

I'm glad that Chris Weitz has added this scene in. I'm sure that it's only short, but it when Charlie and the other men are in the forest hunting for the "bears". But, I'm confused. Harry is a part of the Quileute elders, so he knows that the werewolves are in the forest, and aren't bear, so why is he hunting them with Charlie?? Maybe he is just being supportive, or is unaware that the "bears" being spotted are wolves. Perhaps, the hunters hadn't put two-and-two together. But, in the book the wolves were perfectly aware of the hunters, Jacob said so himself. Maybe, it was just a way to show Harry and Charlie's relationship, rather than the actual event itself.

Ohh, I'm so glad that they kept this in. I wasn't sure that they were going to. This is obviously before Bella and Jake go riding on their bikes. I'm almost positive this is where Bella sees the pack cliff diving and Bella discovers what happened with "the La Push Gang," and Jacob's concerns for himself and for his friend, Embry. This is when Embry has been avoiding him, and hanging out with Paul, Sam and Jared. I'm so loving this scene, because Jacob was always happy, and this is the first time that we see Jacob worried or upset about anything. However, in this shot, Taylor looks... i don't know, kinda emotionless. Perhaps he is trying to hide him emotions from Bella, because he doesn't want her to see him as weak. I don't know, will need to see the film to make judgements.

Awww, this is going to be sooo sad. Sam found Bella in the forest where Edward had left her. Bella looks like she is asleep. I really hope that she is mumbling "He's gone,' like she was in the book. Bella didn't notice that she was saying it out loud. I'm excited for this scene. I hope Kristen upped her acting, because it wasn't good in Twilight. I'm not saying that i hate Kristen, i just didn't think she did a good job as Bella. Oh well. Tons of room for improvement.Ok, so the caption says that Bella is "on the cliffs." However, I'm a little confused. Bella is wearing the clothes she goes bike riding in. I guess that Jacob must of taken Bella up to see how high the cliffs where, after she was curious seeing the wolves diving off them. Hmm, that didn't happen in the books, however i suppose that half of their conversation may happen up there, rather than just having it all by the car about the gang and how they are treating Jacob and everyone else.

So cool. This is the scene where everyone is looking for Bella,while she is missing in the woods. This wasn't in the books, because Bella was lost, but this obviously did happen because the wolves found her. But, Jacob is there. In the books, Billy wouldn't let Jacob go look for Bella. Probably because he knew that the wolves would find her in no time, leaving Jacob lost in the woods. So, despite his father, Jacob walks all the way to Bella's house in Forks. By the time he gets there, Bella has been found and everyone has already left. Jacob leaves because Bella is asleep and there is nothing for him to do, but someone gives him a lift home. I forgot who, but you can check it out on Stephenie's website, it's a story called "Being Jacob Black." However, i do understand why he is there. I bet Jake is just in the background, basically displaying how Jacob is while Edward is around. He is just there, you know, that sort of thing. But i do love the Billy an Harry are there helping Charlie. He is probably sick with worry, and he doesn't like showing emotion, so I'm excited to see how Billy Burke depicts that.


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