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Hey, I'm a massive Twilight Fan, and thanks to my friends being fed up with having to listern to my non-stop chattering about Twilight, i decided to create a blog for myself to just vent and document my twilight obsession!! I'm current studying journalism and have aspiration to become one, so why not write about something as awesome as the Twilight Saga!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

MTV"s reporting of the New Moon Premier

7:07 Swarms of news cameras are walking up and down the carpet pointing their cameras at fans, knowing it'll elicit some lively screams. Over and over and over, one after another, the cameras keep milking it and the fans don't tire. And nothing's happening yet!

7:08 A fan definitely just yelled "I want to have Rob's baby!" to a news camera. And now the cameraman is having her repeat it. Again. And Again.

7:12 It's getting too dark to wear sunglasses. But plenty of media folks still are. You know who isn't? THE FANS. They need to see everything!!

7:16 A list of the funniest (and more creative) sayings on fan posters: "Kellan makes good girls go bad" ; "From Coast To Coast we love the Cullens the most!"; "I wanna be a stupid lamb" ; "traveled from Florida to be dazzled" and OUR FAVORITE: "Jacob Black?I'd hit that. With a Volvo!"

7:23 Larry just introduced the crew to Kaleb Nation from -- he's great!

7:30 Kiss FM "On Air With Ryan Seacrest" has a soundproof booth. Great idea, but aren't the deafening screams of the fans part of what makes tonight so memorable?

7:31 The Kiss FM booth looks like a giant rectangular soundproof Lego. Or a hall of mirrors at a carnival.

7:32 Director Chris Weitz's publicist just asked if we want to talk to him later. Duh!

7:34 The soundtrack is currently cranking on the red carpet (though it's hard to tell which song is playing!) and man, is it cool. Chop Shop has been killing with music supervision ever since "The OC." From "Gossip Girl" to "90210" to the "Twilight" franchise, Alex and her team know how to pick 'em!

7:40 Red carpet placement FYI, we're between E! and MySpace. Where the real party is at.

7:42 It's surprisingly warm out still. Maybe Rob and Taylor will take their shirts off.

7:45 Our handsome production manager is pretending to shoot reporter standups. He's helping one of our camera guys figure out his shot. It doesn't look nearly as weird as it sounds.

7:47 Other than the increasingly sparse screams (seems like every news crew has gotten their requisite "everybody scream!" shots by now), it's the calm before the storm. SO PUMPED! This thing is gonna go off soon.

7:49 We were just told the fire marshall won't let us off our little platform while things are happening. We've worked a lot of carpets and that is a very unusual instruction. This thing is GOING TO BE CRAZY!

7:50 Our own Larry Carroll has been asked to sign a few autographs. Seriously! We all love the fans intense love for Larry. You guys rule!

7:52 The fans just cheered for a celebrity arrival — Ryan Seacrest! He has now disappeared into his giant Lego lookalike booth.

7:54 Reporters are showing up at the E! platform next to us. Once I accidentally called Guiliana Rancic "Guiliani." She smiled warmly and said, "It happens."

8:01 We are taping down marks where the celebs will stand while we interview them. getting closer!

8:04 We can now confirm: Stephenie will be here tonight!!!!

8:07 Also Joan Jett is on the tip sheet!

8:08 A radio station DJ is on a loudspeaker hyping the crowd now. Like we need it!

8:19 Julia Jones — who is in the wolf pack in "Eclipse" — is headed our way!

8:24 Julia is telling Larry all about her character in "Eclipse"!

8:26 Michael Welch and Justin Chon have arrived.

8:30 Julia looks absolutely stunning in a strapless dress by Norwegian designer Leila Hafzi

8:33 Lykke Li is on our platform in "stripper shoes from a store in London" (her words!), a very sheer black dress (vintage Jean Paul Gaultier) and an an Opening Ceremony jacket.

8:35 Lykke Li said she's "independent" — she can't pick Team Edward or Team Jacob.

8:37 Justine Wachsberger, who plays Gianna in "New Moon," is in a very pretty strapless green Issa dress with a Swarovski clutch. She's telling Larry it was fun to play her character because she's Italian (Justine grew up in France). She's only in the movie briefly, but has a big part in the book.

8:39 Justine isn't sure she's in "Breaking Dawn" yet, but she has her fingers crossed she'll be cast.

8:43 Richie Sambora is here. I wonder if he rode a steel horse.

8:48 Mark Salling from "Glee" is headed our way.

8:51 What's Mark wearing? Black v-neck, jeans, sneakers ... and his mohawk. Very red carpet casual cool.

8:54 Another "Glee" cast member, Kevin McHale, is hanging with us now. He's wearing a very shiny Top Man suit. Very friendly guy.

8:55 Kevin just called this premiere "unreal. It's massive." (He should just wait till "Glee" takes off even more!)

8:56 As Kevin points out, "Twilight" isn't just for teenage girls. "It appeals to everybody... The books are romantic and epic, everything."

8:58 Attention "X-Men" fans (like us!): Daniel Cudmore, a.k.a. the mighty metal mutant Colossus, is here!

9:02 Justin Chon is talking to Larry right now! And looking dashing in a "Reservoir Dogs"-looking Dolce & Gabbana suit.

9:03 Security is kicking out some fans who snuck behind our platform. Sorry girls!

9:04 Justin hasn't seen "New Moon" yet. Tonight will be his first time!

9:07 Gil Birmingham just left our platform and now Chris Walla from Death Cab For Cutie is joking about the less than crazy response he got when stepped out of the car.

9:08 Gil, for those of you not sure at home, plays Billy Black (Jacob's papa).

9:09 We love you Chris Walla! And these fans love your music even if they don't recognize you as quickly as they should. Continuing on our music theme (hey, we ARE MTV!), the gentlemen of OK GO are up here now

9:10 "This is nuts, this is incredible!" Damian (from OK GO) is saying. "Twilight is for children of all ages." Right on Damian!

9:11 Two more fans snuck between our platform and E!'s. Security just kicked them out, too. Yikes.

9:13 OK GO were all wearing Italian brand (fitting, eh?) Costume National.

9:14 "New Moon" screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg (pictured above) is telling Larry she tries to shut out the rest of the world when she's writing.

9:15 Melissa doesn't know if she'll be writing the fourth movie yet but she'd be honored to do it.

9:16 Booboo Stewart, who's in "Eclipse," is telling us how amazing and incredible it is that the fans camp out for days.

9:18 Emma Roberts said she's read the books. Good girl!

9:21 Michael Welch, a.k.a. Mike Newton, is wearing a sharp looking Theory suit. Tonight will be the first time he's seen "New Moon, "just like the last premiere was the first time he saw "Twilight." He's talking about how great it was to meet and work with Taylor. "He's a really good guy, man."

9:24 We just asked Colossus (er, Daniel Cudmore) to stand down a step on our platform. Otherwise he'd be too tall for our camera angle while we interview him. For real!

9:28 Alex Meraz is also wearing a D&G suit — popular choice tonight!

9:29 "These films are just getting bigger, better and more exciting," says Alex, while telling us about the "fast-paced" fight scenes.

9:30 Ladies and gentlemen, Cameron Bright is officially wearing the coolest shoes we've seen on a dude tonight

9:31 It turns out they are his own line! "Cameron Bright by Ula" Wow!

9:32 Bronson Pelletier literally came BOUNCING onto our platform, exclaiming, "MTV! Wassup!"

9:33 "There's a lot of cuties out here. I'm a single guy!" insisted Bronson. You heard it here first, ladies.

9:36 Kristen Prout, who's in "Eclipse," says Jackson Rathbone did a great job riding his horse.

9:38 Kristen P is wearing Marciano.

9:39 Our second shiny black suit of the night is being worn by Charlie Bewley (Demetri). The suit is by Jean Paul Gaultier

9:40 Charlie just described shooting Eclipse as "a magical experience."

9:41 "KELLAN! KELLAN! KELLAN!" the chants over yonder are THUNDEROUS!

9:43 Larry just complimented Kiowa Gordon on his Hugo Boss suit. And rightfully so!

9:44 Jennie Garth is here. ("Dun-dun-dun-dun, dun-dun-dun-dun: cha! cha!" - that's our phonic approximation of one of the greatest theme songs ever... from "Beverly Hills, 90210" people!)

9:45 Kiowa's blue tie is matched by his blue cuff links. Now THAT is style, people.

9:46 Word has it 50 Cent was here but may have already left.

9:49 Chaske Spencer says "at the end of the day I'm just some lucky guy." He says various members of the wolf pack are betting "dinner" with each other over box office predictions. And here's 50 Cent! He's still here! And shook hands with Chaske on his way up.

9:50 50's wearing John Varvatos. He's also wearing a very large pinky ring.

9:51 50 is saying "maybe in the future" in regard to contributing to one of the soundtracks.

9:52 Joan Jett is headed up our steps. Holy crap she looks cool.

9:53 Joan decided to see "Twilight" after hearing Kristen was cast as her in "The Runaways" movie. She "really enjoyed it" and found it "entertaining."

9:54 Joan's biker boots would put Billy Idol to shame. And they even have a little sparkle, Edward Cullen style!

9:55 Joan just confirmed that Kristen will "DEFINITELY" be doing her own singing in the Runaways movie!!

9:56 How did Joan react the first time she saw Kristen dressed up a her? "Big smile, man!"

9:57 There is a HUGE CHEER that just passed through EVERYWHERE like a wave!!!

9:57 And it was for Kellan! (We thought maybe Robert was here, it's almost movie time, where is he?!?)

10:00 Peter Facinelli is saying this is easier to enjoy this time because he knew what to expect. It can all be pretty overwhelming!

10:01 Peter's best accessory is the adorable little girl holding his hand — his daughter

10:04 Word is that Taylor is here!

10:05 Chris Weitz just stepped on our platform wearing Tom Ford.

10:07 Chris says he thought about publishing a book, but decided against it because by a month by now he'll be sick of talking about this movie. He may give some stuff like that for free at some point if it's OK with the studio.

10:12 Edi Gathegi and his very cool gray/ black/red Moschino suit just left as Nikki Reed heads our way. She's in a soft comfy looking Burberry with Christian Louboutin heels.

10:13 ROBERT is definitely here and inching closer to where we're at!

10:14 The "ROBERT! ROBERT! ROBERT! ROBERT!" chant just went off. It... Was... Loud!

10:15 Kristen Stewart has arrived!

10:16 Ashley Greene's red, flowing Prabal Gurung dress requires an extra person to help her walk the carpet. It's worth it. She's also wearing Brian Atwood shoes, but we can't see them. Accessories: Loree Radkin jewelry and a Jimmy Choo clutch.

10:18 Ashley said she just got an email saying that "we broke the presale" record. She definitely predicts the opening weekend will be "bigger" than Twilight

10:19 Kellan is on our platform!

10:20 Kellan just called the crowd "amazing," but we think his pocket square is pretty amazing, too. Just sayin'...

10:21 What smell drives Kellan as crazy as the smell of blood drives his character? "The smell of gummy bears."

10:22 I wonder if Armani would make a suit like his small enough for a gummy bear. Speaking of small, Dakota Fanning is growing up but she's still so cute and little. And here she comes! She's only got time for two questions so let's hope Larry makes 'em good. Aw, who are we kidding? He always does.

10:23 Dakota is wearing a black Valentino. She's also wearing a really big ring that looks kind of like the ones that allow vampires to walk in daylight in "The Vampire Diaries." Hmmmmm. Her D&G shoes made her really tall!

10:24 Kevin Smith is walking the carpet with his daughter Harley Quinn as Michael Sheen comes on up to talk to us.

10:25 Let's all pause for a moment to ponder how kickass it is that Kevin named his daughter after the Joker's radical cartoon sidekick.

10:26 Robert is talking to E! right next to us. Next stop... MTV, son!

10:26 Robert is making time for a few smaller outlets before he comes over to us. He hasn't forgotten the little people.

10:27 C'mon dude... We can't wait to see you!

10:28 We are all frozen waiting for Rob. It's pretty funny.

10:29 Our busy platform has ground to a halt in anticipation

10:30 "Two questions. Nothing personal, please." The order has been decreed. We're close. He's here!

10:31 Robert just said he loves how our mics are always "scuffed." Uh, thanks? Haha!

10:32 What's the best part about being Robert Pattinson? He laughs and thinks for a minute. "I couldn't really tell you," he says with his wide smile. What's the worst part? "You've got to work every single day." Which he hasn't gotten used to.

10:33 And he's gone! Dragged away by a publicist as quickly as he arrived.

10:35 Robert is wearing Gucci, by the way. Wherever he is now.

10:39 Adam Shankman is telling Larry about his involvement in the movie version of the "Rock Of Ages" musical, which was just announced in the trades.

10:45 It's quiet at our end of the carpet as we wait for Kristen and Taylor!

10:48 Yup, It looks like Taylor is getting closer.

10:51 We can see Kristen! Gorgeously porcelain.

10:52 Kellan just walked by with his arm around a fan wearing a "Nutz For Lutz" t-shirt. Pretty sure he pulled her out of the crowd!

10:56 An excited and hurried publicist just ran over and asked, "Will you guys be ready for Kristen?" HECK YEAH!!!!!

10:57 She was headed our way but then her folks realized she passed E!. She was almost to our platform then redirected with an about-face to our neighbors.

10:57 Meanwhile, Taylor is taking pictures with three sneaky young fans who somehow have credentials.

10:58 A security guard is checking their credentials... again!

11:00 Here she is! Wait... she's taking pictures with those three sneaky fans!

11:01 Kristen is talking to Larry about how great it is to have Taylor here after all the questions about whether he'd return. "I'm so proud of him ... I think he's the most centered of anybody here."

11:03 Kristen was chattier than usual. What's the best thing about being her? She says she knows she'll never get to experience anything like this (pointing to the fans) no matter what kind of movies she's in. "Definitely this is the coolest thing."

11:04 "We put a lot of hard work into this film, and I'm dying for it to come out!" SO ARE WE TAYLOR!

11:05 Kristen confirmed what Joan told us, by the way, that she is definitely doing her own singing in "The Runaways" movie.

11:06 Taylor is telling Larry he's "sticking to the diet and trying to get into the gym as much as possible," but it's been hard with everything going on lately.

11:07 Taylor is wearing Calvin Klein. Kristen is wearing Oscar de la Renta.

11:08 The crowd is chanting "TAYLOR! TAYLOR! TAYLOR!" as the carpet winds to a close.

11:10 That's a wrap, folks. Thanks for joining us on our journey to the "New Moon"!


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