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Hey, I'm a massive Twilight Fan, and thanks to my friends being fed up with having to listern to my non-stop chattering about Twilight, i decided to create a blog for myself to just vent and document my twilight obsession!! I'm current studying journalism and have aspiration to become one, so why not write about something as awesome as the Twilight Saga!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


OMG!!!! I just got back from watching NEW MOON!!!! The whole cinema was packed!! There weren't many seats left. The only time i have seen it that packed is... never!! But, man before the film even began, there were like literally 15 minutes of ads!!! I guess that they knew that there would be millions of people watching, so they decided to have their ad's screened with New Moon. Apart from that, the film was pretty good. MUCH better than Twilight could ever be.

I'll start off with the negatives first, then go onto the positives. There weren't many negative things, however the major one was Kristen's acting. It was bad!!! Seriously, she really needs some acting lessons quick. I mean, she was in the film the most, and it just really got on my nerves. For the majority of the time, she didn't seem to have much personality, and she just wined about not becoming a vampire, and being torn apart from Edward leaving her. I understand that, BUT come on. When she was supposed to be depressed, she just looked bored as hell. But i suppose that is just how Kristen acts, and i need to get used to it. Although, i didn't really like her performance, she did improve from Twilight. There was no more fast blinking, with erratic eyesight all the and also, he heavy breathing was gone too. So, i guess i shouldn't complain as much.

There was only one bad visual effect in the ENTIRE film, which was Bella's cliff dive. I mean, when she was under water, that effect just looked so fake and awful. I saw parts of it in the New Moon trailer, but seeing the whole thing, it still looked bad. I mean, i don't understand how everything else can look so good, and just these shots that were about 1 minute 30 seconds long, just look so horrible. I'm not going to be so harsh and hate the film because 1 case of CGI that wasn't good. They didn't have the largest budget, so Chris Weitz did the best with what he was given, and it just sucked that the cliff diving effect was so bad. Oh, and I'm not talking about before she jumps, only the section when she is underwater and is seeing Edward floating there alongside her. Before she jumps looks good, it's just afterward isn't that great.

However, allot of the film was positive. The cinematography for one. Jeez, that was soo good. Just the shots that Chris Weitz was able to capture. I really loved the shot where Bella is just sitting in a chair looking out the window, and the camera pans around her showing the changing seasons!! I love that shot so much. I don't think Catherine Hardwicke would ever be able to capture some of the more technical aspects of shots that Chris has delivered. Another fantastic moment was in Italy, some of those shots were so beautiful, especially the establishment shot, where the camera pans over the city was just gorgeous!! I also love that Chris' camera shots were really long, just like allot of olden day films. Most were 30-40 seconds, and some were more than a minute long, like the changing seasons shot. That had to be at least 1 minute 40 seconds or something. LOVE IT, Chris!!!

Something small, but the decision to get rid of that disgusting blue tone that Twilight has and replace it with those warm, golden tones was perfect. I hated that blue in Twilight, because it made it look so indie, and cheap. Although, it was an indie, it didn't have to look like it because New Moon is indie and it doesn't look like that at all!!! I mean, the golden tones just give it a classical romantic look to the film, which is perfect because the Twilight Saga novels are about romance. I also think that the golden tones accentuated the golden colour of the Cullen's eyes, and the warmness of the wolves. I really, really, really LOVE IT!!! It makes me wonder what tone David Slade is going to use for Eclipse. He has been known to use grey tones, to make red's stand out, so I'm sure he is going with that.

The score and soundtrack were AMAZING when they were in the film. I mean, the score is so beautiful!! Alexandre Desplat is sooooo talented. I mean, i LOVE Edwards theme, i LOVE Jacob's theme. Also, i think that it's seriously cool when Bella is indecisive about getting with Jacob, Alexandre blended the two themes together to portray Bella's struggle between the two guys. THAT'S SO COOL!!!! The soundtrack was amazingly sad, and it was also cool to see where the songs were place in the film. Some of them are Violet Hour is played during Bella's birthday, Possibility is when the months are passing, and Friends is when Bella's on the back of that random guys motorbike. AWESOME!! I'm loving the music which accompanies the film, just makes it that much more beautiful.

The visual effects were BRILLIANT in New Moon. I mean, the wolves anyone?? They were so life like, and realistic. I know this probably doesn't make any sense but i could see Jacob in the CGI wolf of Jacob. I mean, just the look in his eyes, his body movements, his facial expressions were all the same that Jacob has!! THANK YOU, TIPPET STUDIOS!!!!! It was a vast improvement from the cheesy CGI that was in Twilight. Plus, they also got the colours the same. I'm so excited for that because Sam was black, Paul was silver, Jacob was russet etc. All of the wolves were the colours they were in the books. I loved when the wolves were attacking because it was so vicious and violent. Which is awesome because the wolves are very animalistic, compared to the restrained vampires. I'm sure the CGI is going to win awards, well I'm hoping that it does because those are some quality effects for a small budget indie film.

The stunts were so much cooler and more realistic than the stunts that were in Twilight. I mean, they just seemed more like something that would happen in real life with gravity and what not, and the stunts in Twilight seemed more fake. In particular, when Edward is kissing Bella and he jumps backward and slams against the wall. That was SO obvious that he had strings on, it just down right looked horrible. However, the New Moon stunts when juxtaposed with Twilight, look brilliant. I mean, just the whole stunt where Jasper attacks Bella and even the stunt where Jacob jumps in through Bella's window, they look VERY impressive. Thank god, that Summit upgraded in everything from make-up, wardrobe, to the stunt guys. Which, I'm really impressed that Taylor did all of his stunts, and Daniel Cudmore did all of his stunts tot. I mean, those stunts were very technical looking, and i was very impressed at how good they looked. WAY TO GO, WEITZ!!

New Moon was also very funny!! Allot of the audience was laughing out loud though-out the entire film. I mean, it was funny when Jessica was ranting after they watched that bad film, or when Jacob, Mike and Bella were at the film, and all you can hear is these guy saying something like "Imma put down my guns, and imma punch yo face in," and then the other guy is like ," No imma punch YO face in". It was so funny, but most of the humour came from the humans like when they were watching Romeo and Juliet and Eric is crying!! Haha, and Mike just looks soooo bored. The wolves were funny too, even though they were hardly in the film, which is sad. Jacob was pretty funny with his bantering with Bella, that was cute. It's just like their relationship, just light, open and fun. Which is depicted perfectly in the film. LOVE IT!!!

I really liked the slow motion of the vampires. Chris Weitz says that he hates slow motion, but it was the correct way to portray it as when you speed the vampires up, it looks cheesy like it did in Twilight. The interruption of the time continuum, with the vampires being normal speed, the fast, then slow looked awesome. It just made then look so much faster than they were in Twilight. It makes sense to use this, because if they didn't, they vampires would move so quickly that the audience wouldn't be able to understand what actually happened. So my having Bella in slow motion and the vampires constantly transferring from fast to slow, makes the scene more exciting to watch, as it is a good way to represent how fast they move without looking cheesy. Chris Weitz, good on ya, because you achieved that successfully.

The most outstanding performance in New Moon were probably Michael Sheen, Alex Meraz, Dakota Fanning, Anna Kendrick, Michael Welch and Taylor Lautner. Michael Sheen played Aro perfectly!! I have NOTHING negative to say about him!! He was so perfect, he was just as the book described him!! I just think that Michael Sheen is an overall phenomenal actor, and he is going to be epic in any role given to him. LOVE YOU SHEEN!! Now, Dakota was brilliant!!! She was so sweet and innocent yet she commanded allot of attention due to her power. She was adorable, but creepy at the same time when she was hurting Edward with her mind. With Jane, it's all in her eyes, and they very, very bright and alert when hurting Edward, and the blood red colour just made me so afraid of her. I love you Dakota!! I knew she would be great, because she is a really talented young actor who has her head screwed on good and doesn't do anything like Miley Cyrus and other stupid young actors. She is wise, intelligent, articulate, sweet and just adorable. How can you not love her. Anna and Michael i love so much. They are amazing actors who i can't wait to see their future work. So funny when Mike was trying to ask Bella out, haha. Poor guy. Alex, what more do i need to say. Hot, sweet, funny, smart!! He is my favourite pack member, and he made me actually like Paul!! Wow, good job. Loved his performance. Now, Taylor!! I was surprised by how well he acted. I mean, just some of the expression he has makes my heart break. Like when he is begging Bella to stay but she leaves anyway. Awww, the look in his eyes just makes me love him all the more. Go, TAYLOR!!! He is a better actor than i though he would be.

I'm just amazed at how close the film was to the book. I mean, almost EVERYTHING was in the film. Chris' attention to detail and having him include lots of Easter eggs for fans to check out was really cool. I really love that he included Romeo and Juliet in it, because that was so palpable in the book. Just little things that the fans will notice like when Jacob and Mike both have their hands on the armrest, hoping that Bella will hold their hands or when Bella is at the movies with Jessica and she sees the guys at "One Eyed Pete's", which was straight from the book. THANK YOU, CHRIS!! Plus, i thought it was adorable the little bantering that is going on between Jacob and Bella about the formula to predict their ages. Awww, that was straight from the books too!! Chris has the fans at heart, and he knows that they will love anything that is straight from the book. Plus, not to mention the TONS of quotes which are directly from the book. Of course they had to add others in, but they ones that stood out the most as the ones pulled directly from the book. I guess it isn't Melissa Rosenberg fault for the disaster that was Twilight, but it was Catherine Hardwicke and her adding stupid "spider monkey" things in. Ewww. GO CHRIS!!

However, even when Chris added things in, they were great. Obviously, there wasn't much character development between the Cullen's and Bella in Twilight. That is just basically for Bella and Edward's relationship. So, i love it when Chris has added Bella constantly trying to email Alice, because they are best friends. If Chris didn't find a way to show their relationship in such a short period of time, then the audience would be confused when Alice comes back and Bella is just like ,"thank god". That wouldn't make sense for Bella to act that way if there was no relationship between them. I love the constant email that Bella sends, because it shows that the Collen's have cut of all ties, and don't want Bella to contact them. Bella feels like she can open up to Alice, even if her emails are constantly being denied. I really like that, through the film!! It was awesome, and very heartbreakingly sad at the same time.
Seriously, CHRIS WEITZ FOR BREAKING DAWN!!! I would LOVE for him to do it, when it is eventually green lit! WHICH it will, I'm positive. Chris has remained true to the book ,while presenting a good movie, apart from Kristen's acting. But, other than that, i really enjoyed it. I though it stayed closer to the book than Twilight did. Chris didn't add anything unnecessary, like the jumping though the tree's in Twilight, which was so totally random. Anyway, Chris you lived up to my expectations, and i really loved it. I will now watch ANY film affiliated with Chris!! YOU ROCK!!!! Thanks for all you have done for New Moon. All your efforts are being appreciated by the fans!!! LOVE YOU x0x0x0x0x0x


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