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Hey, I'm a massive Twilight Fan, and thanks to my friends being fed up with having to listern to my non-stop chattering about Twilight, i decided to create a blog for myself to just vent and document my twilight obsession!! I'm current studying journalism and have aspiration to become one, so why not write about something as awesome as the Twilight Saga!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

New Moon Music in Film!!

1- New Moon – Alexandre Desplat. Opening credits
2- Bella Dreams – Alexandre Desplat. Bella, Gran and Edward in the meadow.
3- Monsters – Hurricane Bells. Bella driving to school on birthday and Edward walking through school parking lot.
4- Romeo & Juliet – Alexandre Desplat. Edward and Bella in English class, discussing vampire suicide.
5- Volturi Waltz – Alexandre Desplat. Edward explaining the Volturi to Bella. Aro kills bad vamp.
6- The Violet Hour – Sea Wolf. Bella’s birthday party.
7- Blood Sample – Alexandre Desplat. Paper cut fight between Jasper and Edward.
8- Wandrers Nachitlied II, Op. 96, No. 3, D. 768 – Ulf Bastlein (iTunes bonus). Carlisle is stitching up Bella and talking about vamp souls.
9- Satellite Heart – Anya Marina. Edward taking Bella home after party in her truck.
10-Rosyln – Bon Iver & St. Vincent. Bella at school without Edward and finding Edward in her yard.
11-Edward Leaves – Alexandre Desplat. Edward dumping Bella in the woods.
12-Possibility – Lykke Li. Months passing for Bella.
13-I Belong to You (New Moon Remix) – Muse. Bella and Jessica on Girls Night Out.
14-Friends – Band of Skulls. Bella on Some Random Loser’s motorcycle.
15-All I Believe (iTunes Bonus Track) – The Magic Numbers & Amadou & Mariam. Bella and Jake fixing motorcycles. It is the song playing that
Bella turns off.
16-Shooting the Moon – Ok Go. Bella and Jacob fixing motorcycles with pizza toss.
17-Werewolves – Alexandre Desplat. Sam Uley and gang jumping from cliff.
18-Solar Midnite – Lupe Fiasco (iTunes Bonus Track). The song that is playing in Face Punch the movie.
19-I Need You – Alexandre Desplat. Jacob vies for Bella outside the movie.
20-Break Up -Alexandre Desplat. Bella confronts Jacob at La Push. Jacob dumps her.
21-Memories of Edward – Alexandre Desplat. Bella going to meadow by
herself and finds Laurent.
22-Wolves vs. Vampire Alexandre Desplat. Laurent and wolf pack: Partytime!
23-Victoria -Alexandre Desplat. Bella’s fear of Victoria bubbling up while talking to Charlie.
24-Almost a Kiss – Alexandre Desplat. Jacob in Bella’s bedroom to make amends.
25-Done All Wrong – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Bella at Emily’s house.
26-Hearing Damage – Thom Yorke. Charlie & Harry hunting wolves, wolves chasing Victoria, and Bella getting ready to jump.
27-Adrenaline – Alexandre Desplat. Bella jumping off the cliff.
28-Slow Life (With Victoria Legrand) – Grizzly Bear. Bella drowning.
29-Dreamcatcher – Alexandre Desplat. Hugging Jacob in the car outside house and Bella and Jacob in her kitchen.
30-To Volterra – Alexandre Desplat. Alice and Bella going to Volterra, and Bella running through the town to the clock tower.
31-You’re Alive – Alexandre Desplat. Bella and Edward reunited under the clock tower.
32-The Volturi – Alexandre Desplat. Bella, Edward and Alice see the
Volturi and get their fight on.
33-Die Fledermaus – Duettino : Ach, Ich Darf Nicht Hin Zu Dir – APM Orchestra. (iTunes Bonus track) Elevator music on the way to visit the Volturi (”The Volturi” track continues to play after they get out of the elevator)
34-The Cullens – Alexandre Desplat. Bella asks for a vote from the Cullens to join the family.
35-No Sound But the Wind – Editors. Edward driving Bella home.
36-Marry Me, Bella – Alexandre Desplat. In the woods, talking to Jacob, Edward and Jacob’s fight, and negotiating on time for Bella to turn.
37-Full Moon – Alexandre Desplat. End Credits.
38-A White Demon Love Song – The Killers. End Credits.
39-Meet Me on the Equinox – Death Cab for Cutie. End Credits.


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