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Hey, I'm a massive Twilight Fan, and thanks to my friends being fed up with having to listern to my non-stop chattering about Twilight, i decided to create a blog for myself to just vent and document my twilight obsession!! I'm current studying journalism and have aspiration to become one, so why not write about something as awesome as the Twilight Saga!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Twilight Script vs. New Moon Script

Seriously, i thought the Twilight script was really bad. Characters saying things out of character is my most serious complaint, and other things were just plain cheesy and made me cringe.

Firstly, Angela. I know she only played a small role, but in the film when she said "Maybe they can adopt me," when Jessica was talking about Carlisle being a matchmaker slash Doctor. I thought that was out of character, because Angela didn't care about getting the Cullens to notice her, or any other superficial things. She was concerned about how Bella was feeling on her first day, how much homework she had to do and how much she loved her brother and sister. This is also emphasised in "Midnight Sun," where I'm told that Edward says something about her being so kind and lovely that he thought she was a very good friend for Bella. Plus, in the film, Angela wouldn't be discussing speedo padding on the swim team with Jessica, just no. Angela wouldn't be gossiping, she is very kind and very shy.

Next, Edward. Come on Catherine and Melissa. Why did you make Edward say half of the things he did? "You can google it." What?? Edward Cullen would never ever say that. Obviously he knows what Google is, but that isn't something that would come out of his mouth. Edward was supposed to speak like he was from a different time, and to emphasise that his intelligence and maturity level exceed all of the other students, Mike, Tyler and Eric mainly. However, it's not just that. Some lines just made me cringe like, "You better hold on tight spider-monkey." What was that? Seriously i cringed internally and felt so embarrassed watching that line. Poor Robert having to say that on camera. That was so bad!! Ugh, just thinking about it.

New Moon on the other hand is amazing. From the trailers, sneak peeks, and those two scenes from ComicCon. Basically everything has been taken from the book! It's a good thing that Chris Weitz is there, because i feel like Melissa was partly responsible for the Twilight script, as she wrote the screenplay. Although, allot of it was Catherine. Chris!! Man, i love you. Having full direct quotes from the books will make all of the fans very happy. The non Twilight fans won't care as they haven't read the books. So far, i haven't seen any cringe worthy lines in New Moon, like the numerous ones that were in Twilight. I cant say it enough, i really love Chris. Oh, and also we learned at ComicCon, that Chris has added in a Quileute line for Taylor to say. I love that because in the books (B&J friendship break-up scene) Bella noticed the Quileute wolf pack speaking a language she didn't understand. Chris has obviously been following the book very carefully.

Catherine claimed that the book is the bible, however she didn't use much material from it, like the serious absence of the meadow. I mean, come on!! That was the chapter which started the Twilight saga, and when they finished filming she realised she didn't have a meadow scene. So they had to go back and re shoot it on a golf course. Bad!! She seriously butchered that scene, it was awful in the movie. Chris Weitz also claims that the book is the bible, and he has evidently been sticking to it. I don't know whether it's Chris' degree in English Literature or just Catherine's really out there sense of humour. Whatever your doing Chris, i love you for it. New Moon script definitely trumps Twilight script. I can confidently say that even before the film has been released.


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