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Hey, I'm a massive Twilight Fan, and thanks to my friends being fed up with having to listern to my non-stop chattering about Twilight, i decided to create a blog for myself to just vent and document my twilight obsession!! I'm current studying journalism and have aspiration to become one, so why not write about something as awesome as the Twilight Saga!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

BooBoo Hair...

BooBoo Stewart has just tweeted a picture of his new haircut. Wow, its all gone. BooBoo plays Seth Clearwater, he is so0 perfect for the role!! Anyway, he had long beautiful silky hair, you could tell how healthy it was just by looking at it. He cut it to play Seth, so that means that BooBoo has filmed all of his scenes where Seth is pre-transformation. Now its cut short, he has transformed. Yay!! I'm so excited. I'm a little disappointed with Summit that Leah, Seth weren't in New Moon. Because i remember a really cute scene where Bella was over at Jacob's having spaghetti for Dinner. Jacob was talking to Bella all night, and Seth sat there hanging of his every word, and following him around like a little puppy. During that, Leah was sitting on Billy's phone the entire time, looking miserable and bitchy. That would have been so cool to seen portrayed on the scene. but oh well, at least they got the casting spot on. I mean seriously, have you seen BooBoo, he is seriously talented. He does the same type of martial arts that Taylor Lautner does, they even knew each other before. He dances, he acts, and he can sing. He even went on a tour with his singing. Oh and did i mention he can play the drums and guitar. Holy cow, that's one talented kid. He can do everything. Anyway, getting a bit side tracked. His after hair looks pretty good, and it kinda resembles Kiowa Gordon's hair cut. He is sooo cute and totally perfect for Seth. Love you BooBoo. Um, i gotta say it, i really don't like the name BooBoo. Obviously that isn't his really name, but everyone calls him that. I saw in an interview what his real name was, but i can't remember it. Can't wait to see you in Eclipse, cute!! And omg, have you seen his abs. He has like an 8 pack, and he is like 15!! Well, Taylor did have a 8 pack when he was 11. These martial art kids are crazy ripped!!


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