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Hey, I'm a massive Twilight Fan, and thanks to my friends being fed up with having to listern to my non-stop chattering about Twilight, i decided to create a blog for myself to just vent and document my twilight obsession!! I'm current studying journalism and have aspiration to become one, so why not write about something as awesome as the Twilight Saga!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Breaking Dawn Directors

Tons of Twilight fans have been begging to get Chris Weitz back to do Breaking Dawn. I can understand that because i totally love him, and so far what we have seen of the film. There are so many wonderful directors that can be given the chance to direct it ( or two if you count on Breaking Dawn being split in 2). Yay! So excited!!!

I seriously think that David Fincher would be amazing. He has worked with heavy CGI before on "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" which had a massive element of CGI. Has anyone seen that movie? The effects made Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett look various different ages from infants to 80+ years old. He has also used visual effects for "Star Wars Episode VI : Return of the Jedi" and "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom". Amazing graphics, plus i loved Benjamin Button. It has a strong element of CGI, which will be needed to create Renesmee. However, he still has the capability to have a romance plot on top, seeping raw emotion. Essentially, Twilight Saga is a romance, and he definitely has the skills to bring that to film successful. Another plus, he has worked with Kristen Stewart before, on "Panic Room," with Jodie Foster. This gives him links to the actors and hopefully he would be able to get the best acting possible out of Kristen because they know each other and will instantly be comfortable together.

Peter Jackson would be another capable director for Breaking Dawn. For one, he is familiar with fantasy novel's being transformed into films, hence his work with the Lord of the Rings. I loved those movies. The adaptation was done quite faithfully to the books, which is something that the Twilight fans will appreciate. Two, the LOTR is very big on CGI,the graphics were impressive. That exactly something we need in a director for Renesmee, because she is supposed to have facial expressions and look real when she was just born. That will be difficult to achieve, however Peter Jackson will absolutely be able to handle Renesmee. Plus, Peter Jackson invited Chris Weitz onto the set of "King Kong" to show him how to direct a blockbuster fantasy movie set, preparing Chris for "The Golden Compass," which i thought was really nice of him. Considering those two are friends, that might sway Peter to possibly come on for Breaking Dawn. He will obviously know the scope of the saga, and that he will get a huge audience to see it. Something which he is familiar with because he is such an amazing director.

Ron Howard is another director which could possibly be a good director for Breaking Dawn. Firstly his daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard, plays Victoria in Eclipse in which she replaced Rachelle Laferve. Ron Howard is a world-renowned director and he is brilliant at what he does. Ron Howard also has links to Michael Sheen. They worked together in the award winning film "Frost/Nixon." Michael Sheen's character Aro, is present in Breaking Dawn. However, I'm not so sure about his familiarity with CGI. I know that Ron Howard did produce "Curious George 2 : Follow that Monkey" but that is more of a cartoon than CGI. Although it could help. Also, he directed "Splash" in which Darly Hannah transformed into a mermaid and he did direct "How the Grinch stole Christmas" which was really out their with the Grinch on effects. Those movie's weren't heavy on graphics however it would contribute toward being capable to create Breaking Dawn. I do know that he is a gifted director with his daughter and a friend in the cast. That could give him some incentive to direct Breaking Dawn.

Roland Emmerich would be seriously cool to possibly direct breaking Dawn. He is an experienced director and knows how to direct big budgeted films. He is very familiar with impressive CGI, which has been shown in his films, "Independence Day," when the White House was blown up. That looks very realistic and seriously awesome. Also, "Godzilla,""The Day After Tomorrow," " 10 000 BC" and "2012" are all heavy on CGI and very futuristic and fantasy concepts. Man, he would be seriously cool director, because i remember watching "Godzilla" in my multi-media classes at school. Not that I'd admit it at the time, but it honestly freaked me out a little bit. Summit, i really hope you consider Roland because he would be perfect choice to bring Breaking Dawn to life. He has the skills, knowledge and experience to pull it off successfully.

Ridely Scott, i think the name just say it. One of my absolutely all time favourite directors. He would be a great director for Breaking Dawn. He has been around the industry for ages, and knows lots of people in high places. Especially Russel Crowe. Ridley Scott does very big budgeted epic films such as "Gladiator," Hannibal," "Alien," "Blade Runner," and "American Gangster." Scott's films have been familiar with CGI and dominant computer graphics. I remember studying "Blade Runner," in my year 11 Literature class. The graphics were really good considering it was produced in 82'. He would be an amazing director, plus he uses Hans Zimmer allot for scores. Hans Zimmer has conducted scores such as "Twister," "The Power of One," "The Lion King," "Gladiator," "Mission Impossible: II," "Hannibal," "Pearl Harbor," "The Ring," "The Da Vinci Code," "Pirates: Dead Man's Chest and At Words End", "The Dark Knight," and other amazing movies. If Ridley Scott directed Breaking Dawn and have Hans Zimmer composes the score, i will be seriously ecstatic

My last pick would have to be Michael Bay. He is a big director at the moment having recently directed "Transformers," and "Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen." I have to say, i loved both of them. Obviously, CGI was used heavily in those films, so he would be able to do Breaking Dawn with Bella pregnancy and Renesmee and all of those effects. Not forgetting Bella's shield and all the other vampires gifts, like Benjamin's. Michael Bay mixes drama and CGI in his movies, both of which Breaking Dawn is packed with. He is a popular director, having also directed, "Pearl Harbor," Awwww, i love that film. I just love him, i don't know what else to say. Perfectly content with him to direct Breaking Dawn. Oh, and he is going to direct "Transformers 3." It doesn't have a name yet, but I'm so excited to see it.

If David Fincher, Peter Jackson, Ron Howard, Roland Emmerich, Ridley Scott, or Michael Bay got cast as the director, I'd be over the moon. Of course, Chris Weitz is included in that because i love him. However, i don't know if Summit will be able to get such big named, talented directors. Because Summit is an independent studio, and tons of studios are waiting in lines for them to direct their movies. Since Breaking Dawn, i assuming by the way the cast are talking, is going to be directed fairly soon. It may be hard to get a good director on such short notice. I hope that isn't the case, because the movie would suffer if they just got a mediocre director to do it, because they were the only one available at that time.That would be sad, but despite that, I'm really excited for it!! Squee!!!


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