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Hey, I'm a massive Twilight Fan, and thanks to my friends being fed up with having to listern to my non-stop chattering about Twilight, i decided to create a blog for myself to just vent and document my twilight obsession!! I'm current studying journalism and have aspiration to become one, so why not write about something as awesome as the Twilight Saga!!

Friday, February 12, 2010


Deadline Hollywood is reporting that they have several sources informing them that Breaking Dawn is going to be two films, and are filming back-to-back that is going to begin filming in mid October. They also say that Summit is looing at "high end" directors for the two part film and that Melissa Rosenberg, who adapted Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse, is going to be doing to do both screenplays for Breaking Dawn 1 and Breaking Dawn 2.

I'm SO excited for this, because it's some confirmation that Breaking Dawn is going to be two films! YES!! That's exactly what I wanted; Breaking Dawn is a huge book and I honestly believe that if they tried to make it one film, that it would seem extremely rushed and not have the natural progression that the book had. Plus, more Taylor, Rob, Kristen, Peter, Kellan, Nikki, Ashley and the entire cast, is perfectly fine by me. Although, I will be a little disappointed if Summit are just intentionally dragging it out unnecessarily. I suppose that it's smart of Summit to do that because they are going to make a much larger profit if they have two films instead of one. I'm sure Summit were looking at Harry Potter and thought that was a great idea to split the Half Blood Prince and thought that they could do that for Breaking Dawn, due to Twilights popularity and the fact that it's almost over. Stephenie only wrote 4 books, and Summit will make a bigger profit off of 5 films than 4 films. Also, filming back-to-back is going to save money on the actors, locations, crew etc

A production period of mid October wouldn’t surprise me. The cast are being offered scripts like crazy (particularly Rob, Kristen and Taylor) and they all have tons of films lined up to film, so having all of the actors available to film these is going to be difficult. It's way to soon to shoot in March, April, May because Robert's filming Bel Ami, I'm sure that Taylor is going to be filming one of his projects, possibly Northern Lights and Kristen will probably be filming K-11 along with Nikki Reed. I'm pretty sure that Summit just wants to film it as soon and fast as they possibly can so that they can so that they can avoid some of the cast getting any more roles which would make them unable to film Breaking Dawn. Also, the sooner they film it, the longer they can spend in post-production before I suspect the first Breaking Dawn to be released in late 2011 and part 2 in late 2012. Plus, Breaking Dawn in heavy on CGI, which will give them more time to perfect it.

Summit looking for a "high end" director doesn’t surprise me. Considering they are scoring composers like Alexandre Desplat and Howard Shore, these amazing Oscar winning composers, Summit is going to want a very talented director to try and make Breaking Dawn as good as it can possibly be. I'm sure that Summit will factor in the heavy amount of CGI that has to be used, and skills that are required to pull that off. I mean, Summit seems to be getting better. Seriously, just look at Catherine Hardwicke's CGI and the Chris Weitz's CGI. They are worlds apart!!! So, I don't think Summit want to go backwards and upset the fans, so they are pulling out the big cards, because they know no matter what, fans are going to see it and if they like it, they will probably see it more than once in the cinema, therefore increasing their profit. It totally makes sense. Also, just as an after thought, a famous director may also attract other people to see the film other than the fans of the book.

I'm just waiting and waiting for Summit to actually release some information about Breaking Dawn. Although, Summit hasn’t said anything yet, I think that this information would be pretty accurate. Breaking Dawn has been talked about at Summit since New Moon and Eclipse were green lit. All of the fans were too, because New Moon and Eclipse were green lit, but nobody said anything about Breaking Dawn. It's been a long time since then, so it's only a matter of time before Summit release a statement informing everyone about Breaking Dawn. All of the actor probably know information but are not allowed to release anything to the press, obviously because BooBoo Stewart accidentally slipped back last year saying he was optioned for three films; Eclipse, Breaking Dawn 1 and Breaking Dawn 2! Anyway, I’m so excited!!! Go Breaking Dawn


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