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Hey, I'm a massive Twilight Fan, and thanks to my friends being fed up with having to listern to my non-stop chattering about Twilight, i decided to create a blog for myself to just vent and document my twilight obsession!! I'm current studying journalism and have aspiration to become one, so why not write about something as awesome as the Twilight Saga!!

Friday, April 16, 2010


FINALLY! I got my New Moon DVD! It's SO awesome! I have only JUST opened it! I have the two disc special edition from K-mart, although I'm not sure if America has K-mart! It's just like a Target type store! Well, anyway, it’s SO awesome!! When I opened it, it even comes with three postcards; one of Bella, one of Edward and one of Jacob obviously. Me = ecstatic times 1 million!!!!!

I just inserted the 2nd disc, because I’m dying to see all of the special features, and even the quality of the menu is so much better than the Twilight one!! It has Alexandre Desplat's "The Meadow" playing, and the camera is zooming a lot of characters hidden in the woods! Then it shifts to Voltera and the Volturi!! It's so AMAZING!!! I’ll keep trying as I’m watching the DVD, so that I can remember what my first reactions were :)

Now I’m watching the extended scenes!! First up is a scene called school corridor which is just Edward and Bella walking at school discussing Bella's birthday present, and Jacob's little crush on Bella. Its cool, but I can totally see why it was cut. The next is a scene called English class which is obviously during English. Bella and Edward are talking at the back of the classroom, discussing birthdays and Romeo's mistakes in Shakespeare’s play. I can totally see why it was cut too, but I’m so glad that Chris Weitz kept in that the Cullen’s are excited and that the last birthday party they had was Emmetts'! That was totally from the book...however, Robert Pattinson mumbles SO much, its hard to understand what he is saying sometimes.

The start of the cinema lobby is cute between Bella and Jacob, and there is a lot from the book. I wish that wasn’t cut because that was exactly how it played out in the book, and it would have been nice to see that on the screen. Although, I do understand that the film would have been too long with lots of those in it. The next extended scene is just Bella and Laurent in the meadow. It's just longer. It's cool to see, and most of it just explains what the fans already know, so it's kind of useless having it in. But I love Edi Gathegi, so it's cool to see more of him, before he dies.

My favourite scene is the scene where Jake breaks into Bella room, but the extended version of it SO much BETTER!! Swooning because of Jacob!! Wow, Taylor is such an emotive actor! His face and his eyes say so much than words can’t convey. Just wow!! There's a longer part of Embry, and Jared joking around outside Emily's. It's nice to see more of the Quileutes because you hardly see any of them, but I can see why Chris Weitz cut it out.

I'm LOVING the longer scene where Jake drives Bella home! It's SO packed with everything from the book...discussing Harry's death, Jacob telling Bella he will always be there for her ( The sun line = dies with Awwww), and Bella looking like she is leading him on even though she doesn’t mean to. Did you see how close Bella's face was to Jacob!! That bitch is breaking his heart...god Bella makes me SO angry sometimes. Cutest scene. The next is Alice in the car with Bella, but it's the shortest scene I’m not even going to mention it, and the one after is Edward asking the Volturi to kill him. It's only a tiny scene, as most of the footage is used as flashback footage.
Wow, I totally LOVE the scene where Carlisle stitches up Bella!!!!! I love it SO much!! Everything is directly from the book!! Plus, Peter Facinelli is a great actor, and he pulled of Carlisle’s calmness, serenity perfectly! The majority of those lines where from the book, and Chris Weitz, thank you, I really appreciate it. That scene rocked!! AWWWW, the scrap metal scene is SO cute!!! It's adorable!!! Scenes like that make me fall in love with Jake ALL over again!! They are SO meant for each other.

The last extended scene is Jacob talking to Edward and Bella at the end of New Moon. It's a really short scene again, but I can see why they cut it. It's just a little bit of footage of Jacob jumping through the bushes and saying "I see you're still alive" to Edward. I can see why it was cut, not a very important piece of film. I LOVED pretty much all of the extended scenes but my favourites are Carlisle stitching up Bella, Jake in Bella's room, and Jake driving Bella home. My total favs!!!

Now the best of all, the deleted scenes!!!! The Birthday Cake one was the SHORTEST thing ever!!! It didn’t even feel like anything new really. The scene driving home from the party I caved and watched on YouTube. It's just the same as the book, but I can see how it was cut. You can follow the story without it, but it's just a nice little extra for the fans to enjoy. Charlie putting Bella to bed after she was found was cute of Charlie, but kinda irrelevant to the story, so I can see why it was cut too. Bob's bikes scene just shows the origin of the bikes and Charlie's dislike of dangerous motorcycles. Its cute and all, but it doesn’t really add anything to the story. I can see why all of these deleted scenes, were deleted. It would have just slowed down the plot.

The scene where Bella has a weird nightmare, it’s a strange dream that doesn’t even make sense, which is perfect because in the book, they were weird too. It's so adorable Charlie chatting to Bella! He is such a good guy! I LOVE Charlie!! It's SO cute when he says "I love you" to Bella, because you can tell it’s hard to say, but he truly means it. Awww. I think the scene of Mike being left at the movies were more bloopers than a scene but it was pretty funny regardless. And once again, Charlie stealing the scene telling Bella that he is there for her if she needs to talk. So adorable, and it shows how much Charlie cares.

LOL, the scene with Victoria in the car made me lol. It's so funny how she just stole this person’s care, and his driving down the road with these humans, reminiscing about her and James. I thought that was quite humorous! Awww, Rachelle is SO great!! It's really, really, really, really sad that she isn’t going to be in Eclipse. But, at least Summit included her on the DVD. It would be horrible if they totally cut her out. :( Aww, Rachelle is SO good. I'm going to see all of her movies now!!

The other features were cool too, like the Team Jacob vs. Team Edward, 6 part Documentary, Interview with Volturi and the Eclipse sneak peek was really cool. I didn’t really have any interest at all in watching the music video's at all because I’d already seen them on YouTube when they were released, so I wasn’t that excited for them. I could have done without them, if Summit put more of deleted scenes on that would be totally awesome.

Anyway, the commentary by Chris Weitz and Peter Lambert was cool. Although, I would prefer Chris Weitz, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner to be doing the commentary, that wasn’t possible. So, I suppose Peter Lambert was a good substitute. The New Moon DVD rocked, apart from one minor detail!!! On my DVD, if you look at the features on the back of the cover, they spelt Peter Lambert's name wrong!! SERIOUSLY SUMMIT!!!!! How can you not KNOW that!!!!! How disrespectful to Peter!! So what if he’s just the editor, he is VERY important!! It's irrelevant how big or small you are, you deserve to have your name spelt correctly for the work you have done!! But other than that, I'm SO HAPPY!!


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