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Hey, I'm a massive Twilight Fan, and thanks to my friends being fed up with having to listern to my non-stop chattering about Twilight, i decided to create a blog for myself to just vent and document my twilight obsession!! I'm current studying journalism and have aspiration to become one, so why not write about something as awesome as the Twilight Saga!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Eclipse Calendar

YES!! An Eclipse calendar has been released! That is awesome because there are picture of all of he characters! :) I'll start of with January and go through the months!

January: Jacob is dressed in his green sleeveless shirt. I'm disappointed because even though that colour looks gorgeous on him, I would prefer to see his abs. Anyway, Jacob's looking pretty angry and he has this intense stare, which is really cool. I must say that the make-up is so much better. You would think that Taylor looks that hot all of the time and that he just isn’t wearing make-up at all! Seriously hot, Taylor. I love that Jacob is wearing the same shirt as New Moon, because it shows that the wolves aren’t rich, and they don't have an unlimited amount of clothing so they have to wear the same things all of the time. Essentially it shows their socio-economic status through their clothing. It is expressed in the books a few times that Jacob can’t afford to buy any more clothes and shoes if he destroys the ones he has. I think it’s Embry jokes when Jake has only one shoe left that he can hop. That’s awesome that they are keeping that in the film. Subtle, but the fans will notice.

February: Jane is seriously one of the best characters in the series. Well, that’s not true because I love them all for different reasons, but she is so cool. Dakota Fanning does an amazing job as Jane, despite the fact that I pictured Jane looking like Dakota with WAY different hair. But, other than that, she is exactly what I imagined. Jane's hair is a little bit different from New Moon, and the black circles under her eyes are more prominent, but other than that, she looks the same. Oh, I also love that David Slade used black cloaks for the Volturi because they didn’t have them in New Moon. Also the darker blacks are utilised more important Volturi like Caius, Marcus, Aro, Jane and Alec, and lighter blacks and grey for the not as important characters like Felix and Demetri. The black represents their significances, and their dominance within the Volturi hierarchy. Sweet.

March: Sam is not wearing his shirt. Thank you. Even though Chaske isn't as buff and Taylor or Alex, it's still nice to see him wearing nothing, because the wolves seldom wore clothing. Ever! So, having him only wear jean shorts is very true to the book, which I really appreciate. Sam is bending down at a weird angle, and I suppose that it’s supposed to make him look more threatening, dominant and just physically larger, because Sam is this huge, intimidating guy who is the Alpha of the pack. Sam's in charge, so having him above everyone else looking down, represents his status within the pack. I love that because Bella often notes that Sam was huge, and she was scared of him, and couldn’t help thinking of him as this bad guy, even though she knew that he wasn’t.

April: Bella is looking much more mature than she did in Twilight and New Moon. Perhaps it's intentional to really emphasise that Bella is human, and that she is aging while Edward and the Cullen’s aren't. That's really awesome, because Bella is paranoid about being 18 when Edward will never be, so to have her physically look older is just showing a natural progression in the books, and a physical representation and embodiment of Bella's worst fear. I love the darker clothing that Bella is being dressed in, because it links into her being older and more mature but also with the darker themes which are explored through-out Eclipse. This film is going to be so frigging awesome. Although, I’m sure Bella's clothes aren’t going to be dark the entire way through, but it's nice to see it on a poster, so the audience who haven’t read the books, get the idea of what the film is going to be like.

May: Victoria is being portrayed by Bryce Dallas Howard. I'm still not happy about Rachelle being replaced because she was so friendly, bubbly, and nice and just loved the saga so much. I get the feeling that Bryce Dallas Howard only took the role in Eclipse because of its popularity. She was offered Victoria in Twilight and she turned it down because it was too small. I'm sorry, but I just can't get over that because it's clear she is only in it for the publicity, and not the story, like Rachelle was. But anyway, I do not really like the wig very much, because it just looks so fake. Although, I do like that David Slade got the right colour, unlike Catherine Hardwicke. I like that she is looking down and glaring forward, because it shows her power, her dominance and her ambition for vengeance, which is cool because it's just an integral part of Eclipse

June: As the saga goes on, Edward's hair appears to get less and less golden, which is disappointing because Edward's golden hair always accentuated his golden eyes. That was part of his look which made him special and differentiated him from everyone else. Now, Edward hair looks basically the same as Roberts, which I’m not liking at all. Other than that, I don't have any criticism. Edward is being dressed better than Twilight and New Moon. Now he has sharp v-neck t-shirts, and smart jackets, rather than the awful clothing used for Twilight. New Moon he basically wore a suit the entire film, because he dressed up for Bella's birthday, and he was just a memory the entire way through, so he wore the same clothes. So, I’m liking the new fashion that Edward has been given.

July: I've also noticed, along with Edward loosing his golden hair, so did Esme. Her hair is a lot darker, and colour could pass for a brown, rather than the caramel gold that it’s supposed to be. Apart from Esme's hair colour, I think her hair looks much nicer than New Moon. Now, Esme has curls, like she has in the book. Yay! Her hair style looks much nicer and closer to the book than her hair in Twilight and New Moon. I think her fashion sense has improved from what I have seen. I just think back to that hideous dress from the vote scene in New Moon and think that anything would be better than that. Fortunately, it is. Man, in this picture though, Esme looks mad! LOL, considering her gift is being able to love passionately; it sure doesn't looks like it here. Unless someone just attacked her family, like the Newborns maybe? :)

August: The beautiful Alice is looking gorgeous as normal. But then again, what do you expect when you see Ashley Greene. I'm loving Alice's hair here, it’s actually black, unlike that disgusting brown colour it was in Twilight. It's not as spiky, but I don't mind because at least it's black. She is still wearing her Cullen crest necklace, which is awesome because it's so dainty, elegant and small, just like Alice. Alice's clothing looks pretty similar to what she was wearing in Twilight and New Moon. It's just preppy clothing, for her petite frame. This is totally fine because that is usually small petite girls wear. Yes, and Alice is finally wearing some jewellery, excluding her Cullen crest. Alice is wearing some beaded necklaces, which I think is awesome because Alice is supposed to be a girly girl, and this is the first time we have her wear girly jewellery that teenage girls would wear. Perfect!

September: Carlisle is looking super fine as always. I know I’m probably saying that everyone is good looking, and that's because the Twilight cast are all super attractive. Every single one of them. The wig that they put on Peter isn’t a good as the one in New Moon. The New Moon wig was more blonde, and it looked at a lot more natural than this one. The Eclipse wig looks darker, and not as blonde. Almost like Carlisle dyed his hair dark, and tried to dye it back blonde without bleach. I like his clothing, from what we can see. I loved Peters’ idea that Carlisle always wears scarfs because his neck is sensitive because that is where he was bitten. Plus, the vest, scarfs, shirts and pants make it look like he grew up in a different century, which he did. I loved that they try to make it evident Carlisle's age with his hair, clothes, posture, speech etc despite his physical youth.

October: Rosalie looks a lot more like she is supposed to in the books, than she has in Twilight or New Moon. She looks like she is on the cover of a magazine, with her hair being blown back like that. She isn’t wearing her Cullen crest, which I’m a little sad about, because I think it’s beautiful. Although, she does looks a lot skinner, and has a longer, leaner neck without her necklace on. I think that Nikki Reed must have lost some weight during Eclipse, either from dieting or the intense workout's the cast was doing in order to prepare for the fight scene at the end of the film. Either way, she looks much more like a model. Not a gross, seriously underweight one, but a flawlessly perfect figure, which Rosalie is supposed to have. Which is good for Nikki, because awful fans were calling her too fat and not pretty enough for Rosalie. Well, I think Nikki to gorgeous and fit Rosalie perfectly. Anyway, Rosalie's hair isn’t as blonde, or as perfectly curly as it's supposed to be, but it could be because Rosalie has been fighting, or running. Although, maybe they wanted to make Rosalie's hair more natural, rather than the stiff curls she had in New Moon.

November: Aww, Jackson Rathbone, where do I start. Ok, let’s begin with the obvious. Who the hell chose his wig??? Seriously, I want to know! They should be hunted down and fired! That is the most disgusting wig ever! I was complaining about the New Moon wig, but that wig is good compared to this one. Jasper is supposed to be gorgeous, that's why he was grouped with Rosalie posing as her twin, because Rosalie is the most beautiful of the beautiful and Jasper was up there with her too. So, I don't know whose idea this was, but his wig his shockingly bad! I can't get over it. Bella's wig wasn't the greatest, but Jackson's wig takes the cake! Poor Jackson being made to wear this wig. I really hope it grows on me, but I’m pretty sure it won't. Whoever directs Breaking Dawn has to get a better wig than this. Seriously, you couldn’t get any worse. Sorry, Jackson I love you, but that wig is hideous.

December: Aww, Emmett. This picture looks like a super hero shot where they're standing on the side of a building, with his arms crossed looking up at the sky very proudly. I don't know why, but this shot of Emmett just remind me of that. Emmett is just wearing a shirt, which is a lot better than what he was wearing in New Moon. I just think back at the disgusting shirt that he was wearing in the vote scene in New Moon, and this plain t-shirt is a hell of a lot better. Of course, it's black with everything else to fit in with the tone of Eclipse. I just can't wait to see Emmett having the time of his life fighting all of those Newborns because he was so excited and up for destroying them, despite Rosalie's reluctance.

These pictures are seriously cool. I notice in all of them the obvious black and grey that all of the characters are dressed in apart from Jacob, who is in green, and Sam who isn't wearing anything. Also, they are all so serious. I think that this is supposed to portray that Eclipse is going to be a serious, dark, dramatic film, which it totally is. I'm so excited! As, I’ve said a million times, Eclipse is my favourite book out of the four, so I have high expectations for it. I hope you can deliver David Slade.


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