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Hey, I'm a massive Twilight Fan, and thanks to my friends being fed up with having to listern to my non-stop chattering about Twilight, i decided to create a blog for myself to just vent and document my twilight obsession!! I'm current studying journalism and have aspiration to become one, so why not write about something as awesome as the Twilight Saga!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Eclipse scenes that are a must!!!

Twilighters, bring on "The Twilight Saga : Eclipse"!!! Production and principal photography basically starts in approximately 42 hours!! I know, I'm seriously excited!!

Majority of the cast have been in Vancouver for about a week and a half preparing for shooting. The cast have been training hardcore for the "intense fight scene", Ashley Greene has dubbed it, at the end of Eclipse. They have had personal trainers and Choreographers training them all week, trying to get them to learn and perfect the routine before they start shooting, and just getting their fitness levels elevated so they don't get tired doing it a million times.Peter Facinelli has been twittering about the training, its been quite funny.

Anyway, that fight scene is going to have some high expectations, I'm dying to see some action; werewolves and vampires fighting against furious, blood-thirsty new-born's!! Awesome!! Plus, as i mentioned before Eclipse is my favourite book, just because of the plot, and there are so many good quotes and scenes. I can wait to see how it is portrayed on the screen.

Some of my favourite scenes that i cant wait to see in the film are:

The scene where Jacob kisses Bella, then she punches him in the face and breaks her hand!! That is going to be hilarious!! Jake's all happy and bubbly because he got to kiss Bella, while she is totally the opposite. Shes' pissed off because Jacob kisses her when she didn't want him to and she broke her hand trying to get pay-back!! Funny!

And definitely when Jacob rocks up to Bella's school, and him and Edward have a total show-down. Lol, and everyone is taking bets, Edward vs. that big Quileute guy!! Awesome, and Jacob has to look all dangerous, leaning against this black bike with grease smeared ripped jeans and a tight black top! Hot as!! Edwards always hot, so it doesn't need to be mentioned :).

The fight scene!!! We didn't see any of it but a few little bits of information though Edward, but actually seeing the newborns fighting with the Cullens and the Wolves. It would be awesome to see Leah trying to take of that vampire alone to prove she's just as tough as the boys, and Jacob gets hurt saving her!! That would look so cool, but man, those CGI wolves will be so much more awesome in Eclipse. I don't want to judge yet, as i haven't even seen New Moon, but its going to look cool.

The tent scene, is one of my favourites in the whole saga!! I cant wait to see this!! It's also the scene that Taylor is most looking forward to doing!! lol Jacob in a sleeping bag with Bella, while Edward watches enviously from the corner lol. Awesome. I thought it was really funny when like Jacob is fantasising about Bella with Edward there reading this thoughts!! Awkward lol. It's going to be an awesome scene. So excited. Plus, it has the best dialogue from Jake and Edward.

When Bella is kidnapped by Alice, while Edward is away hunting. Bella gets seriously pissed of when she is held prisoner!! "Angry grizzly bears are going to look tame" compared to Bella when Edward gets home, she yells down the phone to Edwards voicemail. Cool as! Plus Alice playing Barbie with Bella, painiting her toes, watching chick-flicks etc, when all she wants to do is go home!! and Bella's face when Alice takes her to Edwards room, and there is this massive bed that he bought for her!! Lol, it makes her so mad!!

The whole chapter of "Compromise". That consists of Bella having a whole night alone with Edward, her trying to convince him to have sex with her, their negotiations about the time she will be turned and when they will actually have sex, and the proposal!! OMG!! all of that stuff better be in the film!! Awww, i totally love that chapter!! One of the best.

Jacob coming to Bella's school and sneaking her away from Alice. LOL, and Jake takes her to the reservation, on Quileute lands where Alice cant come and get her back. Also, Alice cant see what the wolves are going to do, so she couldn't see Jacob coming. It's gonna be funny to see Alice's face as she watches Bella speed away on the back of Jake's bike. ha ha.

The flashback scenes which show up Rosalie's and Jasper's background! I'm so excited to see Rosalie before she was all bitter and cynical, and was young,happy and in love. Human Rosalie is should be very different from the Rosalie that everyone loves to hate. And Jasper, Wow!! That is going to be cool. In his war uniform, and the new-born wars with Maria and all of the other vampires, that's going to be so exciting. I wonder what David Slade is going to do about Jasper's scars!! Hmmmm.

Or when Bella says goodbye to Jacob, while he is totally stuck in bed due to the new-born vampire attack!! That is going to make me cry so much, because i really can sympathise with Jake, and i feel really sorry for him. Yeah, he can be a jerk sometimes, but i always forgive him. I wonder how Kristen is going to portray that?? Hmmm, she better have some more emotion on her face than she did in Twilight!! Taylor's going to rip my heart out! Cant wait to see it. It's going to be such an emotional scene for team jacobers!! Soz, I'm Switz!!

It's gonna be awesome when Alice gets totally upset because she saw Bella sneaking away to Vegas to get married without inviting her! And she totally guilt trips Bella into letter her plan her wedding. I reckon its funny that Alice already had a dress made and she was yelling at Edward to stay out of her head while she shows Bella the dress! Awww... that is so cute!!

There are tons more that i love like Jacob explaining Quill's and Sam's imprinting, Bella graduation and her grad party where Jake, Quil and Embry crash. He he and lots more. It's the best book and i hope is translates into an amazing movie.

PS. That date of the Eclipse poster is totally wrong. Eclipse is released in cinemas on the 30th June 2010!!!


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