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Hey, I'm a massive Twilight Fan, and thanks to my friends being fed up with having to listern to my non-stop chattering about Twilight, i decided to create a blog for myself to just vent and document my twilight obsession!! I'm current studying journalism and have aspiration to become one, so why not write about something as awesome as the Twilight Saga!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Volturi pictures!!! About time Summit

FINALLY!! Omfg, I'm so excited right now. Thank god for my math test tomorrow. I was in bed, but decided to get up and go a matrices activity online. No biggie, however when i just randomly decided to open while i was up, just to see if there have been any fan encounters or anything.

The first thing i see is a title that says "New Moon Movie Stills: Meet the Volturi!" OMG!! I went crazy. People Magazine have a exclusives look at the Volturi, there are three pictures. One of Jane opening the doors to the Volturi lair followed by Edward, Bella, Alice, Demetri and Felix, though they are kinda hard to see; as they are hidden behind the other characters. Second, is a shot of Demetri, with his hands around Alice's neck. Lastly, there is a shot or Aro, Caius sitting on their throne with Alec standing on the right of them.

I love these pictures soo much, but firstly Jane. Wow, she looks really creepy. Her most prominent feature is her blood red eyes. Also, she is dressed totally is black, and in addition to her pale blood-less skin; it makes them more obvious. She looks great!! I would seriously run the other direction if i was Bella. In this shot, she is leading Felix, Demetri, Alice, Bella and Edward into the Volturi lair. She looks very powerful, and dominate in this shot. Her face is expressionless, although it sort of looks like she is glaring. Dakota Fanning looks amazing, however i did imagine Jane's hair to be down not pulled back. Other than that difference, she is exactly what i imagined her to be; Small, dangerous, creepy, and powerful.

The still of Demetri and Alice is awesome!! Demetri looks very serious and intense, and Alice looks a little scared and is trying to stay calm. I wonder what's happening here. My best guess would be when Jane is hurting Edward, Alice tries to interfere and Demetri is restraining her. That's why she is scared; scared that Edward is being tortured by Jane and she is worried that is very painful for him. That's the only thing i can think off, hmmmm. But it could be something to do with Bella, because Alice loves her to death. Maybe someone said something about how tasty she would be and Alice is shocked. But i still think it would be Edward being hurt by Jane. I love how Demetri looks here; very sexy.I love their clothes, Bella comments on how that some of the guard were wearing just normal clothes, that can transcends generations. Those clothes are probably from another century, or they stole them off their victims; that would be really cool. Only one criticism, are Demetri's lips a little too pink?? hmmm, maybe its only me.

The last picture of Aro, Cauis and Alec is amazing. Chris Weitz, i officially love you. I'll start off with Aro, wow. Michale Sheen is so perfect for this role. He looks almost exactly what i thought Aro was going to look like. His hair is PERFECT!!! We cant see it in this shot, but i hope it goes half way down his back like it did in the book. His clothing is different from the book; in the book, all of the Volturi were wearing long black cloaks. I'm sorta glad they changed it, because it would be more cliche if they were wearing cloaks. Aro is dressed in head to toe black, simple. It also plays up how pale his skin in, and how dark is hair is too. Up close, i think his eyes are going to be petrifying, just like Jane's.

Just gotta say it, love the thrones. They look very nostalgic and important, they have the feeling of power. They sort of resemble a King and Queen's thrones. It makes them look very powerful, and royal. That's exactly how Edward describes them.I noticed that Aro throne is a bit bigger than Caius'; because Aro is the head of the three, and he sits in the middle of Marcus and Caius. Love it. Cauis looks wicked. Man, Jamie Campbell Bower is a great Caius. He is wearing head-to-toe black, with a red scarf; maybe he stole it from one of his victim's that was wearing it for St. Marcus Day. Awesome. I love that they made his hair looks very blond, like peroxide blond. He is sitting down, and he looks really pissed off. Yes!! I'm glad that they kept him like that!

Lastly Alec, he is standing next to Caius, dressed in head-to-toe black as well. He looks good, his clothing resembles Jane slightly, well, they are twins. However, his hair is brown. I'm confused, they were supposed to be twins, basically the same in everything. I know not all twins are supposed to be identical, but Jane and Alec were. Bella could only tell them apart because of their lips, eye shape and i think that's it. Oh well, some thing in movies need to change. I'm not bothered by it, i just thought it would be cool if they looked more similar.

Oh, and some comments on New Moon, are saying that in the books ,the Voturi were supposed to be hungry when Bella was brought there. That, and the fact that when Bella was leaving, those bunch of tourists were being taken to the Volturi lair for a feast. But i understand why they did it. One, it was to make them looks more evil!! Because seriously, those red eyes freak me out. Two, it was to create a contrast between the Cullens and the Voturi; meaning, Good vs. Evil. It's very obvious the distinction between the two different types of Vampires. Just for a visual perspective, it looks better if their eyes are red, rather than black.Then it would just look like, Edwards eyes the first time he saw Bella in the cafeteria. Overall, i love the pictures!! Chris Weitz, i cant say it enough, i love you!! And Summit; ITS ABOUT TIME!!! Everyone has been waiting for these pictures for EVER!!! Thanks.


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