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Hey, I'm a massive Twilight Fan, and thanks to my friends being fed up with having to listern to my non-stop chattering about Twilight, i decided to create a blog for myself to just vent and document my twilight obsession!! I'm current studying journalism and have aspiration to become one, so why not write about something as awesome as the Twilight Saga!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Teen Choice Awards!!

Did everyone see the Twilight cast at the Teen Choice Award?? OMG!! They all looked amazing! Overall, Twilight was nominated for 12 awards, and they won 11!! It reminds me of the MTV Movie awards this year, Twilight owned that as well!

I must say that everyone looked amazing!! Robert was sporting a burgundy and blue plaid shirt with a dark navy blue jacket, and baggy grey denim jeans. He had his trademark messy hair everywhere, however it looks allot better than it used to; more styled messy than unwashed bedhead messy.

Kellan was wearing a smart pale blue button-down shirt, a sleeveless black v-neck sweater with dark navy blue jeans. He looked fab, and also complementing his look, he has his dark hair, which he dyed to portray Emmett. Oh, and i must say that his pale blue button-down shirt accentuated the beautiful blue of his eyes, they totally match. Hot as!!

Jackson was styled in a plain white button-down shirt, a grey vertical striped vest, dark denim jeans with Johnny Depp-eske black rimmed glasses! He looks amazing!! I totally love his sexy geek look that he has been seen with for the last 3 or 4 weeks!! I'm really loving it. Along with his Texan accent, he just makes my heart melt. Not to mention he is a total sweetheart.

Kristen was wearing her "rock-chick" attire again!! I must say, it suits her personality; sort of give-the-world-the-finger attitude she has. She had on a white tank-top, over that she was wearing a very low cut black sleeveless tank, along with a mini skirt that was made of out thousands of metallic spikes, almost dager like spheres. On her feet, she was actually wearing black heels that was secured to her ankle with a wide strap of black material. Her hair was pulled back quite well considering her mullet cut that she got to portray rock legend Joan Jett. Her accessories consisted of numerous black brackets that she is always seen with. She looked dressed up, but not so much that she didn't look like she put her own style in it. This outfit was very Kristen.

Catherine was styling a simple spaghetti-strap black dress that's just knee length, with black toe-less shoes with a slight heel! I have to say, she looked great! Allot better than what she wore to the MTV Movie Awards. That yellow and black outfit! That wasn't the greatest. But she looks fab here. Although, she could do something with her hair rather than just letting it hang down, like it always is.

Now Ashley, she never disappoints. She is always so styling, all the time. Even when it's just candid pictures of her going to the grocery store. She was wearing a vintage outfit from Dolce and Gabbana, that was totally adorable. It was a dress, divided into two parts. The top, which starts just below her bust line is a pale-cream strapless with tiny frills that start from the top of the dress, that are about 1 centimeter long. It sort of look like a cream corset. There is a small piece of a creamy-grayish ribbon around her waist that separates the top from the bottom. The bottom of the dress is a knee length multi-coloured floral on white material. The colours which are in the floral are blue, pink, orange, cream, and pale yellow. Her shoes are a simple peach, that has a small heel with a skinny band of material that goes around her ankle to hold the shoe on. She accessorised with one pearl bracelet, two yellow studded earrings and a cute purple clutch. Her hair was pulled about into a neat bun, only her fringe, sweeping naturally across her face. She looked amazing. Ashley is the most fashionable of all the cast, and it obvious shows, because she looks fabulous to whatever event she goes to; every look works for her.

Taylor scrubs up really well. He looked very dressed up and handsome. Taylor had on a plain white button-down shirt, an off white tie with grey diagonal lines on it, and a button up dark grey vest. His white button-down shirt was tucked into his tight grey denim parts revealing a dark black belt which matched the button's on his vest, his polished black shoes and his head full of dark brown hair. He looked very smart and sexy. He totally doesn't look like he is 17, because you can tell from under his white shirt, his bulging muscles that are obvious underneath. But man, did he look hot.

The only one who looked horrible was Nikki Reed. As much as i love her as a person, and she is very beautiful, she just didn't look great at the awards; which is very unusual for her. Nikki was wearing a peach knee-length dress, that appears to be made of material with the look of velvet with convoluted lines printed all over it. It's low cut at the front, and has puffy sleeves, that looked like they have been popped, because they are sagging on her shoulders. Her shoes are reminiscent of a roman era with a nostalgic feel. They have black stands of material creating patterns on her feet. She is holding a black square clutch that looks like it has jewels encrusted on it. Her nails are painted a pink, that doesn't match anything she is wearing, and has one green bracelet on her arm, which looks totally out of place; it too doesn't match. Nikki's hair is just pulled back into a ponytail, with two parts of hair escaping to envelope her face. It is quite obvious that she has a fake tan on her legs, as it doesn't match the rest of her suntanned body. Don't think I'm just being mean to Nikki; because lots of people don't like her, however i do. She is so nice and gorgeous, however she just looks awful here. :( Sorry Nikki.

Overall, the cast looked amazing. Of course its hard not to when all the cast is beautiful. Their all attractive, because Stephenie Meyer only writes about beautiful people. Twilight won so many awards yay!! Which just shows how strong the fans influence can be on a film. It was based on our reaction whether or not they were going to make the sequels, and we voted and Twilight took out almost every award it was nominated for!Sorry if my description are confusing, there are pictures belong of what the cast were wearing. All in all, a very good night out for the cast.


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