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Hey, I'm a massive Twilight Fan, and thanks to my friends being fed up with having to listern to my non-stop chattering about Twilight, i decided to create a blog for myself to just vent and document my twilight obsession!! I'm current studying journalism and have aspiration to become one, so why not write about something as awesome as the Twilight Saga!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Moon Official Trailer, before BandSlam!!

OK, i just watched the New Moon trailer that was previewed before Brandslam, another film that is produced by Summit Entertainment. I just about had a heart attack, its was sooo AMAZING!!!! Twilight looks awful in comparison to New Moon. I'm loving me some Chris Weitz at the moment.

The first shot is an areal shot of First Beach at La Push, you know, it was the same shot that was used in the first teaser trailer. Then, you hear Jake's voice over saying, "Have you ever had a secret, you couldn't tell anyone?", while the visual changes to a shot of Bella in the motorcycle scene. Next, there is a quick 2 second shot of Bella kissing Edward, obviously at the reunion scene, because Edward is shirtless and frankly looks like crap.

Then, something seriously strange happens. Taylor in a interview comes up on the screen and starts talking about New Moon. I was like, say what? This is a trailer!! Why is Taylor there?? Anyhoo, he starts talking about how New Moon is more complicated than Twilight. The next few shots is basically the Edward break-up scene that everyone saw in the teaser. Taylor pops up on the screen again, talking about Bella's depression when Edward leaves and Jake's warmth pulls her out of it. It happens alot during the trailer, so i just wont mention it anymore.While he is saying that, there are two shots shot playing out. A mid shot of Bella and Jake walking on the beach, and a long shot of them continuing that scene.

Jacob and Bella are now on the screen at Jake's house in La Push. He hugs her and spins her around while she is still in his arms. It totally looks like it was taken straight from the book!! Exactly as i pictured it. Jake's voice over comes back again with him telling Bella, "I know what he did to you. But Bella, i won't ever hurt you." While this is occurring, a few shots of Bella with contemplative expressions playing across her face are shown. Then, after that, comes a few shots of the bike riding scene that was played at ComicCon, with Jake soaking up Bella's blood with his t-shirt while she complements him by stating that "You're sorta beautiful."

Then, a very buff, shirtless Jake jumps out of Bella's window, and lands stably on his two feet, looking athletic and very sexy. Followed by another shirtless shot of Jake just standing up. "Be careful, those things are actually heavy" Bella informs Jake as he nonchalantly lifts them out of the back of her truck in that shot. LOL, he just looks at her as she realises how strong he really is. Next, is more footage from the motorcycle scene.

Out of nowhere, four big,half-naked,sexy Indians walk up to Bella looking angry. As they approach Bella, she shoves Sam with her two hands demanding in a strong voice, "What did you do to him?" Obviously referring to Jacob. There is a really awesome shot of a furious glare and a growl from Paul, while Sam restrains him with his arm, reciting "EASY!!"". It must be Quileute, that is so cool. Chirs Weitz has been talking about the next part of the film at ComicCon, informing us that Taylor did the stunt by himself, without his double, of him flinging himself though Bella's window. I must say, it does look impressive.

Then, Jake lands firmly on his feet inside Bella's room, and he goes to embrace Bella, who frankly, looks totally shocked, upset and distant. Oh, and he is shirtless in this scene,too. Which i really love, because that's how he was in the book. After those shots, its a few shots from the Voltera scene, where its St.Marcus' day, and there are all of these red cloaks, and Bella just running though the crowd. OMG!! Next we get a really really quick shot of Jane!!! Yes, Jane. Creepy, psychopath, that intentionally inflicts pain on everyone else. Awesome.

Laurent graces the screen next with him sniffing the air, very close to Bella face. Obviously, getting her scent, before feeding on her. All of the next shot are really quick, most only 1 second long. But, we do get to see inside the Volturi's lair. I'm assuming Jane, you cant see because they are wearing a cloak, walking into the room. It's a tracking shot, looks really cool. You can kinda see one of the Volturi, but it's too far away to see whether its Caius or Marcus. I'm imagining Aro would be in the centre, so i don't think its him.

Blue water flashes across the screen, and we see Bella in the water. Yes!! The cliff diving scene. It's basically just Bella kicking around in the water, and Victoria swimming there too. Ohhh. And the shot after that is Victoria jumping though the tree. Awww, Rachelle. Gonna miss you. OMG!! We get a massively quick shot of Bella and Jake's almost kiss. However, it looks like they are in her bedroom, and it actually took place in the kitchen. I don't care still looks fabulous.

Edward, then flashes on the screen for like 1 second, wearing a read cloak. Boom! Another flash and Victoria is on the screen. Another flash, and Bella is turning to run away from someone or something. Then, Jake jumps over the back deck of his house, while Bella is running towards him screaming, "Jake! Run!" at the top of her lungs. Then, Jake fursplodes and lands on his paws. The screen, then turns black, and "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" appears on the screen. Then a short shot of Jake in a black T-shirt says "Don't get me upset", while evidently straining to keep control. He is talking while his jaw is clenched shut, staring intently at someone. Who is unknown. Then, i think it's funny because the screen go black again, and up pops the date of the release, and under it, it says GoTeamJacob.Com!! Haha.

And if you go to that site, it's actually directed to the official movie site. I thought that was really funny of Summit to do that, get Team Edward a little but angry, because there was hardly any of him in the trailer/sneak peak. LOL!! They got a sense of humor. DW, I'm Team Switz. :) I thought it looked so much better, and as i was watching it, i was subconsciously getting closer and closer to the screen. The tension and excitement just builds and builds while watching it. It's a very suspenseful trailer and just makes me want to see the film even more. How that's possible, I don't know. LOL .


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