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Hey, I'm a massive Twilight Fan, and thanks to my friends being fed up with having to listern to my non-stop chattering about Twilight, i decided to create a blog for myself to just vent and document my twilight obsession!! I'm current studying journalism and have aspiration to become one, so why not write about something as awesome as the Twilight Saga!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Eclipse pics from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Official Illustrated Movie Companion

Wow, these are stills from Mark Cotta Vaz's movie companion. Wow, these are INCREDIBLE!!! SO excited!!!!
Edwards room when he bought Bella the golden bed. His room looks exactly how i imaged it would look. I'm also impressed with the set, becasuse this is a rebuilt replica of the old house. I hope that Bella is pissed off with him buying the bed, just like she was in the book.
This is obviously the scene where Bella tries to seduce Edward, while he proposes to her, and she finally accepts. I loved that chapter in the book, so i hope its just a good on screen.
This is obviously one of the most anticipated scenes in the film; the tent scene. Taylor's favourite scene. You cant really see much, but it's almost how i conjured it. I'm really, really excited for this scene. :)
Still the scene where Bella tries to seduce Edward. I'm sure all of the little girls are going to have screaming fits in the cinema. LOL
I don't have a clue what this is. I don't think its a still from the film, but it just might be David Slade's brainstorming wall or something.
I'm almost positive that this is the flashforward scene shown during Bella and Jacob's kiss if she chose him. I'm really excited to see how Bella's life would be if she chose Jake. Also, i wanna see Billy and Charlie when they are old. :) That's going to be so awesome. I think they are at Bella's place with those orange things off of the windows that some one took last year. Awww, they look so happy.
This is obviously Bella, Alice, and Edward's graduation party. I love how Alice decorated it. It looks incredible. I'm glad that the Cullens house looks identical to the one used in Twilight. It was obvious the difference from Twilight to New Moon. However, Eclipse has incorporated both. I'm so excited for this scene. So much happens and it's so tense. Love it!!
The bonfire :) I'm so excited for this scene. In the book i got kinda confused because of all the unusual and foreign names that Stephenie used in the legends. So, i'm sure it's going to be amazing in the film when i can identify characters by their face rather than names i'm not used it. It's going to be crazy. Plus, its strange to see all of the wolves in clothes lol.
Aww, Jaspers flashback. This is going to be seriously cool. However, i imagined this scene to be set on a dusty road, not a lake. Oh well, it's still really cool. I really hope that Jackson Rathbone accentuates his southern accent, because its so sexy. It will just make me melt in the cinema. I can wait to see Jasper explain this to Bella because it will give his character more depth. Jasper hasnt been a huge part, however now he opens up this whole violent newborn vampire world. :) Seriously awesome.
I think that this is right after Bella and Jacob's kiss.
OMG, this is going to be the hottest kiss ever. I hope its really passionate because it's the way she cant kiss Edward. Like, really kiss. She can do that with Jacob, so it needs to be so much more than Edward's kisses. Except, i don't like that Bella is standing on a raised platform, making her way taller than Jake. Other than that, i'm excited to see this scene in action. :D
Wow, Jasper on his horse. He looks like such a gentleman.
This is one of the same pictures that has been around forever.
Lucie, Nettie and Maria. They are exactly how i imagned them to be. They all look perfect. I can totally see how they made Jasper come over to help them.
This is a picture of behind the scene filming the battle scene between Riley, Seth, Victoria, Edward and Bella. This better be a cool scene, because it's gotta live up to the Cullens and wolves vs. the newborns, which is going to be an awesome fight sequence.
I think this is Edward burning Riley and Victoria. I think that he feels guilty for killing them, even though they were attacking them. I love that, because it shows that Carlisle compassion is rubbing off on everyone else in the Cullens family.
I'm not sure when this is. You cant really see what they are wearing, or anything in the background to judge the scene.
Awwww, Bella and Edward in her bedroom. This is where Bella asks Edward why he wont change her. I don't really know when this is placed in the film, as we have only seen short snippits in the trailers and tv spots.
I didnt know that this was going to be in the film, but now i've got some pictures of the werewolves legends, i'm excited for it. :)
That must be the third wife, and her dying husband.
More stills from the woves legends :D
Ohhh, this is Rosalies flashback. This must be where she is raped and beaten. She has got on a warm coat, and hat, as if she was walking home from Vera's. She doesnt look happy either. I'm so excited for this scene because it shows that Rosalie cares enough for Bella to warn her about the choice she is making and warning her that she wouldnt choose this life. It explains that Rosalie isnt just some bitch for no reason, but she has suffered serious tramua and his bitter because she is living a life she never wanted.  
This set is awesome. It must have taken a lot of work to built that. I supposed its better because the weather conditions were crazy for Twilight, and sometimes for New Moon. So, having a set you have peace of mind that you can shoot regardless of the weather.
Bella getting out of the tent :D
This must be the scene that Taylor was talking about where Rob shoves him, and Taylor has to look him in the eye and tell him that he is hotter than he is. I'm sure that is going to get a few laughs in the audience. I'm so excited for the tent scene. This is one of my favourties in the entire saga, so it will be nice to see it on the screen.
Aww, Jasper's flashback again :P
Ohh, this is the scene right after Jacob kisses Bella, and Edward gets all up in his grill. Everyone has already seen this scene, because it was released already. I forgot where, but i'm excited for it. I love that Charlie is coming to break it up, just like he did in the book.
Victoria and Riley. Wow, Riley looks like he is really into Victoria. Which i'm glad because he was being manipulated. However, i don't feel anymore sympathy for Riley after reading "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, and discovering he killed Diago, and lied to Bree about it. Stupid Riley.
Awww, Rosalie and Royce. I'm really looking forward to this scene. I know that Nikki Reed is a good actor, so i'm waiting to be blown away by her portrayal of Rosalie as a human when she was happy and not bitchy and bitter all the time.
This still is similar to one we have seen before. It's just the fight between Riley, Victoria, Seth, Edward and Bella.
I love that they have included which wolves are which to pictures of the wolf pack :P Nice little reference to see who is who.


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