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Hey, I'm a massive Twilight Fan, and thanks to my friends being fed up with having to listern to my non-stop chattering about Twilight, i decided to create a blog for myself to just vent and document my twilight obsession!! I'm current studying journalism and have aspiration to become one, so why not write about something as awesome as the Twilight Saga!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Picture Still from New Moon

There have been so many stills released lately that I'm sure there isn't going to be many things left when we actually get to see the film. That's OK though, because stills are stills, however in the film we get to see movement, emotion and all of the music. So, i don't feel like I'm being spoiled, just hyped up for the film.
I'm really excited for this scene. I didn't think they were going to put it in the film. It's the scene where Bella has a dream where she is talking to her gran, and Edward comes, however she is actually talking to herself. She is a wrinkled old lady, while Edward is eternally perfect and 17. This is the first event in New Moon, but i don't think that the film is going to start of this way. I don't know where they are going to put it in. Bella is dressed in a green shirt which looks the same as the one she was wearing when she was in Voltera. Although, that doesn't make much sense. She could just be wearing a different shirt here though. In the "Meet me on the Equinox" music video, Edward was wearing those clothes while he was walking into the meadow. So, I'm just not really sure. I'll have to wait for the film. But, I'm psyched that this made it in.

This still is taken from Bella's birthday. I love how there are very old looking paintings in the background. The Cullen's would collect things like that, like Carlisle having a wall of paintings that was revealed in Twilight. Carlisle has giant pictures, but the only two that were mentioned was London is Carlisle youth, and the pictures of Carlisle with the Volturi in Italy. I can't really say anything else about this. Edward looks really pretty there. I like what he is wearing in the Birthday scene, it's totally Edward. Not that disgusting pea coat that he was constantly wearing though out the entirety of Twilight. Um, i just noticed, why does Bella have her eyes open when she is going to kiss Edward? Um, awkward such?

I think I'm really going to love this part in the film. This is an Edward vision, where Bella's is imagining Edward arriving at school. This is a good way of portraying Bella thinking about Edward, but him not actually being there. This is seen a little bit in the trailer, however it's obviously been cut, as this shot wasn't in it. I really like this, plus Edward looks really pale, but not so much that it's humorous, like it was in Twilight. Plus, his casual looks quite sophisticated, too. I mean, if you compare Edward's casual, to Jacob's casual; there totally different. I also noticed there is some random in the background! I'm imagining it's intentional, because they wouldn't use that shot in the film, if they weren't supposed to be there. Hm, i guess we'll see November 19Th.

I love this picture of Edward in Voltera. Honestly, he looks like crap. His hair is awful, his skin is yuck, his clothes are crinkled and unkempt, plus with rips and holes in it. This is very obvious that he just doesn't give a crap about anything anymore. He is still wearing the clothes that he wore to Bella's birthday. Eww, he hasn't changed his clothes in months. I know that vampire don't sweat or get dirty or anything. However, just hunting, and dirt from the ground would make him filthy. Evidently, this is the scene where he asks the Volturi to kill him. I love it!! So, excited for this scene.

This is very different from what i imagined. I had picture Mike, really sweaty, like he had a fever. Also, with him groaning and moaning, clutching him stomach and having a really pained and lethargic expression on his face. However, here he looks like he is very exacerbated. I love that Bella looks like she out of it, but that's how she was for the first half of New Moon after Edward left. But, i love Jacob expression. He looks pissed off, which is perfect. He is angry at Mike for interrupting his conversation with Bella, while they were alone. In addition to that, he is just about to turn into a werewolf, so his emotions are going to be hyper sensitive, too. He looks like he is thinking, "god, just go away and leave us alone." Hehe, so cute.

This is obviously the Bella's birthday party. Initially, i though that Alice was wearing a black dress in the birthday scene. But, in the right light, it's a dark purple. However, i did imagine Alice is high heels, considering she is go girly and everything. But, i suppose that would be bad for the film, because Alice is supposed to be so short, and by making Ashley taller, it would be untrue to the books. So i understand them leaving out that little detail. It's obvious that Alice has dressed Bella here. Bella wouldn't wear a dress. She is more jeans and a t-shirt kinda girl. That dress in quite feminine, with the embroidered flowers around the bottom. I can't wait for this scene. Peter Facinelli said that Jackson really gets into it, and it took him and Kellan to hold him back. Wow, Peter and Kellan are big, so Jackson must have gone insane.

Awww, Charlie on Bella's birthday morning. I love Billy Burke's portrayal of Charlie in Twilight. He was soo funny, always stealing the scene. Billy giving Bella her present in her room didn't happen in the books, however i think i like Charlie surprising Bella with her gift. I really hope that this scene is awkward. Charlie cares so much about Bella, but he doesn't let his emotions show and let himself be vulnerable, as Renee hurt him so much when she broke his heart. Awww, i love Charlie so much. However, i didn't imagine him to be so good looking in the books. Maybe, because I'm reading from Bella's perspective, and she isn't going to think of her father as attractive. I imagined Charlie to be older, and overweight, from all that pizza he eats due to his lack in ability to cook for himself. Short was another characteristic that i thought Charlie would posses. But, it doesn't matter, Billy Burke is really good. Some times i get Gil and Billy confused, as Gil's character's name is Billy. Haha. Anyway, i love in the background that there is a picture of Bella and Edward, plus one of a lion and lamb. Haha, cute little joke Chris Weitz.

Umm, what is Bella doing? She looks like she is feeling for her heartbeat. This is a weird shot, because isn't she supposed to be running like crazy to save Edward? I don't know, maybe because it's just a still that it looks strange. You know, like when you take a picture of someone dancing and it looks wrong. Yeah, like that. I really love Bella's jeans that she is wearing. I would so wear them. I think the wardrobe is a hell of a lot better than the Twilight was. I also love the harsh contrast between the red capes, and Bella's green top. Oh and also the Blue of Edward's shirt that he takes off. Very bright and catchy colours, compared to those of Bella while she was in La Push, with all of the naturalistic browns. This symbolises the life coming back to Bella when she is reunited with Edward. Chris Weitz does note that the film has a melancholy tone, and it's quite dark. However, when she gets to Italy, and is reunited with Edward, everything becomes bright, and vibrant because Edward is back in her life. The darkness that his absence caused disappeared, and everything basically goes back to the way it was before. Love it.


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