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Hey, I'm a massive Twilight Fan, and thanks to my friends being fed up with having to listern to my non-stop chattering about Twilight, i decided to create a blog for myself to just vent and document my twilight obsession!! I'm current studying journalism and have aspiration to become one, so why not write about something as awesome as the Twilight Saga!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

FINALLY!! New Moon Illustrated Movie Companion

This afternoon when i got home from school, i found that my New Moon Illustrated Movie Companion had arrived!! Yay, i was so excited. It was soo stinking good, the information and the HUGE glossy pictures. They looked so much better in real life, rather than those scanned pictures online. They don't do the book justice, seriously buy it. It goes into so much detail about everything. I'll start of the beginning, OK. Of course everyone already knows what the front cover is, it's just the one-sheet picture of Edward, Jacob and Bella in the forest. The book is divided up into 9 different sections: The Introduction, In Twilight Time, A New Moon Rises, Lost Moon, Earthbound Sun, Something in the Woods, A Moonless Night, The Coldest Ones and Destiny.

Firstly, this is just the introduction, which is just opening what is happening and all. It begins with that Quote from Romeo and Juliet. Oh, i love that play so much. You know, the one is the beginning of New Moon, where Friar Laurence says to Romeo, "These violent delights, have violent ends and in their triumph die, like fire and powder, which, as they kiss, consume." I love that quote, because its like foreshadowing, informing the audience that something bad is going to come from Bella and Edward's relationship. That's intriguing. It just goes on to say about the Cullen's being vegetarians and their way of life, just general information about Twilight.

Next is In Twilight Time. This is basically just about how crazy the fans have gotten and the scale of the saga. Having pictures from events in there, with how many books were sold that kind of thing. And there are quotes from the casts saying things like they never expected it to be so big, essentially everything that everyone has already said before. Of course, they mentioned ComicCon because it was just insane for the cast. They could hardly hear themselves think. It also mentioned how much gross profit Twilight made etc. Just everything like that is included in this section. Pretty cool to see how big it's gotten in such a small amount of time. It's just because Twilight is so great.

A New Moon Rising is the next section in the book. It starts of with Bella's birthday, and just telling everyone some background information about it, and everything. There isn't anything there that passionate Twilight fans wouldn't know. There are gorgeous pictures, but the one i love the most is when Carlisle and Emmett are trying to restrain Jasper, with Alice standing there on pg. 19. I really like that picture, just because Jasper looks possessed. Seriously, his eyes are this black colour, compared to everyone else's standard gold. I think this portrays the vampire's nature successfully, because Edward does say when they hunt, the govern less with their minds, and more with their instincts. So of course, Jasper isn't going to be thinking, he just wants to kill her. Oh and i love that when Robert is talking about the break-up scene, the most emotional scene in the entire film, all he talks about is how annoying these mosquitoes were, when he was trying to act. I thought that was really funny, because this is the most heart-breaking scene in the entire film, and Robert is concerned with something as trivial as mosquitoes. It continues about the tight schedule and Catherine Hardwick's departure, and Chris Weitz taking over the position as Director. It also addresses the issues of whether Summit wanted to re-hire Taylor etc. Which, personally I'm really glad they did, because New moon wouldn't be any good without Taylor. It would feel like out of the saga, that Twilight was it's own film, because there was a different Jacob, you know?

Anyway, the next chapter is Lost Moon. The book says things about the palette that Chris Weitz wanted to use, get rid of that blue tone, and put a gold one it's place. Chris Weitz took the colours and tones used though-out the film from Renaissance ( considered the romantic and sentimental era) and painters, from Pre-Raphaelites and Victorian paintings like those of Dante Gabriel Rossetti. He found his inspiration in Italian paintings too, which is kind of ironic, considering the Volturi are Italian vampires, who are only in a small portion of the film. It funny that Chris Weitz would set the tone's around it. But, i love the palette that Chris Weitz has chosen. It's so warm and inviting, and makes you want to watch the film more. That blue colour in Twilight was off-putting, if that makes any sense. Chris Weitz is constantly saying that he feels like he is making an old film, due to the colour schemes and the camera's composition. It also mentions about choosing to have principal photography is Vancouver rather than Portland. I couldn't care where they shoot, just as long as it looks good on film. I'm never going to get to see a set anyway, what with living in Australia. Rebuilding and scouting for locations is mentioned too. The only place where they had to re-create the sets is obviously Bella's house, and Fork's High School. I'm pretty sure that everything else are new sets. The sets don't bother me much either, just as long as they look good in the film. I love the idea's behind the birthday scene. They were really well thought out. Chris Weitz wanted a "hot" environment to the party, with the golden tone and the candles everywhere. The candles were put there to give the scene and intimate touch, and to display Bella and Edward's relationship like a moth to a flame. The "hot" environment made the birthday party more smooth and intense. Love the thought and the planning that goes behind everything. The stunt with Jasper is talked about also, but i can't explain it right, and it will just be confusing if i try, but yeah, that was in there. Oh, and my favourite part is you know in the books, where there are just empty pages with only the months of it, representing Bella's life drifting by without her actually being there. Well, it is going to be portrayed as a camera will circle her, while she is sitting in a chair. In the shot, you can tell time is passing by because the season's outside keep changing as time passes. The camera will move as in the way clock moves, signifying the passing of time. I sooo love it. There is more detail and things about the complications and everything, but i love the way the chose to present that. Jacob's present to Bella is also in this section. It was made in three different parts, and i love that there is a wolf in the middle of the beads. So cute. Bella hangs it above her bed. The dream catcher was added because it symbolises what Jacob is to Bella; Jake trying to get rid of the horrible dreams and memories that haunt Bella. Ohh, that is perfect. I probably wouldn't have noticed this from just watching the film, but at the beginning of the film, Bella and Edward's clothing correspond, just a visual way to display the strength of their unity. That's cool.

Earthbound Sun is the next segment, which is obviously referring to Jacob. It just introduces Jacob, as a character. There is some really interesting information in here though. Taylor says that the bike's are a symbol of there relationship. Wow, i was so right about that. Like, last month or something i had a Epiphany about the bikes being a metaphor for their relationship, here. Yay, I'm a genius, nah just kidding. I love that they dressed Jacob is just t-shirts and stuff, because that's what teenagers wear. It exemplifies a distinction between Edward and Jacob, too. Oh, that i thought that this was very cleaver. They altered Taylor's wardrobe, making his sleeves of his t-shirts shorter and tighter, as if he was growing out of his clothes. That was cleaver way to show that Jacob was growing so fast. I love that. They had Taylor is boots, to make him taller, and put grease of his jeans, because he would have worn them and gotten them stained while working on his car. Man, the wardrobe department are blowing my mind at the moment. The make-up was a big improvement from Twilight too. To make Jacob look young, the make-up artist, Norma Hill-Patton made Taylor look fresh, young and innocent, giving him very smooth skin, with no dark circles under his eyes, and blush on his cheeks. However, after his transformation, to make Jacob look older, Norma Hill-Patton put more of a tired look. She made the circles under his eyes more prominent, shadowed his nose, cheekbones, and jawline to make his look more masculine and less like a child. Oh, and she also added a slight beard shadow. For Jacob's eyes, she smudged eyeliner, making them look older and smoky. They even used mascara on his eyebrows to make them black and spiky. I love that they are doing everything possible to make a huge different between Jacob before his transformation and afterwards. It will just make the story more visually believable, you know. After all of the talk about make-up has finished, then the book just talks about casting and such.

Something in the Wood is a whole section about how the wolves were created. I really love this section of the book because the CGI in New Moon is amazing. I almost died when i saw the teaser trailer when Jacob like exploded out of his clothes and into the wolf. It was so perfect. And now, i discovered that wasn't even the finished product, so it's going to look better on film! Wow, I'm dying to see it. Chris Weitz used a company called, Tippett, and man have they got a big resume. They have done work on "The Golden Compass," "Jurassic Park," "Start Wars," and "King Kong." Wow, those were all big budget epic films with amazing graphics. There are more, but i just put the ones i thought were the biggest. So, these guys obviously know what they are talking about when it comes to graphics. Oh, and i thought that it was interesting that when filming, obviously there are wolves there, so in their place, there was a giant wolf cutout that weighed like 20 to 30 pounds. It looks really funny in the pictures, but it did it's job. There was so much detail gone into the wolves, like the colours, the size, and even how they moved and presented themselves. Jacob was the second largest and he carried himself with pride and nobility, because he is the rightful Alpha, but due to Sam being the Alpha, he is bigger. Sam is black, just like in the books, which is really cool. Embry is skinner, so his wolf form is lanky, which was really cool. Just little things like that which portray the pack sooo well. The people at Tippett, even went to watch wolves interact and how the how power of authority works. The amount of research they did, i hope it comes across in the film. Even the tiny details of how the wolves fur blows in the wind, and the texture of the hair, and how it would move if the wolf were to jump. Every single thing you could think of, they did it. It's amazing the depth of their work. Some of it is confusing, because I'm no expert in CGI, but i was just blown away. Just seeing samples of the progression of the wolf, from just a frame, them having muscles put on, and them like a grid thing over it's body, so they can attach the fur and little details. Plus, i already knew this, but Chris Weitz has put the eyes of the actors in the wolves. Love it, because when Bella was in the meadow, when she first saw the wolves, she thought of Jacob for some reason she couldn't explain. Plus, she did note that the russet wolves eyes were too intelligent and aware to be a wild animal. Seriously cool. I loved that entire chapter because it made me see just how much work, and effort all of the cast and crew are putting into New Moon, and they want to make the best film that they can.

A Moonless Night is about the vampires. It starts off with Laurent, and just informs us about everything they changed with him. Most of it is obvious, like his eyes, his make-up etc. I thought it was funny that Edi Gathegi wanted to be shirtless like he was in the first film. I though that was hilarious, as I'm pretty sure that Edi is proud of his toned bod. Maybe he just wanted to give Taylor, Kellan and Alex a run for their money. I suppose it would make sense, as vampire never get cold, and he wouldn't wear much clothing as he is a wild nomadic vampire, who only has contact with humans to feed. Yeah, that would be understandable. Oh, and i figured out that when the vampire's are moving, it's going to be slow mo. They probably saw the fast moving effects in Twilight, and thought to themselves that it looks really cheesy and funny. But, by slowing it down, the audience gets the impression that they are moving so fast, that everything happens slowly, does that makes sense? Well, it does in my brain. I don't know if i like that though, i guess I'll have to see the film to judge. The next part basically just talks about the Cullens make-up and how they changed it. The vampire's are wearing to layers of make-up. One, the foundation layer, which basically just makes them look dead pale, and the second, is to put some paler make-up on top, but make it look like it they aren't obviously dead, or just look like clown make-up. The vampire make-up in general, is just a million times better than Twilight. OMG, there is no comparison. There is some information about Edward's visions, but there isn't really anything there that the fans didn't already know. Everyone saw how the vision were going to occur and everything. However, there is some mention about the sparkle. I'm a little worried, because the sparkle is Twilight, was probably one of the absolute worst things about it. Don't get me wrong, i liked the film, i thought it was an OK adaptation, however that was awful. I'm sure this time, it's going to be good. Judging from the other CGI and effects which have been done, I'm sure the Edward sparkle won't be an issue. I just really hope that there isn't the wind chime sound effects. Wow, that was bad.

Yes!! The Volturi are under the category, The Coldest Ones. That's funny, because it's a pun on "coldest," as in their skin is cold, however they are emotionally cold as well. The Cullen's do have feelings but the Volturi only feel power, greed etc. This section is cool. First of all is the flashback. Man, their clothes look awesome!! They're from the 1800's, and man they look cool. There is a picture of them on pg. 112, where they are standing on top of a balcony, at a party or a gathering. I love that because it just makes them look like they are in charge, and they are the boss; which is exactly how it is. Their authority, and power over all of the other vampires, and below them. Plus, they look seriously rich, and like royalty, which is perfect because they are the royals of the vampire world. Wicked. The robe's which a present in the book, are in the film too, however we haven't seen them as much, as they play only a small part in the Volturi's costuming. Although i love their robes and capes, I'm glad they didn't feature them so evidently like the books did. I just think they are trying to stay away from the wizard's, witches and supernatural things, as much as possible. New Moon is not a cliche vampire film, so by having them in relatively normal clothing, they appear to be more realistic. Twilight isn't a fantasy, its a romance/drama with elements of fantasy to it. So, i think they are more concerned with the character relationship than with being very cliche vampire tale. Their lair is by far my favourite. From these pictures, it's amazing. Definitely the best set in New Moon, even though i loved the recreation of Bella house. Everything about their lair is perfect. Plus, i loved that their throne's are on a raised platform, at the head of the room, as if they are looking down on everyone. Just by looking at them, everyone can tell that they are running the show. However, the room is very empty. I imagined the Volturi guard being there all the time protecting them. I mean, wasn't Chelsea (the shield) supposed to be touching Aro at all times, just so that he is protected. Anyway, it doesn't bother me, but i would prefer to see the film as they were written, but i can over look that little detail. All of the details about the set are amazingly detailed and intricate. It tricks they can get away with is unbelievable, like having wood, and making it look like 3000 year old pillars of marble and stone. I wouldn't have known, if i didn't read about it. Oh, and Melissa Rosenberg went a little overboard with the fight scene at the end. She ended up having everyone attack Edward. When i say everyone, i mean everyone. She had Edward fight every Volturi guard, Alice was fighting too, and everything being crazy. However, Stephenie had a word to her, and they reined it in. Thank god, that would be bad if it went down like that. It would seen like it was an over reaction and just putting fight scenes in for the sake of it. But, i think I'm glad about how it plays out. I just can't wait to see it on the screen. Plus, the make-up department even included that the Volturi's skin looked very onion like, yes!! So, the Volturi's skin is going to be different from the Cullens!! Awesome. I really like that.

The last section is called Destiny, which basically just concludes the entire book. How in editing the first cut of New Moon was 3 hours, and just wrapping everything up. Like in the beginning it goes back to Romeo and Juliet and everyone looking forward to Eclipse, which is going to be filmed soon. Well, it was when the book was written and printed. Eclipse filming now, finishes in just over 2 weeks. Man, that has gone so fast. Then the whole book concludes with the last line in New Moon, "I squared my shoulders and walked forward to meet my fate, with my destiny by my side." Awwww, so cute. I totally love this book. I have the Twilight one, so i felt compelled to buy the New Moon one. Just so i can have them together as a set. It was so much better than just looking at random picture taken from the book online. So, if you don't have it, seriously get it. It's totally worth it.!! LOVE YOU CHRIS WEITZ and everyone involved with bring New Moon alive.


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