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Hey, I'm a massive Twilight Fan, and thanks to my friends being fed up with having to listern to my non-stop chattering about Twilight, i decided to create a blog for myself to just vent and document my twilight obsession!! I'm current studying journalism and have aspiration to become one, so why not write about something as awesome as the Twilight Saga!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

NEW MOON PICTURES!!! From New Moon Calendar

OMG!! i was just on when i was reading some of the comments. One comment had a link attached, so i clicked on it because it said that it was a link to New Moon pictures. And i thought that it was just going to be fan photoshopped pictures that had already been released. But, boy was i wrong. These new New Moon pictures are from the vertical calendar. Don't get them mixed up with the horizontal, because they are totally different. I'll post them here below.

This picture is from January. It depicts Edward obviously at Bella birthday party, as those were the clothes he was dressed in at the trailer. In the background, it's at the Cullens house, you can tell from the portrait in the background and the warm mahogany colours of the walls.

February.This picture of Jacob and Bella, when Bella learns to ride the bike for the first time. And, more importantly, discovers the formula for her hallucinations!!! Part of this scene was one of the clips which was played at ComicCon, and i thought it look amazing!!! so much better than Twilight. I don't think this is a movie still though, i just think its a pictures of Kristen and Taylor filming together. Because Bella wouldn't be that close with Jake just yet.

March is a picture of Bella and Edward at her party before the paper cut. Evidently because Bella is smiling, and so is Carlisle in the background. I don't know what Edward is doing, staring of into space, looking all depressed. Don't why though.

April consists of Bella and Jake!! I don't have a clue what scene this is from, however its after Jake's transformation because his hair is short, he is shirtless, and has his tat. Bella looks seriously conflicted though. If i had to guess, i would probably say maybe when Jake goes off to fight Victoria, and Bella gets worried and doesn't want him to go.You know, during spring break, and Bella spends her time wandering on the beach. Maybe, just pure speculation

May is just Bella sitting in the Cafeteria. It's cute that Angela and Eric are in the background taking pictures. Which makes me think that this is the scene after the birthday party where Bella want to take pictures of everything to remember Forks because she assumes she wont be there much longer. Edward hasn't totally left her yet because she doesn't look like a train wreck. She just looks deep in thought, or maybe even concerned.

Alice and Jasper are the faces for June. The wardrobe is so much better in New Moon than it was in Twilight. Alice looks fashionable, but not too obvious, and Jasper looks like Alice dressed him, lol. I'm not sure what this scene is, but i either think its at the beginning of the film, or the end. The beginning, the scene could possibly be before the Cullens leave for school, because I'm pretty sure they are in the Cullen house. Or it could be a the very end, the "Vote" scene. Not too sure though.

July is a near-kiss shared between Edward and Bella. I'm almost positive that this is the scene, the morning of Bella Birthday, she turns up to school and Edward and Alice are waiting for her. He is probably kissing her and then says happy birthday. Awwwwww.

August depicts the famous meadow scene, where Bella encounters Laurent and the Wolves, for the first time. This is going to be a very climatic scene, i cant wait! OMG!! It's going to be soo exciting. In the trailer, Laurent look really really terrifying, with his bright red eyes, which was probably his most dominant feature! Cool.

September is Bella and Jake! This is the scene where Bella and Jake meet on the beach, she is going to tell him that she knows what he is and that he should stop killing people! There is this massive miscommunication to blame, and they make up. I cant wait to see this scene in the movie! And i do remember this was the first scene that they shot!! Exciting.

October is our Edward!! Awww. I'm not sure what scene this is, but I'm sure that i haven't seen Edward in those clothes before, so I'm assuming this scene is at the end of the movie. Probably the confrontation with Jacob in the woods adjacent to Bella house.

November is Jacob and Bella with the Bikes. I'm sure this scene is when Bella takes the bikes around to Jake's for the first time. The bike honestly looks like a piece of garbage, which was exactly what i expected them to be like. And Bella's hair, and her clothes look like a total wreck, compared to the pictures when she was with Edward.

Finally December!! Of course it has to be Bella and Edward! I have to say Bella looks very pretty here, and Edward is his usual stunning self. Or should i say, dazzling? Obvious Bella's birthday at school, before the party.

I am soo pumped for this movie. And these stills are making be more and more confident with Chris Weitz ability to bring New Moon to life.


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