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Hey, I'm a massive Twilight Fan, and thanks to my friends being fed up with having to listern to my non-stop chattering about Twilight, i decided to create a blog for myself to just vent and document my twilight obsession!! I'm current studying journalism and have aspiration to become one, so why not write about something as awesome as the Twilight Saga!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

MORE New Moon pics!! yay!!

Oh my gosh!! There have been so many pics being released lately, and I'm loving it!! Just something to stop me from going crazy and to tide me over until the film comes out!! The waiting and anticipation is driving me nuts! Anyway, these pictures are scans the the New Moon Illustrated Movie Companion, which is cool. i still haven't got mine in the mail yet, but I'm hoping it's soon. i don't want to read any of the text online, until i get my book. It will kinda ruin it, when i get it. However, the pictures are amazing!! I just can't help myself but look. This picture of the right isn't in the New Moon Illustrated Movie Companion, it was released by Fandango today, but i thought I'd throw it in with the others, since its a picture from New Moon too. This is obviously the scene where Jacob visits Bella in the middle of the night, to try and make her guess that he is a werewolf. I love this picture. Wow, look at Taylor's muscles. I can't believe that he put on another 10 pounds for Eclipse. Talk about commitment and determination, because putting on all that weight can't be an easy task. Jacob is obviously leaving Bella, but he won't go out the front door because he is afraid Charlie will hear him. Jacob is going to jump out the window. That didnt happen in the book, Jacob went out Bella's door. However, i like that Chris Weitz is making him jump out, it's just a more intresting and visual way to show Jake's departure. Love it. I'm really glad that Chris Weitz stayed so close to the book with Jacob only wearing jean shorts. However, although Jake isn't supposed to wear shoes, I'm glad Taylor is, because it would be really hard on his feet. I have so much respect for the wolves walking around in barely nothing, in freezing cold conditions. Now, Bella. She looks like a wreck. Her hair is everywhere, it looks like she has been crying, and she looks really tired and exhausted. That's the most i can get from this picture, as it's only a still. I'm so excited! Can't wait for this scene. Oops, scratch that. I can't wait for this movie!

This is a scan of Angela and Eric in the film. It's obvious that they get together, because in the third trailer, when Bella is imagining Edward by his car walking towards the school and then he disappears. In that shot, you can see Angela and Eric, walking hand in hand. Plus, this relates to Twilight, because Angela did ask Eric to the prom, so Catherine set it up that Angela likes Eric. I don't really hate this because in the book, Angela got together with Ben, who isn't in the film. So Eric will have to do. Plus, with Mike and Jessica and Angela and Eric, all together it just makes it harder for Bella. Everyone around her is in a relationship, but her. That would be hard, when Bella's hurting so bad because Edward ditched her and everyone around you is happy in a relationship. That's just like an extra stab. I think, i like it. It doesn't bother me, but i would have preferred a Ben character, in the film. But, just to keep so continuity, Chris Weitz had to do it, because in Twilight, Angela's crush wasn't subtle.

I really like this picture of Harry Clearwater! He looks overweight, which is good because Harry was supposed to be unhealthy. Sue was always trying to get him to eat something green. Plus, Harry did die from a heart attack. Except i didn't imagine Harry to be that old. Leah was only like 19 and Seth is only 14, during New Moon. So, i didn't imagine him so grey.I like how he has a gun, he would get along with Charlie well. Charlie's best part in Twilight was where he was cleaning his gun and snapped it shut when Edward walked in. Classic. I like that Harry is dressed in browny/greeny colours because Chris Weitz has obviously used brown as the colour palette for La Push. Bella always loves brown because she thinks it's warm. Jacob is warm and Bella's sun, so it's understandable that Chris made all of La Push browny colours. Plus, La Push and the Indians seem to have a very naturalistic nature about them. They are always into their traditions and doing things the way the ancestors did, like living of the land, kinda of thing. Which i love, because it shows how natural the wolves are represented as, and how unnatural the Cullen's are. Perfect contrast. Bella does constantly mention Fire and Ice, and Day and Night to describe the difference between Edward and Jacob. Total opposites. However, other than that, Harry is perfect. But, really don't like that hat! Sorry, Chris. Just, no.

I did not imagine Emily and Sam's house looking like this. I imagined it as a cute little cottage, with a concrete path, with little flower bed's below each of their windows. I pictured their house white with little window panes that were a bright colour with the lace of the curtains blowing outside in the breeze. Bella noticed that Emily never sat still, so i pictured everything clean, with lots of arts and crafts around. Emily seems to be a very hands on person, due to she likes cooking, cleaning, making things etc. I didn't think there would be dirt, i imagined green grass around their home, with a little dirt path. i think that Emily would be into gardening, just as much as cleaning. She seems to be a very traditional domestic figure, so i thought the garden would have lots of flowers and such. This house looks nothing like i imagined, however, it will do. I don't hate it. I think Chris chose it because, it looks very naturalistic, homey and comfortable. The colour brown is very warm and fit's into the colour palette for La Push, so that's why there is brown everywhere. I now kinda understand the brown, because Bella did say she loves brown, and that she misses it because it's too green in Forks. Meh, I'll just need to get used to it.

Kiowa Gorden. Seriously i have such a crush on him. He is such a cutie, i just want to pinch his cheeks. I really like the wig. Chris Weitz has done a good job at picking out realistic looking wigs. Taylor's wig is so much better, and Kiowa's wig looks really good too. However, i was confused as to why Tyson Houseman isn't wearing a wig. Quill was supposed to have long hair too, but in pictures he doesn't. I supposed they tried to keep a distinct difference between Quill and Embry so people don't get them confused, if they haven't read the books.That's they only reason why i can think that they did that. But, I'm liking Kiowa's hair like that. He looks younger when it's long, and when he cuts it, he looks older. Plus, Embry is supposed to be really quite and shy, which i think that Kiowa can pull off really well. He seems like such a nice guy. Anyway, the clothing is pretty good too. They just dress like normal guys, probably because they are. It shows a big different between the Cullen's who are basically 100 + year old teenagers, and real teenagers. I like it. I'm so excited to see Quill and Embry in the film and how they interact with Jacob!! OMG, so excited!! Gonna literally die! Love, love, LOVE, these pictures!!


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