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Hey, I'm a massive Twilight Fan, and thanks to my friends being fed up with having to listern to my non-stop chattering about Twilight, i decided to create a blog for myself to just vent and document my twilight obsession!! I'm current studying journalism and have aspiration to become one, so why not write about something as awesome as the Twilight Saga!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

New Moon Illustrated Movie Companion!!!!

OMG!!! These pictures from the New moon Illustrated Movie Companion are crazy!!! They are sooooo good. I think the people in UK get them earlier than everywhere else, because i went on EBay to look for them, any they only had copies in the UK. After seeing some of the pictures from the New Moon Illustrated Movie Companion, i went and bought one for myself today! Well, my mum bough it! These pictures are frigging AMAZING!! There is nothing else to say .
I'm so excited for the scene where Carlisle stitches up Bella. They have a heart to heart talk, awww. I'm confused, why is Carlisle stitching up Bella standing up? She was supposed to be sitting down in the kitchen. It wouldn't matter to a vampire, but that's gotta be uncomfortable for Bella; being so still and stand up for so long. Actually, now that i look at it, she might be sitting but the chair isn't in the frame. Aww, Loves it.

RAD! Carlisle in his olden clothes!! This has to be the Volturi flashback that was shown in the trailer, you know, where Aro snaps that guys neck. Cool. Those clothes look really ancient, and they even changed Carlisle's hair to fit the century. Chris Weitz is detailed and intricate with his work.

I can't wait for this scene. It's where Jake sneaks into Bella room one night, and tried to make her guess what happened to him. How good does Taylor look? OMG, those ab's are tight! That scene is going to be great, some of my favourite quotes are in that chapter.

Awww, they are so cute together. Edward looks seriously bored, and Bella is just intently staring at Edward. Lol, they are adorable. I'm pretty sure this is the morning of Bella's birthday, because of the clothes they are wearing, and the camera sitting on the desk. Cool!

I wouldn't have a clue where this scene is placed in the film, but how pretty does Bella look there? And Edward? Nobody even needs to say how gorgeous he looks, because he always looks amazing. They look like their in the woods, so perhaps when he is taking her to the Cullen's house to vote on her humanity? Maybe, but that's the best i got.

OMG!! Alice is showing Aro the future of Bella and Edward. That is seriously cool!! I love how Felix ( i think) is restraining Edward, while Bella is just standing their defenseless. I'm loving the Volturi at the moment. Chris did it so perfect!! It's gonna be so epic and climatic.

Ouch, this scene made me laugh so hard. One, because that is just awkward like you don't want to look but you cant look away, you know?. Two, i can actually see something like this happen in reality. Three, its just funny! Gonna be one of the best scenes. I can't believe that this scene wasn't initially in the script. Melissa Rosenberg, i should kick your butt! This is a great scene, and you cut it from the film. Kristen and Taylor lobbied so hard to get this in, because they thought it was a pivotal scene, which it is. Can't wait to see the final product.

Ohhh, the Volturi in all of their old clothing! They look so ancient! Now that i come to think of it, they do look like a royal family, which is exactly what they are supposed to look like. Love the tittle, "The Coldest Ones." Haha, Hilarious, because Jacob calls them the "Cold Ones." And they are the cold to touch, and cold emotionally because they can kill human without a blink of their eye. Pun intended?? Maybe.

Oh, the break-up scene. This is one of the scenes that Summit won't release any footage in the trailer. I hope this scene is going to be heartbreaking. Kristen Stewart, i hope you live up to my expectations, because this is such a sad scene, for both Jacob and Bella. Though, Bella is oblivious to why Jacob has to do it. Gonna bring a box of tissues to the theater and wear water-proof mascara. Love them standing in the rain too. Poor Taylor, he must be freezing.

Oh, the Jacob, Bella, Edward confrontation scene at the end of the film! I love this scene ; its so intense. I like how Bella and Jacob are trying to talk, but Edward is trying to Bella away, because he doesn't want her anywhere near a werewolf. I'm really excited to see if Robert and Taylor can pull of the antagonism. Taylor and Rob did a good death glare at the end of Twilight, I'm pretty sure they can do it!

Oh, Jacob is asleep. I pretty sure this is going to be the scene after the scene where Jacob visits Bella in the middle of the night. I remember, because she figured it out, and flew out to La Push despite the fact it was seriously early, even Charlie questioned her. She got to La Push, and was annoyed at Billy, and shoved passed him to go into Jake room's. Where she found his asleep, and couldn't stay angry because all of the bitterness and anger had left his face while he sleep. He looked like the innocent boy she fell in love with before all of the werewolf stuff. Aww, that's so cute. But why is Jacob wearing a shirt. He doesn't were one while he is awake, so why when he is sleeping in one? Weird.

Wow, look at Paul. He looks very different from Jacob when he is a wolf. Paul's fur is a lot shorter, so much where he almost doesn't look like a wolf. I'm glad that they got Sam and Jacob colouring right, but Paul was supposed to be silver/grey, and that doesn't look like silver/grey. Oh well, can't win them all. I'm just glad the phasing looks awesome, and that they are as big as horses! Go Chris Weitz, the master of CGI animals!!

Oh Stephenie came to set of the theater day! I guess she must really like that scene, because she only came to set on her favourite days! She looks really beautiful there too. Gosh, Kristen could be her daughter, they look so much alike. But then again, i think Stephenie based Bella off of herself anyway, well, in the looks department she did. Can't wait for that scene, it's going to be cool seeing Jacob all happy-go-lucky while Mike is puking his guts out in the bathroom. I really hope they keep in the part where Jacob gets an empty popcorn bucket so that mike doesn't defile Jacob's Rabbit. Hehe.

I wouldn't have a clue what scene this is, but i think it may be the scene where Bella is going hiking by herself because Jacob is avoiding her. I saw a picture of Bella in the wood alone, wearing that outfit with her hair just like that. So, maybe Charlie is warning her about the "bears" or staying out of the wood's before she leaves for the day. i don't know. I'm just speculating here, don't have much to go on.

Oh how cute are they there. Jacob is working on the bikes, like a expert and Bella is just watching pretending to understand what he is talking about. Oh and i really like the wardrobe choice for Jacob here, i don't know why but it just looks really good on Taylor. Plus, i like when Jacob has his hair tied back better than having in hang down. But, I'd prefer it short. Yay! Taylor only has to wear the wig for half of the film, then never again!! This must be the beginning of their friendship because look at Bella ; she is a wreck. Her hair is everywhere, she looks dead almost like she hasn't smiled in months and she obviously didn't try very hard picking out an outfit.

Oh, this just makes my heart break. In the book, it was a photo album that Bella had full of pictures. But what teenager keeps a photo album?? Not many. I have pictures of my friends and stuff in photo frames all around my room. It so sad that, Edward is going to take her picture, leaving an empty frame behind. Hmmm, i wonder what those books are. It'd be funny if it's Romeo and Juliet and Wuthering Heights, because those are the books that New Moon and Eclipse are based on.

Bella gets a b'day present from Edward ; a kiss. Awww, they are such a perfect couple. This is obviously on the morning of her birthday, when she arrives at school and Edward is there waiting for her. Kristen Stewart can play pissed of really well because that's how she is in real life, jokes! hehe.

The Break-up scene from a different angle. Bella just looks confused, like she doesn't understand what happened with him. I can't wait to see the wolf pack shake when they are angry. I really hope that it doesn't look laughable. But, i don't think it will, well i hope it won't.

I love this pictures. This is when Alice gets back and they have a sleepover on the couch. This picture is great because although they are physically the same age, Alice looks like a grow up parent by her presence, poster and expression looking down at Bella. While Bella looks like a child and curled up and bent over playing with Alice's fingers like little children do! I must say that Alice looks fabulous! I love what she is wearing, i would so wear that!

The movie date!! I love how both of their hands are turned up in hopes that Bella would hold their hands. That was straight out of the book, and Bella places her hand in her lap just hoping the night will be over soon. I love that Chris Weitz takes such tiny details from the books that only the fans out notice. I Love you , Chris!! You rock so much.

I wouldn't have a clue what scene this is because Charlie doesn't talk to Bella in her bedroom in the books. But, Bella looks like she is a wreck and Charlie just looks really concerned. I wouldn't have a clue.

OMG! They totally look like they are going to kiss. This is after the cliff diving scene where Jacob is taking Bella home. I guess they are trying to play up Jacob's obvious attraction to Bella and his desire to be Bella's boyfriend. In the book, Jacob was hugging her while Bella was contemplating kissing his bare shoulder, and giving herself to Jacob. But, she heard Edward's voice say, "Be happy," and she froze up. Jacob misunderstood and pulled away opening the door, only to smell vampire everywhere. I guess in the film, that instead of the hug, it's going to be a kiss. Bella probably hears Edward's voice and she pulls back, Jacob misunderstanding thinking that she isn't ready. He goes to open the door and smell vampire and so on.

Oh, Yay!! First picture of Emily with the wolves. First time i saw this picture, it seriously look's like those guy's are naked, sitting at the table. i know they're not, lol, but that's the first thing i thought off. Oh, and i liked that they kept the muffin's that Emily made in the book. Chris is very good with little details. Except, i kind of imagined Emily to be wearing a dress and a apron. You know, like a beautiful housewife, who cooks, and cleans, and fixs things around the house, like Emily is always doing. However, they have dressed her in a pair on jeans and a plaid shirt. It doesnt bother me, but i just imagined Emily, a little but more feminine, if you know what i mean. Anyway, its really good. However, i don't like the angel because you can't see the side of Emily's face where her scar's are. :( Oh well, i'm sure we will get a picture soon.

These picture are so beautiful there are more, but i only put up the ones i havnt seen beofre, and the once which i thought were most important. I'm so glad i bought the New Moon Illustrated Movie Companion this morning. Bad thing, i'm gonna have to wait a week and a half for it to get here from the UK! :( Oh well, and least i can actually read what's inside now!


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