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Hey, I'm a massive Twilight Fan, and thanks to my friends being fed up with having to listern to my non-stop chattering about Twilight, i decided to create a blog for myself to just vent and document my twilight obsession!! I'm current studying journalism and have aspiration to become one, so why not write about something as awesome as the Twilight Saga!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Billy Black Picture

OK, I'm just making a little correction for myself. When i blogged about a picture of Billy Black from Twilight, here. Well, um that's from New Moon!! Even though it says The Official Twilight Convention on ALL of the stills, its from New Moon! I was just a little bit confused because there were Twilight stills next to it with the same mark on it, so i just assumed it was from Twilight. However, now it makes more sense. This is a shot from which i think is Jacob's house. Plus, the quite obvious blue tint isn't there, as the New Moon's golden colour is present. Sorry!! :) Here are some of the other pictures that have been released. A good picture of Emily with her scars, Quill, Mike at the movie scene,Demetri, Marcus, and The Humans.

I really like this picture of the Humans. They just look like normal teenagers, which they are supposed to look like. From Twilight, i thought the humans were the best!! and Charlie and Billy were very good too. But, they portrayed normal teenagers perfectly. They look like they are posing for a picture, so i imagine that Bella asked to take a picture of them. I love that because it's from the books. Well, not exactly, because Bella gave her camera to Jessica to takes pictures of everyone, but close enough. This way, all of the humans are in the frame, even if there is only four of them. I must say that i like the diverse representations of characters they have. Mike is the cool footballers, while Eric is the smart geeky math student. Jessica is annoying girlfriend that is always hanging around, while Angela is the nice, quite girl who is really smart and a good friend. All different types of teenagers depictions. Love it.

Demetri, wow. Look at those eyes. Creepy. Chris Weitz did an amazing job with the contacts. In Twilight, you could barely see the gold in Edwards eyes, and the red in Laurent's eyes. But, New Moon, it's very obvious. No wonder the Volturi can't go out into Voltera when they have just fed. Everyone would be scared of them. Not that they go out anyway, people bring them their food. I like the colour of Demetri's hair, however i imagined it sticking up in the air, not half sticking up and half down on his forehead. Anyway, all in all pretty good. However, i really hate that his clothes don't match well. Dark green and grey, don't look that great together. But, other than that, pretty good. Oh, and i like the pale colour of his skin. It looks like it would be cold and hard, rather than that bad make-up the vampire were wearing in Twilight.

Out of all the Volturi, Marcus scares me the most. Oh my gosh. He is just so creepy, look at him. Christopher Heyerdahl does an amazing Marcus. He really doesn't look that happy, which is good because Marcus is just supposed to be basically lifeless and miserable, but can't kill himself because he is a vampire. Aro won't kill him either because is gift it too valuable to the Volturi. Controlling relationships keeps the Volturi guard loyal to them, and can also turn their enemies to fight with them, not against. I really like the fact that he looks old, but he isn't really. Probably about 30 to 40 physically, but his whole demeanor, has such age. However, i always imagined Marcus', Aro's, and Caius' hair to be longer than it was. Not really long like wizards and witches and such. But reach just bellow their armpits. Marcus' hair was supposed to be jet black, like Aro's was, but for the film, i can see them making that change, just to make the Volturi more individualist. Still, i think Marcus, looks amazing. Really like the old clothes. Marcus is so depressed and miserable that he doesn't even have enough life left in him to change his clothes and adapt to the current style of the century. That's so sad. Oh, and if you don't know why, it's because Marcus' wife died, and he is devastated. That's why in the battle scene in Breaking Dawn, there were only two wives. You can check out Stephenie Meyer's answer for that on her personal correspondents on the Twilight Lexicon.

Oh, one of my favourite scenes in New Moon. The Mike, Jacob, and Bella date. I really like that Mike is wearing greeny colours. You know when someone is sick, you say you look green. I like that he is wearing it because it's sort of foreshadowing that Mike is going it get sick, which he does. Love it. I love Mike Welch, he is so funny. He just loves being up on stage and being stupid. Singing, and dancing crazy, and he doesn't care what anyone thinks. Ever seen him at a Twilight convention, he is so nice. I love once that he broke out singing Bohemian Rhapsody!! It was really funny. Mike Welch brings such life, and humour to Mike Newton. And even though you know he is an annoying, generic guy, you have to love him in the films because Mike Welch is so lovable. I'm so excited to see this scene! It's going to be epic.

Awww, Tyson Houseman is sooo cute. However, why is his hair short? I'm confused. This is obviously pre transformation because Quill doesn't transform until Eclipse. Quill and Embry's hair was long before their transformation. I wonder if they just did that so people who haven't read the books get them confused. Plus, Quill is supposed to be a real player, and he was bulky because he lifted weights in his spare time. I know how difficult it would have been to find Native American, who can actually act and are good looking. So, i understand why some of the wolves aren't as big as they were depicted in the books. It would be impossible to find someone like that in reality. However, casting did a really good job with the wolves, i love them. I also like that Quill is just wearing normal clothing. They didn't try to portray the Quileutes are this tribe who aren't living in the 21st century, because that isn't true. They don't run around in animal skins and shoot bows and arrows. I like that they are portraying Native Americans for how they really are, and not how they were in the past!! I love it that Quill is in Jacob's garage. This must be the scene where Bella and Jake are fixing up the bikes, where Quill and Embry interrupt them. Ohhh, I'm so excited.


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