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Hey, I'm a massive Twilight Fan, and thanks to my friends being fed up with having to listern to my non-stop chattering about Twilight, i decided to create a blog for myself to just vent and document my twilight obsession!! I'm current studying journalism and have aspiration to become one, so why not write about something as awesome as the Twilight Saga!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Stills from Eclipse!! OMG!!

Well, these aren't real stills...these are BETTER!!! They are a preview of the trading cards from the Eclipse Board game!! That is really awesome, because it's got a picture of a scene and a quote to go with it! :) I'm SO excited right now i can barely contain myself! These are SO many of them, I'm only going to talk about the one that were previewed on the Twifans website.

Ok, the first card is off Riley! He is looking over his shoulder in the rain at night, fear evident on his face, and the quote is : "What do you want with me?" Also at the top of the card, it says scene one. So, obviously, this is the opening sequence when Victoria is going to scare, and change Riley into a vampire. I'm super excited to see this because it's going to make Eclipse that much more exciting with all of the action and newborns inserted in other than EVERYTHNG from Bella's (annoying) perspective.

Next, is Bella and Edward lying in the meadow! It's almost the same picture that we have seen before, and at the top it says scene 2! Although, the Riley card said scene 1 and it is scene 1, i don't know about this being scene two. Anyway, the quote is Edward saying "Will you Marry Me?" and Bella says "No". So he asks "Marry Me?" again and Bella replies "Change Me." So, i kinda expected this in Eclipse. Edward not wanting to change Bella, but wanting to marry her. Of couse, Bella's keeping her strong opposition to marrage and desperately wanting to be a vampire.

The next card is Bella and Edward at the police station. I can tell from the Forks Police Station in the background. I'm guessing that the quote is from Edward and he says: "Seattle. Unexplained disappearances, killings - we've been tracking it for a while". When he says "we" I'm assuming he talking about the Cullens, particullarly Alice. I'm excited about this because it posses a threat in the film ,which turns out to be the newborn vampires. That will make it much more interesting to watch because the newborns just plain rock!

Jacob is on the next card. It is obviously at La Push. because you can see Jacob's garage in the background. He looks angry, which totally goes with the quote below. Jacob says: "And you're gonna be - that...Better you were really dead than one of them". I LOVE this quote, because its from the book. It's paraphrased a little, but what can you expect when it's a film adaptation. I'm really excited for this scene and i hope that Taylor Lautner can pull off the anger in his voice better than he did for New Moon.

Ok, the next one is Alice look very sad, at what i would imagine being Bella's graduation party, as you can see the decorations in the background.  The quote which is below the picture is: "The decision's been made...They're coming here." She is talking about the Newborns. That totally fits with the book because Alice does have her vision during the graduation party. Also, I've seen a picture of the set at Bella's graduation party at the Cullens, and that circular floating light behind Alice were eferywhere in the Cullens House. This is exciting because i love the intense stand off between the wolves and the Cullens during this scene. Also, it's when Jake gives Bella her bracelet. Awww.

The next card is also of Jacob, but this is when he comes to Bella and Edward school to warn Edward about the treaty. I must say, he looks gorgeous here. The quote is from Jacob and Edward. Jacob says: "I might be better for her than you are" and Edward replies: "You could give her a human life." I really hope that this scene is really intense, and serious because that's how it was in the book. I'm really hoping that David Slade put in that all of the other students were afraid of Jacob, and were avoiding him as much as possible while trying to walk past him. THAT would be seriously awesome!

Jeez, the next one is Jake again!! OMFG, this scene is going to make me cry!! It seriously is going to be so heartbreakingly sad. It's the scene where Jacob is all broken in bed, with bandages and plaster everywhere to help fix his injuries from the newborn fight. Bella is sitting next to Jacob with the intention to end their relationship! OMG, It's so going to be sad. The quotes are: Jacob says: "Least i know i did evetything i could". Then Bella says "You know i love you", and Jacob replied, "You know how much i wish it was enough." OMG, SO SAD!!!! I like that it's paraphrased from the book. I'm gonna be balling my eyes out. Arghhh, Bella pisses me off so much! Sometimes i just wanna slap her stupid!

There are SO many of them!! I think if i remember correctly there are about 130 something. OMG!!! I'm SO excited!!! A little over a month left untill Eclipse!!! I'm pretty sure that the cast are going to start doing promotional tours in a week or two! I just found out the other day that Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are coming to Australia! Of couse, it's Sydney :( Booo, but it's better than nothing! Plus, Taylor's favourite place is Australia, and he is welcome anytime!! He can crash at my place if he wants. But, i'm SUPER excited for Eclipse!!! :) I hope that Eclipse lives up to my expectations because it's my favourite book, and i just want David Slade to do it justice.  


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