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Hey, I'm a massive Twilight Fan, and thanks to my friends being fed up with having to listern to my non-stop chattering about Twilight, i decided to create a blog for myself to just vent and document my twilight obsession!! I'm current studying journalism and have aspiration to become one, so why not write about something as awesome as the Twilight Saga!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Twilight Saga: New Moon Trailer No. 3

OMG!!! I practically stopped breathing though-out the whole thing!! Ummm...well, maybe i exagerated a little, but i nearly died!! Anyway heres my analysis:

The first shot is Jane opening the door to the Voltui lair, seriously cool. Edwards' voice over informs the audience who the Volturi are. If they havn't read the book, they wouldn't have a clue, so i thought that was a really good idea to include that. I'm guessing that's when Edward is telling Bella about them. It's good so that Summitt can get other people who arn't fans of the books to go see it.

Aro is in the next few shots, snapping a random guys neck. I guess this portays how brutal and strong they are. Aro can just kill someone right in front of him without even blinking an eye. Nobody around him even flinches when his spinal cord snaps. Ewwww. I didnt notice before, but TwiCrackAddict had stills of the trailer, and there is Carlisle in the background. I never noticed, so i'm guessing this is the flashback scene, when Alice or Edward is explaining who they are etc. I know we arn't seeing the whole scene, becasue Carlisle wouldn't just stand there and watch a guy be killed. He would have objected or confronted them. I guess they could incorporate Carlisle trying to persuade them to change their lifestyle, like in the book. And then the Volturi thinking he is stange for eating animals as a substitute for humans. Cool!!

The next shot is Alice telling Bella about how the Volturi would kill them if they knew Bella knew about Vampires existance. I'm not sure if it's at the end of the film. I actually think it's at the beginning, they may have had an extra scene inserted. Maybe, not sure. Just trying to fill in the blanks, probably seriously wrong though. Anyway, when Edward tells Bella about the Volturi, she might goes to Alice to get more information. This may portay their trusting and strong relationship.

We get to see a little more of the break-up scene. I've heard from Rob and Kristen that this scene has massive dialoge. It's going to rip my heart out, even though i'm Team Jacob, i still like Edward a little bit. The only extra shot we get is Edward telling Bella not to do anything wreckless. This is very important becasue this is initally the catalyst that make her start behaving dangerously. To break Edward promise, becasue he broke his. I really like the next shot where Edward is walking, some students go across, and he disappeares. This is a good way to convey that she is thinking about him, but he isn't really there. And the empty cafeteria table, where the cullen sat. Aww. Heartbreaking.

Bella is next in bed, its obviously late at night, and she is just screaming at the top of her lungs. She is convulsing, and shaking too. I don't know if this is after the break up scene, becasue in the book, she didn't do anything. She didn't cry, she didn't scream, she didn't eat; anything. However, it may be that fit she threw after Renee came to take her back to Jacksonville. Just thinking out loud. Might be after the break up scene, for the purpose of the film, they needed to add more drama and make it more visually intersting to watch.

The next is just a few shots of Bella with Jacob. Him telling her that he would never hurt her and all of that sweet stuff that Jake always says. It's some clips of the bikes and one with the three way date when Mike gets sick. I can't believe that scene wasnt originally in the film!!! Melissa Rosenberg, how dare you. I must say a big thanks to Taylor and Kristen who bugged everyone to get this scene in the film. Michael Welch is very thankfull to then, becasue in the whole saga, that's is his biggest part.

Bella and Jessica's movie night is the next clip. I must say, i really love Anna Kendrick as an actress. She is perfect for Jessica, and really pretty too. I love it, Jessica's voice has some serious annoyance and sarcasm when she speaks to Bella. This is sort of the event that destorys their friendship and Jessica bonds with Lauren over their hatred for Bella. I wish Lauren was in the film, that would be cool. Oh well. Anna displays Jessica's frusteration with Bella perfectly and you can tell that she wants nothing more than to get home and away from Bella.

Ok, i love the trailer and all, but this part made me laugh. It's really bad!! When Bella is cliff diving, and she jumps into the water, that's all fine. But it's the obvious CGI, when Bella is unconscious underwater, and Edward is there. That looks really bad!! And worse, when Jake's arm goes to grab her, and Edward form disintergrates. OMG!! Up untill now, i loved the CGI work and all, but that was awful. You can tell that this shot is done on the computer, and everything else has been filmed. Totally removes the reality of the film. I was watching it, and seriosuly captivated, and i saw that. It just reminded me that its a movie. But i dont want to judge too harsly, it might look different in the finished product.

Although the next two shots, sort of redeem the ones before it. Jacob looking down at Bella right after he rescured her, asking her what she was thinking. I thought that really well delivered, becasue Taylor displays evident relief, that Bella is still alive. And he strokes her check, waiting for her to come around. Awwww...i love Jake. He is soo cute!.

Ok for some reason just after Alice tells Bella that there is something she needs to tell her about Edward. The shotwhen Kristen says "What", she seriously reminds me of Lindsay Lohan, for some reason. Only in that one shot, maybe its the voice and the facial expressions. I dont know why, but everytime i watch that. Arggg!! anyway, i love when Alices says "He wants to die too." Awww...that is so perfectly delivered. She looks upset, sad, disappointed, worried and pity, all at once. Perfect Ashley!!

When Jacob grabs Bella and tells her she cant leave to save Edward, he looks very angry! That was disorientating, becasue when i read the books, i imagined him to be very upset. Jake doesn't want Bella to die, so he should be crying or holding back tears. He is trying to hide it becasue he doesnt want Bella to know how weak and vulverable he is, and that he really loves her. Bella knows that he likes her, but doesnt know the extent of his feelings. It was strange seeing Taylor deliver Jacob's line quite agressive and "in your face" when in the book, it was supposed to be a sad and heartbreaking moment for Jacob, when he discovered that she would choose Edward over him.

The next part are just some quick shots of the race to Voltera in the yellow porshe, and through the crowed of red cloaks. Then there is a new shot of Felix and Demetri, asking Edward to follow them, or something along those lines. I have the clip, but everyone in the house is asleep and i'd be killed if i wake up my parents, watching some trailer they know nothing about. Anway, Edward says go to hell. I love that, becasue everyone knows Edward views on hell and all of that soul stuff. That is something that he would say becasue he believes that there is nothing in the afterlife for vampires. Expecially the evil of the evil, the Volturi.

There's a few more old shots, Jacob jumping out of Bella's window, a shot of Jake shirtless. and the next one i LOVE!! Charlie and the cops are in the wood, searching for the "bears" with the hunters. They all have their guns and are walking through the woods, when you see Charlie on the right hand side of the screen walking. And you see Victoria jump from the top of the tree onto the ground behind them. OMG!! Victoria is stalking Charlie trying to find a way to Bella. And i love Charlie, i would hate to see him hurt. But i just love that Chris Weitz has added that little but a footage in. Squee!!!

And we get to see more of the wolves and Laurent. He actually looks dead and pale. In Twilight he did not look pale, and now he does. Also, the eyes are seriously creapy. Definitely his most dominant feature. The wolves look serious mad!! I mean, we get to see three of them. A black one, who i'm assuming is Sam, becasue he attacks first and Sam was black in the books. But he gets wacked out of the way. Then two other wolves, one browny and the other silverly. So im guessing, Jacob and Paul?? Maybe. And i love that you can see Bella standing in the background going , huh?? I'm warm blooded and tastey and these wild animals are attacking something cold and hard. It doesnt compute!! Love that.

Oh, and more of the controntation of Bella and the wolf pack. Since the last clip we know that Bella shoves Sam, demading what did you do to him, refering to Jacob. Now, we get footage of Bella actually slapping Sam in the face. Danm!! You go girl. And, right after, we actually see Paul explode out of his skin, into a big silver wolf. And this time we actually get to see the size. And yes!! These wolves are big as horses, becasue Paul is almost taller than Bella is.

Next is Bella sleeping and Edward is looking at her. Awwww. I think this clip is the night of Bella's birthday, when Edward stays and watches her sleep. Contemplating morals, becasue he seriously looks pained in some way. Oh wait no. It's just Rob having constipation problems. lol Joking, Rob always looks like he has trouble with bodily functions when he was Edward and smelt Bella for the first time in Biology. Hehe, just a joke among my friends.

Following, there are just a couple few shot we have already seen before. Then some in Voltera where Edward is getting smashed by Felix and Jane. I think they are playing up the violence and action to make it more visual and intresting to watch. Becasue in the book, it's very tense and the only pain that happens is Jane. And if Jane just stares at Edward in the film, and Robert cripples in pain, it has the potentiall to be very funny. So i understand that by showing Edward's pain, they are throwing him into walls, and kicking him, and just randomly throwing him at things that will smash. I think thats ok, for film interpretation becasue it needs to be more visual than a book does. I'll let it pass.

I love it near the end where Janes says something like, this may hurt a little. And Jane has this little grin on her face as if hurting Edward is going to be amusing. All in all, i loved is. Despite the bad underwater affects, its a great trailer. Giving the complaing Edward fans something, becasue they were very upset with the "Meet Jacob Black" Trailer, as it had hardly any Edward in it. Get over it, the film is New Moon. Basically 80% of the film is Jacob and Bella! Please stop complaining about not having enough Rob, and just respect the films to be portayed at the books were written. That my two cents. Love it!! Go Chris Weitz!


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