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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rolling Stone hectors Taylor about his Sexuality

Ok, I’m so pissed off at Rolling Stone right now! They interviewed Taylor for his cover on Rolling Stone magazine. Inevitably, Taylor's relationship with Taylor Swift came up. Since Taylor didn’t deliver the answer that Rolling Stone was looking for, they decided to take another avenue to try and get some information about their relationship. Rolling Stone asked totally inappropriate questions about Taylor's sexuality and essentially insinuated that he is gay. Perhaps they were trying to shock Taylor so that he would strongly deny it and back it up further evidence by unveiling his alleged romantic relationship with Taylor Swift. It didn’t turn out the way they tried to manipulate the situation.

Taylor, like the champ he is, professionally and gracefully refused to answer the question. That sparked more rumours that Taylor hasn’t discovered his sexuality, or is gay but trying to hide it. That is so inappropriate and just plain wrong. Taylor is only 17, and to be hectored and probed about his personal life by the media is just not on. I mean, how is Taylor's sexuality anyone business?? Its not!! Leave the kid alone. His sexual orientation that NOTHING to do with anything! The film he is promoting doesn’t have any underlying homosexual themes, or anything. So where did this come from?? Probably just Rolling Stone trying to get information by embarrassing and intimidating Taylor to sell more magazines.

Anyway, so what if Taylor is gay! Some gay people have a hard time coming out even when they are way older, and without the media to report their private lives to everyone in every single country!! It was shameful to put Taylor in that position. He knew that everything he said was going to be recorded, and then printed a million times over, and sent around for everyone to read. I don't care if he is gay, but if it's his choice to keep his private life to himself, then everyone should respect that. This Rolling Stone reporter didn’t care about the effect it would have on Taylor, he just wanted to sell more magazine by forcing personal information from Taylor by pressuring and intimidating him. That's disgraceful to try and force a young kid to admit to the whole world something he has probably been personally struggling with his entire life, and to berate him like that is unforgivable.

Is there any evidence that Taylor is gay anyway?? Hardly any, they're just rumours. And, aren’t journalists supposed to ask questions relevant to the person they are interviewing? This would be New Moon. So, why did this Rolling Stone guy feel the need to probe Taylor about something which is irrelevant? Some great journalist huh? Taylor has had many girlfriends, his celebrity crushes are Jessica Alba and Megan Fox, and he loves sport. Those are evidence that Taylor is probably straight. However, if he is gay, good for him. I don't care, that doesn’t affect how well he does his job, or who he is as a person. His sexuality would have no effect on me. I would like him just as much if he was gay. Asking someone about their sexuality is just as dumb as asking someone why they are black! It's stupid, rude, and just insulting.

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with being gay, because there isn’t. However, if someone makes the choice to keep it to their closest friends and family, that's their decision. Just because other celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Neil Patrick Harris, Anthony Callea, or Tim Campbell have come out, doesn't mean its right for others. I find it so infuriating that Taylor was subjected to such scrutiny when he is still a young kid. I mean, it would be horrible if something personal about yourself was broadcasted across the nation or everyone to see and judge. Argh, it's so preposterous that it makes me angry.

Although, I can see where these rumours have come from. Taylor is gorgeous!!! He is well groomed, dresses REALLY well, takes care of himself, and has flawless clear skin, perfect smile, and great hair. Just because those are aspects of who he is doesn't necessarily equal gay. Ever heard of metros, Rolling Stone?? Obviously not, because their ignorance about common decency and respect has evidently evaded them. Fuck off!! Don’t you have anything better to do than investigate personal parts of innocent peoples lives, when it has NOTHING to do with them in the first place!! Leave Taylor alone.

It is so unethical to ask question like that to him, when he is giving up his time to give you an interview. Some people would have walked right out, but I give Taylor props for being mature, and graceful, even though his evasive answer wasn’t what Rolling Stone were looking for. Fuck off, dick heads!! Find some other innocent, young boy to pick on, because Taylor has got allot of people to back him up. And, if you are too ignorant, and stupid to notice, he could kick their asses to Pluto and back with his eyes shut any day of the week. Ever seen Taylor's ripped body and his mad martial arts skills? Oh no, they are too obsessed with trying to publically influence, and intimidate young actors, who are still trying to find their way in life, and don't need to be subjected to stupid, arrogant fuck heads at Rolling Stone!!!


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